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Download Dinner Menu - Bellini G by fjzhangxiaoquan


Insalate (Salads)                                                                  Antipasti (Appetizers)
Insalata Bellini …$7.75                                                            Bresaola con Ruccola e Formaggio …$9.75
      Mixed field greens, cherry tomatoes, gorgonzola and radishes                            Sliced imported beef carpaccio with brio cheese and arugula
      in a light Italian dressing                                                             in a truffle oil
Insalata del Giardino …$5.95                                                       Bruschetta di Pomodoro …$5.95
      Mixed field greens and cherry tomatoes in a light balsamic                              Fresh chopped tomatoes, basil, red onions, extra virgin olive
      vinaigrette                                                                             oil and dry ricotta cheese
Insalata di Cesare …$5.95                                                                     Add white anchovies for $2.00
      Crispy romaine lettuce with a home-made Caesar dressing                      Moscardini con Finocchi all Aceto …$10.95
      and croutons                                                                            Grilled baby octopus over fennel, marinated in a white
      Add white anchovies $2.00                                                               balsamic vinaigrette
Insalata di Spinaci e Arancia …$7.95                                               Frittata or Grigliata di Calamari …$11.95
      Baby spinach with oranges, cherry tomatoes, shaved ricotta                              Fresh squid grilled or fried to perfection
      cheese in an orange cittronette                                              Pepata di Cozze …$10.50
Insalata di Rucola con Noci Arrostiti …$8.95                                                  Steamed mussels in a garlic white wine sauce or light
      Baby arugula, toasted walnuts and gorgonzola in a strawberry                            tomato sauce
      dressing                                                                     Escargots …$9.95
Antipasto Italiano …$12.50                                                                    Escargots with sun-dried tomatoes, spinach and garlic in a
      Prosciutto di Parma, salami Milanese, roasted eggplant,                                 cognac demi-glaze
      olives, roasted peppers, Romano, grana padano and fresh                      Portobello con Skarmoza ...$9.95
      mozzarella cheese                                                                        Grilled portobello mushroom topped with smoked imported
Mozzarella alla Caprese …$7.95                                                                 Skarmoza cheese, in a light rosé wine sauce
      Buffalo mozzarella over beefsteak tomatoes in a basil olive oil              Carpaccio di Salmone ...$9.95
Peperoni e Carciofi Arostiti …$8.95                                                           Fresh salmon carpaccio topped with arugula and shaved
      Home-made roasted peppers with Roman hearts of                                          parmigiana, flavored with white truffle oil

                                                            Primi Piatti
                             Fresh home-made or whole-wheat pasta, prepared daily

Penne Bellini …$14.95                                                                  Fettuccine alla Boscaiola …$15.95
       Mushrooms, peas and bacon in a blush                                                       Artichokes, onions, peas and mushrooms with a
      cream nutmeg sauce                                                                          touch of tomato sauce
Linguine al Pomodoro …$12.95                                                           Fettuccine con Bolognese ...$16.50
      Fresh garlic and basil in a tomato sauce                                                    Ragu of beef, carrots, celery and sweet onions in a light
Gnocchi (Sorrento or Gorgonzola) …$15.95                                                          tomato sauce(slow cooked).
      Semolina, potatoes and fresh ricotta dumplings                                   Melanzane alla Parmigiana ...$15.95
Penne alla Vodka …$12.50                                                                          Lightly breaded eggplant, topped with
      Fresh basil, shallots, parmigiano and a touch of                                            marinara & mozzarella
      vodka in a blush sauce                                                                      Add Linguine Pomodoro for 6.50
Fettuccine Alfredo …$12.95                                                             Capellini alla Positano …$20.95
      Add chicken $4.50                                                                           Angel hair pasta, jumbo lump crab meat and fresh
      Add shrimp $6.50                                                                            herbs in a light plump tomato sauce
Fusilli Lunghi all'AMatriciana …$15.95                                                 Ravioli di Granchio …$18.95
      Long spiral pasta, caramelized onions and applewood                                         Home-made ravioli stuffed with jumbo lump crab
      smoked bacon in tomato sauce                                                                meat in a pesto cream sauce
Fettuccine con Gamberetti …$16.95                                                      Linguine alla Puttanesca …$13.95
      Rock shrimp sautéed in a pesto cream sauce                                                  Black olives, capers and anchovies in a tomato sauce
Orecchiette Rape e Salciccia di Pollo …$16.95                                          Linguine con Vongole …$17.95
      Grilled chicken sausage, broccoli rabe, pine nuts and                                       Little neck clams in a white wine or marinara sauce
      sun-dried tomato in a light tomato sauce                                         Fettuccine Integrali agli Scampi …$18.95
Fusilli con Salmone …$15.95                                                                       Home-made whole wheat fettuccine with jumbo
      Diced Norwegian salmon in a aurora brandy sauce.                                            shrimp in a scampi sauce

