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					                                                                       Motocross Committee 28.07.2010

                   HELD AT ACU HOUSE ON WEDNESDAY 28 JULY 2010
                            Meeting commenced at 09.30am

              Present:                        Mr B Higgins (Chairman)
                                              Mr D Williams
                                              Mr R Humphrey
                                              Mr E Herd
                                              Mr A Summers
                                              Mr J Percival

              In Attendance:                  Mrs S Goggin (Secretary)
                                              Miss N Morley
                                              Mr A Deeks (Joined meeting at 9.50am)
                                              Mr D Edwards (Joined meeting at 9.30am)
                                              Mr C Reeves (Joined meeting at 9.30am)
                                              Mr C Sprawson (Joined meeting at 1.00pm)


              Apologies were received from Mr C Warren, Mr C Laman, Mr D Hail and Mr T Waterer.

              The minutes of the third meeting (2010 session) of the Motocross Committee held on
              9 June 2010 were accepted by the Committee with the following amendments:
              MX10 – 044       Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championship

              Mr Herd noted that a discussion that took place regarding the Maxxis Championship
              and Monster Ltd. It was previously agreed that contact would be made with the
              company regarding sponsorship for the Series and the item was not published in the
              last set of minutes.


              a) Mr Crawford’s Motocross Official’s Licence

              Mrs Goggin confirmed that correspondence was sent to Mr Crawford as discussed at
              the last meeting, although no response had been received. Mr Herd proposed that Mr
              Crawford’s Regional licence be suspended until he responds to Mrs Goggin’s letter.

              Mrs Goggin was asked to write to Mr Crawford and ask that he replies immediately to
              previous correspondence to prevent the above action being taken.
                                                                                 Action: Mrs Goggin
              b) Grass Roots MX

              Mr Higgins noted that he had not taken the necessary action to contact the remaining
              six Motocross clubs on behalf of the Committee and requested that Miss Morley
              provide a list of the clubs that have not had contact from a member of the Committee in
              order to take the necessary action.
                                                                                  Action: Miss Morley

              Mr Higgins reiterated to the Committee that the ACU Board of Directors were doing
              their best to reduce the premiums with ACU Insurers with a view to reducing the cost of
              two day basic permits in the future. Discussions were ongoing and the Chairman
              would keep members informed of the progress.

                                                                       Motocross Committee 28.07.2010

              c) British Motocross Grand Prix

              Mrs Goggin had recently circulated correspondence to the Committee with an update
              on the progress of the 2011 event.

              Mr Higgins confirmed the ACU and Promoter of the event hope to get a Press Release
              circulated in due course.

              d) British Supercross Championship

              The Chairman confirmed that the regulations had now been issued and dispatched to
              riders. The three venues had been confirmed for the four rounds. Mr Higgins also
              announced that a meeting was scheduled for 3 August with Future West International
              and members of the MRA to discuss the organisation of the two rounds to be held in

              e) Rider Upgrades

              Mr Higgins informed the Committee that the Rider Assessment form had been
              amended to request more information from the assessor. The Committee were in
              agreement that rider’s requesting an early upgrade must be within 12 months of the
              required age, to be considered.

              f)   Beach Race
              It was noted that the Beach Race scheduled to be run on 7 August by Cheshire North
              West had been cancelled.


              Mr Herd and Mr Humphrey explained that there were some personnel timekeeping at
              some club events who require Timekeepers Licenses. Mr Humphrey felt the members
              were qualified to officiate in this role, therefore Mrs Goggin was asked to write to the
              clubs informing them that the members could hold ACU Timekeepers Licence upon
              applying to the ACU licence department.
                                                                                     Action: Mrs Goggin


              It had recently been brought to the Chairman’s attention that an incident had occurred
              in June 2009 whereby an ACU Steward had been injured at an event and was currently
              in the process of making a claim through the ACU’s insurer’s.

              This matter made the Committee contemplate the role of a Steward as they felt the
              claimant was in an unnecessary position when the incident occurred.

