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									                                                         The Days Pay-Per
                                            The Richland High School Parent-Teacher-Student
                                                         Association Newsletter
February 2006                                         Richland High School PTSA 12.5.50
Volume 9, Issue 4                                     930 Long Ave. Richland, WA
PTSA Membership: 434                                       Principal: Steve Neill
PTSA Co-Presidents: Calleen Antilla and Priscilla Cadwell           School: 942-2500
Newsletter editor: Nancy Uziemblo uziemblo@verizon.net             Attendance: 942-2527
            School: www.richlandbombers.org/ PTSA: www.rsd.edu/schools/rhs/ptsa/

               Co-Presidents’ Message                       If you are interested in either of these you
           Calleen Antilla and Priscilla Cadwell           can call Calleen 628-8586 or Priscilla 627-
    Happy New Year to all of you. We have gotten               The Richland High School PTSA would
off to a good start this year with our General             like to invite everyone to attend our monthly
Membership meeting on January 10th. We approved            PTSA meetings. Our next meeting is
the minutes from our last General Membership               February 7th at 7 p.m. in the RHS school
meeting in the fall with 13 members present.               library. Hope to see you there!
  We are pleased to announce we have had two
parent volunteers step up and agree to coordinate this                 Principal’s Message
year’s senior party. Sue Pinard and Janice Higgs will      Renovation Update
be organizing this big event as well as the many             As we labor through the darkness of winter,
parents who signed up to help in sub-committees at         the days continually get longer and brighter. The
the senior parent information night on January 4th. If     renovation of Richland High School is right on
you were not able to attend and want to be involved        schedule with the landscape changing rapidly.
you can e-mail Sue Pinard; slpinard@hotmail.com              The next phase to be completed will be the
PH 628-3401 or Janice Higgs;                               small gymnasium in mid- March. Immediately
janice@teamhiggs.com PH 628- 3458.                         following, Dawald gym will be gutted and
  We are currently looking to fill some other              renovated. The completion date for Dawald is
URGENT positions, they are as follows:                     January 2007. Athletic events scheduled for fall
ASB Elections parent volunteer coordinator:                and parts of winter 2006-07 will be held at
This job is very easy. You have a notebook filled with     Hanford High School.
instructions as well as a long list of volunteers that       Currently, the north 2/3’s of the 100 wing is
have signed up to help with ASB elections coming in        being renovated with completion due this May.
March. You have time slots and all you need to do is       This square footage houses English, Home
call parents to come and sit at the voting tables and      Economics, Arts, Special Education and Health
check off names as students come in to vote. It is a       classrooms along with the Career Center. Starting
two day event and a very easy job.                         in May 2006, construction crews will renovate the
Nominating Committee Chairperson:                          south 1/3 of the 100 wing with completion
This person will help seek out individuals to serve on     expected in October 2006. This area consists of
the executive PTSA board next year. You will present       English classrooms and the cafeteria.
the nominations to the board at the March meeting to         Construction will move east through campus.
create a slate of officers to be voted on and approved     The entire renovation project will be complete in
at our April General Membership Meeting. There is          summer 2008. If you have questions concerning
also information to help in this process.                  the project, please e-mail me at steve.neill@rsd.edu
                                                           or call me at 942-2500.
                                                                             Steve Neill, Principal
                                 SCHOOL NEWS………….

PARENT BULLETIN….. Would you like more information about Richland High activities
that will help you or your child make plans for after graduation.. and more…? If yes,
please send an e-mail requesting that you be placed on the School-to-Work Parent
Bulletin list to Mary_Kaye_Hergert@rsd.edu. Periodic event and opportunity lists will be
sent to you via e-mail to keep you informed!

The next phase of our remodel is in full swing. As a result, the
Career Center has been moved to room 145 in the main building. The
boxes are unpacked and we are open for business. Please encourage your student to
stop by.
Mary Kaye Hergert School-to-Work Program Coordinator

     A lunch Buildings: 10:50--11:30      your 4th hour is 11:35-12:30
     Mac Hall , Tech, Main, PE with Murrow and Streufert

       B lunch Buildings    11:50-12:30     your 4th hour is 10:55-11:50
       Portables, New building, Auditorium, PE with Olson, Rulon, Stadleman

We will have 3 shorter bells at 11:30, 11:35 and 10:50 to announce the end of A lunch and the
beginning of B lunch.


