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					                                           Product Specification
                                           PBS archive add on CUSTOM

                                           Archiving and Indexing of
                                           Customer-specific SAP Tables

Highlights                                 Large amounts of data and the fast increase in data volumes require an efficient
                                           archiving solution and subsequently a transparent archive data access, also for data
•	User-friendly	definition	of	archiving	   from customer-specific tables. The PBS archive add on CUSTOM provides you with
  objects                                  an innovative solution for doing exactly this.

•	Simple	index	definition                  The PBS archive add on CUSTOM is a software solution for the archiving, indexing,
                                           and display of database tables from customer-specific applications (Z tables) in SAP
•	Generation	of	ready-to-run	example	      systems. You can use it to create archiving objects in exactly the same way as in
  reports with archive access              standard SAP data archiving and to generate the required access routines. Archi-
                                           ving objects with the required write, delete, and read programs are generated for
•	Convenient	archive	data	access	via       the customer-specific tables to be archived. You can use it to delete the data to be
  function module                          archived from these Z tables and store it in a compressed format in archive files. You
                                           have the option to store the archive files either in the file system or in an external
•	Relieves	the	load	on	the	database        storage system.

•	Easy	to	install	                         All components for generating the archiving objects and archiving the data are inte-
                                           grated in the SAP ADK infrastructure. You can set them up and manage them in the
                                           normal way using the transaction “SARA”.

                                           Afterwards, the PBS index structures that are required for the direct access to
                                           the archived data are generated. This can be done both for the archiving objects
                                           generated by PBS, for the Z tables, as well as for already existing customer-specific
                                           archiving objects. These PBS indices are stored compressed in SAP ADK format, in
                                           sequential files outside the SAP database. This ensures fast access to the archived
                                           data records.

                                           The creation of the infrastructure that is required in order to display the archived
                                           data is performed via the central administrative interface of the PBS archive add on
                                           CUSTOM. This infrastructure comprises:

                                           	 •	Archiving	object	and	structures	
                                           	 •	Programs	for	the	generation	and	administration	of	the	indices	
                                           	 •	Function	modules	for	enabling	the	archive	access	

                                           A PBS function module that enables a high-performance selection of data from the
                                           archive files via the PBS indices is generated for accessing the archive data. This
                                           function module can be used flexibly in corresponding customer-specific ABAP pro-
Technical Data

System	Requirements		        SAP	R/3	from	4.6C,	SAP	ERP,	SAP	BW	from	3.0,	SAP	NetWeaver	BI,	SAP	ISU	from	4.64.	

Interfaces                   An ABAP interface exists that enables both direct as well as sequential access to archived
                             data. Customer-specific reports have to be extended by generated function modules for the PBS
                             archive access.

Transactions                 The creation and administration of the PBS archive add on CUSTOM is performed completely
                             using the transaction /PBS/IDK. This transaction starts the central administrative interface.

Storage Volume               The PBS index data references the SAP ADK archive file and is stored like this in a compressed
                             format. The memory requirement of the PBS indices depends on the index definition. The PBS
                             index data is stored outside of the SAP database in the file system. The PBS archive add on
                             CUSTOM stores only minimal administrative information in the database.

Index	Generation	Runtime		   The	PBS	indices	must	be	generated	after	each	SAP	archiving	run.	The	newly	generated	indices	
                             are merged with the existing indices. The runtime depends on the size of the existing indices and
                             on the system performance.

Response Times               Depending on the storage system and system configuration, the access to archived data can be
                             as fast as the access to the SAP database.

Data Backup                  After the PBS indices have been created, a one-time data backup of the PBS index files must be

Data Protection              During implementation of the PBS archive add on CUSTOM, only the authorizations for the PBS
                             transaction codes have to be assigned. The archived data is stored in compressed format and
                             can therefore not be read by means of the operating system.

Previous Knowledge           Both SAP user experience as well as ABAP programming experience.

Delivery	                    The	delivery	comprises	the	software	in	English,	German,	and	French	as	well	as	the	manuals	in	
                             English	and	German.

Installation                 Installation is performed using SAP Transport Management. The software delivered by PBS is
                             transferred to the SAP server via ftp and then installed in the SAP system using the transport
                             program	“tp”	or	the	transaction	“SAINT”.	

Support                      If you require support during the installation, please contact our hotline.

Maintenance                  If you have a valid maintenance contract, you will receive further developments and updates.
                             You	can	reach	our	hotline	Monday	through	Friday	from	8:00	am	to	6:00	pm	CET.	

PBS	Software	GmbH
Schwanheimer Strasse 144 A
64625	Bensheim,	Germany
Phone: +49-6251-174-0


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