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					                                            MOLDERS CHOICE
           Volume 1.5                                                    presents                                   2006

                            Molding Memos
Reducing Mold Set-up Times                            Now my opinion on hydraulic clamps and mag-            These units can be made to 12’ high and have
                                                      netic platens; they’re great but the real time spent   multiple drawers utilized, normally 3 or 4 draw-
 Much discussion has been heard lately on re-         on mold changes is in the cooling lines, and           ers, based on the mold height. The drawers pull
ducing mold set-up times, even though many            plumbing the tool and being prepared for the           out so that your overhead crane can lift them
companies are not at full utilization. Management     mold change which includes no interruptions            off the drawer and can be easily guided to the
wants 1 minute changeover on all molds so they        from production personnel.                             machine nearby. Some plants have installed
do not loose any machine time. What manage-                                                                  these between 2 machines to service each one
ment does not do is support the concept with                                                                 if floor space is limited for a unit for each injec-
money saving devices or studies to help the pro-                                                             tion machine. These can also be used for cen-
cess technician and set-up people to achieve                                                                 tralized mold storage by just adding an addi-
quicker mold change-overs.                                                                                   tional upright and a set of drawers.

  When called upon to give seminars on Quick                                                                 These are appropriately signified by a “Starter”
Mold Change, the first discussion we have is on                                                              unit and “Add-on” sections as seen below.
management’s role in lean manufacturing. What
is management’s definition of lean? Is it reduced
personnel and increased work load on the re-
maining people? This is usually the case. Re-
duce personnel, reduce overhead, do not spend
a dime on time saving devices or any type of train-
ing or consulting - and then demand that they have
to change molds faster or risk the job being trans-
ferred to China or a Mexican plant.
                                                      We have offered mold mounted manifolds for
 Many shops with good relationships with floor        about 8 years now that once the mold is
personnel acknowledge the need to equip their         plumbed, it is always plumbed. All your set-up
set-up people with even the simplest tools to         people need to do is run the larger feed lines to
make life easier and do the job right. Take a look    the manifolds, one in and out for each half, and
at the photo below:                                   then the mold is ready to run. This reduces min-
                                                      utes, and in some severe cases, hours of set-
                                                      up time.                                                                                 The other very
                                                                                                                                               unique unit we
                                                      And now for the freebie of the day: Install eye                                          have supplied
                                                      bolts in every mold in your shop and leave them                                          progressive
                                                      installed! I was at a plant a few months ago and                                         molders is th
                                                      witnessed first hand a situation where a set-up                                          Mold-Dek™.
                                                      gal needed a 1/2-13 eye bolt to remove a mold                                            This unit takes
                                                      off of a mold rack. It took her 22 minutes to                                            advantage of the
                                                      finally come back with one since a few of the                                            "dead” area
                                                      other set-up people had their tool box locked                                            above the clamp
                                                      up. She eventually had “picked the lock” to find                                         of the machine
                                                      the size she needed. Needless to say, this                                               to store up to
                                                      molder took our suggestion and ordered about                                             5-6 molds that
This is the most imaginative set-up cart I’ve seen    200 eye bolts from us.                                 are usually run in that particular machine. They
in our plant visits over the years. Now look at                                                              are basically custom built for your machine with
what the big shops are doing:                         Store your molds at the machine when practi-           some weight restrictions for safety sake. Using
                                                      cal. We have installed 2 styles of mold racks          again an overhead crane or a fork lift, the tool
                                                      right at the machine to reduce fork lift travel in     can be quickly lifted from the Mold-Dek™ and
                                                      the plant and to keep handy the mold at the            into the machine in a fraction of the time of again,
                                                      machine. This can reduce time as well as the           finding the mold somewhere in the plant.
                                                      molds from getting lost behind gaylords of ma-
                                                      terial, stacked up high on a heavy duty rack or        Then there are other simple yet very important
                                                      somewhere in the shop(we’ll let your fill in the       ideas that help the set-up people. Color coding
                                                      blanks of where you lose your tools at).               all the waterlines to blue & red for “in’s” & “out’s”.
                                                                                                             Usually yellow hoses are used for shop air in
                                                                                                             many plants. Use of colored wire ties and a
                                                                                                             unique molder invented product of waterline
                                                                                                             safety tags for the disconnect fittings with a cor-
                                                                                                             responding colored cap that is installed on the
                                                                                                             tool under the water line plug assures proper