   RHS is offering Advanced Placement Language and Composition (American
Literature), for juniors. The course is a broad chronological survey of American
Literature and more books are required than in regular American Literature. Students
will read extensively, write cogent analytical and persuasive essays, participate in class
discussions and complete a research paper.
   The course offers preparation for the SAT and for students to earn college credit
through the College Board's Advanced Placement Examination. The credit that can be
earned from A.P. English Language and Composition is equivalent to a
semester/quarter of writing at most colleges and universities in the United States.
For more information contact Mrs. Stroup at 942-2500.

                                MORE SCHOOL NEWS………….

                   Richland High School Theatre Arts and Music Department

                              Into the Woods
                Music & Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim  Book by James Lapine
                      February 9, 10, and 11 7:30 PM RHS Auditorium
                Tickets available at the door - $8 Adults / $6 Students & Seniors

Once upon a time, there was a school named Richland High, who produced the musical Into the
Woods, a musical fairy tale about happily ever after.

Over seventy-five students, mentored by the Richland High School Theatre Arts and Music artistic
team and local theatre artists, will present this professional scale musical on February 9, 10, and 11
at Richland High School’s Auditorium.

The students, staff, and volunteers began work in November, and have worked hard to make every
aspect of the show as professional as possible. Richland High School has entered the 5th Avenue
High School Musical Theatre Awards for the first time this year, in which three theatre professionals
from Seattle will attend the show and adjudicate everything from the acting and orchestra to the set
and costumes. If nominated in any theatrical categories, Richland High School will be invited to the
awards ceremony in June, at the 5th Avenue theatre.

Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine created Into the Woods, which opened on Broadway in 1987.
The plot is that of the classic fairy tales of Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red
Ridinghood, and Rapunzel, with an added twist of what happens after “Happily Ever After.”

The show is produced and directed by theatre director Ellicia Mertens, with Greg Fryhling as vocal
director. The cast includes Beth Calapristi, Dallin Call, Bryan Corely, Sam Erickson, Travis
Garland, Kaitlyn McShane, Jessica Merrill, Stephen Miller, Mary Nelson, Laurren Nirider, Aurora
Rickel, Melissa Schenter, Laurren Smith, Hannah Stanfield, Josh Stanfield, Alex Swensen, Sam
Turner, Leslie Wolfe, and Donna Wood.

Allan Eve directs the orchestra, including Jessica Christensen, Chelsea Clements, Tasha Garland,
Janelle Hammerstrom, Katherine Harris, Matt Horstman, Dana Hulke, Elizabeth Johnson, Alex
Josephson, Jee Sol Kim, Leah Knibbe, Samantha Koopman, Joeseph Lehuta, Samson Lu, Nick
Opgenorth, Sara Schenter, Cori Smith, Alex Tran, and Nathan Westlund.

Into the Woods will be performed February 9, 10, and 11 at 7:30 PM, in the Richland High School
auditorium. Tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for students and seniors, and $5 for Richland High students
with an ASB card. Tickets are available at the door the night of each performance.

                              ELITE FLEET

       RICHLAND HIGH SCHOOL MONTHLY WINNERS              November 2005


ENGLISH             Caitlin Guinn      Gerry Hyde              Sara Harrer

FINE ARTS/OTHER     Dana Hulke         Brett Dixon             Carolyn Gonsky

FOREIGN LANGUAGE    Brandon Erdman     Rachel Baumann          Sam Turner

MATH                Eileen Tierney     Courtney Ketner         Brian Chou

P.E./HEALTH         Paige Richardson   Glenn Richmond          Joe Mullen

SCIENCE             Sarah Threlfall    Jared Waibel            Taylor Capps
                    Jon Medina
SOCIAL STUDIES      Beckwith           Elricco Jones           Jessica Allen

VOCATIONAL          Nolan Pickett      Ben Nipper              Linda Older

       RICHLAND HIGH SCHOOL MONTHLY WINNERS               December 2005


ENGLISH             Hunter Olveda      Shelby Haag             Brian Noonan

FINE ARTS/OTHER     Jaymee Woo         Jackson Ostler          Sara Polster

FOREIGN LANGUAGE    Samuel Kim         Patrick Joyce           Zach Wright

MATH                Kayla Sax          Andrea Brigantic        Marie Chilton
P.E./HEALTH         Mikhaill Stewart   Brandon Rust            MacDonald

SCIENCE             Tiffany Bravo      Kelcee Hope             Marshall Doreen

SOCIAL STUDIES      Taylor Sinclair    Sam Cartmell            Trevor Jones

VOCATIONAL          Alphonso Nichols   Erik Fisher             Carl Severtsen


                                                    opposing opinions invited.

