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									Bob Justis                                                     Senior Proposal Consultant

Qualifications Summary
Bob Justis has 22 years of experience as a proposal professional, including three years of
experience supporting Government acquisitions. Working both sides of Federal procurements
enables Bob to always develop compliant and responsive proposals. He has expertise across the
entire proposal: capture, technical, management, cost, contracts, past performance, competitive
assessment, and production. He works with clients to create the total solution required to win.
Bob Justis is 100 percent successful (seven for seven) in winning multiple award IDIQ contracts.
He has never lost a bid on technical merit. He applies a disciplined proposal methodology that is
tracked and documented using his detailed Proposal Management Plan (PMP). He has superior
aptitudes for technology and strategic thinking. An excellent communicator, he conveys complex
concepts through illuminative graphics and compelling text. He takes a hands-on, process-
oriented approach to proposal development, getting the best out of people and providing on-the-
job training when required. His proposals are often delivered ahead of the due date, under the
page limit, and always within the client’s budget. He does the following:
 Manages proposal processes to ensure on-time, high-quality deliverables within tight
    schedules and with limited resources
 Facilitates strategy development targeted to achieve the highest possible best-value score
 Identifies discriminators by interviewing domain experts and subject-matter experts
 Develops win themes based upon customer hot buttons, evaluation criteria, and
 Accurately analyses and interprets Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to develop fully responsive
    and compliant responses
 Communicates highly technical concepts to generalized audiences
 Writes sections clearly and concisely to focus the evaluator’s attention on the win themes
 Engineers complex business processes into repeatable procedures with measurable
    performance criteria
 Establishes the quality metrics that drive real process improvement
 Trains authors in storyboarding, concept presentation, and selling techniques
 Leads oral presentations for companies such as Analytical Services, Information Systems
    Support (ISS), BearingPoint, Northrop Grumman, Hewlett-Packard, and Boeing.
 Establishes proposal facilities and reuse libraries for cost-effective proposal development.
Education and Training
B.S., Physics, College of William and Mary, 1977
B.A., Theater, College of William and Mary, 1977
Proposal Workshop, Hy Silver Associates, 1998
How to Write Killer Copy, American Pagette Thompson, 1998
CorelDraw 7.0 Training Seminar, Unleashed Productions, 1998
Trade Show Seminar, P.E.G.S., 1998
Indirect Expenses on Federal Contracts, University of Virginia, Northern Virginia Campus, 1995
Proposal Related Demonstrations of Effectiveness
   For ISS (now CACI), Bob led an oral proposal presentation that the Army required to be
    made in DoD Architecture Framework (DoDAF) format. The DoDAF is a sophisticated
    program specification methodology never before used in oral proposal presentations.
    Corporate management met with two challenges: finding a program manager and receiving
                 11004 Cross Laurel Drive, Germantown, MD 20876-6301
2010-06      Telephone: 301-775-2567, Email:                       1
Bob Justis                                                     Senior Proposal Consultant

    an initial Government evaluation of “unacceptable”. Bob made the slides accessible to the
    audience and ISS won an Information Technology Enterprise Solutions 2 Services (ITES-2S)
   For AeroMech Engineering, the Government provided a Statement of Objectives (SOO) for
    an unmanned spy plane. The United States Air Force (USAF) required the bidder to develop
    the Statement of Work (SOW), Integrated Management Plan (IMP), Contract Work
    Breakdown Structure (CWBS), and Integrated Program Schedule (IMS). Bob generated all
    these products so that there was exactly one “shall” statement per requirement and that there
    was a one-to-one correspondence of paragraphs across all documents. This organization
    greatly simplified program management and cross-referencing.
   For Motorola U.S. Federal Government Systems, Bob quantified the value-added features of
    Base Radio Systems, thus enabling Motorola to win its first Army contracts without being
    the low bidder.
   For Hewlett-Packard Company (HP), he justified a design-to-budget solution for the Air
    Force Information Warfare Center (AFIWC) that required a 16 percent staffing reduction
    while maintaining quality of service. HP won.
   On the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Multi-Band Inter/Intra
    Team Radio (MBITR) proposal, he led Racal Communications, Inc. to a perfect score
    (outstanding) in 100 percent of the evaluated categories. Racal won.
   For the DOD’s Defense Message System (DMS) procurement, he quantified the best-value
    solution for Loral in order to lower the Government’s cost realism estimates to the point that
    the cost savings from Loral’s solution would pay for the entire project. He designed a simple
    graphic to sell the concept. Loral won.
   For BearingPoint, he stepped in as the Live Test Demonstration (LTD) manager for an
    information sharing solution to the New York City Department of Information Technology
    and Telecommunications (NYC DoITT). With a 2-week response time and a staff of
    programmers convinced the job was impossible, he led the team to a successful
    demonstration of all 18 scenarios. BearingPoint won.
   For NASA’s Scientific and Engineering Workstation Procurement (SEWP), he optimized
    IBM’s cost evaluation by taking advantage of discrepancies between evaluation quantities
    and projected sales, resulting in lower cost evaluations and higher profits. IBM won.
   On the NASA Johnson Space Center’s Program Compliance Assurance and Status System
    Maintenance and Operations (PCASSMOS) opportunity, he developed a model that
    convinced NASA that the quality of IBM’s software development process would reduce
    program costs enough to justify the higher labor rates. IBM won.
   Bob was instrumental in convincing Sterling Software not to prime the Department of
    Defense Intelligence Information Systems (DoDIIS) Integration and Engineering Support
    Contract II (DIESCON II). Sterling chose CSC as its prime. All proposal inputs were
    accepted on the first draft. CSC and Sterling won.
   He sold Racal Communications’ high-risk, non-compliant Tactical Automated Security
    System (TASS) solution to TRW and the USAF by citing best-value characteristics and a
    proven approach.
   When NASA’s Johnson Space Center (JSC) sought sources for the JSC Avionics
    Engineering Laboratory (JAEL) Host Upgrade, he performed competitive analysis and
    determined the competition was insignificant, enabling IBM to get a premium price for real-
    time computer hardware.