                                                                                                                                                  Hose Tag

                                                                                                                                     Safety Tag
You see, both carts bring most everything you                                                                                       Mold Tag
need to the molding machine to do your mold
change. Sometimes when you’re not busy (ha-
ha), get your video camera and film the guys (or
gals) doing a mold change. Watch them go back
and forth, down the aisles, into the corners, on      The first rack is the pull-out drawer unit that al-    All these items ultimately help the process tech-
top of work benches, into the maintenance area        lows 2000 or 3000 pounds per drawer of molds           nician too as proper water hook-up’s ends the
dozens of times just to get parts, tools etc to do    that can take advantage of vertical                    surprises of core overheating, runaway mold
the mold change.                                      plant space.                                           temperatures, etc. on mold start-ups.
                                                                                                                                                             cont. pg 2
cont. from pg 1
So whether you are captive or custom, a small             3. Sweep - Vacuum all dust and fines off            4. Injection Unit Specification Form - This
shop or a Fortune 500 molder, many gains can          the molding machines. Do not blow off ma-           unique magnetic sheet was developed by yours
be made in reducing mold set-up with simple,          chine, be sure to sweep around the floor and        truly to stick right on the machine to give the pro-
relatively inexpensive products that really stream-   under the machines. We have even seen ma-           cess tech information on the front end parts of
line the mold set-up process. Get your cross-         chines on 6-inch extensions that allow a broom      the injection unit. It helps processors determine
functional team selected, film a mold set-up in       to get under the press. Can you get under           if they can actually use a certain material in the
action, and invest in time saving devices that pays   yours without using a compressed air gun?           machine configured with the components installed
off quickly!                                          Don’t use the air gun ever! When was the last       or if they will have to install the proper screw tip
                                                      time you cleaned your machines with Simple          assembly, nozzle, etc. that will work with the
Cheap Mold Tools                                      Green or even Molders Choice Biodegradable          new material. Also, the maintenance man can
                                                      Mold Cleaner? This stuff works great as it is       order off this sheet the proper components when
Hey, have you seen thoseTaiwanese brass tools         safe, but powerful enough to remove grease,         the existing ones are worn out. This sheet was
from from a certain “powerhouse” catalog com-         grime and filth yet does not attack the painted     compiled with input from World Class molders
pany? Do yours break too?                             surface of the machine. Assign one person or        across the nation. And we thank the individuals
                                                      team to each press!                                 that helped us.
We’ve had numerous molders use those and                  4. Standardize - Install a shadow board so
then come to us for our tough bronze tools with       all the operators and process techs have ev-
the Pri-Point feature along with the standard line    erything they need at their fingertips. Bronze
of adjustable pliers, screw drivers, scrapers,        mold tools, screwdrivers, gate cutters, etc. can
needle nose, etc, bronze tools.                       be kept at the machines so running around
                                                      looking for tools is eliminated.
In fact, one molder gave me his pair of the infe-         5. Self Discipline - An incentive program
rior brass pliers that his little 100 lb woman op-    can be instituted to reward employees on
erator broke by just squeezing them to grab a         progress/sustaining the cleanliness of a stan-
part out of the mold. Just imagine what a 200 lb.     dardized orderliness throughout the plant. If you
set-up guy would do to them! He would prob-           assign areas or machines to specific shifts,
ably snap them into his face and end up throw-        teams or individuals, progress can be as-
ing them at the person who bought them.               sessed and rewarded appropriately.