Sent from Jim Deatherage to the three legislators from our district regarding WASL and the
upcoming bills introduced to stop the excessive testing in our district.

January 11, 2006
 Senator Jerome Delvin,

   As a teacher of secondary English for 37 years, and a teacher at Richland High School for 31 of
those years, I feel I have a good sense of the kind of education that has helped our students succeed
in their lives after high school. Most of my students, their parents, and my peers would tell you I
have high standards for myself and for my students. Most would agree that these students have been
successful later, in part, because of the education they received in my classroom. Therefore, I trust
my comments on the WASL will not be taken as presumptuous or deemed as excuse making to
avoid accountability for myself and other teachers.
   I have opposed the WASL from the very beginning, in part because I am not fond of others miles
away dictating what my school district must teach, and because I did not become a teacher or stay in
the profession this long to "produce worker bees." As a result of the excessive testing involved, and
the pressure to have all students pass the exam, curriculum has been dangerously narrowed. Early
on, I talked with elementary teachers who lamented that they were forfeiting time-honored projects,
special programs, even recess, under the pressure to devote more time to WASL lessons. I heard
from teachers that "extraneous" programs like art, music, P.E. were being reduced and/or eliminated
to spend more time helping students "meet standards." I feared this pattern of abuse would continue
up through the tenth grade exam, changing curriculum and programs. I was told again and again it
would never happen--never was the intention. Unfortunately, this is exactly what has happened.
Former Governor Booth Gardner has spoken and written eloquently on how the initial vision of the
exams was changed into a program he no longer wishes to be a part of his legacy.
   We now have WASL math classes, WASL science classes, WASL writing classes, all designed to
help those students who failed the WASL a worthy concept on the surface. However, many of these
students will never pass the WASL. Good people, they will have jobs that don't require a college
degree, and be productive members of society, contributing to our common good. What would ever
possess us to implement a program, however well intended, that labels children early and often as
"losers," perhaps contributing to their eventual dropping out of school?
   How much attention can we afford to give to those who fail the exam without negatively
impacting the majority of the students, including the gifted? There is only so much money to go
around. Last year, Garfield High School dropped several classes and planned to drop A.P. Physics
so they could use those teachers to teach remedial WASL courses, thereby satisfying the legislature's
incessant demand that a certain percentage of students pass the exam, year after year. Many such
program changes across the state, school after school, abandon far too many capable and deserving
   The money already wasted on the WASL and the continuing expense for further testing are mind-
boggling $42 million alone for summer school? Could not these funds be better allocated and
utilized to help all students succeed? Worse yet, anyone involved with administering these exams

