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Alaska Telephone Association - http___www


									Alaska Telephone Association -
Arizona-New Mexico Telephone Association -
Arkansas Telecommunications Association –
California Telephone Association -
Colorado Telephone Association -
Florida Telecommunications Industry Association -
Georgia Telephone Association –
Illinois Independent Telephone Association -
Illinois Telecommunications Association -
Illinois Telephone Cooperative Association -
Indiana Telecommunications Association –
Iowa Telecommunications Association –
Rural Iowa Independent Telephone Association –
Kansas Telecommunications Industry Association –
State Independent Telephone Association of Kansas –
Kentucky Telephone Association –
Louisiana Telecommunications Association -
Maine Telephone Association –
Telephone Association of New England –
Michigan Exchange Carriers Association -
Telecommunications Association of Michigan –
Minnesota Association for Rural Telecommunications –
Minnesota Telecom Alliance –
Missouri Telecommunications Industry Association -
Montana Independent Telecommunications Systems, LLC –
Montana Telecommunications Association -
Western Telecommunications Alliance –
Nebraska Telecommunications Association –
Nevada Telecommunications Association –
New Hampshire Telephone Association –
Arizona – New Mexico Telephone Association –
New York State Telecommunications Association -
Carolina-Virginias Telephone Membership Association –
North Carolina Alliance of Independent Telephone Companies –
North Carolina Cooperative Coalition –
North Carolina Telecommunications Industry Association –
North Dakota Association of Telecommunications Cooperatives –
North Dakota Telephone Association –
Ohio Small Local Carriers Association (OSLECA) –
Ohio Telecom Association –
Oklahoma Telephone Association –
Oregon Telecommunications Association -
Pennsylvania Telephone Association –
South Carolina Telephone Association -
South Dakota Association of Telephone Cooperatives –
South Dakota Rural Telecom Association C/O Tri-County Telecom –
South Dakota Telecommunications Association -
Tennessee Rural Communications Cooperative Association -
Tennessee Telecommunications Association –
Texas Statewide Telephone Cooperative –
Texas Telephone Association –
Utah Rural Telecom Association –
Telephone Association of Vermont
Eastern Rural Telecom Association –
Virginia Telecommunications Industry Association –
Washington Independent Telephone Association –
West Virginia Telecommunications Association –
Wisconsin Locally Owned Telephone Association –
Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association –
Wisconsin Statewide Telephone Cooperative Association –
Wyoming Telecommunications Association –

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