                 11004 Cross Laurel Drive, Germantown, MD 20876-6301
2010-06      Telephone: 301-775-2567, Email:                      2
Bob Justis                                                     Senior Proposal Consultant

   For the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Chief Information Officer - Solutions and
    Partners (CIO-SP2i) opportunity, Bob managed the proposal for Sytel, a newly graduated
    8(a) firm. Team Sytel included 27 subcontractors. Sytel competed in the large business
    category and won.
   He managed Sytel’s NIH/Office of the Director (OD) Computer Services Support (CSS)
    proposal for help desk and web development services. Bob’s identification of incumbent
    retention and low price as critical elements enabled Sytel to win.
   On a commercial proposal for recruitment services, he created a winning proposal for
    Integrity Staffing in a 24-hour timeframe. Integrity Staffing won.
   He managed Sterling Software’s FASTMAX proposal to the National Reconnaissance Office
    (NRO). Sterling won.
   As a proposal writer, he developed graphics and wrote management sections for Anteon
    Corporation’s Information Technology Omnibus Procurement II (ITOP II) bid to the
    Department of Transportation (DOT). Anteon won.
   He wrote a white paper convincing the FBI that Sterling Software’s Migration Defense
    Intelligence Threat Data System (MDITDS) should be included in the Information Sharing
    Initiative (ISI) resulting in a high demand for Sterling Software as a teaming partner.
   On the Health Care Financing Administration’s (HCFA) End User Computing/Office
    Automation procurement, Bob served IBM by writing parts of its proposal and evaluating
    and selecting subcontractors. IBM won.
   Bob has led black hat reviews with an emphasis on providing actionable information to the
    proposal team. He was a Competitive Analyst for IBM Federal Systems for eight years,
    where he formalized the process and taught the subject across the division.
Project Management, Process Development, Metrics Establishment, and Writing Other
than Proposals
Bob Justis has worked in the areas of process development, management, metrics establishment
and non-proposal writing. Selected summaries of this work follow:
 For the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), he spearheaded the creation
   of a web-enabled grant application scoring system that shortened the processing of grant
   applications from months to real-time and eliminated the most common errors made by grant
   reviewers and data entry clerks. The solution paid for itself in the same year by reducing data
   entry staff and rework.
 For Sytel, he rescued a $26,000 project in danger of default and fostered the relationship with
   Sytel’s customer, the Army Research Laboratory (ARL), to $1.2 million in annual revenues.
 For the General Services Administration (GSA), he wrote the performance-based work
   statement for the development of the Federal Procurement Data System - Next Generation
   (FPDS-NG) project. Performance-based contracting is traditionally applied only to service
   contracts. The application of this concept to a development project required a creative,
   outside-the-box approach. He also wrote the draft RFP, data dictionary, and edit
 Bob wrote the ARL’s Vision for a World-Class Technological Infrastructure.
 He supported the acquisition of three ARL contractors. One performed an asset inventory and
   the other two performed videoconferencing upgrades and ongoing operational support. Bob
   defined the requirements, wrote the SOWs and developed the Government’s cost estimates.

                 11004 Cross Laurel Drive, Germantown, MD 20876-6301
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Bob Justis                                                    Senior Proposal Consultant