Shame on you, inferior suppliers, junk from Tai-      Here are a few other items that help organize
wan just won’t make it here in a U. S. molder’s       and clean up nagging issues throughout the
shop.                                                 molding shop.                                       If you ever need help with an assessment of your
                                                           1. Hose wraps - Neatly gather mold water       plant, give us a call and we’ll be out there to help
5 “S’s” in the Molding Plant                          lines and prevent the use of cable ties (that       you determine the proper steps in your opera-
                                                      end up on the floor after they are cut), black      tion. But don’t expect us to pick up a broom to
                                                      electrical tape, duct tape, rags, wires and other   help you sweep the place - been there, done that
Much has been written about the Japanese                                                                  - many, many years ago in Dad’s shop!
Kaizen events, especially the 5 “S” activities in     items your set-up people use. These are also
                                                      effective preventing water dripping on the
manufacturing plants. But not many articles are
targeted straight at our injection molding plants.    molds or machines from condensation from            We’re more than a catalog house.
                                                      the hoses since the inside of the wrap has a
Many molders have to translate and then apply
                                                      layer of foam insulation that helps eliminate       We have been asked over the years of what sets
the principle from the generic world to that of our
unique World of Injection Molding with limited        condensation.                                       us a part from the other supply companies in the
                                                           2. CliPlugs™ - Use of a safety lock for your   industry. Two words best describes us: Knowl-
success stories.
                                                      disconnects should be mandatory for all mold-       edge & Experience!
                                                      ers to prevent inadvertent disconnection of the
Molding Memos will try to sort (no pun intended)
                                                      fitting and the leakage of gallons of water or      Our vast experience in molding machinery, ac-
this system through actual processes and prod-
ucts directly targeted to molders, no matter how      ethylene glycol onto the molding floor or even      cessories and auxiliary equipment helps mold-
                                                      onto an employee. Our unique CliPlugs™ (de-         ers like you develop solutions to problems your
big or small you are. The 5 “S’s” are:
   1. Sort - Sort out what is required and            veloped by a Texas molder) is used after dis-       having in your injection facility. And since we ad-
                                                      connection during the mold change process           mit we don’t know it all, we network with engi-
      what is not. When in doubt, throw it
                                                      to “plug” the socket to prevent water from drain-   neers worldwide to help bring together feasible,
   2. Straighten - Keep everything that is            ing on the machine, floor, mold, and set-up         practical solutions to save you time and money.
                                                      guy’s shoes.
      needed in an orderly fashion so they can
      be accessed easily.                                                                                 When is last time one of the other guys helped
   3. Sweep - Clean the floors, walls, machines.                                                          you out of jam or gave a bonafide
      Eliminate sources of filth.                                                                         recommendation?
   4. Standardize - Everybody uses the same
      mousetrap. Things kept at machines at the                                                           Try us out sometime! Remember, we are the only
      same location.                                                                                      supply house that has 24/7 Service and we even
   5. Self-Discipline - Sustain the improve-                                                              ship on Saturday’s in a emergency!
      ments, prevent backsliding.

Now let’s look at how we can apply the 5“S” spe-                                                             INTERNALLY HEATED NOZZLE
cifically into an injection molding plant.
                                                                                                                 A must for all high temperature engineering materials

   1. Sort - The mold setter’s cart (if they have        3. Waterline Markers and Safety Tags -                                ( Rynite, Ultem, Polycarbonate, etc)

one). Get rid of those makeshift washers and          Invented by a molder for all molders, these tags
bolts. And that bent machined mold clamp that         improve quality by ensuring proper hose hook-
is used as a paper weight should be thrown out.       up, improve safety by preventing detached                  1.57" DIA
Get rid of old worn out hose.                         hose accidents and speed mold changeover
   2. Straighten - At the molding machine, how        by identifying the in’s and out’s plugs on the                          Eliminate Freeze-Offs                         STOP Drool

many cans of mold cleaner and rust preventa-          mold.                                                                                                           40" Stainless Steel
                                                                                                                                                                         Sheath leads
tive do you have laying around usually under the                                                                                           Premium
                                                                                                                                replaceable high wattage heater
barrel? All you need are three different cans                                                                                     puts heat where its needed!
conveniently located at the press in the can                            Safety Tag
holder: Release Agent (if used for start-up), Mold
Cleaner and Mold Protector.
                                                                                                                                         1 2 3
                                                                    Hose Tag                                       Removable              Profiled Wattage
                                                                                                               Plastic protecting        High    Low    High              nozzle body
                                                                                                                    steel shell
                                                                                                          (Held in place by set screw)
                                                                                                                                Built-In thermocouple senses temperature
                                                                                                                                at the tip for precision process control.

