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Drawing upon generations of wine-
making and brewing experience, the
Amana Colonies are home to award-
winning wineries and Iowa’s oldest
During the communal era, each village
had its own winery and breweries
were located in Amana, South Amana,
West Amana, Homestead and Middle
Amana. Iowa’s prohibition laws closed
these establishments, but with the end
of the communal era and the repeal of
Prohibition, several families opened
wineries and began making the fruit
and berry wines, rhubarb and dande-
lion wines that have helped to make
the Colonies famous. Amana Colonies          Ackerman Winery, Amana                    Old Wine Cellar, Amana
wineries have been honored world-            319-622-3379                              319-622-3116
wide for their wines.                                  The Old Wine Cellar takes pride
                                             Take our self-guided tour and view        in their popular cranberry wine
Also well honored are the brews of           the 14,000 gallon wine cellar. Sample     blends: Lover’s, Autumn Blend, and
Iowa’s leading microbrewery, the             22 unique wines from Raspberry to         American Pride. Taste and enjoy for
Millstream Brewing Company. Founded          reserve Merlot. Many quality gifts        yourself.
in 1985, the Millstream Brewing Co.          including wine racks and German
is a multiple award-winning brewery          steins.                                   Sandstone Winery, Amana
at the Great American Beer Festival.                                                   319-622-3081
                                             Ehrle Brothers Winery and                 In a 150 year old home, taste a vari-
Famous for their Schild Brau Amber,          Alma’s Washhouse, Homestead               ety of whole fruit, homemade wines
brewed from roasted caramel malt, the        319-622-3241                              made in old colony tradition. Austrian
Amber is a full-bodied beer and an           Amana Colonies’ original winery. Our      lead crystal. German nutcrackers
award winner. The Millstream plays a         gift shop features factory-direct pot-    and smokers. Other items.
special role in each year’s Oktoberfest,     tery and assorted gifts. Open daily
with the brewing of the official Oktober-    June through mid-October. Limited         Village Vintner, Amana
fest beer. For the adventurous, try the      hours November through May.               319-622-3181
Schokolade Bock, a special holiday                                                     Located in the basement of the
brew, yes chocolate beer! Young and          Grapevine Winery, Amana                   Chocolate Haus. Featuring a wide
old are sure to enjoy the award win-         319-622-3698                              variety of wines made in the Amanas.
ning Old Time Root Beer and Black            Sample our specialty blends and           Open daily May through December.
Cherry Soda.                                 other traditional fruit wines. We offer   Limited hours January through
                                             a wide selection of home décor, wine      April.
                                             racks and accessories at great prices.
WINES FOR ALL                                Located just steps away from the          Village Winery, Amana
SEASONS                                      Visitors Center.                          319-622-3448 or 800-731-7142
There are fruit wines, red wines,            Millstream Brewing Co., Amana   
dessert wines, dry wines … the list          319-622-3672                              Sample wines produced in our cellar
goes on. But have you tried a wine              or browse through our gift shop
shake to cool you in the heat of sum-                 which features a large selection
mer? How about spiced mulled wine            Iowa’s oldest microbrewery. Award-        of collectibles. Open daily.
to warm you in the winter?                   winning premium beers and famous
                                             Old Time Root Beer. Visit our hospi-
To shake up your idea of wine, try this      tality room for samples. View the
favorite recipe from Ackerman Winery:        brewing and bottling process and
                    (continued on page 21)   enjoy our outdoor Biergarten.
                                             Open daily.

                                                     Amana Colonies l 20
                                        Black Raspberry Cream
                                        2 oz. Ackerman’s Black Raspberry Wine
                                        5 oz. Vanilla ice cream
                                        Combine wine and ice cream in
                                        blender; blend until smooth.
                                        Serve icy cold. A perfect after dinner
                                        A favorite of the Amana Colonies
                                        Winterfest is the spiced mulled wines
                                        found on the Winter Warmer-Upper
                                        Wine Walk. Mulled wine dates to
                                        medieval times, and is a great way
                                        to spice up a winter get together.
                                        Mulled wine can be made from any
                                        red wine, a full fruit flavor is best.
                                        Be certain to simmer, but never boil
                                        the wine; the flavor of the wine/spice
                                        combination will be ruined if boiled.
                                        Wine can be warmed in the micro-
                                        wave by the glass or mug; micro-
                                        waving concentrates the full flavor
                                        of the wine.

                                        Mulled Wine
                                        1 bottle of wine – any red, Cranberry
                                        is an excellent choice
                                        1/2 gallon apple cider
                                        2 lemons, sliced or 2 C. lemon juice
                                        2 – 4 cinnamon sticks
                                        Combine ingredients and simmer.
                                        Serve warm. 1 oz brandy or Cognac
                                        can be added, as well as nutmeg,
                                        cloves and oranges.

Come Visit Our Tasting Room             SHIPPING YOUR
    Home Decor • Wine Racks
                                        AMANA COLONIES
       Wine Accessories                 WINES
                                        Want to send wine as a gift?
    Explore our multi-level shop        Shipping your wine is as simple as
   in historic Amana filled with        placing a call to your favorite Amana
     value-priced, quality gifts.       Colonies winery and placing an order.
  Check out our clearance rooms
                                        State laws only allow direct shipment
for savings on quality home decor,
                                        of wine to the following states:
      gifts and seasonal items.
                                        Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri,
      319-622-3698                      Wisconsin, Nebraska, California,
Just steps away...                      Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico,
where fun shopping “finds”              Oregon, Washington and Montana.
    happen everyday!                    You must be 21 years of age to receive
                                        shipment of wine; the delivery service
Located on the “back street” of Amana   will verify age. Most wineries in the
                                        Amana Colonies have websites to
                                        make the ordering process even easier.

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