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					Human and Social Services - 435
associate of applied Science Degree
Nature of Work:                                                                                             COURSES                                                                   CREDITS
Human services worker is a generic term for
                                                                                                            First Quarter
people with various job titles who may play
                                                                                                            ENGL 101                  English Composition I                                     4
a variety of roles in community service and agen-
                                                                                                            PSYC 110                  Principles of Psychology                                  5
cy settings. They may assist clients in obtaining
                                                                                                            SOCI 107                  Introduction to Diversity                                 3
benefits and services or assess the needs and
                                                                                                            HSSR 101                  Introduction to Human/Social Services                     3
establish the eligibility of clients for services.
                                                                                                            HSSR 105                  Survey of Substance abuse                                 3
They may organize and lead group activities,
assist clients in need of emotional support or                                                              Second Quarter
crisis intervention, or they may monitor and                                                                ENGL 102                  English Composition II                                    4
keep case records on clients and report progress     Program Design:                                        PSYC 207                  Human Growth & Development                                4
to supervisors. additionally, human services         The program provides a foundation in social            SOCI 170                  Introduction to Sociology I                               4
workers may administer programs such as food         and behavioral sciences which will prepare             HSSR 135                  affective Education & Group Process                       3
banks, emergency fuel programs, or work with         students for challenging work in a variety of          HSSR 120                  Human Services Methods & Procedures                       3
senior centers or charities.                         social service settings. Entry level courses in the    Third Quarter
                                                     helping professions such as psychology, cultural       HSSR 150                  Writing in the Helping Professions                        3
Human services workers generally work under          diversity, sociology, social problems, and inter-      SOCI 171                  Introduction to Sociology II                              4
the direction of a qualified professional many       viewing techniques will be offered. Speciality         PSYC 275                  abnormal Psychology                                       4
times a social worker, professional counselor,       classes will include substance abuse, case man-        MaTH 115                  Business Math                                             3
program director, or psychologist. The amount        agement, counseling, crisis intervention, mental       HSSR 140                  Racial/Cultural Diversity in Helping Prof                 3
of responsibility and supervision they are given     retardation, and gerontology. The program has
varies a great deal, as do actual work duties.       been designed to meet the course work stan-
                                                                                                            Fourth Quarter
                                                                                                            BIOL 104                  Human Biology I                                           4
Some are on their own most of the time and           dards of the State of Ohio Counselor, Social
                                                                                                            BIOL 114                  Human Biology Lab I                                       1
have little direct supervision; others work under    Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist
                                                                                                            HSSR 210                  Counseling Theories                                       4
close supervision.                                   Board certification as Social Work assistant.
                                                                                                            HSSR 215                  Social Gerontology                                        3
                                                     Individuals will be provided opportunities
                                                                                                            HSSR 271                  Human Services Practicum I                                3
Related Job Titles:                                  for personal and professional growth through
Social Work assistant, Social Services               knowledge-based learning, experiential pro-           Fifth Quarter
Technician, assistant Counselor, Family              cesses, community involvement and 480 hours           CSCI                       Lab Selection                                             1
Services Worker, Case Extender, Case Manager,        of practical experience under direct supervision      CSCI                       Lab Selection                                             1
Victim advocate associate, MR/DD adult               of professionals in local agencies.                   SOCI 231                   Juvenile Delinquency                                      3
Services Worker, Gerontology aide, Residential                                                             HSSR 231                   Case Management                                           3
                                                     Persons pursuing a career in human services
Treatment Facility associate, Intake Specialist,                                                           HSSR 272                   Human Services Practicum II                               3
                                                     should recognize that to be successful, they
Job Coach, Income Maintenance Worker,                                                                      HSSR 275                   Community Mental Health Issues                            3
                                                     must be emotionally stable, creative, and flex-       HSSR 220                   Mental Retardation & Dev. Disabilities                    3
Senior Center Director, Outreach Worker.             ible. Human services professionals must be
                                                     able to work effectively with diverse groups of        Sixth Quarter
                                                     people and individuals with a wide variety of          SPTH 115                  Fundamentals of Effective Speech                          3
                                                     ages, racial and cultural backgrounds, and life        SOCI 150                  Marriage & Family                                         3
                                                     situations.                                            HSSR 235                  Crisis Intervention                                       3
                                                                                                            HSSR 273                  Human Services Practicum III                              3
                                                     a grade of "C" (2.00) or better is required in         HSSR 211                  Counseling Techniques                                     3
                                                     all courses for graduation. any required course
                                                     in which a grade below a "C" is received must
                                                     be repeated. Life experience credit may not be        Last updated: April 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                  Total Credits 100
                                                     used to fulfill graduation requirements in this
Follow These Steps                                                                               a College For Everyone
To Enroll
                                                                                                 • Southern State is accredited by the North Central
                                                                                                    association of Colleges and Schools.
                                                                                                                                                                    Human and
1. Complete an application for admission                                                                                                                         S o c i a l S e rv i c e s
       and return it to any student services office accom-                                       • a variety of technical programs are available
                                                                                                                                                                    Associate Of Applied Science Degree
       panied by a high school transcript                                                           for students wishing to join the workforce
       or GED certificate.                                                                          immediately upon graduation. The College also offers
                                                                                                    general programs for students who have plans to trans-
                                                                                                    fer to another college or university after their time at
2. Students who wish to obtain a degree from
                                                                                                    Southern State.
       Southern State or plan on taking any math or
       English courses are required to take a Placement
                                                                                                 • addressing the affordability of education,
       assessment. Take a Placement assessment while                                                the College offers a full range of financial aid resources
       attending the orientation session.                                                           including grants, loans, scholarships,
                                                                                                    and work-study opportunities.

3. Register for classes while attending the orientation
                                                                                                 • In an effort to provide convenient access for all
                                                                                                    students in the service region, the College has
                                                                                                    four convenient locations throughout the
4.      Call 1-800-628-7722 to reserve your spot at                                                 southern Ohio.
       orientation. Dates, times, and locations will accom-
       pany acceptance letter.
                                                                                                      CENTRaL CaMPUS                  SOUTH CaMPUS
                                                                                                        100 Hobart Drive              12681 US Route 62
                                                                                                      Hillsboro, OH 45133             Sardinia, OH 45171
5. Make payment or arrangements for                                                                      (937) 393-3431                 (937) 695-0307
   payment by the date listed in the
   quarterly schedule.                                                                                 NORTH CaMPUS                 FaYETTE CaMPUS
                                                                                                        1850 Davids Drive           1270 US Route 62 SW
                                                                                                      Wilmington, OH 45177        Washington CH, OH 43160
SSCC is strongly committed to a policy of equal opportunity in its employment practices,                 (937) 382-6645                (740) 333-5115
educational programs and activities, and the many services it offers to the community. The
College does not discriminate against applicants, employees, or students on the basis of race,
color, religion, sex, national origin, age, or handicap.

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