              Following discussions the Committee agreed that a Steward’s duties must be
              discussed at more length at Motocross Official’s Licensing seminars to ensure officials
              are well trained to fulfil the role.

              Mr Higgins confirmed that along with Mr Herd and Miss Morley he would be amending
              the seminar presentation and paperwork during 2010 in readiness for the seminars due
              at the end of the year.
                                                          Action: Mr Higgins, Mr Herd & Miss Morley

MX 10 - 062   GRASS ROOTS MX

              a)      Grading System Forum
              Mrs Goggin had arranged a forum to be held on 18 August to discuss this matter,
              although the Secretary reported that, to date, only one recorder had confirmed their

                                                                        Motocross Committee 28.07.2010
              The Committee discussed further the possible formats for grading that could be
              implemented but the matter will be conferred further at the forum.

              b)      National Expert List

              Mr Herd expressed great concern with the matter on behalf of Mr Batten as the expert
              list recently published had many errors. The Committee hope to alleviate these
              problems based on the outcome of the forum.


              a)      2010 Championship Update

              Mr Percival wished to thank the West Cumbria MX Club for their effort in the BYMX
              Championship round at Dean Moor and congratulated them on a very successful event.

              Mr Williams congratulated BA Promotions Ltd on the well organised event at
              Finningley, all members in attendance at the meeting felt the event was run very well.

              An incident had occurred at Finningley involving some riders and their entourage which
              resulted in the two rider’s being issued a 12 month ban from all ACU events.
              The rider’s penalties will be published in the BYMX Championship programme for

              The Committee discussed the action that could be taken against the four members in
              addition to the riders their entourage’s that were involved in the incident. Following
              discussions the Committee were in agreement that the persons involved would also be
              issued with a 12 month ban from all ACU events.

              b)      2011 Championship Progress Update

              Mr Percival gave a brief update on 2011 organisation; there were various possible
              organisers and venues to be considered. Discussions will continue over the
              forthcoming months.

              The Committee discussed the newly introduced British 2 Stroke Championship and
              agreed to continue the series in 2011.

              c)      BYMX Team Event

              Mrs Goggin had received an email from Mrs Hucklebridge on behalf of Hucklebridge
              Events Ltd with details of the costing involved with running the event at Marshfield as
              they felt the allocated budget was not sufficient for the running of the event. However,
              the Committee expressed their concerns with the cost of track hire stated in the email
              and confirmed the budget could not be adjusted.
              Mrs Goggin was asked to liaise with Mrs Hucklebridge to inform her that the Committee
              were not happy with the request of further funding and enquire as to whether
              Hucklebridge Events Ltd still wish to run the event on the agreed budget. Mrs Goggin
              will request a response by the end of the week in order to make alternative
              arrangements should the organiser’s not be able to run the event.
                                                                                      Action: Mrs Goggin


              Mrs Goggin updated Committee members on the riders selected to attend the event so
              far. The selection process had been based on results from the BYMX Championship
              and the Secretary confirmed she was still awaiting confirmation from some rider’s.

              The 85cc class had 7 riders confirmed to fill the 8 spaces; Mr Percival enquired as to
              whether the Committee would be happy for Michael Eccles to take the last place in the
              class as he had expressed interest in competing at the event. The Committee agreed
              to invite Mr Eccles.

                                                                         Motocross Committee 28.07.2010
              The 125cc class had 4 riders confirmed and Mrs Goggin had received requests from
              Richard Collins and Paul Coates to compete in the event. The Committee were in
              agreement to invite these riders to enter.
                                                                               Action: Mrs Goggin

              Mr Percival and Miss Morley will continue to chase the remaining rider’s to confirm their
              entrance. Mr Humphrey requested that he be given a final list of riders to update the
              website when all are confirmed.
                                                                    Action: Mr Percival & Miss Morley


              Mr Higgins updated the Committee on the Championship progress since the last
              meeting. Norwich Viking MCC’s event at Lyng was run very efficiently.
              Foxhill Promotions Ltd’s event at Foxhill attracted approximately 3,500 spectators and
              again, like Lyng was run superbly well.

