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									                               Summer Edition

                                                                                                                                 Summer 2007
Business Connections
         M e m b e r N e w s l e t te r f r o m t h e D e l a w a r e C o u n t y C h a m b e r o f C o m m e r c e
                                                                                                                                                 Delaware County
                                                                                                                                               Chamber of Commerce

                                                                                         PROMOTING BUSINESS &    THE   ECONOMIC WELL-BEING      OF THE   REGION

Inside this Issue
                                          Chamber Member Spotlight
2                                                                               John Camero joins           what is most important
By the Way
                                                                                Penn Liberty Bank:          to     Penn      Liberty,
                                                                                Headquartered      in       Vice     President    of
3                                                                               Delaware      County,       Commercial Real Estate
Site Stats
                                                                                Penn Liberty Bank is        Lending,      John     J.
4                                          proud to offer the latest in technology, equaling if not         Camero said, “Our
Bizz Buzz                                  surpassing large regional banks, enabling the bank to            commitment to person-
                                           offer affordable and convenient cash management                  al, high touch service
4                                          services. The initial capitalization of the bank was made        sets us apart from other
Women in Business                          up of 300+ local investors and raised $30 million, a new         financial institutions.
                                           Pennsylvania state record for de novo bank.                      Along with exceptional
6                                                                                                           service standards, we
Government Affairs                         Penn Liberty Bank differs from larger banks in their com-        are     dedicated     to
                                           mitment to understanding their client’s needs. President         provide our clients with the highest quality products and
8                                          & COO, Brian C. Zwaan, and Chairman & CEO, Patrick J.            services at affordable prices.” Camero joined Penn
Small Business                             Ward both have personalized relationships with clients           Liberty last October because he was drawn to its
                                           meeting with them on a regular basis. When asked                                                          (continued on page 3)

                                                  Calendar of Events_______________                                   Look for more push pins throughout our newsletter
                                                                                                                                to find more Chamber Events!

10                                          June 2007
New Member                                  6    Wednesday    “How to Start a Business” seminar @ Chamber, 8 – 10:30 a.m.
Spotlight                                   7    Thursday     “A Discussion on Department of Justice Priorities” @ Radnor Hotel, 7:30 a.m.
                                            12   Tuesday      New Member Reception @ Chamber, 3:30 – 5 p.m.
                                            14   Thursday     Executive Committee Meeting @ Chamber, 7:45 a.m.
15                                          19   Tuesday      General Membership Luncheon @ Drexelbrook Corporate Events Center, 11:30 a.m.
Member Testimonials                         19   Tuesday      Business Planning Seminar I @ Chamber, 6 – 9:30 p.m.
                                            20   Wednesday    Business Card Exchange/Mixer @ Harrah’s Chester Casino, 4 – 7 p.m.
16                                          26   Tuesday      Business Planning Seminar II @ Chamber, 6 – 9:30 p.m.
Foundation                                  28   Thursday     8 Chamber Regional Mixer @ Springfield Country Club, 5:30 – 8 p.m.
                                            July 2007
20                                          10 Tuesday   Business Planning Seminar III @ Chamber, 6 – 9:30 p.m.
Business After Hours                        19 Thursday Business After Hours @ Rose Tree Place, 5 – 7 p.m.
                                            25 Wednesday Open House @ Chester Office, 11:30 a.m. – 7 p.m.
24                                          August 2007
Registration Form                           16 Thursday       Business After Hours @ Visual Sound, 5 – 7 p.m.
                                            September 2007
                                            11   Tuesday      Executive Committee Meeting @ Chamber, 7:45 a.m.
                                            11   Tuesday      “How to Start” Seminar @ Chamber, 6 – 9:30 p.m.
                                            12   Wednesday    “Create Marketing & Promotional Ideas with Impact” seminar @ Chamber, 8 – 10 a.m.
Media Office
                                            13   Thursday     Open House @ Chamber, time TBA
602 East Baltimore Pike
Media, PA 19063                             13   Thursday     New Member Reception @ Chamber, 12 – 1 p.m.
610.565.3677                                15   Saturday     Riverfront Ramble
Fax 610.565.1606                            18   Tuesday      Business Plannning Seminar I @ Chamber, 6 – 9:30 p.m.
                                            19   Wednesday    Business After Hours @ Delaware County Historical Society, 5 – 7 p.m.
Chester Office
                                            24   Monday       Women’s Golf Outing @ Penn Oaks Golf Club, time TBA
First Keystone Bank Building
23 E. 5th St., 2nd Floor                    25   Tuesday      Women In Business Luncheon @ Chamber, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Chester, PA 19013                           25   Tuesday      Jack Holefelder’s Retirement Party @ Drexelbrook, time TBA
610.499.7618                                27   Thursday     Meet the Candidates Night @ Paxon Hollow Country Club, 5:30 – 7 p.m.
    By The Way
                                                 When I sat down to begin writing        Zippi, Louise Riker Naismith, who were lead by John Bogosian. These volunteers
                                                 my last “By the Way” column, two        were the architects and driving force behind our nationally recognized small
                                                 things became very evident to me;       business programs.
                                                 first, it is incomprehensible to me
                                                 that twenty six years could have        I have been asked many times why our Chamber has been so successful. My
                                                 passed so rapidly. It seems like        answer has always been the same. If you look at the quality of our volunteer
                                                 only yesterday that it all began.       leadership and the quality of our professional staff, it would be impossible not
                                                 Second, there is no way I could         to be successful.
                                                 possibly thank everyone that has
                                                 helped me along the way, and            Over the years, we have grown from 550 members to 3200 members and
                                                 there were hundreds to thank over       our budget has grown from $250,000 to 1.4 million dollars. We have
                                                 the last twenty six years. I hesitate   received over 40 national, state and regional awards from our programs of
                                                 to single some out for special          work, three National Awards of Excellence for our Life in Delaware County
                                                 recognition; however, to those I        publication, and a National Award of Excellence for our overall program of
                                                 may have missed, please accept          work. We were the first Chamber to be named “Chamber of the Year” by the
                                                 my apologies and my heart-felt          Eastern Region U.S. Small Business Administration. We are the only Chamber
                                                 thank you.                              to receive that honor twice.

