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									GCSE Geography: Coursework Guidelines

Your coursework should include the following:

1. A title page, with your name clearly seen. This page may be illustrated.

2. A list of contents/index.

3. Hypothesis/questions
You need to explain clearly what you are aiming to do in your piece of work,
and where you caried out your study. You may include relevant background
information about your topic and/or the Snowdonia area.

4. Methods of data collection
These methods need to be clearly described and explained, i.e. what you did,
why and how (you may use diagrams, photographs, etc.). You may include
initial processes, e.g. drafting questions for questionnaires, choosing methods,
etc. Be sure to mention anything you did on your own initiative.

N.B. Primary data = data collected by you, using questionnaires,
measurements, etc. In your finished coursework, at least 50% of the data used
should be primary.
Secondary data = data obtained from other sources, e.g. published climatic
figures, population numbers, etc., plus maps, photos, leaflets.

5. Results
Your information should be presented in a variety of appropriate ways, e.g.
maps, labelled photographs, written sections, sketches, diagrams, tables,
graphs, etc.

Secondary data may be included where relevant.

Your coursework may be wholly word processed, in which case try to include
a few hand drawn items, e.g. maps, sketches. Equally, it may be wholly hand
written, in which case try to include some items which have used I.T., e.g.
graphs, sections.

6. Interpretation of Results
Use your geographical knowledge to state and explain what your results
show you, i.e. select from and analyse your data, applying geographical ideas
and principles.
You may comment on your method and results (if not already done for
methods in 4), e.g. accuracy, problems encountered, ways in which the data
could have been improved.

7. Conclusions
These must be substantiated.

You need an overall conclusion. Have you proved your original
hypothesis/answered your question? How successful do you feel you have
been? Is your conclusion valid? Are there any limitations?

Would you make any changes if you did a similar piece of work again?

8. List of references
Make a detailed list of all sources of information other than your own direct
fieldwork, e.g. maps, books, leaflets, people, etc.

N.B. Clear and orderly presentation of your work is important. It should be in
a soft file, and written on A4 paper. Pages must be numbered. Individual
pages should not be put in poly pockets. Coursework should be between 2500
and 3000 words.

Mark Weightings
                                                          Maximum Mark
Collection and selection of primary and secondary data    40
Presentation of data                                      20
Analysis, interpretation and conclusions                  40
                                                    Total 100

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