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									Good Evening and Welcome to

Technology Users Group Meeting
        March 20, 2008
   Thank you for coming back!

   Please get comfortable

   Feel free to ask questions & contribute

   Objective is to deliver real value to you
Meeting Goal = Value!

   Content

   Door Prizes

   Networking
Tonight’s Amenities

   Fresh-popped popcorn.

   Hot coffee & tea, plus wide
    assortment of soft drinks in the

   Please make yourselves at home!

   Meet ALG staff – your hosts tonight

   Part of the value you will get from this meeting comes
    from networking with each other

   We encourage you to do that during breaks and after
    the meeting
   Technology News

   This evening’s topics:

     –   A new device that promises you will never pay another
         monthly phone bill again!

     –   A free online way to easily find solutions to your legal

     –   IPv6 – Major changes coming to the internet and what
         they mean!

   Break around 7:15pm

   RightQuickies

   Door prize drawing

   Summary & conclusion – adjourn by 8pm
Technology News
Spammer Found Guilty!

   Last Saturday one of the world's top e-mail spammers
    pleaded guilty Friday to federal charges of mail fraud,
    wire fraud, and failure to file a tax return

   He was arrested last summer and charged in a 40-count
    indictment. He agreed to plead guilty to the three
    charges and the rest were dropped

   Robert Alan Soloway, 29, was dubbed "the spam king" by
    prosecutors who said he used networks of compromised
    computers to send out millions upon millions of junk e-
    mails since 2003

   He could face up to 20 years in prison
Technology News
Microsoft + Yahoo!

   On February 1, 2008 Microsoft made an unsolicited $44.6
    billion cash and stock bid for Yahoo

   A Microsoft-Yahoo combination would create a powerful
    number two player in the online search business, which
    Google commands

   It would also be one of the biggest tech deals in years, on
    a par with Hewlett-Packard's $25 billion acquisition of
    Compaq in 2002.

   Last Saturday Microsoft met with Yahoo to discuss the
    unsolicited takeover bid, a breakthrough that could be the
    first step toward a friendly deal between the two rivals
Technology News
Microsoft + Yahoo!
Technology News
Juicy Campus!
Technology News
Juicy Campus!

   A web site called Juicy Campus has been in the news A
    LOT the past few days

   It’s a new breed of gossip website and it involves
    students posting gossip about each other at particular
    college campuses

   Opened last summer

   People who post on the site are completely anonymous,
    and many of the students who are named on the site are
    not amused

   Some of the most viewed topics today:
      “Who is the sluttiest girl????”
      “Hottest Cornell Sophomores”
      “Biggest Cornell Cokeheads?”
Technology News
Juicy Campus!

   The Web site reads like the writing on the wall in a
    campus bathroom

   Its motto is “Always Anonymous … Always Juicy”

   The site has set up specific channels for more than 50
    college campuses, and plans to add more soon

   The biggest problem is that this forum can be very
    harmful and cause real damage to someone’s reputation
    and self-esteem

   Another point of view is that this is “Freedom of Speech”
Technology News
Juicy Campus!

   New Jersey is taking the lead in a possible legal approach
    to forcing the site to become more accountable for the
    content it provides

   Tuesday the Attorney General of NJ, Anne Milgram,
    announced they are investigating whether Juicy Campus
    violates state laws that protect against consumer fraud

   “Misrepresentation to the public by businesses violates
    the Consumer Fraud Act.” must honor
    the terms and conditions that it informs the public it will
    adhere to.“

   Watch for a lot more on this topic in the days and weeks
    to come!
Technology News

 And now – on to tonight’s Topic #1
Topic #1
Topic #1
No Monthly Phone Bills!

   Voice over IP technology (VoIP) has already
    significantly changed the way many people use and
    pay for telephone service

   Vonage and Skype are the most popular VoIP services
    in the mass market

   Tonight we’re going to look at the newest entry into
    this market, which takes a quantum leap beyond both
    of them

   It’s called MagicJack

Topic #1
No Monthly Phone Bills!

   This is an amazing device that I use myself

   Reading the ads for it, most people will be suspicious
    since it sounds too good to be true. Last night I even
    saw an infomercial for it!

   It “is” for real and does everything the ads say
Topic #1
No Monthly Phone Bills!

Why is it so amazing?

   $20 to purchase the device and software – one time

   $20 per year for the service (not per month)

   Unlimited local and long distance calling (U.S. and

   Very easy setup

   Includes voicemail (you can receive messages even
    when you're offline), caller ID, call waiting, call
    forwarding, and emergency 911 dialing
Topic #1
No Monthly Phone Bills!

Why is it so amazing?

   It easily connects to any analog phone

   Especially nice with a cordless

   Voice quality is better than a cell phone, although not
    quite as crisp as a true land line

   It’s completely portable!
        Take it with you when you travel
        Use it from any PC with an internet connection and USB
Topic #1
No Monthly Phone Bills!

Why is it so amazing?

   MS Outlook plug-in included for one-click dialing from
    your contacts

   Free 411 and 911 services included

   Automatically receive emails containing voice mail
    messages, without having to call-in
Topic #1
No Monthly Phone Bills!


   A computer with a USB port

   Broadband internet connection

   Analog phone
Topic #1
No Monthly Phone Bills!