            Chamber President                   I have been very fortunate to have       The White House Conference on Small Business lead by our Delaware County
                                                had some great mentors who also          Chamber delegates authored four of the top ten issues eventually passed by
             Jack Holefelder                    became great friends. These men-         Congress in 1992. Our delegates distinguished themselves far and above the
                                                tors and friends helped point me         national participants lead once again by John Bogosian and Joe Viscuso
    in the right direction and keep me on a course of success.                           (Stantec.) Delaware County also led in delegates to the state conference on
                                                                                         small business. We elected more delegates than any other state organization.
    Without mentors like Dick Davies (Davies Nationwide Insurance) and Jack Gross
    (B. Gross Menswear) both of whom I met at the Glen Riddle Rotary and the             One of the first jobs I was given when I became president was to prepare the
    Aston Business Association over 30 years ago, I would have never made it to          chamber building for sale. Finances were tight and we were having a difficult
    the point where I could be considered for a position at the Chamber of               time keeping the building in good repair. Four years later we paid the mortgage
    Commerce. These friends have since passed away and I will never forget their         off, took an equity loan to upgrade the building and then paid that loan off five
    support in my personal and business development.                                     years later. However, the best was yet to come.

    Most Chamber members do not remember Esther Wood. Esther was the                     Several years ago, the Chamber Board decided to make a major investment in
    Chamber secretary for more than 20 years. Esther was the glue that held the          the Delaware County Chamber building. Under the direction and leadership of
    Chamber together and I still suspect that her support was an important ingredi-      Peggy Sweeney (Boeing), who became our construction manager, she worked
    ent in my selection as President of this Chamber.                                    with the Henderson Group and Target Construction to create an excellent facil-
                                                                                         ity for the Chamber and a terrific benefit to our members. It’s a great place for
    Some Chamber members still remember Hazel Cooke. Hazel was the                       meetings and conferences.
    Chamber bookkeeper for more than 20 years and she became an important
    mentor in my growth after I became president. Hazel’s sage advice and lead-          Peggy, for 16 years, was one of the hardest working, loyal and dedicated
    ership kept me focused on the core issues of Chamber management. Hazel               employees with whom I have ever worked. Peggy has also become a great
    also became one of the most trusted employees and a great friend. Sophie             friend. You could always count on Peggy to be on the job. Before Peggy’s
    Stecy was the best gatekeeper of all time. She was my secretary for nearly 20        daughter Marie was born, it wasn’t uncommon to see Peggy, pregnant, at her
    years and the best I ever had.                                                       desk, losing breakfast or lunch in the trash can, but five minutes later she would
                                                                                         be leading the Chamber staff through another program. When Peggy’s labor
    Speaking about keeping focused, another mentor who became a great friend             started, it became a staff project to help count the time between contractions.
    was John Bogosian (Camera Shop, Inc. and Visual Sound in Broomall). John’s           The staff had orders not to call her husband Brian until they got to five minutes.
    business motto was “the focus is on you” and he is the man who brought me            Peggy’s work ethic is second to none. I still miss not having Peggy in the office
    to the Chamber. John guided me through the important early development               every day.
    years as Director of Small Business and eventually President of the Chamber.
    John’s mentorship in business and my personal life was the ultimate guiding          I would be remiss if I did not thank my family for their support over the last
    light in my success. Without John, I doubt I would still be here twenty six years    twenty six years. The early mornings and late nights, sometimes six and seven
    later. I lost my dad over 30 years ago and John filled that void when I need-        days a week, did not leave much time to get home for dinner. From September
    ed it most. He will be missed; however his legacy will carry on for many years       through June family dinners rarely happened. I appreciate their love, under-
    to come.                                                                             standing and continued support.

    It has been an enjoyable run, and thanks to so many excellent staff members,         In closing, I would like to wish the chamber staff: Jeff, Donna, Ginny, Faith, Trish,
    it has been very successful. One of the most enjoyable aspects of my position        Dolores, Jo Anna, Carol, Jason, Sue, Cathy, Kristen, Ricci, Kim and John, along
    has been working with so many talented and dedicated staff members and               with the Chamber board, that you be blessed with the same health, success
    watching them grow into successful leaders in companies all around the region.       and happiness that I enjoyed through my twenty six years at the Delaware
                                                                                         County Chamber of Commerce.
    I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with hundreds of successful business lead-
    ers who became volunteer leaders at the Chamber. These volunteers have               It has been an honor and a pleasure serving as the President of the Delaware
    brought tremendous leadership skills and personal resources to help the              County Chamber of Commerce.
    Chamber accomplish our mission and goals around the county and the region.

    I would also like to thank the first members of the Chamber’s Small Business
    Council, Lucien Niemeyer, Chuck Campbell, Ed Blumstead, Ed Berman, Barbara

                           Chamber Member Spotlight (cont’d from page 1)
business model: “We are a small personal bank that can provide big                       $200 million in deposits. Since the bank’s opening, the staff has grown
bank services.” It’s the best of both banking worlds. John resides in                    to over 65 employees. They have serviced the entire five county areas
Bethel Township. with his wife and two sons. He has been active in the                   for loans and deposits. Penn Liberty has four locations: Wayne,
Chamber for many years and currently has been asked to serve on the                      Malvern, Blue Bell, and Chester Springs (the Old Clay Lady location),
Chambers Foundation Board.                                                               with an additional four opening soon: East Goshen Township, Trooper,
                                                                                         Limerick, & Paoli. We are also looking for expansion opportunities in
In combination with providing quality customer service, Penn Liberty                     Delaware County.
offers a unique “Free Courier Service” to their business clients. This
service provides free check deposit pick up at client’s businesses. For                  In addition to providing a variety of bank services to Delaware County
retail clients, Penn Liberty also offers “Armored Car Service” for a flat                and participating in the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, Penn
rate of only $150 a month for cash deposits and deliveries. Another                      Liberty Bank and its employees contribute to the county by supporting
new service provided by Penn Liberty is “Deposit Depot ”, an                   SM
                                                                                         local organizations in the community that help make the area a better
electronic check deposit system that virtually turns any business office                 place to live and work. Many of the board members as well as the
into the bank. The service eliminates travel to the bank for check                       officers and employee volunteers at Penn Liberty are on various local
deposits and provides next business day availability so businesses fast                  organization boards and committees. The bank has been able to
access to their funds. In fact Penn Liberty’s standard fund availability                 provide financial support to many of the local organizations through
policy provides next day availability on all deposited checks.                           sponsorships. Participation in the PA Educational Improvement Tax
                                                                                         Credit Program (EITC) during the past two years has allowed Penn
Penn Liberty Bank will reach its third year anniversary in September                     Liberty to support education in Delaware County through scholarships
2007. Currently Penn Liberty has grown to over $250 million in total                     and programs.
assets, $37 million in capital, $90 million in total loans outstanding, and

                                                                                              For more information on Penn Liberty Bank, contact:

                                                                                                                John J. Camero, III
                                                                                                 Vice President, Commercial Real Estate Lending

                                                                                                                Penn Liberty Bank
                                                                                                                    Suite 300
                                                                                                              353 West Lancaster Ave.
                                                                                                                 Wayne, PA 19087

The opinions expressed in the Chamber Member Spotlight do not necessarily reflect the
opinions of the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, its employees, and/or affiliates.