              West Devon MCC will now be organising the round to be held at Farleigh Castle in

              The round to be held at Silverstone is being run by ACU Events Ltd; Mr Higgins
              updated the Committee on the organisation of the event.

              The final round at Hawkstone Park is envisaged to be a great finale; Mr Higgins
              expressed his confidence in the club running a good event. Mr Williams stated that
              they now have a PR person on the Salop Committee to assist with publicity.

              Following a proposal from Mr Humphrey, the Committee discussed the possibility of
              running all MXY2 rounds prior to MX1/2 Championship rounds to give MXY2 riders
              chance to enter the MX2 class; although the general consensus was that this format
              would not be effective. Mrs Goggin confirmed that riders currently have the opportunity
              to enter the MX2 class at event where the MXY2 class is not being run, when spaces
              are available. Further discussions will take place regarding the inclusion of an 85cc
              class to run alongside some rounds of the Championship, and this proposal will be put
              to the Board of ACUE.

              Mr Humphrey was concerned with the finish flag Official displaying the flag too early.
              He was also concerned about the start line girls being too far into the middle of the
              track; however Mr Percival reassured Mr Humphrey that this was needed in order for
              them to be seen by the officials on the start line. Mr Humphrey and Mr Percival will
              ensure the correct systems are in place for the next round with regards to both matters.

              Mr Williams discussed ACU Events Ltd organising rounds of the Maxxis Championship
              and whether there was fairness to other organisers with regards to funding. Mr Higgins
              assured Mr Williams that all eight organisers were treated the same.


              a)      Report following Round 3

              The Committee were updated on the Championship progress following the recent
              round at Asham Woods, by My Humphrey. The event had run well although the solo
              rider’s were not happy with the venue.

              Mrs Goggin informed the Committee that Norwich Viking MCC were unable to run the
              last round of the Championship at Lyng due to financial difficulties.

              The Committee were adamant they would not want to drop this round from the
              Championship. Members discussed the possibility of running the round at Milton
              Malsor. Mr Higgins had also spoken to Mr Villis from the Mepal circuit who expressed
              interest in hiring out his track for this type of event. Mr Humphrey and Miss Morley will
              explore the possibility of running the round at either venue and circulate proposals to
              the Committee.
                                                                          Action: Mr Higgins & Miss Morley

                                                                        Motocross Committee 28.07.2010
              b)      2011 Championship

              The Committee would like to continue the British Under 23 Championship but feel the
              lack of interest in the MX3 class may be a detriment to the Championship.

              Mrs Goggin noted that there might be lack of possible events to accommodate the
              British Veterans Championship in 2011; therefore the class could be run alongside the
              Under 23’s and possibly the Quad or Ladies classes.

              Members in attendance were asked to submit ideas on the Championship format for
                                                                     Action: Motocross Committee


              a)      Results – Mr C Helm

              Mr Helm had emailed Mrs Goggin requesting the Committee to produce some
              guidelines for changing race results after an error has been identified; Mr Higgins’ view
              was that once the protest time has elapsed, there should not be an opportunity to
              amend the results even if the error was factual.
              Mr Humphrey suggested that a time allowance of 5 or 10 days be permitted for results
              to be amended should a situation of this sort occur.

              Mrs Goggin was asked to respond to Mr Helm to explain it is not possible to produce
              guidelines as such, however if results are published with an obvious rule error,
              providing it is brought up within reasonable time period then it can be rectified.
                                                                                     Action: Mrs Goggin
              b)      British Championship Update

              The round organised by Broadhembury & DMC had been cancelled after just two races
              due to the weather conditions. The Committee were in agreement that the club should
              not have started the event under these conditions and asked Mrs Goggin to write to the
              club to inform them that the Motocross Committee were not happy with the way the
              circuit was presented, and offer assistance for any future event, regional or Nattional.
                                                                                    Action: Mrs Goggin

              The Committee were in agreement that members should have more involvement in the
              Championship for 2011.
              Mrs Goggin was asked to invite Mr Pelling and Mr Cooper to the next Committee
                                                                                Action: Mrs Goggin


              a)      Report on British Quad Championship following round 3

              Mr Murphy briefly updated the Committee on the Championship and the recent round
              at Wrangway, the event had been cancelled on the day due to dust. The majority of the
              Quad rider’s were happy with the decision to cancel the event.

