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					                                                     June 15, 2008

Imai Atsushi
Corporate Social Responsibility Department
Sony Corporation
Minato-ku, Tokyo

Re: Request for Donation of Equipment for Global Lives Project

Dear Imai-san,

We write to request the Sony Corporation consider becoming an
official sponsor of the Global Lives Project, providing us with the
necessary equipment to produce and display educational video
exhibitions that invite viewers to explore and discuss the
differences between everyday life around the world. From
production to display, the Sony equipment requested will allow us
to meet our production and display needs and to showcase the
versatility of Sony HD video production and viewing technologies.
Our long-term goal is to go produce an free, open-source video
library of human life, which can be used for free by anyone
anywhere to produce additional installations and to teach and
learn about the diversity of humanity.

Our organization is a collaboration of volunteer filmmakers,
teachers, artists, architects and programmers from more than ten
countries. There are now more than 100 people involved with our
organization, and we have recorded high-definition 24-hour long
continuous recordings of daily life of individuals in Japan, Malawi,
Brazil, and the United States. By the end of 2008, we plan to
produce additional recordings in China, India, Iran, East Timor,
Mongolia and Macedonia, completing our set of 10 recordings.
We also record each individual’s life story to give context to our
Once these ten recordings are complete, we will launch our global
traveling exhibition, pictured on our website, and we will open our
website for submissions of video from anyone in the world. We will
teach students how to do shoots and contribute them to our online
video library and also distribute free online curriculum to teach
about world affairs, cultural diversity and global citizenship.

We are an independent nonprofit organization registered in the
United States and operate in partnership with many institutions and
individuals all over the world, including Temple University Japan,
our primary partner in Asia, and the Museum of the Person in São
Paulo, Brazil.

Below are images of our proposed installation and a mockup of
our website ( after it is re-launched in 2009.

Request for Equipment

We are writing to request a sponsorship from the Sony
Corporation of equipment to be used both in the actual display of
our video installation, sending video signals to our projectors and
display, and also for production of video shoots for our

Phase I: July 2008 equipment needs - Exhibits and Production

The most urgent needs we have are for Sony projectors,
computers, speakers and cables to be used in our four-screen
installations to be held in Sapporo and Tokyo on July 24 – Aug 1,
2008 and in California in September and October, 2008. The
Sapporo installation will take place at the Creative Commons
international iSummit, a conference with 300 people from 75
countries from the education and creative fields. In Tokyo, our
installation will be open to the general public. Then in September
2008, the exhibition will move to Los Angeles, where we have
proposed a four-screen installation in conjunction with the National

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Geographic All Roads Film Festival, and to San Francisco, where
we will be holding a major publicity event open to the public.

We also request, for immediate usage, two Sony PMW-EX1
cameras and the associated Sony accessories listed on the
attached spreadsheet, to be used as a mobile production kit from
2008-2011, during which time approximately 40 additional shoots
will take place on every continent in the world. The equipment will
be based in San Francisco, California, at GLP headquarters, but
will travel with collaborators to shoots continuously during the
three-year production period. Video from the equipment will be
displayed in exhibitions around the world and made available for
free at our online video library under a Creative Commons license.

Phase II: 2009-2010 Installations

In 2009-2010, we plan to hold ten-screen installations in Japan,
Brazil and the US, in three cities in each country. These installations
will each last for two months and take place at major cultural
institutions such as museums or universities. Guided visits will be
provided for groups of school children and free curriculum
materials will be distributed online and at the event. Workshops
will also be held for students age 14 and above to produce their
own video and photo shoots, documenting a day in the life of a
friend or family member, and then sharing the video through our
website. For this phase, we will require an additional six sets of the
display equipment requested in phase 1.

Recognition and Brand Value for Sony

The Sony Corporation would be recognized publicly at our
installations and on our website for these contributions, as well as
in press releases in each country where we hold exhibits. Sony
employees would also be given VIP invitations to event opening
parties in each city and special copies of printed materials with the
Sony logo on them. Finally, Global Lives Directors would be

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available for interviews for use in promotions on the Sony website
or in company promotional materials.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me in
the United States at or at +1 (510) 847-
6767, or Irene Herrera at Temple University Japan at +81 3 3956
7078 or We hope that you will
be able to set up a time to meet in person with Irene and our other
Tokyo collaborators as soon as possible to discuss future


                  David Evan Harris
                  Executive Director
                  Global Lives Project

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Equipment Request from Global Lives Project, Inc. to Sony Corporation of Japan

                                            Retail Price
                          Model #           (USD)                 Units             Total Price (USD)

Phase I: 2008 Installations & Production - Equipment Requested for July 2008

For July 2008 Exhibitions in Sapporo & Tokyo, September 2008 in Los Angeles
Projector                  VPL-CW125                 $2,299                     4             $9,196
Small Computers            VAIO VGX-TP1              $1,599                     4             $6,396
Speakers                   HT-IS100                    $699                     4             $2,796
HDMI cable (30')           DLC-HD100HF                 $199                     4               $796
S/PDIF cable (9')          POC-DSE30                    $99                     4               $396
Total July 2008 Exhibition Equipment Request                                                 $19,580

Video Production Kit for Shoots in 2008-2011
Video Camera              PMW-EX1                      $6,499                   2            $12,998
Shotgun Microphone        ECM-680S M/S                   $850                   2             $1,700
XLR Cable                 CCXA53/A                        $30                   2                $60
Mic Cable                 K1502 - ECM                     $50                   1                $50
Wireless Lapel Mic        UWP-C1/6668                    $450                   2               $900
Tripod                    VCTPG11RMB                   $1,100                   1             $1,100
Monopod & Support         VCT-SP1BP                      $699                   1               $699
Wide Angle Lenses         EX0877                           $450                 2               $900
                           Sony DSLR-
Still Camera              A350                             $800                 1               $800
Memory Stick Pro Duo      MS-MT16G                         $199                 2               $398
Still Camera Carrying
Case                      LCS-AMLC3                         $85                 1                $85
                           SBP-16 SXS
SxS Card (16gb)           PRO                              $850                12            $10,199
Batteries                 BP-U60                           $234                12             $2,808
Battery Charger           BC-U1                            $119                 4               $476
Laptop for digitizing in-
field, monitor, backup    VAIO AR790U/B                $3,299                   1             $3,299
Blu-Ray Media             BNE-50RH                        $59                  60             $3,540
Soft Case                  LCS-G1BP                      $350                   2               $700
Rain Cover                 LCR-FXA                       $170                   2               $340
Headphones                MDR-7505                        $79                   2               $158
Total July 2008 Production Equipment Request                                                 $41,210

Phase II: 2009-2010 Installations - Equipment Requested for May 2009

For 2009-2010 Exhibitions in Japan, Brazil, USA
Projector                  VPL-CW125                   $2,299                   6            $13,794
Small Computers            VAIO VGX-TP1                $1,599                   6             $9,594
Speakers                   HT-IS100                      $699                   6             $4,194
HDMI cable (30')           DLC-HD100HF                   $199                   6             $1,194
S/PDIF cable (9')          POC-DSE30                      $99                   6               $594
Total July 2008 Exhibition Equipment Request                                                 $29,370

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