                                                      ••       SITE STATS • •searched:
                                                                     Top 5 categories
                              For the month of
                                                                                         1. Claims Administration
                                          April                                          2.Accountants/ CPA’s
                                  Visits: 8,181                                          4. Contractor ~ General
                                  Hits: 220,636                                          5. Hotels/Motels

                                                             Visit the Chamber’s
                                                                  website at

                BIZZ BUZZ
      ecent advancements in providing Information Technology (IT)               National Managed Service Providers
      services has resulted in a fundamental change in how those                Managed Services Providers are the wave of the future. (See, Wall
      services are delivered to small and mid-sized businesses.                 Street Journal, March 19, 2007). Because they are national, these
                                                                                providers deliver a broad spectrum of IT services. Businesses no longer
    Remote Remediation                                                          need to have 4 or 5 different “computer guys” to satisfy their IT needs.
    For years, large businesses have had what is commonly referred to as        Now, business owners can look to a single provider for all of their IT
    “remote remediation.” Simply put, when businesses have a problem            needs. Those providers staff 24/7 national Network Operating Centers
    with their computer, they call their IT department, who remotely            (“NOC’s”) with experts.
    accesses the computer and corrects the problem. The employees
    never leave and the IT department addresses the problem from their          The Change Is Here, Now
    offices. Most problems are solved in less than 25 to 30 minutes.            Small and mid-sized businesses no longer need to wait for hours
    Remote remediation now has become affordable for small and                  and/or days for a local technician with limited areas of expertise to
    mid-sized businesses. Nationwide companies can remotely monitor             arrive. Now, up to 90% of IT problems are resolved without an in-per-
    tens of thousands of computers 24/7. Remote remediation can resolve         son service call. And, when on-site service is needed, a true expert is
    up to 60% of problems, eliminating or decreasing the waiting time for       available.
    on-site visits.

    Dedicated Help Desks                                                                                 Donald Applestein
    Computer users are accustom to calling a manufacturer’s help desk                                    President & Area Developer
    and listening to music or “your call is important to us” for interminable                            CM IT Solutions of
    periods. Recently, companies have emerged with “dedicated” help                                      Southern Delaware County
    desks. They provide immediate help with “how to” questions, and solve                                11 Furness Lane
    issues regarding common applications. They have limited number of                                    Wallingford, PA 19086
    customers, to assure prompt responses. Dedicated help desks can                                      484-443-2350
    resolve about 30% of client’s problems.                                                    

              Women in Business_____________________
           The Myths and Misconceptions About                                                                           WOMEN IN BUSINESS
            Working With An Interior Designer
                                         “I can do it myself (Interior          This seminar will be presented by Patricia Valle Muhilly, Interior
                                         Design)! How hard can it be?”          Designer, PVM Designs. Patricia Valle Muhilly is a graduate of
                                                                                Parsons School of Design in New York City, and is the principal of
                                         Have you ever considered working       PVM Designs, based in Media.
                                         with a designer but were afraid that
                                         you would need to refinance your       To register for this seminar contact Kristen Durning, 610-565-3677
                                         home to afford it? Do you dress in     ext. 114 or email You may
                                         living color but live in a beige       also use the form on the back of your newsletter or go to
        house? Are you afraid that a designer will make you throw out all of No cost to attend but don’t forget to bring
        your possessions?                                                       your own lunch. If you are a Chamber member and are interested
                                                                                in presenting a seminar please contact Kristen.
        To address these and other misconceptions, you will be provided
        with an inside look at the process of interior design. Whether you               Tuesday, September 25, 2007
        are looking to refresh a home as an “Empty Nester,” or are
                                                                                            11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
        downsizing and need an editor’s eye, learn how a professional can
        provide a value proposition that will actually save you money and                      at the Chamber
        improve the value of your home.

2007 Business Showcase Wrap Up
A Special Thank you to our sponsors …

   USI Colburn                            Staples

 Elko & Associates                     BSI Exhibits


                                                          Let CM IT Solutions handle all of
                                                        your computer related needs. We
                                                        offer comprehensive IT services for
                     610 . 3 5 7 . 10 61                small and mid-sized businesses.
                                                          Call today and ask about our FREE
                     800.399.CMIT                       Technology Assessment.
                           w w w. c m i t s o l u t i o n s . c o m / s d e l a w a r e c t y

    government affairs
                                                  State Forum Wrap Up
    The “State of the Commonwealth” was the topic for discussion, May         final budget will be based on the current revenue stream and surplus,
    4, as local business, civic and community leaders gathered at Maris       with figures for the latter varying from $200 million to $550 million.
    Grove for the annual Delaware County Chamber of Commerce State
    Forum Breakfast.                                                          Adolph focused his remarks on health issues. He discussed the gov-
                                                                              ernor’s prescription plan, which expands the range for medical proce-
    Pennsylvania Senators Dominic Pileggi (R-9) of Chester and Connie         dures, and the proposal to enlarge the nursing scope of practice. He
    Williams (D-17) of Haverford and Representatives Bill Adolph (R-          stressed patient safety as the top priority.
    165) of Springfield, Mario J. Civera (R-164) of Upper Darby, Steve
    Barrar (R-160) of Boothwyn and Bryan Lentz (D-161) of Swarthmore          As the Republican appropriations committee chairperson, Civera
    touched on the pending budget, use of tobacco settlement funds,           spoke as a realist. Adopting a balanced budget would demonstrate
    nursing scope of practice and the flight patterns at the Philadelphia     the sincerity of the body, but funding the programs may be a difficult
    Airport. Chamber Executive Vice President Jeff Vermeulen welcomed         task.
    attendees to Maris Grove, “one of the true economic development
    gems in Western Delaware County” before introducing Bill Tyson from       “Everyone wants to be conservative until it comes to their particular
    ConocoPhillips as the program moderator.                                  line item,” he said. “There are difficult decisions that must be made.”