can testify to the resulting loss of instructional time. The impact of this loss of time on courses
preparing students to take the Advanced Placement exams or to succeed in college preparatory
classes is criminal. We are already inundated with mandatory AIDS assemblies, culminating project
portfolios, senior projects, early releases, etc. Few people outside education realize the amount of
time lost for students including those not taking the exams. At Richland High School, during WASL
testing (eight days), juniors and seniors came to school at 10:00, and class time was so reduced that
there was hardly time to take roll and give assignments, let alone teach or help students. Last year,
because of Spring Break, WASL, and the above, we had only seven normal schedule days in April.
What happened to education? Juxtapose our circumstance with what other countries are doing to
prepare their students for global competition, and the future is bleak.
   I'm appalled that some colleges even entertained the notion of using WASL scores to determine
admission. This is nothing less than "blackmail," another desperate attempt to lend validity to this
misguided exam. Frankly, I have known a number of students who "wallowed" around in high
school, only to take the GED, enter the military, or enter college in their twenties, who are now very
successful. Currently, however, if a student fails the WASL, he risks being cut off from further
education. Anyone even vaguely familiar with education knows the danger of judging a student by
an isolated test score. There are so many reasons not to use this or any other single test that I'm
embarrassed more educators haven't spoken out.
   Please do not pay heed to the pro-WASL propaganda currently on the radio and the erroneous
accusation that teachers who don't support the WASL don't want to be held accountable. A majority
of the teachers I have known and worked with are hard workers. Sure, like any other profession,
there are some who are lazy or indifferent, but, overall, these educators work hard in an arena that
few understand except other teachers. They want their students to succeed. However, this penchant
for excessive testing is no help, but a hindrance to teaching. "You can't make a pig fatter by
weighing him all the time." A narrow focus in curriculum at this age is crippling, and if you ask
teachers K-12, they'll overwhelmingly state they feel "handcuffed" by the testing demands, and their
students are suffering because of such excessive emphasis on the exam.
   I strongly urge you to support the two bills being introduced this session that would allow
individual districts to do what is best for students and teachers. As you well know, Richland has
supported education in a manner that is exemplary, and I'm proud of the citizens who have done so
over the years. We are fortunate that our superintendent, Dr. Richard Semler, has taken a bold move
to change this flawed and detrimental system. Thank you for your time and interest in this issue, one
that will reverberate in Washington State for decades to come.


Jim Deatherage
Richland High School 930 Long Avenue Richland, WA 99352 (509) 942-2500

                            "SENIOR MOMENTS"…. To all Seniors…….

       The graduation ceremony has been set for 7:30 p.m. on June 2 at the coliseum.
        The June 2 practice will be held at the coliseum at 9:30 a.m.
       Students are busy planning Baccalaureate for Tuesday, May 30 at Cathedral of
        Joy Church.
       Senior Party volunteers have stepped up but more parents are still needed.
        Contact Sue Pinard [slpinard@hotmail.com PH 628-3401] and Janice Higgs
        [janice@teamhiggs.com PH 628- 3458].

        Don’t miss the opportunity to meet and mingle with other senior parents at the annual
Senior Party Fundraising Auction while supporting the graduating class of 2006. Come join us
for an evening filled with friends, fun, and fabulous finds as we auction some fantastic gift items
from local wineries, restaurants and merchants – you never know what you may find!
Complimentary beverages and appetizers provided.

Saturday, March 11th from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. at the Hampton Inn in Richland.
Live auction begins at 8:00 p.m. Ticket price is $25/person.

        All proceeds generated will be used to fund the 2006 Senior Party, a drug and alcohol free
celebration held for all graduating Richland High School seniors. So, tell your friends and neighbors
and mark your calendars as this is one event you don’t want to take a pass on. This is a very popular
event and space is limited, so make your reservations early by contacting Sharon Bixler
(jbixler_1@charter.net) at 627-6357 or Carol Sanford (c.snapprun@verizon.net) at 627-5916.

            The Afro-Americans for an Academic Society and the Hispanic Academic Achievement Program
This year's AAAS and HAAP recognition banquets are fast approaching. The Afro-Americans for an Academic
Society and the Hispanic Academic Achievement Program are community based organizations that encourage and
support students who strive to excel in the classroom. The academic criteria are to be working above average at
grade level for elementary students and at or above a 3.0 GPA for secondary students. If you have not been
contacted for this recognition and would like to be considered, please contact your counselor.

                                                Graduation 2006
                   Check the Senior Calendar on the RHS Online Calendar
                               for updates to dates and times.
               Go to www.richlandbombers.org and click on Calendar of Events.
        Login and click on Cascading Calendars and then click on the Senior Calendar.

                                     OCTOBER ‘05                     NOVEMBER ‘05
                            S    M     T   W    Th   F    S     S    M     T   W    Th   F    S
                                                          1                1   2    3    4    5    Make sure your
                            2    3     4   5    6    7    8     6    7     8   9    10   11   12
                            9    10   11   12   13   14   15    13   14   15   16   17   18   19
                                                                                                   senior fills out a
                            16   17   18   19   20   21   22    20   21   22   23   24   25   26   diploma order!!
                            23   24   25   26   27   28   29    27   28   29   30
                            30   31

