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                You don’t need to have
                     children to claim
    Working Tax Credit…
                                            Working Tax Credit helps
                                            people who:
                                            ●   Are over 25 years old.

                                            ●   Work more than 30 hours a week.

                                            ●   Have a low income of less than:

                                                – £250 a week if you are single.

                                                – £326 a week (joint income) if
                                                  you are in a couple.

                                            Some people could be over
                                            £65 a week better off. See
                                            the table inside to find out
                                            how much you could claim.

    If you have children see Usdaw’s leaflet, Working Parents …
    a helping hand (Lft 348), or call 0845 6060640 for a copy.

   U S D A W    –   H E L P I N G   Y O U       C L A I M    Y O U R      R I G H T S
What is
Working Tax Credit?
Working Tax Credit is help from the             Effect on Housing and
Government to ‘top up’ the wages of             Council Tax Benefits
people on low incomes who work                  If you already claim Housing Benefit or
full-time.                                      Council Tax Benefit you must tell your
                                                local council as soon as your income
With Working Tax Credit, work pays
                                                increases. Your Housing Benefit or
much better than benefits.
                                                Council Tax Benefit may be reduced,
                                                however you will still be better off overall
How much is                                     for claiming Working Tax Credit.

Working Tax Credit?                             Couples
The amount you can claim depends on             You must make a joint claim for Working
your gross income – the amount you              Tax Credit if you are:
earn before any deductions.
                                                ●   Married and not separated.
You will probably qualify for more if you
are disabled.                                   ●   A man and woman living together
                                                    as if you are married.
Normally your tax credit will be worked
out on the basis of the gross amount            ●   The same sex and living together as
shown on form P60 that your employer                a couple or you are civil partners.
gives you shortly after 5 April every year.
                                                One of you must work for 30 hours a
If your income has gone down since your         week. Your income will be added
last P60 – maybe you have changed jobs          together to work out if you can claim.
or you work different hours – you can ask
for your tax credit to be worked out from       Help when you’re ill
your current hours and wages.                   If you are off work and having to rely on
                                                Statutory Sick Pay, your tax credits may
Minimum wage: your employer must                be increased. You just have to phone the
pay you an hourly rate of at least:             helpline to let them know.
      Before 1 October 2009
   £5.73          Aged 22 and over
   £4.77          Aged 18-21                    0845 300 3900 (local call rate)
   £3.53          Aged 16 or 17                 0845 300 3909 (textphone)
       After 1 October 2009
   £5.80          Aged 22 and over
   £4.83          Aged 18-21
   £3.57          Aged 16 or 17

If you are not receiving this, call the
Helpline on 0845 600 0678

              L A B O U R         –   G I V I N G    Y O U     R I G H T S
  Gross Weekly              Annual               Approximate Weekly Tax Credits
   Income (£)              Salary (£)        Single Person (£)             Couple (£)
       172                    8,939                   £32.00                 £68.00
       173                    9,000                   £31.00                 £67.00
       192                   10,000                   £24.00                 £60.00
       211                   11,000                   £16.00                 £52.00
       230                   12,000                    £9.00                 £45.00
       250                   13,000                    £1.90                 £37.00
       269                   14,000                    £0                    £30.00
       288                   15,000                    £0                    £22.00
       307                   16,000                    £0                    £15.00
       326                   17,000                    £0                     £7.00

 Examples                                         How to claim
                                                  Working Tax Credit
   Andrew is 25 and his partner Dawn
  is 22. Andrew works in a restaurant             You can claim Working Tax Credit at any
                                                  time – the earlier the better to make sure
  for 35 hours a week. Dawn is studying
                                                  that there is no delay in receiving your
  and works for 10 hours a week in a
                                                  tax credit.
                                                  Your claim will date from when you call
  Andrew earns £220 a week (gross)
                                                  the helpline.
  and Dawn earns £55.20 – a total of
  £275.20 a week.                                 Helpline:
                                                  0845 300 3900 (local call rate)
  They can claim £27.80 a week in
                                                  0845 300 3909 (textphone)
  tax credit.

  Janet is single and works in a
                                                  Working Tax Credit
  supermarket for for 39 hours a week.            Working Tax Credit will usually be paid
                                                  directly into your bank or building society
  She earns £245 a week.                          account.
  Janet can claim £3.85 a week in tax
  If Janet reduced her hours to 30 hours
  a week, her wages would go down to
  £189 a week but her tax credit would
  increase to over £25 a week.

U S D A W     –   H E L P I N G          Y O U     C L A I M      Y O U R       R I G H T S
  Make sure you get your rights –
  join a union
  The best way to make sure that your employer respects your rights at work
  is to join a trade union. Your employer cannot prevent you from joining
  a trade union, or from carrying out trade union activities.

  Trade unions such as Usdaw can offer you lots of help and advice on getting all
  your rights at work, as well as free expert legal services if you have an accident or
  injury at work, or if you suffer from a work-related illness.

  Staff represented by a trade union are more likely to have better
  wages and conditions than those who aren’t.

  Join Usdaw today
  Usdaw represents over 370,000 members, many in the retail sector. We have
  helped thousands of our members to claim tax credits and to improve their
  wages and conditions at work.

  The best way to protect and improve your rights at work is to join Usdaw. At only
  £2.10 a week† (full-time rate) or £1.32 a week† (part-time rate), it’s probably the best
  investment you’ll ever make.

  To find the union that’s appropriate for your job, call the TUC on
  0870 600 4882 or visit

  The Labour Party
  To help Labour carry on the good work, you can join the Labour Party
  Call 08705 900 200 or visit

             To join or find out more about Usdaw, call 0845 6060640*
                      or visit our website at
                                                                                           †   Rates correct at 28 June 2009
April 2009                                                                                      * Calls charged at local rates
                                                                                                             Leaflet No. 334
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