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					           Amendment No. 0001 to NPS BAA Announcement #08-001
National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellowship (NSSEFF) Program

The purpose of Amendment 0001 is to provide changes and/or clarification to questions
received in response to NPS BAA #08-001.

The full solicitation is available at:

Grants.Gov: or
NPS Website (Working with NPS):

This amendment serves as a notification that there is a forthcoming change to NPS BAA
Announcement #08-001. The next amendment (#002) should be posted within the next

In the interim, please note that the deadline for Letters of Intent to Nominate will be
extended to 15 February 2008. The Letter of Intent to Nominate is not optional. To
qualify for submission, the Letter of Intent to Nominate must be received by 1600
PST,15 February 2008. Means of delivery can be U.S. Mail, expedited courier, or hand
delivery. Address for US Mail, expedited courier or hand delivery* is:

                                             Elke Schabo
                                 Naval Postgraduate School
                       Attn: Research and Sponsored Programs Office
                                 Contract and Grant Support
                                            Code 91
                              Halligan Hall, Bldg 234, Room 283
                                        699 Dyer Road
                                  Monterey, CA 93943-5138

Note: The Naval Postgraduate School is a restricted access government facility.
Individuals/courier services without approved access to NPS must contact Elke Schabo,
831-656-2053, for temporary gate access. Requests must be received at least 24 hours
in advance of time access to NPS is necessary.

The forthcoming Amendment No. 0002 will contain revised criteria for the submission of
white papers and additional clarifications on program qualifications and program content.
This amendment is to encourage proposers to hold on submission of white papers until
Amendment No. 0002 is issued. Those that submit white papers prior to the issue of
Amendment No. 0002 with the revised submission instructions will be required to

Questions regarding this Amendment can be addressed to

Jun Wang Jun Wang Dr
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