              Mr Murphy informed the Committee that the event was being re-run alongside a
              Scottish quad event on 31 July.

              Mr Murphy expressed the content with the number of entries for the first round of the
              Youth Quad Championship coming up; numbers had increased since 2009.

              b)      Quad Sub-Committee Meeting

              The scheduled meeting of the Quad Sub-Committee had been cancelled due to
              members being unable to attend, therefore the Secretary was asked to arrange another
              date for a meeting.
                                                                               Action: Mrs Goggin

                                                                           Motocross Committee 28.07.2010

              c)      Mr Quinn

              The general consensus of members involved in the Quad Championship was that Mr
              Quinn was not fulfilling his job title within the series. Therefore Mr Quinn will be
              dismissed forthwith.
                                                                          Action: Mrs Goggin & Mr Murphy

MX 10 - 069   TEAM GB SQUADS 2010

              a)      Confirm Team Manager – UEM Sidecar Cross of Nations

              The Committee were happy with the appointment of Mr Guildford as Team Manager
              with assistance from Mr Helm and Mr Tye. Mr Humphrey requested that Mrs Goggin
              send all paperwork, budgets etc to all three members.
                                                                                       Action: Mrs Goggin
              b)      Motocross Des Nations

              Mrs Goggin reported that she had conversed with Mr Dixon, Team Manager regarding
              the short list of riders, travel and accommodation for the event. Mr Dixon had informed
              Mrs Goggin about another possible rider to be considered who was not mentioned in
              the original short list of riders; however, Mrs Goggin reported that no decision has been
              made and the Committee were unhappy with the inclusion of another rider having not
              publicised anything about him in the original press release of short listed riders.

              A press release will be circulated detailing the short list of the 6 possible riders for the
              team. The Committee will be kept updated on the progress of the team selection.
                                                                                       Action: Mrs Goggin
              c)      European Quad Cross of Nations

              Mrs Goggin enquired as to whether the Committee had decided who to appoint as
              Team Manager for the event; Mr Murphy suggested Mr & Mrs Winrow or Mr R Cole.
              Mr Humphrey confirmed he would liaise with the Quad Sub-Committee to move the
              matter further. The Committee noted there was no budget allocation to support riders
              for this event.
                                                                                     Action: Mr Humphrey
              d)      Motocross of European Nations
              Mr Herd enquired whether the Committee would be sending a team to this event. The
              matter was discussed and various members felt the event is too high profile for the
              ACU to send a team with no allocated budget to support them with funding.
              Mr Herd was invited to gather a team of rider’s to attend and cover their own costs if he
                                                                                           Action: Mr Herd

              Mr B Pocock had sent the Secretary a request for Bradley Pocock to be considered to
              continue on the Academy for 2011 without having to commit to the NVQ qualification.
              Mr Hucklebridge and the Committee were in agreement that if rider’s wished to have
              the support from the Academy then they must be involved in all sections of the training.
              Mr Hucklebridge will be asked to respond to Mr Pocock based on the above answer.
                                                                                  Action: Mr Hucklebridge
              The Academy will be discussed further at the next Committee meeting on 15
              September with Mr Hucklebridge in attendance.

                                                                        Motocross Committee 28.07.2010

              Mrs Goggin confirmed Mr Stevens was progressing with the arrangements for Mr A
              Horins to attend the Medical Panel meetings on behalf of the Motocross Committee.