How does it compare?
                       MagicJack           Vonage V-Phone   Skype

 Unlimited outbound    $20/year            $300/year        $30/year
 calls from anywhere                       (includes
 to U.S. & Canada                          landlines
                                           in five EU

 Unlimited inbound     Included            Included         $60/year
 calls from anywhere

 Initial cost          $40 (includes 1st   $40              Free (software
                       year of service)                     download)

 Other calling         Analog phone        None (headset    Skype-compatible
 hardware needed       or headset          included)        headset
Topic #1
No Monthly Phone Bills!

Let’s watch two videos on MagicJack

   One from CBS News last December when it was first

   Another that is an ad for it
Topic #1
No Monthly Phone Bills!

And finally, let’s try it here, ourselves!
Topic #1
No Monthly Phone Bills!

Topic #2
Topic #1
Online Legal Solutions!

   Most people are aware of internet medical/health sites
    such as WebMD

   But did you know that there is a comparable site that
    contains a wealth of legal information?

   And it’s completely free!

   The site is called FindLaw

Topic #1
Online Legal Solutions!

   FindLaw is the highest-trafficked legal Web site

   It provides the most comprehensive set of legal
    resources on the Internet

   What kinds of legal resources?
Topic #1
Online Legal Solutions!

   Legal forms and contracts

   Legal information

   Dictionary

   Message boards

   And much more . . .

   Let’s take a look at it now!
Topic #2
Online Legal Solutions!

Let’s Take a Break!
Topic #3
Topic #3

   TCP/IP

   Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

   The basic communication language or protocol of the

   Every computer that connects to the internet or to a
    network is assigned an IP address

   It allows that computer to communicate with the rest of
    the computers in that “group”
Topic #3

   The current IP address standard, IPv4 uses 32-bit
    addresses that look like this:

   IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses that look like this:

Topic #3

   Most of today's internet uses IPv4

   Now nearly twenty years old

   IPv4 has been remarkably resilient in spite of its age, but
    it is beginning to have problems

   Most importantly, there is a growing shortage of IPv4
    addresses, which are needed by all new machines added
    to the Internet

   Estimates are that addresses will be exhausted
    somewhere between 2011 and 2017
Topic #3

   IPv6 fixes a number of problems in IPv4

   Such as the limited number of available IPv4 addresses

   The IPv6 address space is extremely large

   IPv6 supports 2128 (about 3.4×1038) addresses

   Or approximately 5×1028 addresses for each of the
    roughly 6.5 billion people alive today

   There are 252 addresses for every star in the known
Topic #3

   IPv6 also adds many improvements to IPv4 in areas such
    as routing and network autoconfiguration

   IPv6 is expected to gradually replace IPv4

   With the two coexisting for a number of years during a
    transition period

   Support for IPv6 is built into the latest versions of
    Microsoft Windows, which include Windows Vista,
    Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows
    XP with Service Pack 2, Windows XP with Service Pack 1,
    Windows XP Embedded SP1, and Windows CE .NET
Topic #3

   The movement from IPv4 to IPv6 will allow us users to
    have more technology in our lives

   Why? Because we will be able to assign more IP
    addresses to more devices

   Soon mobile phones, television and even toasters will be
    assigned IP addresses!

   Imagine: you’re leaving work and you would like a hot
    cup of coffee when you arrive home

   With IPv6 you would be able to go on your computer,
    connect to your private home network and tell your
    coffee machine to make a pot of coffee
Topic #3


   Every month present 1 or 2 useful tips or tools that
    aren’t meaty enough to be a regular meeting topic

   This program is probably the closest thing to Photoshop
    you can get

   It’s FREE!

   Courtesy of a student project

   Very powerful

   If you know Photoshop, you are ready to go

   If you don’t know Photoshop, the built-in help is quite

   You can also use any of the dozens of free Photoshop
    training/tutorials on the internet – just Google them

   Download it at:

   Let’s use it now!


Let’s start wrapping up tonight’s presentation.
       And then on to our door prizes!
Next Meeting
Thursday May 15, 2008                           5/15/2008

Meeting Topics:

    A replacement for Windows Explorer that
     will instantly make you more productive!

    A free, personal, ad-free internet radio
     station that only plays YOUR favorite music!

    A free digital shredder to easily and
     permanently delete sensitive files!
Thank You!

   Thank you for joining us at ALG this evening!

   If you got value from tonight’s meeting, please tell
    others about these meetings and about ALG

   Bring a guest to the next one

   Help ALG continue growing and reward yourself!

   If you know a company that has computer problems or
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   We will contact them, and when they begin to use ALG
    services, you will automatically receive a $25 Visa gift
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   No limit to the number of cards you can earn

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   Remember to take your handouts

   Feel free to stay awhile and “network”

   And now – let’s go to the door prizes!
Door prizes!

Must be present to win.

   350gb portable external USB 2.0 hard drive!

   4gb USB flash drive!

   $25 Longhorn Restaurant Gift Card!

   $15 Applebee’s Restaurant Gift Card!

   $10 Pizza Hut Gift Card!
Door Prize #1
 $10 Pizza Hut Gift Card!
Door Prize #2
 $15 Applebee’s Gift Card!
  Door Prize #3
$25 Longhorn Restaurant Gift Card!
Door Prize #4
 4GB USB Flash Drive!!
      Door Prize #5

350gb portable external USB 2.0 hard drive!
Thanks for Coming!

      Drive Safely!

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