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									                                         SVTC Meeting
                                         March 21, 2003
                           10:00 a.m. at Golden Corral, Harrisonburg

The SVTC met at the Golden Corral in Harrisonburg on Friday, March 21, 2003. In attendance at the
meeting were:
Augusta – Glenda Gordon                             Staunton – Paul Sorrell
Charlottesville – Judy Rood                         Warren – Melody Sheppard
Greene – Dale Herring                               Waynesboro – Rosemary Wagoner
Harrisonburg – DD Dawson                            Winchester – Pam Hedrick
Harrisonburg – Karen Campbell                       Winchester – Steve Muller
Harrisonburg – Rob Lineweaver                       Bridgewater College – Ann Welch
Madison – Mark Outten                               EMU – Mark Hogar
Nelson – Tony Beverage                              JMU– Rich Ingram
Orange – David Matt                                 UVA – John Teahan
Rockingham – Bryan Daniels                          WVPT – Amy Lenz
Rockingham – Joe Hill                               WVPT – Charlotte Sappington
Shenandoah – Tim Taylor                             WVPT – John Neumann
Shenandoah – Pam Smith

   1. Bryan Daniels called the meeting to order and introductions were made.

   2. Treasurer Glenda Gordon reported a checking account balance of $9,387.34, which represents
      no change from the February meeting.

   3. Dues paying school divisions/institutions include: Augusta, Bath, Blue Ridge CC, Bridgewater
      College, Buena Vista, Shenandoah Valley Regional Governor’s School, Charlottesville, Clarke,
      EMU, Frederick, Greene, Harrisonburg, JMU, Lexington, Madison, Page, Rockbridge,
      Rockingham, Shenandoah, Staunton, Warren, Waynesboro, Winchester, WVPT.

   4. Minutes from the February meeting were approved as presented.

   5. Applications are available at SVTC website:

   6. Old Business
         a. Blackboard demonstration will be given in May in Shenandoah County – May 16.
         b. The following email addresses need to be added to the SVTC email list:
         c. Information regarding Generation YES was distributed.

   7. D.D. gave a NCLB E2T2 grant update (summarized nicely in Karen Campbell’s minutes from
      that meeting).

   8. New Business
        a. Past presidents will prepare a slate of officers to present at the April SVTC meeting.

   9. Discussions
         a. E-rate: Has anyone had contact from SLC personnel? Winchester has had contact this
          b. Who is doing SOL on-line testing this fall? Some in Warren County and Rockingham
          c. Carl Perkins funding. DD had heard that future Carl Perkins funding may take the form
             that the NCLB Enhancing Education Through Technology funding has – consortium
          d. Technology Initiative Funding – need to purchase equipment for high schools first, then
             middle schools, then elementary schools.
          e. Shenandoah Valley technical support survey: Results were distributed via email.
             However, an additional committee of Dale Herring, Steve Muller, Dave Matt, and
             Rosemary Wagoner will work to develop an additional survey to support a consortium
             request for additional support/personnel to the VA DOE. Additional information may
             be obtained other sources: JLARC, Gartner Research Group.
          f. The Essential Conditions Survey distributed at the recent NTTI and as part of the SVTC
             NCLB E2T2 grant was distributed and discussed. This may have implications for
             future technical support funding as well.
          g. Blue Ridge Community College has been providing network interns to Rockingham
             County Schools – about 20 hours per week.
          h. Mark Outten provided information regarding UVA providing pre-service teachers to
             work with in-service teachers on the use of technology in the classroom. Becky Fisher
             may have additional information.
          i. WVPT requested input about how they can provide services to school divisions via their
             existing services contracts. Let Charlotte Sappington know if you have input/requests
             for information/services.

   10. Meeting adjourned temporarily for lunch. SVTC NCLB meeting followed.

D.D. Dawson
Harrisonburg City Public Schools

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