    Pileggi, the senate majority leader, focused his remarks on the budg-     Barrar noted his main concern was “getting a common sense budget
    et. Characterizing the proposed budget of approximately $27 billion       in place” while insuring the outcome did not include taxes which
    announced by Gov. Rendell as “an extremely ambitious agenda,” he          could be detrimental to local businesses.
    noted legislators on both sides of the aisle are negotiating in a con-
    centrated effort to pass a balanced version by June 30.                   Representative Lentz centered his remarks on House Bill 1182, which
                                                                              would create a regional authority to regulate Philadelphia and Lehigh
    As presented, the budget outlines an expansion in health care, includ-    Valley international airports. The proposed legislation, co-sponsored
    ing a three percent payroll tax for businesses to provide insurance for   by the entire Delaware County House delegation, would strive to bal-
    their employees. The proposal also addresses transportation costs,        ance the use of the facilities. He also applauded the Chamber for not
    such as road and bridge repairs, a public/private partnership of state    immediately endorsing the FAA plan to reroute flights over the county.
    highways and state subsidies for mass transit. The funding for the
    plan would be provided by a hike in the sales tax augmented by six        The forum was sponsored by Maris Grove, Commerce Bank,
    new taxes.                                                                ConocoPhillips, Comcast, Crozer Keystone Health System, PECO, an
                                                                              Exelon Company and the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and
    Williams segued from the budget to tobacco by voicing her personal        Industry.
    preference for a tax on smokeless tobacco and cigars. She noted the
                                                                                                                               Maureen Heckler,
                                                                                                                               Maris Grove;
                                                                                                                               Tony DiTommaso,
                                                                                                                               Tony Cavaliere,
                                                                                                                               Commerce Bank;
                                                                                                                               Dennis Wolf,
                                                                                                                               Commerce Bank;
                                                                                                                               Ralph Brown, Peco,
                                                                                                                               An Exelon Company;
                                                                                                                               Senator Pileggi;
                                                                                                                               Senator Williams;
                                                                                                                               Bill Tyson,
                                                                                                                               Representative Civera;
                                                                                                                               Representative Lentz;
                                                                                                                               Representative Barrar;
                                                                                                                               Kathy Scullin, Crozer-
                                                                                                                               Keystone Health System.

       • • E C O N O M I C                              D E V E L O P M E N T                                     U P D A T E • •

In recognition of its commitment to business advocacy excellence,             and DCED to ensure a more competitive business environment for our
the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce has entered into an                   membership.”
agreement with the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center
(DVIRC) to participate in Pennsylvania’s Business and Retention and           The Chamber will begin completing BREP surveys with County
Expansion Program (BREP).                                                     businesses on July 1st. Business owners and key personnel are
                                                                              welcome to participate by contacting the Chamber office at
BREP was started in 1997 as a way to reach out to Pennsylvania’s              610-565-3677.
existing businesses in an effort to better understand their needs and
make them aware of the Commonwealth’s economic development
resources. Managed by the Department of Community and Economic
Development (DCED), the program includes an initial company survey
                                                                                          Save the Date____
that seeks to learn how companies view and deal with issues such as
                                                                                          1st Annual Delaware County
skilled labor, training, site and infrastructure problems and needs, as
well as technology challenges and globalization.“Our past community                          Chamber of Commerce
and economic development successes coupled with our current scope                             Women’s Golf Outing
of work have prepared us well to administer BREP in Delaware
County,” stated Chamber Executive Vice President Jeff Vermeulen. “We
                                                                                           Monday September 24, 2007
couldn’t be more pleased to enter into this initiative with the DVIRC                        At Penn Oaks Golf Club

         Meet the Candidates Night_______________
                                                               Sponsored By:

                                                     Thursday, September 27, 2007
                                                             5:30 – 7 pm
                                                      Paxon Hollow Country Club
                                                   850 Paxon Hollow Road, Media, PA

                 This is the Chamber’s Annual forum which will introduce the candidates who are running for County Council and the
                                              Judge of the Court of Common Pleas in Delaware County.

                 Each candidate receives a dedicated time-frame to speak to their constituents and remind them to get out and vote on
               Tuesday, November 6th. Representatives from both the Republican and Democratic parties will be present to discuss their
                platforms and qualifications. The audience then has an opportunity to ask questions or air concerns to the candidates.
                                         This is a great opportunity to become or remain an informed citizen.

                             There is no cost to attend. To register, fill out the form on page 24, or for more information,
                                      visit or contact Trish at

    small business
        Upcoming Small Business                                                  SMALL BUSINESS ADVERTISING

                  All seminars are held from 6 – 9:30 p.m.
    Tuesday, June 19, 2007           Business Planning Seminar Session I
    Tuesday, June 26, 2007           Business Planning Seminar Session II
    Tuesday, July 10, 2007           Business Planning Seminar Session III

    Presented By: The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce and SCORE
                     (Counselors to America’s Small Businesses)
    Cost: $60 for all three sessions for members/ $75 for non-members
    Single Sessions: $20 for members/ $30 for non-members

                       Wednesday, September 12, 2007
                                    8 – 10 a.m.
    Don't miss this two-part marketing seminar.
    Part I: Learn how to effectively create and affordably print and mail your
    marketing materials. Write "benefit-oriented" copy that will attract your
    readers; avoid common writing, design and printing mistakes; design for
    readability and response; use the correct postal endorsements and more.

    Part II: Plan a memorable promotion that generates sales and loyalty:
    five reasons to self-promote; promotional programs vs. products;
    employee/volunteer recognition programs and promotion & marketing
    ideas that work within your budget.
    Bring your current marketing materials and promotional items with you!
    They will be addressed during both sessions.                                 solutions   Graphic & Web Design | Large Format Printing
                                                                                             Indoor & Outdoor Banners | Adhesive Vinyl Graphics
    Presented By: Diane McNitt, President, McNitt Marketing (Part I) and                     Digital Photography | Short Run Printing
                      Diane Holefelder Johnson, President & Promotional
                      Advisor, New Age Concepts Marketing & Promotions
                      (Part II).
    Cost: $20 for members and $30/non-members
                                                                                                            1 Blackhorse Lane | Media, PA
                                                                                                       610-565-8865 |

                                                                                   Laser Printer Repair
           To register, fax the form on the back of this

                                                                                       For small business
                   newsletter to 610-892-8980

                                                                                       and IT companies
                  You can also register online at

                                                                                   Phillips Printer Solutions
                  For more information contact:

           Dolores McCabe at 610-565-3677 ext. 113
                              or email

                                                                                        Visit our website:

      IRS Starts e-Newsletter                                                  Did You Know…
     Just for Small Businesses                                         IRS and SSA Partner to Publish SSA/IRS
                                                                                Reporter Newsletter
The IRS has started a news service, e-News for Small
Business. Distributed every Wednesday, it brings timely,        The SSA/IRS Reporter is a collaborative effort between the
useful tax information right to your computer, including,       Social Security Administration, the Internal Revenue Service,
but not limited to:                                             and others. It primarily communicates messages to employ-
    • Important, upcoming tax dates                             ers that support employment and business tax compliance,
    • What’s new on the IRS Web site                            with an emphasis on educating and encouraging electronic
    • Reminders and tips to assist businesses with tax          filing. The Reporter also carries general information about
      compliance                                                best payroll and employment tax practices and IRS and SSA
    • IRS news releases and special IRS announcements           products and services.

e-News’ convenient format will put IRS tax information at       The quarterly publication is mailed to approximately 6
your fingertips. “Useful Links” brings you quickly to some of   million businesses in the U.S., Puerto Rico, and the American
the most useful information on for large and small      Protectorates – one of the largest distributions of any
businesses and the self-employed.                               government newsletter.