                                                                                                                                   When ordering please advise:
                                                                                                                     Thread size, Rear opening, Heater Voltage, Radius & Orifice
                                                                                                                                        (if nozzle tip ordered)
                                                                                Mold Tag
                                                                                                                                  Call Today for Pricing
                                                                                                                          Available in lengths 5" to 16"
                                                                                                             and virtually any model or make of injection machine.
                                     PLACING LATE ORDERS                                                        Molded Part Containment
Molders often say to us “What is this 24 hours a          The next day, it was Mark who got a call at           Are you tired of losing parts? Are you tired of see-
day 7 days a week nonsense? There’s no way               home in the evening. A Michigan molder des-            ing that mess of parts all around the machine
you man that office and warehouse 24/7.” Well,           perately needed a nozzle tip and heater band in        base? Are your parts greasy or marked from
they’re right and they’re wrong.                                     the morning.                               bouncing off leaders pins or tie bars?

We don’t have anyone here all night.                                  But this time it was too late to get to   If any of the above answer are yes in your plant,
But we do have someone come in                                        the local Fedex terminal. Mark drove      Molders Choice can help eliminate any or all of
early, and we do have someone stay                                    the 15 miles to the warehouse,            the above issues. We start at the mold by offer-
late. The last one out of the office rolls                            loaded up the order and drove it the      ing 2 different types of mold side shields. The
the phones over to one of our cell                                    20 miles to the terminal at the air-      first, introduced a numbers of years ago, is a
phones. If you call after that, you get                               port. And that was for a $30 order.       unique film that rolls up in the middle of the shield
one of us on the cell phone.                                                                                    and extends out to 24” coverage.
                                                                        We don’t claim to leave our supper
So when a Texas molder called us the evening             to drive to the airport every night, but when you’re
of September 11 th, the call went to Ken Berger,         a Molders Choice customer we will go out of
who had just gotten home. The man needed a               our way to get you out of a jam.
nozzle body, tip and heater bands on the 12th.
Ken finished his supper, drove to the warehouse,         “Whatever it takes” is our moto. Service 24
picked and packed the order and drove to the             Hours a Day, 7 Days a week. We mean it when
Fedex terminal 5 minutes from our office in time         we say it.
to catch that day’s last truck.

Tools every molding technician                           or the Adjustable Pliers (the universal molder
should have!                                             tool) in the supervisor's back pocket. Now, equip
                                                         each shift's foreman or technician with a com-         They come in heights of 8”, 12”, 16”, 20”, 24” and
Molding a new material and having problems?
                                                         plete line of Bronze Tools that, like Sears, car-      32” high and as mentioned above, all open to 24”.
Your first call is usually to your material supplier
                                                         ries a lifetime warranty. (see Molders Choice          These Mold Shields™ come complete with mag-
technical support group and their question to you
                                                         catalog for a complete listing).                       nets to easily mount on the side of the mold near
is: What is your melt temperature? Do all your
                                                                                                                the parting line and around waterline connections.
molding techs have access to a digital pyrom-
                                                         BRASS BALL VALVES - ARE THEY ALL THE                   These are more effective and last longer than
eter? Probably not and there are other items
                                                         SAME?                                                  window shade type side shields since:
that you should not be without either.
                                                             Not at all and we will tell you why. Conven-         A) There are no parts
                                                         tional ball-valves sold by cut-rate supply houses        B) They are see through
Here is a list of the BASIC MOLDING TOOLS
                                                         think they are saving you money, but in essence          C) Have no springs to replace
that every molding technician must have:
                                                         it could be costing you cycle time by restricting        D) Easy to remove for access to the mold
                                                         the water flow to your molds thus reducing heat
1. Digital Thermometer with surface probes for
                                                         transfer and really costing you money over the         If you would like a small sample of this unique
mold cavity temperature and other uses around
                                                         long run. For example, a conventional low cost         self rolling shields that is rated between 2 and 3
the shop AND a fast response immersion probe
                                                         1" ball valve has a ball diameter port of only .78"    million cycles, either call or email us at 800-809-
to determine melt temperatures (See Molders
                                                         - which equates to a loss in area of 40%! A true       4623 or for a free
Choice new Digital Thermometer and Pocket
                                                         FULL PORT maximum flow ball valve has a ball           sample.
Pyrometer solutions).
                                                         diameter of .98" but of course are slightly more
2. Flow Meter - Find out if you're receiving the
                                                         expensive. Is cutting corners in the cost of ball      Another molder designed molder made solution
proper amount or any mold coolant to the water
                                                         valves a good idea? Molders Choice does not            we recently introduced is our Solid Folding Part
ports. A handy "snap-in" kit helps you to deter-
                                                         think so.                                              Guides that are made from durable acrylic sheets
mine that chilled water or coolant medium, is
                                                             We offer both the Full Port and Conventional       and polypropylene hinges to neatly fold outward
sufficiently present at the mold water ports (see
                                                         Port for your selection and are in stock for im-       when the mold closes and opens flat near the
these Handy Flow Meter Kits in our Molders
                                                         mediate shipment.                                      parting line to guide the parts down between the
Choice catalog of solutions). These flow meters
                                                                                                                mold halves and not out onto the floor or base of
let you know if your mold lines are dirty, clean or
                                                         Both valves are made from heavy duty brass             the machine.
if the lines are connected properly.
                                                         forgings, with a chrome plated ball, teflon washer
3. Bronze Mold Tools - Tougher than brass but
                                                         and long lasting Viton O-ring for high tempera-
softer than steel, these tools are "life savers" as
                                                         ture use. Call or fax Molders Choice for an up-
well as "mold savers" when your people have a
                                                         dated data sheet showing all specifications,
stuck part or runner. Conventional means were
                                                         sizes and prices.
the ever accessible gate cutter on the operators