MX 10 - 072   TECHNICAL

              Mr Summers confirmed that engine measuring at the recent Maxxis Championship
              round was all ok. Mr Percival recommended a Press Release be circulated noting this.
                                                                                     Action: Mr Higgins
              Mr Humphrey had been lap scoring at the recent Maxxis Championship event and
              noted that some side number plates were not very clear. Mr Higgins confirmed that all
              technical staff will be reminded to check these thoroughly at Technical Control.


              The Committee reviewed the following steward’s reports:
              a)       Maxxis Championship, Lyng                        13 June 2010

              The Committee requested the Secretary write to the club to enquire why the marshals
              had not been moved around, as this was considered not to be good practise.
                                                                                 Action: Mrs Goggin
              b)      Luton & DMC, Toddington                           13 June 2010

              Mr Humphrey had referred this Steward’s report to the Committee to review due to the
              comments made by the Steward regarding opposing traffic and obstacles between
              Mrs Goggin was asked to write to Mr Moram noting that this is allowed subject to the
              TCC and track inspection; and to write to the club requesting that they remove the pegs
              from middle of the track.
                                                                                    Action: Mrs Goggin
              c)       BYMX Championship, Dean Moor                     19/20 June 2010
              d)       British Sidecar Championship, Wrangway           27 June 2010

              Members expressed their concern with the conditions being very dry and the lack of
              water. They confirmed the venue would not be used for the British Championship again
              in future.

              The Committee were not happy with the Steward’s report submitted including various
              discrepancies and the Secretary was asked to write to Mr Redston requesting an
              explanation about the errors in his report.
                                                                                Action: Mrs Goggin
              e)      Maxxis Championship, Foxhill                      25 Jul 2010

              Mr Herd noted a few recommendations to the club as stated on the report. Marshal
              points were added on the day of the event due to banners obscuring the view of


              Mrs Goggin confirmed the Steward’s appointments were all up to date. Mr Herd
              requested that Mrs Goggin consider Mr Bushell when making appointments.

                                                                       Motocross Committee 28.07.2010


              a)      Timekeeping

              Mr Humphrey discussed the timing of a race when it has been paused and felt that
              when a race is paused the clock should start again when first rider gets back to timing
              loop. Committee members were all in agreement.

              b)      Coupe De L’Avenir

              Mrs Goggin noted there is an allocation of €1500 travel money for a team to attend the
              event; however the date clashes with the BYMX Team Event.

              c)      Milton Malsor

              Mr Humphrey noted that Northampton MCC had attempted to hire the track for an
              event on 12 September but the cost of hiring the circuit, with the add ons, may prove
              difficult to overcome.

              d)      Guidelines for Practice Permit

              Miss Morley had drawn up some draft guidelines for clubs applying for practice / test
              day permits. The Committee reviewed the guidelines and made some comments and
              amendments. The amendments will be made and circulated to the Committee for
              further review.
                                                                                 Action: Miss Morley
              e)       Marshals Training

              Mr Herd enquired about the matter that had been discussed at the start of 2010. Mr
              Reeves noted that due to the lack of funding, no marshal training had taken place in
              2010. The subject will be discussed at the next Committee meeting in readiness for the
              2011 season.

              f)      Engine Testing

              Mr Summers noted that other organisations may be unaware that the 2 metre max test
              is now in use. Mr Summers felt the ACU should be notifying the AMCA and BSMA of
              the testing procedure now that the bikes are coming into the Country; Mr Summers and
              Mrs Goggin will liaise with the organisations.
                                                                  Action: Mr Summers & Mrs Goggin

              g)      ACU Officials involvement with other Organisations

              The Committee expressed concern with Mrs Hucklebridge working for BSMA while
              being very involved in the BYMX Championship and requested that the Committee
              Chairman liaise with Mrs Hucklebridge on the matter, before entering into any
              agreements for 2011.
                                                                                   Action: Mr Higgins

              Wednesday 15 September 2010

              The meeting closed at 4.00pm.


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