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					The NDIA Conference Committee is pleased to announce the agenda for the 2011 National
Conference in Huntington Beach, CA. We are fortunate to have a strong and experienced
national faculty to present on critical and emerging issues facing indigent criminal defense
investigators and paralegals.

The conference’s theme this year is “Effective Yet Efficient: Defending People's Rights in a Down
Economy.” As those of us in the indigent criminal defense field know far too well, funding is in
short supply for the important work necessary to properly defend clients. As the only national
organization whose constituency is dedicated solely to the investigative arm of indigent defense,
NDIA is committed more than ever to providing timely and relevant continuing education to
criminal defense personnel.

This conference provides a mix of both fundamental and cutting-edge topics that will enable
paralegals and investigators to keep abreast of new developments and professional skills necessary
to provide effective and efficient assistance to criminal defense teams.

For this year’s program we are pleased to have three plenary presentations. The plenary speakers
include Daniel Olmos, senior counsel at the Access to Justice Initiative, U.S. Department of
Justice. The Access to Justice Initiative is a ground-breaking effort by DOJ to improve indigent
defense, enhance delivery of legal services to the poor and middle classes, and identify and
promote alternatives to court- and lawyer-intensive approaches. The Initiative seeks new and
innovative solutions, and will work collaboratively with local, state, and federal stakeholders in a
broad-based attempt to achieve the goal of access to justice for all. Mr. Olmos will discuss these
efforts and how they impact investigators and paralegals who represent indigent criminal

Matt Lait and Scott Glover are investigative journalists with the Los Angeles Times. They will
discuss their investigative reporting involving Bruce Lisker, a San Fernando Valley man who was
serving a life sentence in prison for the 1983 beating and stabbing death of his mother. Their
findings, after a seven-month investigation published in 2005, undermined key elements of the
prosecution’s case against Mr. Lisker and exposed the LAPD’s investigation into the slaying as
sloppy and incomplete. In an opinion which reflected their reporting, U.S. Magistrate Judge
Ralph Zarefsky concluded that key evidence prosecutors used to convict Mr. Lisker was “false
evidence” that did not incriminate him, and that Mr. Lisker’s defense attorney provided him
ineffective assistance of counsel. In August 2009, U.S. District Court Judge Virginia Phillips
vacated Mr. Lisker’s conviction. Mr. Lait’s and Mr. Glover’s presentation will document this
compelling story, and discuss lessons that investigators and paralegals can learn from this
miscarriage of justice.

H. Dean Steward, Sean Broderick, Kelly Scribner, and Alex Roberts, will present on Social
Networking. Mr. Steward is a well-known and respected criminal defense attorney who is a 30-
year veteran of the federal court system. For 12 of those years, he was in charge of the Federal
Public Defender Office in Orange County. Mr. Steward has particular expertise with respect to
the intersection of criminal defense and social networking, in part due to his representation of Lori
Drew, the Midwestern mom accused of causing the tragic suicide of a 13-year-old girl by allegedly
creating a fake account on MySpace. After a week-long jury trial in federal court in Los Angeles,
the client was acquitted of multiple felony computer fraud charges. Misdemeanor charges were
dismissed months later, on motions filed by Mr. Steward. Mr. Broderick, Ms. Scribner, and Mr.
Roberts comprise the National Litigation Support Team of the Office of Defender Services. They
provide guidance and recommendations to federal courts, federal defender organization staff and
court appointed attorneys on complex cases and electronic discovery, including evidence
organization, document and evidence management, and trial presentation. The four of them will
update the audience on the some of the technological advances associated with Social Networking,
how the most popular applications work and what data exists within them, and the evolving case
law and ethical considerations surrounding this type of technology.

On the afternoon of Thursday, April 28, we are thrilled to offer a unique half day intensive training
program on using Adobe Acrobat Professional, CaseMap and TimeMap. In a small group setting,
participants will do hands-on exercises with the software programs on their own computer to learn
how electronic case management can aid the defense. In order to provide the best possible
training, seating will be limited and attendees will need to bring their own computers loaded with
the software. Contact NDIA for further information about this exciting opportunity.

Besides these offerings, there will be concurrent sessions on relevant and critical topics such as
on-line investigations, fraud investigations, preparing multi-defendant cases, investigating gang
cases, cellular telephone forensics and investigation, investigating confidential informants, ethical
considerations involved with representing clients, prosecutorial and law enforcement misconduct,
mental health and addiction issues, working with experts, forensic audio and video, and
challenging crime labs and forensic experts. The faculty, composed of a mix of experts and
practitioners, bring a wealth of experience that is directly relevant to investigators’ and paralegals’
day-to-day work.

For federal employees, the Federal Judicial Center will hold its training on Wednesday, April 27,
2011 at the same location. If you have any questions about the NDIA National Conference in
Huntington Beach, or to access the detailed conference agenda, please view the NDIA website
at Questions may also be directed to executive secretary Beverly Davidson at
(860) 635-5533.

See you in Huntington Beach!

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