                     Introducing Molders Choice
                MoldMakers Hi-Temp™ Lubricant Spray
                                Exclusive Synthetic Blend with PTFE
                                                                                                                                     Mold Closed

                   EST                                                  • Stable to 500° F
               E B TER
            TH ET                                                       • Waterproof
           gets grease                                                  • High Load Bearing
             The Trust... L!
                         O                                              • Non-Silicone
              you EROS
                 in A                                                   • USDA Approved
                                                                        • Non Melting
                                                                        • Non Toxic
        Also Available in Bulk
        • 2 oz Jar
        • 2 lb Easy-to-Close Plastic Tub                                                  Service
        • 14 oz Cartridge                                                           7 Days a week                                    Mold Open
        • 1 gal Plastic Tub                                                      Molders Choice offers a few stock sizes but most
        • 5 gal Plastic Pail        Call for more information                                                   are custom made for a particular mold. They are
                                             or visit our website.      1-800-809-4623                          affordable and come complete with mounting
        MOLDERS CHOICE, Inc.                                               (U.S.A - Canada - Caribbean)         hardware and high powered magnets to yield mil-
      Your #1 Choice for Molding Solutions                             e-mail:        lions of cycles of part containment.
                                                                                                                                                            cont. pg 4
cont. from pg 3

Molded Part Containment
Below the mold, most molders improvise the use            the inserts. However, with the Soft Drop Chute         Try a Molders Choice Coil Heated Nozzle. Like
of cardboard, plastic sheets, sheet metal, etc to         we were able to solve their dilemma by greatly        other molders worldwide, you’ll come back and
form chutes to help guide parts to a box, con-            reducing the scrap and helped them becoming           outfit all your machines with this trouble-free,
veyor, or other container. We offer 4 types of Mold       profitable on their jobs to the stingy auto maker.    precise heat, easy-to-maintain nozzle assembly.
Chutes that hold to the mold or base of the ma-
chine with the use of velco straps and magnets            So next time you find more parts around the                      BRONZE MOLD TOOLS
to totally encapsulate the discharge area of the          machine base than are in the box, remember
                                                                                                                                                                                       STOP Operator
machine and guide parts to their final destina-           our Mold Side Shields and Part Containment                                                                                      from using
                                                                                                                                                                                         gate cutters
tion.                                                     Chutes and Skirts to make your job more trouble-                                                                                  & steel
                                                                                                                                                                                        screw drivers
                                                          free and profitable!                                                                                                              on mold
                                                                                                                 SAVES                                                                     surfaces
                                                                                                                 Valuable Uptime
                                                                                                                 Can eliminate
                                                          You save on part shortage, contamination from          removing
                                                                                                                 mold from
                                                          grease and end up making money on the job              machine for
                                                          when it’s completed on time and on schedule.           repairs
                                                                                                                 due to