                                  DECEMBER ‘05                           JANUARY ‘06
                            S    M     T   W    Th   F    S     S    M     T   W    Th   F    S    4 Senior Parent Meeting
Senior pictures make                            1    2    3     1    2     3   4    5    6    7       7:00 RHS Cafeteria
great Christmas             4    5     6   7    8    9    10    8    9    10   11   12   13   14      (Co-sponsored by RHS
presents!                   11   12   13   14   15   16   17    15   16   17   18   19   20   21
                                                                                                      and PTSA)
                            18   19   20   21   22   23   24    22   23   24   25   26   27   28
                            25   26   27   28   29   30   31    29   30   31

                                  FEBRUARY ‘06                            MARCH ‘06
Seniors with unpaid         S    M     T   W    Th   F    S     S    M     T   W    Th   F    S
                                                                                                   You should receive your
fines will not be allowed                  1    2    3    4                    1    2    3    4
                                                                                                   announcements from
to walk at graduation!      5    6     7   8    9    10   11    5    6     7   8    9    10   11
                                                                                                   Herff Jones by the end
Check for fines             12   13   14   15   16   17   18    12   13   14   15   16   17   18
                            19   20   21   22   23   24   25    19   20   21   22   23   24   25   of this month.
                            26   27   28                        26   27   28   29   30   31

                                      APRIL ‘06                            MAY ‘06                 22 Senior Banquet 6:00
Time to start               S    M     T   W    Th   F    S     S    M     T   W    Th   F    S       p.m. Shilo
addressing those                                          1          1     2   3    4    5    6
                                                                                                   25 Senior Awards 7:15
announcements. You          2    3     4   5    6    7    8     7    8     9   10   11   12   13
                                                                                                      a.m. RHS auditorium
want family and friends     9    10   11   12   13   14   15    14   15   16   17   18   19   20
                            16   17   18   19   20   21   22    21   22   23   24   25   26   27   30 0, 2, 5 period finals
to receive them at least
                            23   24   25   26   27   28   29    28   29   30   31                  31 4, 6 period finals
two weeks in advance.
                            30                                                                        Third hour practice

                                      JUNE ‘06                 The senior party and Baccalaureate are not
                            S    M     T   W    Th   F    S
1 1, 3 period finals                                                       school sponsored.
                                                1    2    3
  Fifth & Sixth hour        4    5     6   7    8    9    10   Watch for the “Senior Moments” section
2 Practice at the
                            11   12   13   14   15   16   17
                                                                 in every newsletter to make sure we
                            18   19   20   21   22   23   24
  Coliseum 9:30 a.m.        25   26   27   28   29   30            don’t forget any important senior
  Graduation 7:30 p.m.                                                        information!

                        IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR CELL
                               PHONE USERS
                           From http://www.richlandbombers.org/
                       On February 9, all cell phone numbers will be
                     released to telemarketing companies. You will be
                          charged for any sales calls you receive.

                       You can prevent this by calling 1-888-382-1222
                     from your cell phone. It is the National Do Not Call
                      list. It blocks your number for five years. You can
                    also register online for the National Do Not Call List.
                        You will need a valid e-mail address to register
                                     online. Here is the URL:


 -- Applications for In-District Transfer request are now being accepted. All families
interested in pursuing a transfer to an attendance area school other than a student’s home
attendance area school must apply to be considered in the initial authorization process.
Applications are available in the school office or at the Student Services Office at 615 Snow
Avenue. If a student is currently attending a school on transfer, there is no need to re-
apply unless he/she is moving to the next level (Middle or High) or requesting transfer to a
different school. Questions and concerns can be addressed by calling 967-6003 or by
sending an email to jacquie.lewis@rsd.edu

--Applications for Out-of-District Transfer Requests will be accepted from March 1, 2006
through March 31, 2006. If a student is currently attending a Richland school on transfer
from another district, there is no need to re-apply unless he/she is moving to the next level
(Middle or High) or requesting transfer to a different school. However, an updated Waiver
of Attendance for release from your home school district must be provided. Questions and
concerns can be addressed by calling 967-6003 or by sending an email to

                                 RHS PTSA NEWS………….

                                          Thank You
   A major thank you to our December newsletter assemblers: Parents: Cheryl
Hosking & Leanne Guyll; Life Skills teacher: Mrs. J. Wulf; assistants: Melinda
Holden & Alison Hoyt; students; Eli Barr, Ruthie Brandt, Brett Carey, Jeff
Carpentieri, Becky Heard, Ashlan Ogren, Mike Soto, & Lindsay Wright, and TA's
Jenna Blaski, Lynnsey Amaral and Shaine Wells.