To start your FREE subscription to e-News, just go to   Past issues, in English and Spanish, are available on
at,,id= ,,id=109886,00
154826,00.html, type in your e-mail address and submit.         .html.

         New Member Spotlight__________________
         Phillips Enterprise
         Phillips Enterprise is a fully licensed, insured and bonded
         signatory general contracting company.

         With over 20 years in business, our service divisions
         include carpentry, flooring, painting, millwork, concrete,
         masonry, excavation, demolition and mechanical work.
         We currently have approximately 30 full time employees,
         depending on the job. When the demand calls for a
         bigger work force, we pull additional help from the
         Philadelphia and Delaware County building trades. These
                                                                                                Contact Information:
         associations have skilled craftspeople readily available to                         James J. Phillips, President
                                                                                               Phillips Enterprise, Inc.
         provide us with the adept workmanship that Phillips
                                                                                      2 Springfield Road • Aldan, PA. 19018
         Enterprise has based our reputation of providing                                     (610) 622-3543 phone
                                                                                                (610) 622-3542 fax
         adequate, effective and efficient service on.                            

                                             Welcome New Members
                         April & May 2007 Membership Directory Supplement
                     Please place this addendum in your directory to use as a reference when looking for products and services.

     Bob's Chimney Service                        Derek M. Chastain - Independent                 The Entrepreneur's Source
     713 Edmonds Avenue                           Account Representative, Aflac                   1463 Bethel Road
     Drexel Hill, PA 19026                        1119 Primos Avenue                              Garnet Valley, PA 19061
     (610) 622-4911                               Secane, PA 19018                                (484) 490-5423
     DESCRIPTION: Chimney Cleaning                (484) 461-2425                                  DESCRIPTION: Coaching/Consulting
     CONTACT: Bob Harper                          DESCRIPTION: Insurance                          CONTACT: Andy Laskey
                                                  CONTACT: Derek M. Chastain
     Burn Lounge                                                                                  Entrepreneurial Consulting, LLC
     405 East 20th Street                         Contemporary Staffing Solutions, Inc.           228 Standish Road
     Chester, PA 19013                            161 Gaither Drive                               Merion Station, PA 19066
     (610) 876-3944                               Mount Laurel, NJ 08054                          (610) 457-9563
     DESCRIPTION: Music/Downloads/                (856) 222-0020                                  DESCRIPTION: Business Consultants
                   Entertainment                  DESCRIPTION: Employment                         CONTACT: Adam Moskow
     CONTACT: Joyce Jones                                        Agencies/Consultants
                                                  CONTACT: Barbara Stonehouse                     Ralph V. Estep, E.A., P.C.
     Career Educational Training                                                                  52 Woodland Drive
     3917 Elsan Road                              Customer Service Review, Inc.                   Glen Mills, PA 19342
     Chester Twp., PA 19015                       900 West Valley Rd., Suite 701                  (610) 459-2999
     (610) 583-9761                               Wayne, PA 19087                                 DESCRIPTION: Tax Service
     DESCRIPTION: Training & Development          (610) 989-9580                                  CONTACT: Ralph V. Estep
     CONTACT: Tyrone Fitzgerald                   DESCRIPTION: Coaching/Consulting
                                                  CONTACT: Kathleen J. Banco

Saul Ewing, LLP                                Johnny Paisano's
1500 Market Street                             226 Baltimore Pike                           All new members that have
38th Floor                                     Springfield, PA 19064                         attended a New Member
Philadelphia, PA 19102                         (610) 690-0150
(215) 972-7777                                 DESCRIPTION: Caterers                            Reception received a
DESCRIPTION: Attorneys                         CONTACT: John Minicozzi                              gift certificate
CONTACT: David Hackett                                                                                 courtesy of:
                                               Keybrick Information Systems
Framing of the Arts                            457 Main Street
348 Sussex Blvd.                               Bethlehem, PA 18018
Broomall, PA 19008                             (610) 866-5144
(484) 614-9243                                 DESCRIPTION: Software ~ Business Database
DESCRIPTION: Artist/Art                        CONTACT: Brad Mulkern
CONTACT: Brietta Dixon
                                               LPL Financial Services                      Amy Rosenberg
Get Clients Today                              3524 Edgmont Ave.                           P.O. Box 77
1295 N. Providence Rd.                         Brookhaven, PA 19015                        Swarthmore, PA 19081
Suite F-103R                                   (215) 572-4300                              (484) 431-0102
Media, PA 19063                                DESCRIPTION: Financial Services             DESCRIPTION: Consultants
(484) 442-8444                                 CONTACT: Robert S. Wilson MBA               CONTACT: Amy Rosenberg
DESCRIPTION: Coaching/Consulting
CONTACT: Rocky Romeo                           MULT.FAB Inc.                               RTD Financial Advisors, Inc.
                                               1200 Elmwood Ave                            1560 McDaniel Drive
Glencroft Veterinary Hospital                  Sharon Hill, PA 19079                       West Chester, PA 19380
6 E. Glenolden Ave                             (610) 534-2000                              (215) 557-3800
Glenolden, PA 19036                            DESCRIPTION: Manufacturers                  DESCRIPTION: Financial Consultants
(610) 583-2200                                 CONTACT: C.B Wheatley                       CONTACT: Paul A. LaViola
DESCRIPTION: Veterinary Hospital
CONTACT: Terry Ballinger                       NAI GEIS Commercial Realty                  Rubinstein's Inc.
                                               996 Old Eagle School Rd.                    250 E. Market Street
Global Mortgage Inc.                           Wayne, PA 19087                             West Chester, PA 19382
17 Carroll Avenue                              (267) 701-8907                              (610) 696-1150
Pennsville, NJ 08070                           DESCRIPTION: Commercial Real Estate         DESCRIPTION: Office Supplies
(856) 678-6464                                 CONTACT: Jeff S. Darmo                      CONTACT: Marc Rubinstein
CONTACT: Mike Breeze                           Olympic Steel, Inc.                         U.S. Army Recruiting
                                               10 Industrial Hwy #MS39                     Bldg. 688
H Mart                                         Lester, PA 19113                            N.A.E.S., HWY 547
7050 Terminal Square                           (610) 521-6800                              Lakehurst, NJ 08733
Upper Darby, PA 19082                          DESCRIPTION: Manufacturers                  (215) 697-4854
(610) 734-1001                                 CONTACT: Jennifer Wilson                    DESCRIPTION: Recruiting
DESCRIPTION: Supermarket                                                                   CONTACT: Donna Sims
CONTACT: Jason Park                            Patrick's Boathouse
                                               213 Earlington Road                         V.T. Graphics Inc.
Idearc Media                                   Havertown, PA 19083                         465 Penn Street
225 Wilmington West Chester Pike               (610) 789-9613                              P.O. Box 5324
Chadds Ford, PA 19317                          DESCRIPTION: Non-Profit Organization        Yeadon, PA 19050
(484) 840-2393                                 CONTACT: Thomas L. Monnat                   (610) 259-4090
DESCRIPTION: Advertising, Marketing & Public                                               DESCRIPTION: Manufacturers
              Relations Services               Richardson Design                           CONTACT: Bob Mormile
CONTACT: Stephen P. O'Driscoll                 322 Echo Valley Lane
                                               Newtown Square, PA 19073                    Volpe and Koenig, P.C.
IT Acceleration                                (610) 356-2052                              30 S. 17th Street
995 Old Eagle School Road                      DESCRIPTION: Advertising ~ Direct Mail      Suite 1600
Suite 307                                      CONTACT: Peter Richardson                   Philadelphia, PA 19103
Wayne, PA 19087                                                                            (215) 568-6400
(610) 995-9160                                                                             DESCRIPTION: Patent Attorneys
DESCRIPTION: IT Management                                                                 CONTACT: Andrea Cichetti
CONTACT: David Yarnall

