Healthy Restaurant Menu Checklis by fjzhangxiaoquan


									                                  Healthy Menu
                                     (155 points)

Using Microsoft Word, create a healthy menu for a restaurant. Use the nutrition
websites to find the calories for your menu items.

       Your menu should have:                                              Points     Points
                                                                           Possible   Earned
       Name of restaurant, centered and at top of page: use Word            10
        Art and clipart/image for logo
       Heading: Dinner Menu or Lunch Menu (your choice)                     5
       4 Menu Sections with Calories and Price for each (insert tab         20
        and line leaders – see Healthy Planet example)
            o Appetizers
            o Entrees
            o Dessert
            o Drinks
       A table under each section listing at least 2 items for each        100
        (Appetizers, Entrees, Dessert, Drinks)
            o Add a border around each table and between items (20
            o Name your items and provide a description (10 points
                each – 40 points total)
            o List the calories and price for each item (5 points each –
                20 points total)
            o Add shading to each row of your tables (20 points)
       Add a slogan or other information at the bottom of the menu          10
        (e.g. “Our Food is Out of This World,” Kids Eat Free Every
        Wednesday, We Use Earth Friendly Containers, etc.)

       Put your name at the bottom of the menu, save your menu as           10
        Healthy Menu, and email your menu to me. Submit it in the
        Homework Drop Box titled Healthy Menu.
                                                  Total Points/Grade:       155

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