                         PTSA LEGISLATIVE NEWS………..
           The 2006 Washington State Legislative Session started January 9, 2006. This
  year‟s session is scheduled to last only sixty days. Washington State PTA members
  need to make sure our elected representatives give high priority to issues impacting
  children and youth.
            The most time efficient and effective way you can be involved is to sign up to
  receive Legislative Action Alerts from Washington State PTA at
  www.wastatepta.org/programs/Legislation/legintro.htm. You will receive one to two
  email messages a week from our Government Relations Director, Mary Kenfield. The
  email will contain a link to our Legislative Action Center. This is a very user friendly tool
  for sending email to your elected representatives. It automatically fills in the addresses
  and gives you sample text. Customizing the text is very easy. It also provides concise
  background information on the issue and Washington State PTA‟s position.
            If you prefer the phone over email, you can call the Legislative Hotline at 1-
  800-562-6000. You do not need to know the name of your representatives. The
  operator will use your address to identify them and will send them your message. It‟s
  very easy!
            We will be attending PTA‟s Focus Day on January 26 in Olympia. We meet with
  our elected representatives and ask them to support the issues we voted our top
  priorities at our Legislative Assembly. We will provide more information on Focus Day in
  month's newsletter. This year be sure to join the 146,000 Washington State PTA
  members in making our voices heard in Olympia. We are counting on you.

  Legislative Chairs Britton Winterrose 628-8802 and Andrew Rawlins 627-8704.

                         RICHLAND SCHOOL DISTRICT NEWS………….
                                             From Steve Aagaard, Communications Office

Board sets operation levy amounts
The Richland School Board has approved the levy amounts which will be presented to voters on February
· $12.3 million in 2007 (a 9.8% increase over the current levy)
· $13.3 million in 2008 (an 8.1% increase over 2007).
The operations levy allows the District to continue basic programs which are not fully funded by the state.
   "This levy will allow us to maintain our quality programs and maintain a fiscally sound budget," said
Superintendent Rich Semler.
   The operations levy is not a new tax. It will replace the current levy which expires at the end of 2006.
Every two years, taxpayers are asked to renew the levy.
   "In the last levy cycle, the District increased the amount by only one percent each year," stated Board
President Rick Jansons. "However, a status-quo levy is not possible this time. Transportation and utilities
costs have risen significantly and are expected to rise further. Also, the District's ninth elementary school
will open in 2007 with additional annual operating costs of $615,000."
   If voters choose to renew the levy, the tax rate would go up 15 cents in 2007, from $2.93 per $1000 of
assessed valuation to $3.08 per $1000. Yearly property taxes would increase $15 on a $100,000 home.
   "We're keeping this levy as low as we can, yet the District will still be able to maintain its excellent
educational program," added Jansons.
   The District's levy tax rate has dropped 44 cents in the last four years. In 2002, property owners paid
$3.37 per $1000 of assessed valuation. In 2006, they will be paying an estimated $2.93 per $1000. As total
assessed valuation goes up, the District's tax rate goes down.

District refinances bonds; $740,000 savings for taxpayers

The Richland School District has refinanced some outstanding bonds in order to take advantage of low
interest rates. The refinancing will lower the District's bond tax rate and that will result in a $740,000
savings to taxpayers over the next 12 years.

"It's always good news when we can lessen the tax burden," stated Superintendent Rich Semler. "$740,000
is a significant amount of money that our citizens will get to keep for their own use."

The Richland School Board accomplished these savings by approving the issuance of $6.5 million in
refunding bonds in January. Recent low interest rates signaled that the time was right for the refinancing

Interest rates average 3.8% on the new bonds. That compares to a 4.7% average on the original bonds. The
original bonds were issued following the successful 1997 election which provided $20 million in funding
for construction of Wiley Elementary School and renovation of Carmichael
Middle School.


More WASLs good for children?