                                            Membership Benefits
                                                                       Delaware County Chamber of Commerce to offer a no
                                                                       obligation, consultative analysis of all your voice, Internet
                                                                       and firewall protection plans. We also offer discounted
                                                                       services to all members.
     With rising energy and health benefit costs, many business        Cavalier Business Communications offers a full portfolio of
     owners are looking for areas where they can improve the           products including single phone lines, DSL, Dedicated Internet
     productivity and efficiency of their operations. Faster, more     Access via T1, VoIP, PRI, etc. Our CavVelocity Secure IP is the
     efficient means of communication can help offset these costs      ideal Internet and LAN security service. With no equipment
     while improving the efficiency. Unlike most business costs, the   purchase, our Secure IP products bring state-of-the-art Unified
     cost of phone and Internet services has decreased while the       Threat Mgt security services that will protect your company’s
     services have improved.                                           network and equipment from Internet based threats and pro-
                                                                       vide excellent monitoring and reporting tools.
     Cavalier Business Communications, a full service Competitive
     Local Phone Company, is working with members of the               Contact Gerald Caiazzo at 267-803-4129 for more

             Save the Date___________________________
                                  2007 Annual Awards Dinner
                                                Thursday, November 15, 2007
                                              Drexelbrook Corporate Events Center
                                                        5:00 – 8:00 p.m.

          2007 Annual Awards Dinner Committee formally invites you to nominate a business or individual
            to receive the Chamber’s prestigious annual awards.The awards are open to any business or
                 citizen in Delaware County.We are accepting nominations for the following awards:

                                                       Business of the Year
                                                        Citizen of the Year

                   To nominate a company or individual, please send the contact information of the
                     person/business who is being nominated along with the information of the
                              nominee to Trish McFarland at

              June, July & August 2007 Longterm Members
                        Congratulations to Anniversary Chamber Members
                                      These members continue to make an investment in their business
                                                  Petrikin, Wellman, Damico, Brown & Petrosa   County
2 June                                            Rose Tree Day School                         Cort Furniture Rental
10 – 15 YEARS
                                                  Senior Employment Program/COSA               Delco Alarm Systems
Caleix Painting Contractors
                                                  Springfield Ford, Inc.                       HouseInspect
                                                  Stoney Creek Technologies, LLC               Lawn Doctor of Aston, Middletown
Corinthian Yacht Club
                                                  Paul Sustek Company, Inc.                    Linvilla Orchards, Inc.
CrafTech Computer Solutions
                                                                                               Mirmont Treatment Center
Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County, Inc.
Dynamic Physical Therapy &                        2 July                                       Pennsylvania Institute of Technology
                                                                                               Riddle Health System
   Rehabilitation Center                          10 – 15 YEARS
                                                  Jeannette Abboud-Niemczyk, D.M.D.            Rothacker Adv & Design Studio
Euro Trade, Inc.
                                                  Abounding Grace Family Worship Center        Springfield Mall
Explorer Girls, Inc.
                                                  AFLAC MidAtlantic Region                     James Stewart Painting Company, Inc.
Garrison Law Offices
                                                  Aston Business & Professional Association    Suplee Envelope Co.
Gehr Plastics, Inc.
                                                  Robert W. Beadle, DDS                        Whitehill Manufacturing Corp.
Heritage Land Transfer Company
                                                  Center for Resolutions                       Williamson Free School of Mech. Trades
Jean Raymond Design Group
K & D Communications, Inc.                        Chadds Ford Business Association
Lisa P. Liguori                                   A.G. Edwards                                 2 August
Middletown Twp. Business &                        Eyes-R-Us, Inc.                              10 – 15 YEARS
   Professional Assn.                             Gallagher, Schoenfeld, Surkin, Chupein &     William Adair Bonner, Esq.
H. Scott Palmer General Con. & Custom Carp.       DeMis P.C.                                   Delmac, Inc.
RE/MAX Town & Country                             InterConsult, Inc.                           Faith Community Church of Brookhaven
George H. Rendell Associates                      Korman Commercial Properties, Inc.           GWR Medical, Inc.
James F. Rokos                                    Lady Di's Salon & Spa, Inc.                  InR Advisory Services, LLC.
Seko Worldwide                                    Loan America Mortgage Corp.                  Int'l Union of Painters Dist Council #21
Sentry Federal Credit Union                       Manor Care Health Services @ Mercy           C. P. Lamoureux Agency
State Financial Network, Inc.                     Fitzgerald                                   Philadelphia Phantoms
Taylor Associates Consulting                      L.J. Paolella Construction                   Victory Christian Center
Women's Yellow Pages                              Pennsylvania Agency of Nurses
Ye Olde Painting Company                          Service Group, Inc.                          16 – 20 YEARS
                                                  Targetmaster                                 Blair's Florist
16 – 20 YEARS                                     Vander Gracht & Associates                   Fishbein & Company
Berwanger, Inc., A Siemens Co.                                                                 John D. Hartman General Contractor
Careers USA                                       16 – 20 YEARS                                Main Line Expo
Ciminera Pizzeria                                 B & T Collections, Inc.                      Melmark
Clock Services                                    Dynamic Tool Co.                             Randstad
Lutheran Knolls Apartment Community               Joyce E. Koshetar, DDS                       SAP America, Inc.
McClenahan Painting Co.                           Lav - Tel, Inc.                              Thom & Dave Marketing Design
Rocky Run YMCA                                    Martins Run Senior Residential Life Care
Robert Tofani Furniture Refinisher                Community                                    20 OR MORE YEARS
United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania           Penn Oaks Golf Club                          Brennan Sign Co., Inc.
J. P. Whitesell                                   Penn-Delco School District                   Central Tax Bureau of Pa., Inc.
                                                  Pennsylvania Land Transfer                   Collex Collision Experts
20 OR MORE YEARS                                  Rothrock Chevrolet, Inc.                     The Edmar Abrasive Company
Ampro Sportswear                                  School District of Haverford Township        Flamingo Travel Group
BSI Exhibits                                      Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital             Fun Services, Division of Funland, Inc.
Cannon Mini Self Storage                          Willner Realty and Development Co.           Iron Mountain
Child Guidance Resource Centers                                                                Nistico - Roberts, P.C.
Double D Gymnastics Inc                           20 OR MORE YEARS                             The Old Chimney Sweep
Holiday Inn Philadelphia Int'l Airport            Baggot & Bak Ltd.                            Philadelphia Flyers
Ingleneuk Teahouse Inc.                           Boeing - Philadelphia                        Taylor Rental Media
McConnell, Roger H. DMD, PC                       Brock's Fire Protection & Supply, Inc.       Tricor Investments
James J. Mitchell, C.P.A., LLC                    Carousel Card & Gift Shop
NHS Human Services of Delaware County             Community YMCA of Eastern Delaware