                                                          Coil Heated Nozzles                                              Every molding technician should have a kit.
                                                          Another processing solution
                                                                                                                                                     Buy 6 or more tools & receive a handy
                                                                                                                                                          Heavy Duty Tool Box FREE!
                                                           One of our leading products and problem solver
                                                          is our Coil Heated Nozzle. This unique nozzle                                                       SPECIFICATIONS
                                                                                                                                                              • Soft but durable
                  Right Angle Mold chute                  design utilizes a rugged coil heater that is slid                                                     aluminum bronze
                                                          onto a turned down conventional nozzle body                                                         • Beryllium - Free
                                                                                                                                                              • Non-magnetic
                                                          which brings the heat source closer to the melt                                                     • Non-sparking
                                                          stream. With the built-in thermocouple at the end                                                                                24
                                                          of the heater, very precise nozzle tip tempera-                Call Today for Pricing
                                                                                                                These are not cheap throw away tools!
                                                          ture control is achieved.                             Each tool is backed by a lifetime warranty.                        Service
                                                          Some of the obvious benefits are:
                                                          • Slim line OD to reach into recessed sprue             MOLDERS CHOICE, INC
                                                                                                                                                                     7 Days a week
                                                          • Robust steel cover to protect the coil heater.      MOLDERS CHOICE, INC.
                                                                                                                27000 Richmond Rd #6
                                                                                                                                                                  (U.S.A. - Canada - Caribbean)
                                                          • Wire exit from heater compact and neat, no          Solon, Ohio 44139
                                                            “spaghetti” around hex, less chance of heater                                      Web Site:
                    Tapered Mold chute                    • Reduced heater failure from plastic contami
                                                            nation, steel shield protects heating element.      Nozzle Leak Detector
                                                                                                                Prevents heater-band damage & downtime.

                                                            However, the most successful benefit that has
                                                          been achieved is in the processing of engineer-
                                                          ing grade materials.
                                                            When running Nylon or Acetals, the tip will not      Whether caused by misalignment, a cracked
                                                          freeze off or drool as the temperature of the tip     tip, a plugged gate or some other reason, the
                         Soft Drop                        is strictly maintained at the required set-point.     Nozzle Leak Detector reacts to plastic material
                                                          Stringing is eliminated as attested by numerous       drooling back along an injection molding nozzle
By using elastic rather than part catching pleats,        molders who have placed orders for these              by sounding an audible alarm and illuminating
the chutes open and close along with the mold to          nozzles for all of their machines after they trial    an alarm light. It is suitable for any machine. Can
help stop part loss or contamination. The Right           the first unit. This is probably the best testimony   save molders hundreds and even thousands of
Angle, Inline units and the Soft Drop version have        we could possibly have with numerous molders          dollars in machine down time.
a sheet of PE on the bottom to smoothly and               placing repeat orders.                                No NPE this Year
quickly guide the parts and runners into a box or           For molders running Rynite or Ultem at elevated
conveyor. The unique Soft Drop Chute is radiused          temperatures, the added wattage we pack into            Although the NPE Show that occurs every 3
                                                          heater allows the material to flow properly with-     years in Chicago has been very important and
from the top to the front discharge to gently land
the parts on the super-slick PE and quickly moves         out any freeze-offs or drop in material integrity.    beneficial for us, Molders Choice has decided
                                                          Most nozzle temperature for these 2 rare mate-        not to exhibit this year. We determined that a
them away from the machine into a box or con-
veyor.                                                    rials should be in the range of 650-725°F. For        newsletter would be more effective in reaching
                                                          conventional mica bands, trying to reach and          our customer base and we are preparing to print
                                                          maintain these elevated high temperature is next      a new catalog of more molding solutions, to help
We were very successful at an automotive sup-
plier of a fuse box for one of “Big 3” that experi-       to impossible. In fact, one of our customers lead     you mold more effectively.
                                                          us to introducing a Nozzle Insulation Wrap that         We will continue to participate in smaller, re-
ence part damage. When the parts were ejected,
one part would collide with another one or it             covers the heater band to try to maintain the         gional and focused trade shows and conferences
bounced off the hard conveyor belt thus being             nozzle temperature over 600°F. It’s very effec-       where we can reach and talk with the molding
                                                          tive keeping the heat in but the mica insulation in   process technicians and other personnel from
scrapped out. This was very expensive as it was
a very heavy engineered grade of material some            the band heater will burn out prematurely as mica     injection molding plants which we specialize in.
                                                          breaks down at 800°F, the internal temperature        So we hope to see you sometime in our travels
with inserts that would have to be simply thrown
out since it was hard, if not impossible to remove        of the element.                                       through the US!

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