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					Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week
             Goldwood Primary School
                    May 16th ~ 20th, 2011

 Monday, May 16th
      Have your child give a letter or picture to his favorite
      teacher/aide/staff member to say thank you for all they do.

 Tuesday, May 17th
      Happy Hour lunch hosted by Goldwood PTA. We need
      appetizers, drinks, and paper products. Please log onto to select your
      contribution or volunteer time.

 Wednesday, May 18th
     Ann Weixel from Ride + Workout studio will lead a Yoga
     Class in the school gymnasium from 3:45 – 4:30 giving the staff
       some time to relax and meditate after a busy day!

 Thursday, May 19th
     Each staff member will fuel up for the day with a
     morning “goodie bag.”

 Friday, May 20th
      Send your child to school with a flower, vine, budding branch,
      ornamental grass leaf, or balloon. A parent from each class will
      collect them and present a magnificent personalized bouquet to your
      child’s teacher! Then at lunchtime, Goldwood staff will be
      treated to a stress-relieving Chair Massage courtesy of Oaks
      Massotherapy & Botanical Spa.