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					Congratulations on your participation in Fan into Flame! May the Lord truly bless your
church over the next couple of weeks as you invite your members to help reach the lost in
new ways.

Please find the following instructions on how to use the materials in the folder to run your

Week 1:
   Use the Bulletin/Newsletter Insert & Campaign Pulpit Announcement #1
   Use “Pre Commitment Sunday Bulletin Insert”
   Conduct an Ablaze! centered Bible Study. Consider using the sample included in
      the packet.
   Deliver an Ablaze! centered sermon. Consider using one of the sample sermons
   Show the Fan into Flame DVD during each service
   Mail “Gift Request Letter” along with the South Wisconsin District Brochure, a
      pledge card and the Congregation Case Statement.
      Note: You may use the enclosed template for the Congregation Case Statement.
      The “Our Needs” section and most of the information below this section are
      generic and may be kept as is for your case statement. However, you should
      personalize the following sections:
          − Our History
          − Information underneath the line stating, “When we reach our goal we will
              be able to realize these pressing needs…”
      *If you would rather not make your Congregation Case Statement this elaborate,
      you may simply add a brief paragraph to the Gift Request Letter describing how
      the 15% of net funds returned to your church will be used for missions.

Week 2:
   Hold Commitment Sunday
   Use the Bulletin/Newsletter Insert & Commitment Sunday Pulpit Announcement
   Deliver an Ablaze! centered sermon at each service. Consider using one of the
      sample sermons from your packet.
   Ask 1 or 2 volunteers to call those families whose pledge cards are incomplete (ie,
      a box was not checked for how often the family wanted to be reminded to make
      payments on their pledge, they didn’t indicate when they would like to begin
      making payments on their pledge and/or they did not indicate for how long they’d
      like to pay their pledge)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bri Wilson (see business card
included in the packet).

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