   He managed the completion of ARL’s network infrastructure documentation project and
    delivered a web-enabled product including geographical maps, floor plans, and physical and
    logical diagrams of the cable plant and active equipment.
   In connection with NASA’s Space Shuttle on-board software, Bob achieved the following:
     He developed a process to identify low-probability, untestable errors in this software and
        wrote a white paper demonstrating IBM’s unique capability in this area contributing to
        the award of a sole source follow-on contract to IBM.
     He created Total Quality Management (TQM) metrics for IBM’s software verification
        process contributing to an SEI CMM Level 5 rating for the project.
     He identified a major inefficiency associated with using flag-words instead of Booleans.
        NASA was able to save thousands of bytes of precious AP-101 memory at virtually no
        cost by simply redefining variables and recompiling modules in conjunction with other
        software changes.
   For IBM, Federal Systems Division, he established the Customer Satisfaction Process and the
    corresponding metrics. The process helped the Houston site achieve a Malcolm Baldrige
    Silver-level award.
   He developed the Competitive Analysis Process for IBM’s Federal Systems Division and
    taught a course on it division-wide.
   He established the Proposal Process for Racal Corporation, contributing to the achievement
    of ISO 9001 certification.
   He wrote a white paper to the National Imagery Management Agency (NIMA) justifying use
    of Sterling Software’s integrated Joint Mapping Tool Kit (JMTK) system over the extant set
    of standalone systems.
Technical Areas of Conversance
Bob has created proposals, written documentation and participated in task work on various
technological products and systems including:
   Program and Project Management                  Quality Assurance and Control
   Government Wide Acquisition Contracts           Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)
   Net-Centric Operations                          Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA)
   Unmanned Combat Air Vehicles                    DOD Architectural framework (DODAF)
   Flight Control Systems                          Information Technology Infrastructure
   Office Automation Systems                        Library (ITIL v2 and v3)
   Information Life Cycle Management               Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)
   Security Guards Services                        Information Systems Security
   Tactical Military Radio Equipment               Telecommunications Maintenance Services
   Base Radio Systems                              Radio Frequency Technology
   Staffing and Recruiting Services                Personnel Management Systems
   Conference Planning and Logistics               Clinical Trials
   Grants Program Management Services              Section 508 Compliance
   Bio-Surveillance                                Risk Management
   Portfolio Management                            Space Shuttle Software

                 11004 Cross Laurel Drive, Germantown, MD 20876-6301
2010-06      Telephone: 301-775-2567, Email:                   4
Bob Justis                                                 Senior Proposal Consultant

Customer Base
Bob has created proposals to Federal, state and municipal governments; foreign governments;
and commercial clients including the following:
 Department of Justice        Department of                Nuclear Regulatory
 Department of Labor             Agriculture                   Commission
 Department of                Department of                Patent and Trademark Office
   Homeland Security              Education                  U.S. Senate
   (DHS)                       Department of Energy         U.S. Postal Service
 Transportation Security  Department of                    U.S. Census Bureau
   Administration                 Transportation             Defense Information Systems
 U.S. Customs Service         Department of State             Agency
 Department of Housing        Drug Enforcement             Defense Intelligence Agency
   and Urban Development          Administration                (DIA)
   (HUD)                       Federal Emergency            Defense Logistics Agency
 Department of Health            Management Agency          National Reconnaissance Office
   and Human Services          Federal Bureau of            National Imagery and Mapping
   (HHS)                          Investigation                 Agency
 Food and Drug                General Services             National Imagery Management
   Administration                 Administration                Administration
 Health Care Financing        Library of Congress          National Security Agency
   Administration              National Science             U.S. Air Force
 Centers for Disease             Foundation (NSF)           U.S. Army
   Control and Prevention      National Aeronautics         Army and Air Force Special
 National Institutes of          and Space                     Operations Commands
   Health Information             Administration             Joint Warfare Analysis Center
   Technology Acquisition  National Archives and            U.S. Navy
   and Assessment Center          Records Administration  Army Research Laboratory
   (NITAAC)                    Bureau of Printing and  Communications Electronics
 National Institute on           Engraving                     Command (CECOM)
   Drug Abuse                  U.S. Secret Service          U.S. Department of Veterans
 National Cancer                                               Affairs
 New York City Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT)
 Western States Contracting Alliance (WSCA)
 Australian Army
 Bangladesh Army
 Integrity Staffing

                 11004 Cross Laurel Drive, Germantown, MD 20876-6301
2010-06      Telephone: 301-775-2567, Email:                5
Bob Justis                                                  Senior Proposal Consultant

Consultant Client Base
After working as a proposal professional at IBM, Loral, Sterling Software, and Racal
Communications, Bob has provided proposal management consulting to clients such as:
   A&T Systems, Inc.                             Keane Federal Systems
   Advanced Digital Information Corporation      Lawson Software
   AeroMech Engineering, Inc.                    LLucas Corporation
   Alpha Protective Services, Inc.               Lockheed Martin
   Analytic Services Inc.                        Logicon Inc.
   Anteon Corporation                            Loral Federal Systems
   A-TEK Inc.                                    Motorola U.S. Federal Government Systems
   Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation            Multimax, Inc.
   BearingPoint Inc.                             North American Management Corporation
   Boeing Corporation                            Northrop Grumman Corporation
   Chenega Technology Services Corp.             Orbital Sciences Inc.
   Ecompex, Inc.                                 Panacea Inc.
   EDJ Associates                                Professional and Scientific Associates
   Hewlett-Packard Corporation                   Synapse, Inc.
   Indus Corporation                             Sytel, Inc.
   Information Systems Support, Inc.             Teracore, Inc.
   Integrity Staffing, Inc.                      Vance Federal Security Services Inc.
   Johns Hopkins Medical Center                  WinStar Federal Services Inc.

                 11004 Cross Laurel Drive, Germantown, MD 20876-6301
2010-06      Telephone: 301-775-2567, Email:               6

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