                                                APRIL & MAY PACESETTERS
     The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce gives special recognition to our PACESETTER MEMBERS who have voluntarily invested an
     additional 25% over their basic membership dues for the purpose of supporting the Chamber’s education programs, leadership development
     and government affairs.

     Acquest Real Estate, Inc.                       Folly Hill Vineyards                        Roe Fabricators
     Acrymax Technologies Inc.                       Frames and Company                          Scheivert Realtors
     Alex Perakis Coins & Currency                   Frigiola & Meier Chiropractic Center        Schubert, Bellwoar & Quinn PC
     American Red Cross, Chester-                    Health Promotion Council                    Scungio Borst & Associates
          Wallingford Chapter                        Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems           Senator Connie Williams
     American Services Corp.                         Home Builders Assn. Of Chester & Del.       Sharon Savings Bank
     Apartment Owners Association                    I & I Sling Co., Inc.                       Shiloh Development Academy Inc.
     Aston Township                                  Independence Blue Cross                     Sir Lancellot Courier & Delivery Svc.
     Aston Veterinary Hospital, PC                   Independence Financial Associates           Springfield Sports Emergency
     B. Gross Mens Wear Inc.                         J. Karl Thomas Partnership                  St. James Catholic High School Alumni
     Barthco Logistics, Inc.                         J.J. DeLuca Company, Inc.                        Association
     Borough of Eddystone                            Jet USA Corp.                               State Farm Insurance - Mike Harney, LU TCE
     Bradford Engineering                            Joseph Stong, Inc.                          State Farm Insurance Agency
     Brandywine Smile Center                         Keystone Gardens                            Sterling Kitchens
     Brokerage Professionals                         Leighton Insurance Agency                   Strayer University
     Buono Brothers Bakery                           Loughead Pontiac-Nissan                     Suburban Collision, Inc.
     Carr Funeral Home, LTD.                         Main Line Health                            Suburban Contractors Assoc. of PA
     Cirilli Associates                              McCusker & McCusker-Ogborne - A Republic    Sunoco, Inc.
     Cirineo Co., A.L. Inc.                          Services Company                            Taraborrelli Painters
     Citadel Credit Union                            Mendoza Group, Inc.                         Taylor Hospice
     Commerce Bank/Pennsylvania, N.A.                Mid-Atlantic Waste Systems                  The Iron Shop by M. Cohen & Sons Inc.
     Community Light & Sound Inc.                    Mr. Sandless, Inc. TM                       ThreeSixty Digital Design Co.
     Cradle of Liberty Council/                      National Realty Corp.                       TNT Productions
          Boy Scouts of America                      Navmar Applied Sciences Corp.               Town Talk Newspapers
     D.J. Cross, Inc.                                Old Union Nursery School                    Upper Darby Belltelco Fed. Credit Union
     Daniel R. Ferreira                              Olympic Tool & Machine Corp.                Verizon Wireless
     David Hay, Appraiser                            Petrikin, Wellman Damico Brown & Petrosa    We Love Pets
     Dr. Richard T. Bruce                            PREIT Services/ Springfield Mall            Wilmington Trust of Pennsylvania
     Dunn Dunn & Assoc.                              PSC Info Group                              Windsor at Brandywine Valley
     Eric O'Brien Construction, General Contractor   PSEA-NEA                                    Zommick, McMahon Commercial Real Estate, Inc.

                                                                                      D. J. CROSS, INC.
                                                                                   CHIM CHIMNEY SWEEPS
                                                                                            AIR DUCT CLEANING
                                                                                           DRYER VENT CLEANING
                                                                                             CHIMNEY RELINING

                                                                                      COMPLETE CHIMNEY SERVICE
                                                                                       Clean - Reline - Repair
                                                                               2 Old Pennell Road, Media, PA
                                                                                610-494-4390 610-494-2293

                               Member Testimonials
When I started working for Westaff over a year ago, my
first order of business was to contact the Delaware County
                                                              When I started Handi-Women, several
Chamber of Commerce to make sure that Westaff was a
                                                              friends advised me to join the Delaware
member. I started to attend regular networking events and
eventually joined the Ambassador Committee, which is a        County Chamber of Commerce, as a way of
group that works hard to ensure the Chamber is meeting its    making contacts.
members’ needs. Being an active member of the Chamber has
brought me not only business, but lots of new friends as      At the new member reception, every member
well. So make the most out of your membership and get         greeted me warmly. I realized that the
involved. It works for me!                                    Chamber is not just another
                                                              networking group. It is very much about
Rachel Nelson
                                                              helping each other and sharing ideas.
                                                              They offer a variety of helpful classes to
    I joined the Chamber in fall of 2006. The Chamber         help new business get off on the right foot
    has been a great help to my company and me. I feel        and to help well rooted companies stay on
    they have a sincere desire to see my business suc-        track.
    ceed. Recently I attended an event sponsored by the
    Chamber and within two minutes after my arrival I         Now I attend every function that I can, and
    was working on closing a deal to shred their materials.   I urge others to consider membership in
    Joining the Chamber has been a wonderful experience       the Delaware County Chamber of Commerce.
    for my company and myself. I look forward to a long
    partnership between Shred Patrol and the Chamber.         Dave Decker
                                                              Handi-Women LLC
    John F. Barber                                            610-299-5534
    Shred Patrol LLC

