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					                       Industrial Distribution
                        Internship Program
        Brenda Jochum, Internship Director | 308-865-8122 |

The Basics
UNK Industrial Distribution students are required to complete a twelve credit hour
internship (equivalent to 480 hours of work). The purpose is to provide students with
professional and applied learning experiences in the industry. Internships are only
offered during the summer term (mid May to mid August).

Typically, interns have one or two semesters of coursework remaining. A small portion of
students (10%) complete all campus coursework and intern at the end of their degree
program. Approximately 50% of interns return to the company of internship for full-time

Required Components
Industrial Distribution internships are with industrial distributors, manufacturers, or
agencies that provide business to business experiences in most if not all of the following
    Inside sales
    Outside sales
    Manufacturer sales, marketing, or operations functions
    Distributor operations
    Product training
    Product and/or materials management
    Customer service
    Business procedures and workflow
    Administrative and management procedures

Benefits All Involved
   Expose your industry to talented young people.
   Work with students eager to learn and apply their skills.
   Preview skills and work performances of potential fulltime hires (12 week interview).
    Apply classroom knowledge to real world experiences.
    Evaluate areas of interest for fulltime employment.
    Network with experienced professionals.

   Develop and strengthen partnerships with business and industry.
   Gain feedback for program development and enhancement.

Responsibilities of the Employer
        Interview students interested in internship position.
        Assign work activities pertinent to the professional development of the intern.
        Work with intern to develop a formal training plan (goals for experience).
        Provide mentoring and training.
        Complete midterm and final evaluation of the intern (provided by ID program).
        Provide feedback to the Internship Director as needed. The Director will visit your
         site or call the supervisor near the end of the experience.

Responsibilities of the Student / Intern
        Complete preliminary paperwork prior to obtaining internship (provided by ID
        Apply for an internship, as if applying for a job.
        Represent the University and ID program in a professional manner.
        Develop goals for the experience.
        Complete daily journal and submit to Director at the end of each week.
        Read other intern journals and comment on their experiences
        Complete a midterm and final evaluation.
        Prepare a paper summarizing the experience.

Keys for a Great Experience
1)    Provide intern with a well rounded experience exposing to the many aspects of
      wholesale distribution. An Industrial Distribution internship provides experiences in
      the areas of warehouse, counter sales, inside sales, outside sales, purchasing,
      customer service, quotations, marketing, or other operations functions.
      Actively participate in or shadow various positions within the organization.
      Insure exposure to outside sales (minimum of 5 days) as this is the career path
         80% of our students aspire to follow.
      Provide student with at least one project (refer to examples from past internships).
      Additional suggestions -- spend a day with a customer to learn applications of your
         product, meet key people in your organization, immerse them in your company
         culture. Remember: this is a time to train as well as recruit for full-time
         career opportunities!
2)   Company recognizes the valuable contribution they are making to the career
     development of a young professional.
        Discuss with other employees their important role in assisting in the training
           of the intern and on UNK ID's behalf please thank your employees for
           providing valuable experience and guidance.
        Introduce intern to members of your organization during their first day on the
        Assign work activities that are pertinent to the professional development of the
        Develop with the intern a project which will contribute to their learning
           experiences as well as benefit the company (see attachment).
        Challenge the intern to progressively learn, by providing a variety of tasks and
           a broad spectrum of learning opportunities.

3)   Communication between the intern supervisor and intern is frequent and effective.
        Early in the first week on the job, the supervisor and intern should discuss
         company expectations and develop goals for the experience (develop internship
         training plan).
        Meet with intern to discuss progress each week.

4) Complete requirements set forth by the University.
      Work collectively with intern to develop training plan which is due to the
        Internship Director prior to the end of the second week.
      Complete midterm and final evaluations and review with intern (forms
        provided by intern, p. 38-42 in Internship Manual).

5) Provide access to a computer with internet so the intern may complete course
   assignments which include posting his/her journal each week and responding to other
   student journals. Video conferencing will also take place during scheduled times.

