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LegalView Mesothelioma Blog Reports on Whistleblower Who Was Allegedly Fired for Reporting Improper Asbestos Cleanup to Authorities


									                                         LegalView Mesothelioma Blog Reports on
                                         Whistleblower Who Was Allegedly Fired for
                                          Reporting Improper Asbestos Cleanup to
                                              , April 17, 2008


LegalView recently updated its mesothelioma blog to include reports of a whistleblower being fired after he reported improper
asbestos cleanup. The worker who refused to sign off on the demolition of the school was dismissed from his job duties permanently
after he reported the improper procedure cleanup to officials.

PR9.NET April 17, 2008 - Denver, CO - LegalView, the number one resource for everything legal on the Web, recently updated its
mesothelioma blog with news of the firing of an alleged whistleblower who attempted to report improper asbestos cleanup of a local
high school. The city worker was part of a crew that was to demolition an old schoolhouse. The worker allegedly told city managers
that the schoolhouse was filled with asbestos and would be hazardous if improper asbestos removal procedures were not followed.
However, after the worker refused to sign off on the demolition and spoke out, he was fired, according to reports.

Asbestos is a hazardous chemical that is often found in insulation of many older buildings including government buildings, offices,
homes, apartments, universities and schools. It is derived of vermiculite, which was heavily mined early on in the 20th century
throughout the world. Asbestos was revered for its qualities of being cost efficient and its ability to insulate sufficiently without catching
on fire as easily as other insulations. However, it was discovered that breathing in asbestos fibers and dust caused a deadly form of
lung cancer to develop. Additionally, areas that currently contain asbestos must follow strict procedures and methods from the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for removal, otherwise asbestos fibers will likely be released into the air and contaminate
surrounding areas and individuals. Those who feel they have been previously exposed to asbestos fibers should contact a
mesothelioma lawyer for immediate assistance on building a case.

Mesothelioma cancer can take years to develop and is incurable. It is often misdiagnosed, as symptoms of mesothelioma cancer are
similar to many other illnesses. Individuals who have contracted mesothelioma should speak with an experienced medical attorney
and receive a consultation on a potential mesothelioma lawsuit. To learn more about this recent mesothelioma blog posting as well as
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birth-canal complications that have occurred when an infant's shoulders or head became lodged, causing damage to the nerve
system controlling arm movement. While Erb's Palsy often can clear on its own through time, many individuals still require physical
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