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									WeAreMedia Two-Day Intensive Workshop


        Learn to integrate social media into web communications plan
        Learn to design, implement, and evaluate social media projects
        Experience a variety of web tools that are essential in listening, participation,
         content creation, generating buzz, and community building tactical

Pre-Workshop Activity

1.   Breakfast and Ice Breaker                                          8:00-9:00

        Instructors will assist with blog set-up, if needed

2. Introduction and Overview                                             9:00-9:30

        Orientation to workshop content, expectations, and learning
        Opening Conversations

3. What, Why, Wow, and So What?                                         9:30-10:30

        A high level overview of what/why social
        Where does social media fit in overall strategic communications plan?
        The benefits and limitations of social media
        Share Pair-Exercise

Break                                                                  10:30-10:45

4.   Social Media Strategy Map                                         10:45-12:00

        Planning questions, mini-case studies
        Full Group Exercise

5.       Lunch and Team Planning Time                                  12:00-1:00

        Pairs work on their strategy map

6.       Overview Social Media Tactical Approaches and Tools           1:00-1:45

        Describe different tactical approaches
        Mini-Case studies
        Introduction to the tools

Break                                                                  1:45-2:00

7.       Social Media Strategy Simulation Game                         2:00-3:15

        Small Groups to develop strategy
        Report out

Break and Team Planning Time, Consults W/Instructors                   3:15-4:00
8.       Reflection                                                       4:00-5:00

        Summarize the day's learning, consider how to apply to the social media plan, and
         identify specific tool questions for day 2

Homework: Using the social media strategy checklist and worksheet, write a blog post that
outlines the key points of your social media strategy - a social strategy brief

Workshop Day 2

1.   Breakfast and Networking Time                                         8:00-9:00

2.   Debrief and Share Strategy Maps                                       9:30-10:30

3.   Listen, Learn, Adapt: Social Media ROI                               10:45-12:00

        Presentation
        Share Pair Exercise
        Laser Report Out

4. Lunch and informal networking                                          12:00-1:00

5. Hands-on Intensives on Tools, Tips, and Best Practices                  1:00-3:30

Participants will choose one of four tracks facilitated by instructors.

Session 1: Listening and Participating Techniques and Tools
Beth Kanter

Session 2: Blogs, Podcasts, Photo Sharing and Video Sharing
Britt Bravo
Nina Simon

Session 3: Generating Buzz: Tools and Techniques
Holly Ross

Session 4: Social Networking and Social Fundraising
Rachel Weidinger
David Cohn


6. Reflection                                                             3:45-5:00

        Modified World Cafe Model
        Workshop Evaluation

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