Common Questions Asked by Companies
What is the best way to promote our company to UNK students?
Successful recruiting is strongly tied to our Career Events (Fall & Spring). These are our
"big events" where students focus their energies on learning about career and internship
opportunities available to them and companies showcase what they have to offer.
Information on our upcoming career event is on our website
Are there minimum or maximum numbers of internships a company can offer?
Does the Training Plan have to be done individually for each student or can a
general one be utilized with pre-determined objectives?
Most effective is when the company sets overall objectives for the experience and then the
student and supervisor tailor the training plan based upon those objectives. While
developing the training plan objectives ask the student what types of experience they
would benefit from while also discussing goals the company has for the internship.
Students are required to write all goals utilizing the SMART concept (specific,
measurable, attainable, relevant, and trackable) as well as define specific activities in
which to achieve these goals. Students are provided with examples of internship plans of
previous interns.
Is the student required to complete their journal entries during work hours or
is it to be done after work?
We ask that you provide the student access to a computer with internet capabilities.
Many will be in temporary housing situations without access and their academic
requirements of submitting journals each week and responding to other intern journals
requires internet access. Whether the time spent on academic requirements is
compensated time is the discretion of the company.
Would we see the student's evaluations?
Student evaluations are not shared unless they opt to do so. However, each year we
compile data of all interns that can be shared with the company if requested.
Are there requirements on what we pay a student for an internship?
There are no requirements however students seek out competitive opportunities much as
they would a full time position. The average pay for an ID intern during summer 2009
was $13.16 per hour. Half of those students also received accommodations for housing.
What does the company need to submit to UNK prior to starting the internship
Please contact Brenda Jochum to discuss your proposal for an internship experience.
Then submit your position on our website: (under Career Opportunities –
Advertise a Position).

Recommended Procedures
The program recommends that your company conduct the following prior to hiring an
intern or full-time employee from UNK.
    1) Background check
    2) Drug test
    3) Request and review university transcripts.
           Interns must have a 2.5 department GPA to enroll in the internship

Additional Questions
If you have questions, please contact Brenda Jochum, Internship Director
308-865-8122 |
         Ideas for Industrial Distribution Internship Projects
Sales Project. Research product and find out ways to make more profitable.
Sales Analysis of Traditional Distribution vs. National Accounts - Perform a sales analysis on
products that sold through both the distribution chain and to national accounts
Increase Distributor Order Entries
Develop a Negotiation Tracking Method
Pro-Active Selling Project – Promote product and develop promotion for distributors
Collect and Organize Data on Pricing
Salesperson Database - Create database on sales expenses and profits for individual reps.

Industry Marketing Project- research companies on revenue and industry specialties to determine if
they meet qualifications to pursue as a customer
Products Brochure - Develop a brochure to market products
Channel Partner Promotion Promote product line to channel partner
Customer Promotion (i.e. golf tournament, poker tournament with vendor displays)
Product Solutions Trailer Promotion - Market and organize product solutions trailer (includes
lunches, seminars, and scheduling locations)
Showroom Promotion - design showroom with products chosen for that specific month

New Building Setup- helped set up a new location; helped find bin locations for product and set up counter
Product Shipping Dimensions Project - Determine product shipping sizes for various products and
prepare database with information and make available to distributors
Old Inventory Report - compile excel spreadsheet with "dead" inventory in the warehouse. Find spec
sheets for items and compile information to be handed out to customers
Warehouse Timeline. Develop in depth timeline of all activities in the warehouse.
OEM Product Guide - Prepare a guide of OEM products for training purposes.
Jobsite Trailer - Keep items stocked and responsible for special orders
Store Reorganization - Develop solutions on where to move everything during remodel as well as
designing temporary parts counter
Create a MRO Database
Introduce a Recycling Program
Warehouse Organization – organize warehouse of a newly acquired location prior to inventory
Create a Distributor Reference Guide

Customer Service
Survey – Develop and send survey to customers on how company responded to their questions and

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