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					Managed Voice & Internet

    HD Voice Technology
                    Our Industry
• VoIP users mid 2006 – 6.5 Million, Q2 2007 –
  11.8 Million – 45% increase (Telegeography)
• 2011 – 23.3 million users – 278% increase

• Hosted VoIP – 25% of total telephony line
  shipments in next 3-5 yrs (InfoTech)

• Revenue growth - $310 million in 2005 to $5.9
  billion by 2010. (InfoTech)
                   Epik Networks
    Epik Networks is a full service telecom provider and
    an industry leader in hosted voice technology

•   2001 – Core management team came from Shared Technologies
•   2005 – Core business became Hosted Voice
•   2005 – Development of private North American network
•   2005 – Platform with Broadsoft and Cisco
•   2012 – Migration to Broadworx Platform
Private North American Network
              Epik Unique Delivery System
  Localized Equipment Private Traditional & IP Hand offs


  PRI’s            SIP

                                                    To Client Site

                                                    Router   POE Switch
Agent                           Private DS1, DS3,
“A”                             etc…


DTMF                 DTMF
Streamer             Streamer
Multi Site Network
                          Robust Feature Set
Abbreviated 2-digit Dialing             Conference                    Night Mode (After-hours Answering)
Anonymous Call Rejection                Desktop FAX                   On-Net Routing
Authorization Code Calling              Direct Extension Assignment   Outlook Integration
Billing Codes                           Direct Inward Dialing         Permanent Caller ID Block Release
Broadcast Paging                        Direct Outward Dialing        Phone Configurator
Call Back Queuing                       Directed Call Pickup          Priority Call
Call Block (Selective Call Rejection)   Distinctive Ring              Privacy Guard
Call Forward All Calls                  Do Not Disturb                Queue/ACD
Call Forward Busy                       Emergency Number Support      Reassign Phone
Call Forward No Answer                  Emergency Mobility Support    Redial
Call Forward Out of Service             Forward to Voice Mail         Release (End Call)
Call Reporting w/CTI                    Find Me No Answer             Remote Access to Call Forward
Call Return                             Find Me Follow Me             Remote Phone
Call Screening                          Group Call Pickup             Selective Call Forward
Call Trace                              Hold-on Queuing Hold          SoftPhone Application
Call Waiting                            Hunt Groups                   Speed Dial
Call Waiting ID                         Indicated Call Park           Time-of-Day Routing
Call Waiting/Caller ID Manager          Intercom                      Toll Bypass
Caller ID                               Last Call Return              Transfer, Blind & Supervised
Caller ID Block                         Meet-Me Conferencing          Urgent Call
Class of Service                        Multi Call Park               Virtual Ring
Console Assistant Application           Music on Hold                 Voice Mail to Email
                                        Mute                          Web Portal
          Epik Networks
Hosted Versus Premise Based Solution
            Growth Management
            Reliability, Continuity
                Virtual Office
                 Cash Flow
         Epik Networks
Hosted Versus Other Hosted Providers

            Platform Viability
        Cisco Discovery Protocol
        Geographic Redundancy
    Private Connection to Client site
Blackberry Dialer and iPhone Dialer
         •Reduce Long usage
         charges associated with

         •Disaster Recovery

         •Extends network in to PDA
Network Monitoring
        Network Performance
*our SLA guarantees average up time of 99.99%

Toronto – 99.997% avg. uptime

Denver – 99.996%

"Our firm switched from our old Nortel phone system to a Cisco VOIP system powered by
Epik Networks. Epik planned the transition and made it seem easy. I have already
recommended Epik to a number of colleagues.“
                                                          Jim Knafo
                                                          Managing Director
                                                          Daoust Vukovich LLP
Business Applications
Financial/ Accounting
Bluewater Investment Management Inc
                                                                           Transportation and Construction
                                                                           Airbridge / Seabridge International
Financial Planners Standards Council    EG Mining Consultants              Innovative Composites International Inc.
Capital Canada Limited                  Globestar Mining Corporation       Association of International Auto
Fairlane Asset Management               Alamos Gold Inc.                   Manufacturers of Canada
Groundlayer Capital                     Temex                              Dragados Canada – Toronto
Bloom Burton                            Lincoln Gold Corporation           Bilfinger Berger Project Investments Inc.
DebtPro Financial Services Inc.         Almeden Minerals                   OHL Canada
Hawk Capital Canada                     Exco Resources
ETF Capital Management                  Silver Corp. Metals                Consulates and Trade Commissions
ARVA                                    US Silver Corp                     Royal Danish Consulate General
Raymond James                                                              Swedish Trade Council
Astonhill                               Legal                              Enterprise Ireland
Infinium Capital Corp.                  Lawson LLP                         Royal Norwegian Consulate General
Andersen & Company Professional Corp.   Barry D. Fisher Law Office         Consulate General of Switzerland
Green Chencinski CA                     Juroviesky and Ricci LLP           Consulate General of Japan
IAO Actuarial                           Morrison Brown Sosnovitch          Consulate of Poland
                                        Strype Barristers                  ProMexico Trade Commission
Marketing and Media                     Daoust Vukovich LLP
Gorilla Nation (5 sites)                Conway Davis Gryski – Barristers   Executive Business Centres
George Media                            National Class Action              Regus Business Centres (22 sites)
Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance      Feigenbaum                         Corp Seminar Inc. DBA St. Andrews Club
Innovium Media Properties                                                  and Conference Centre
Canadian Primedia Sales & Marketing     Realty                             Atrium Business Centres
Digital Plus Group                      Century 21 - Scarborough           Alliance Business Centres
IMI International                       Avison and Young
Pacific Newspaper Group                 Brookfield Properties              Health/ Non Profit:
                                        BOMA Toronto                       Ontario Veterinarian Group
                                        Arcestra                           Alzheimer Society of Canada
                                        Building Reports Canada            MS Society (5 Sites)
                                                                           First Health
                                                                           Asthma Society Of Canada

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