                                                 20% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more.
                                            Sharing charge for salad & appetizer $4..50, for entree $8.50
                  [Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.]
                                                     Secondi Piatti
Pesce (Fish)                                                                           Risotto                    (Arborio Rice)
Grilled Fish of the Day …Market Price                                                  (Add wild-brown risotto for $2.95)
         Brought in daily, grilled to perfection! Fresh fillet or whole
Spigola alla Griglia …Market Price                                                     Risotto di Carciofi e Taleggio …$17.95
         Mediterranean sea bass (whole fish table side file) grilled to                           Arborio rice with grilled roman style artichokes in a white
         perfection in a saffron Sicilian sun-dried tomato sauce.                                 wine sauce, finished with imported Taleggio
Zuppa di Pesce …$22.95                                                                 Risotto con Frutti di Mare …$22.95
         Fresh assortments of sautéed seafood over a bed of linguini                              Sautéed assortment of seafood over a bed of risotto finished
         in a white wine or light tomato sauce                                                    with extra virgin olive oil
Gamberoni Fra Diavlo …$21.95                                                           Risotto con Gamberoni …$21.95
         Sautéed jumbo shrimp over a bed of linguini or vegetables                                Jumbo shrimp in a bed of risotto with a roasted tomato sauce
Gamberoni alla Griglia …$21.95
         Grilled jumbo shrimp over a bed of spinach, finished in a
         lemon butter sauce
Salmone alla Griglia …$20.95
         Grilled Norwegian salmon with sun-dried tomato and capers,
                                                                                       Carne (Free-Range Meats)
         in a lemon white wine sauce                                                   Bisteca Bellini …$24.75
                                                                                                  12 oz. New York strip steak grilled to perfection, topped with
                                                                                                  roasted peppers and gorgonzola cheese in a port wine sauce
                                                                                       Vitello alla Parmigiana …$17.95
         Pollo (Free-Range Chicken)                                                               Freshly breaded veal topped with marinara and provolone
                                                                                                  over a bed of linguini
Pollo Bellini …$17.95                                                                  Vitello con Carciofi e Asparagi …$18.95
         Chicken breast topped with roasted peppers, anchovies,                                   Sautéed veal medallions with asparagus and artichoke hearts
         jumbo lump crab meat and capers in a light tomato sauce                                  in a light demi-glaze
Pollo al Balsamico di Modena …$17.95                                                   Vitello con Granchio …$20.95
         Chicken breast, caramelized red onion, portobello mushroom                               Sautéed veal medallions in a spinach lemon white wine sauce,
         in a 12-year aged balsamic sauce                                                         topped with jumbo lump crab meat
Pollo alla Romana …$16.95                                                              Vitello alla Pizzaiola …$18.95
         Chicken breast in a light tomato cream, sauce topped with                                Sautéed veal medallions, black olives, chopped tomato, capers
         artichoke hearts and parmigiano                                                          and smoked mozzarella in a light marinara sauce
Pollo Rollatini con Rosemarino …$17.95                                                 Vitello Scaloppini …$18.95
         Chicken breast rolled with provolone and prosciutto, grilled,                            Sautéed veal medallions with onions, mushrooms and peppers
         then finished with a mushroom rosemary sauce                                             in a light tomato sauce.
Pollo alla Parmigiana …$16.95                                                          Salsiccia Fatto in Casa ...$16.95
         Freshly breaded topped with marinara and provolone over a                                Grilled home-made sausage over a bed of sautéed
         bed of linguini                                                                          broccoli rabe
Pollo alla Saltimbocca …$17.95                                                         Vitello alla Saltimbocca …$19.95
         With prosciutto and fontina in a Chianti Classico &fresh sage                            With prosciutto and fontina in a Chianti Classico & fresh sage
sauce                                                                                  sauce.
Pollo con Funghi Tritati …$16.95
         Chicken breast topped with portobello ,porcini and
         button mushrooms in a dry marsala wine sauce.

        Available for $6.50 each: Side of spinach, asparagus, broccoli rabe or a medley of grilled vegetables
                                       Side of Home-Made Pastas with Garlic and olive oil or Pomodoro sauce $6.50.

                                                     20% gratuity will be added to parties of 6 or more.
                                                Sharing charge for salad & appetizer $4..50, for entree $8.50
                      [Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness.]

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