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									MIA HAMM
  Mary Scott Neill
Mia Hamm’s Soccer Career
•   High School All American

•   Joined the USA national team at age 15

•   UNC Chapel Hill: Three-time All American, Four-time
    National Champion

•   Three-time United States Soccer Athlete of the Year,
    Male and Female (1994-96)

•   Member of the 1996 Olympic Gold Medal Team
Garrett and Mia
•   Mia comes from a large family
•   Thai-American, Garrett, adopted when Mia was 5 yrs old
•   Played on same youth soccer team
•   Became best friends
Garrett Hamm
•   Garrett is diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia at age 16
•   Aplastic Anemia is a rare blood disorder
•   Although very sick, Garrett attends Mia’s Olympic game
    in Atlanta where she wins the Gold Medal
•   Doctors tell Garrett and Mia’s family that nothing can be
    done, but a bone marrow transplant
•   Bone Marrow is tissue inside your bones that produce
    blood cells
•   The Bone Marrow Transplant was not enough and
    Garrett died at age 28
The Mia Hamm Foundation
• Mia was devastated with the death of her brother and
  friend, but she continued to play soccer
• She established the Mia Hamm Foundation with two goals
  in mind
1. To Raise Money to help fight bone marrow diseases
2. To develop programs to get young women active and
    involved in sports
•   Instead of giving up, Mia used her soccer skills to help
    the memory of Garrett and prevent other families from
    going through what the Hamms went through
•   At the same time, Mia inspired girls to find sports they
In Conclusion…
•   Everyone, even famous people, go through rough times
    and meet obstacles that they have to work to overcome
•   Mia Hamm honors the memory of her brother, Garrett,
    through her foundation
•   We can all relate her story to obstacles in our own lives,
    whether it’s as tough as losing a loved one, or as simple as
    a math problem that you don’t understand
•   Mia made the best of her situation and now inspires kids
    all over the country as well as raises money for a good

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