Pet Agreement Landlord by JamieLangley


									Pet Agreement                                                         

Leased Premises:_________________________________________________________________

This LEASE ADDENDUM is incorporated into and made part of the lease executed by the Landlord
and the Tenant referring to and incorporating the Leased Premises.

Type of Pet:_____________________________________________________________________

The Tenants agrees that they are solely responsible for the maintenance of the above described
pet, and agree to keep their pet under control at all times.

The Tenants agree to keep their pet restrained, but not tethered, when it is outside their

All dogs and cats must wear vaccination tags attached to a collar that is worn at all times. The
Tenant will maintain a valid rabies vaccination certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian. It
must include the animal's name, description, age, date, and type of vaccination.

The Tenant must renew all pet registrations annually, and provide a copy of the registration to
the Landlord.

Any reptile, fish, or pet that is considered a poisonous species is prohibited. The Tenant cannot
maintain exotic animals or livestock in the rental home, grounds, or community property.

The breeding of privately owned animals is prohibited. Cats and dogs must be neutered/spayed.

Any damage to the Leased Premises caused by a pet or an aquarium leak must be immediately
repaired, cleaned and/or replaced at the Tenant's expense (including but not limited to stained
carpets, broken window shades or blinds, doors, finishing’s, baseboards, scratched and chewed
cabinetry). The Tenant must protect all carpeting from odor, infestation and stain by cleaning it.

Continual reports of excessive animal noise (such as backing dog or loud bird) will be grounds for
the Landlord's withdrawal of permission, after which the Tenant will have to remove the pet(s)
from the premises immediately.

The Tenant agrees not to leave food or water for their pet or any other animal outside their

The Tenant agrees not to leave their pet unattended for unreasonable periods.

The Landlord reserves the right to inspect the Leased Premises (while providing proper notice)
periodically in order to assess any possible damages.
The Tenant agrees that Landlord have the right to enter Tenant's rental home without prior
notice if there is reasonable cause to believe that a pet has been left alone in Tenant's rental
home and either that pet is creating a disturbance or any other emergency situation appears to
exist with respect to the pet. Landlord shall attempt to contact tenant before entering the rental
home and shall enter only if they are unable to contact Tenant within a reasonable amount of
time. Upon entering, Landlord may make any appropriate arrangements with respect to the pet's
care, including removing the pet and placing it in a temporary home. Landlord may deduct any
cost incurred from Tenant's damage/security deposit.

The Tenant agrees to clean up after their pet and to dispose of their pet's waste properly and

The Tenant agree to pay for pest infestation services resulting from pets allowed in the property
by tenant after termination of occupancy.

Pet owners must ensure the proper disposal of a deceased animal according to provincial and
local regulations. Burial of the deceased pet on the property grounds is strictly prohibited.

Tenant will protect, defend, indemnify, and hold Landlord harmless from any damages, costs,
attorney’s fees, and expenses that are caused by the act of any pet or Tenant.

The pet fee paid at the time of the execution of this LEASE ADDENDUM shall be nonrefundable.

If the Tenant violates any part of this Addendum, the Tenant is then in default of the Lease. In
the event of a default, the Landlord may initiate legal proceedings in accordance with local and
provincial regulations to evict or have the Tenant removed from the Lease Premises as well as
seek judgment against the Tenant for any monies owed to the Landlord as a result of the
Tenant's default.

Other Conditions:

Upon execution of this LEASE ADDENDUM, Tenant shall pay the Landlord the sum of
$________________ representing a non refundable pet fee the receipt of which is hereby
acknowledged by Landlord as follows: $________________ paid to date by
________________________ and the balance due of $________________ shall be paid by
means of ________________________ on or before ________________________.

Landlord Signature:_______________________________________________________________
Tenant Signature(s):______________________________________________________________

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