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					             Student Guide to
           Online Learning Portal
ULR Link :
Please Enter the
   user name
        &                                             Click Login
 password here

The Octal e-Learning Management System page is as shown, where user
has to enter Login Id and Password to proceed.
                    To Change Your Password

                                                     Step 1
                                           Click “Change Password”

                                              Step 2
                                      Enter the Old and New
         Step 3                             Password
Click “Change Password”                    and Confirm
After login the control takes user to Student Workspace page as shown.

The work space is the home page that allows users to manage Events, Announcements and Courses. The page displays
alerts if any event is added and also displays today‟s event otherwise the user has to click on the day in calendar as shown
below to show today‟s event.

                                                                                                                  Click on the
                                                                                                                  To add event
                                                                                                                  Of your own
Students need to click on the announcements to view the regular announcements made
Upon clicking the Announcements section , students will be able to view all the information
                             updated under this section
Students will be able to view the program related information in “My Course” Section as show
    in below image . Students will have the “click & enter” options for Announcements ,
                                   contents , Test , Scores..
In this “Alerts” Section , students will be able to view the scrolling messages of the upcoming
    events , deadlines and other Program cohort information related to students like Video
                     conference and assignment submission deadline etc.
“My Forums” is the discussion forum space where the interaction between the students with
  module leader takes palace by students postings the question related to the module and
                             Module leader answering them .
For the students to Participate in the Video conference conducted by the Module
leader they have to click on the link „ Login for Video conference‟ which will open
                        another page for Video conference.
Click “Log on” to join the Video Conference.

                      Click the link to view the
                             guide to use
                        Video Conferencing.
Enter your Username (same as of your OCTAL username) and Click “Login”
Important Events of the Day are Shown Here
Click on Announcements Section to view all the Latest announcements
Contents Section Displays all the Module related Materials , Slides , Articles , Assignment
                             Question , Video Sessions Etc .
 Upon Clicking the Contents Section , Students are directed to the page that displays the
Module Material ,Assignment Question, PowerPoint Slide Shows , Articles , Video Sessions
Click on the “Test” Section to view the respective Module Test Given by the Module leader
for students to Attempt with time limit . Later upon Finishing the test students can View the
         scores and Right answers for the questions attempted in “Scores” section .
To upload the assignment , students need to click on the Assignments menu Option
Upon clicking on Assignments menu option , students are directed to the page where they
                             can upload the assignment

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