  The State Superintendent's Office plans to add four WASL tests this spring at grades 3, 5, 6 and 8. Is this
what's best for children? The Richland School Board doesn't think so. Board members stated
recently before legislative committees in Olympia that three WASL tests are enough. Board members told
legislators that:
· State funding should be focused on teaching and learning, not assessment.
· Assessment tools should be simple to administer, inexpensive, and provide useful data to staff, students
and parents.
· Students should be in class learning.
 More information is available at: www.rsd.edu/nomorewasls/

       NURSE’S NOTES by Rosanne Cramer, RN School Nurse

        During the winter months we have a higher number of students staying home ill with the common
cold, flu, strep throat or other respiratory illness. Too often, however, very ill students come to school and
unwittingly expose their classmates and teachers to their illnesses. Exposure can occur by inhaling germs
released during a sneeze or cough or by touching doorknobs, pencils, other items or other surfaces
contaminated by the infected person and then by touching the eyes or nostrils, allowing the germs to enter
the respiratory system. Sometimes exposure is inevitable. But we do have several ways to protect
         Frequent hand washing, with soap and warm water, scrubbing for about 10
             seconds is most important.
         Keep your hands away from your eyes and nose.
         Avoid people who are ill.
         Don’t share food, beverages or eating utensils with someone who is ill.
         Keep your body in top form by eating right, getting enough rest and exercise, and by
             avoiding stress.

If you are ill you can avoid spreading your infection to others.
         Stay home during the most severe phase of you illness and especially if you have a fever.
            Don’t be a hero! You’ll recover faster and your friends won’t resent exposure to your germs.
         If your doctor prescribes medication, take it as directed. Take antibiotics until the
            prescription is gone.
         Wash your hands every time you sneeze, cough or blow your nose in addition to those other
            times (see number 1, first section).
         Use paper tissues instead of cloth handkerchiefs and dispose of them in a lined container.
        Parents, please pass these tips on to your children. The cold you prevent may be your own!

       NURSE’S NOTES by Rosanne Cramer, RN School Nurse

                                               PARENT ALERT!

    The potentially deadly “Choking Game” is making a come back. Also called by other
    names, including “Blackout”, the choking game is popular among pre-teens and younger
    teens. RSD middle schoolers have told me they know about this game. Kids use their
    hands, arms, ropes, belts, pet collars, leashes, etc, to cut off oxygen to each other‟s
    brains to induce light-headedness, or a „high‟. Kids often try this with friends and then
    experiment secretly alone. They risk brain damage, heart attack, and death. A child
    experimenting alone can lose consciousness within a minute. The child‟s body weight
    falling against a rope or belt can cause it to tighten so that death by asphyxiation occurs
    in about 4 minutes. Several young people across the state have died from this game

     Parents concerned about their children experimenting with self-asphyxiation should:
         Be on the look out for telltale warning signs, including marks around the neck,
           bloodshot eyes and frequent headaches.
         Talk with their children about the dangers of “pass out games”.

     This information was taken from recent articles in the Seattle PI (Sept. 30, ‟05) and
     Tacoma‟s The New Tribune (Oct. 31, ‟05 and Nov. 2, ‟05).

                                 UP-COMING SEPAC MEETINGS

     The Special Education Parent/Professional Advisory Council (SEPAC) meets the 1st
     Thursday of the following months at the Richland School District Boardroom located at
     615 Snow Avenue at 7:00 p.m.

     Feb. 2, 2006 Transitions within Special Education
     Mar. 2, 2006 Behavior Management Strategies for Students
     May 4, 2006 Planning Meeting

     JOIN OUR RHS PTSA………….! For only $12, you will receive the following:

    A PTSA "2 for 1" card worth over $290 in discounts from local merchants, including
     Bluewood, Dairy Queen, Cinnabon, Domino's Pizza, Papa John's Pizza, Rollarena, Chuck E
     Cheese, Tastee Freeze, Indulgences, Arby's, and Barracuda Coffee.
    A National PTA membership card
    Opportunities for providing support of our faculty and staff, enriching student life, and
     meeting other similarly motivated parents, teachers, and students

Check out http://www.rsd.edu/schools/rhs/ptsa/index.html for information.

   RICHLAND HIGH SCHOOL PTSA                     Non-Profit Organization
   930 Long Avenue                               U.S. Postage Paid
   Richland, WA 99352                            Richland, WA 99352
   RETURN SERVICES REQUESTED                     Permit No. 132

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