       Multi-Chamber Regional Mixer__________
                                      Thursday, June 28, 2007
                                        5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

                                      Springfield Country Club
                                       400 West Sproul Road
                                        Springfield, PA 19064

                                              Sponsored by:

      Delaware County, Great Valley Region, Greater West Chester, Main Line, New Castle County,
       Pheonixville Regional, Cecil County and the Schuylkill Alliance (King of Prussia, Montco
         and Valley Forge) Chambers of Commerce join together for this networking/tabletop
       event. Make a "hole in one" with networking opportunities at this beautiful country club
      and golf course! Enjoy a summer evening while obtaining hundreds of new contacts from
        throughout the region.Appetizers will be served so come by and visit all the tabletops
            exhibits with vendors from eight participating chambers. No charge to attend.

            2007-2008 Leadership Delaware County__
       Enrollment Open Now…                                                  enhance the quality of your employee base. Furthermore,
       In an effort to promote community, partnerships and a stronger        the program gives employees the opportunity to build basic
       community of leaders, The Foundation of the Delaware County           business and nonprofit management skills, network with other
       Chamber brings the Leadership Program to Delaware County.             organizations, and expand team building skills and more.
       The goal of Leadership Delaware County is to develop volunteer
       community leadership through a diversity of knowledge and skills      Participants will:
       for community involvement.                                            • Gain a better understanding of the issues effecting Delaware
                                                                               County and their impact on the region
       Leadership Delaware County offers employers the opportunity to        • Explore business and community partnerships
       invest in their employees’ development as it brings them up to        • Collaborate with businesses, foundations and community leaders
       speed on economic, political and demographic issues in the              to explore opportunities to assist solving community problems.
       region. The personal leadership skills which employees gain will
                                                                             The Leadership training will take place throughout Delaware
                                                                             County from October 3, 2007 and continues every other week
                                                                             until April 9, 2008. Coffee and networking are available at 7:30
                                                                             am. All sessions begin promptly at 8 am and end at 11 am.

                                                                             Individuals interested should sign-up now due to the high
                                                                             demand of this class, seats fill quickly. Do not miss out
                                                                             REGISTER TODAY! To request an application or for further
                                                                             information, please contact Trish McFarland at 610-565-3677
                                                                             or e-mail

                                         Job Readiness Program
     This school year, numerous students in
     Delaware County participated in the Foundation
     of the Delaware County Chamber’s Job
     Readiness Program. This program, administered
     by Kim Durnell, teaches high school students
     the basic fundamentals needed in transitioning
     themselves into their chosen career.

     For more information on the Job Readiness
     programs, please contact Kim Durnell at or by calling
     (610) 499-7618

                                                         Graduates of the Job Readiness Program from Chester High School proudly display their diplomas.

                               Foundation Harley Fundraiser
                                                                                   The Delaware County Chamber’s 2007 Business Showcase,
                                                                                   held at Drexelbrook Corporate Events Center on May 1, 2007,
                                                                                   was buzzing with excitement when number 0225 was pulled
                                                                                   for the Foundation of the Delaware County Chamber’s Harley-
                                                                                   Davidson raffle. The Pennsylvania Institute of Technology was
                                                                                   the lucky winner. Walter Garrison purchased the chance in the
                                                                                   name of the College from Sally Holub, publisher, Main Line
                                                                                   Today magazine and board member of the Chamber. The pro-
                                                                                   ceeds of the raffle benefit the education endeavors of the
                                                                                   Foundation which include Leadership Delaware County, Delco
                                                                                   Hi-Q, Job Readiness, Technical Education, Career Awareness
                                                                                   and Small Business Development seminars. The Foundation
                                                                                   would like to thank everyone who sold the 276 chances and
                                                                                   those who purchased chances in support the Foundation’s
                                                                                   valuable programs. Top sellers of chances were Sally Holub,
                                                                                   publisher, Main Line Today Magazine and Diane Johnson,
Caption: Pictured (left to right): John Strayer, Barbara Denczi, Jayne Garrison,   President, New Age Concepts.
Harley Davidson winner Walter Garrison, Ginny Miller and Jack Holefelder.

                                                                                   Walter Garrison, Founder of the Pennsylvania Institute of
                                                                                   Technology, announced that the sale of this handsome motor-
                                                                                   cycle will enrich the College’s Student Scholarship Fund.

                                                                                            Date Change_____
        Selling your business for what it’s really worth
                      just turned simple!                                                          Jack Holefelder’s
      Confidentiality from Employees, Customers and Vendors                                       Retirement Dinner
      Experience and Professionalism

      We ensure you receive its real value

                                                                                            Tuesday, September 25, 2007
      Ask about our free valuation offer

                                                                                         at Drexelbrook Corporate Events Center
      Call Bill Doyle today for a free confidential consultation                                    $40.00 per person
                    610-325-7066                                                            (includes food stations) Cash Bar
                                                                                        After hearing from many Chamber members
                                                                                        regarding the retirement party for Jack, we have
                                                                                        decided to change some details. We want this
                                                                                        to be the best party ever, and we thank many of
                                                                                        you for your input. Please join the staff of the
                                                                                        Delaware County Chamber of Commerce, and
                                                                                        our Emcee for the evening, Pat Croce, as we
                                                                                        thank Jack Holefelder for more than 25
                                                                                        successful years of leadership.

                                                                                        To register for this event or for more information,
                                                                                                 please contact Ginny Miller at
                                                                                                   call 610-565-3677 x107.

                          April Business After Hours
                    At Crozer Medical Plaza at Brinton Lake

     Attendees were given the opportunity to go on tours given by the staff at   Many chamber members took the opportunity to network during their tour
     Crozer Medical Plaza.                                                       of Crozer Medical Plaza.

                                                    Thank you to all who came out on
                                                       Thursday April 12, 2007.
                                                      A great time was had by all!

                      Special Thanks to Crozer Medical Plaza for hosting this event.

                                          For more information, call 610-579-3400.

     Attendees were given full access to view state of the art facilities.       Delco Chamber President Jack Holefelder addresses Chamber Members
                                                                                 and thanks them for helping making another Business After Hours a great

     Life in Delaware County_______________________
                                                                               Inside Front Cover
                                                                               (71⁄2 x 101⁄8)            $3995
                                                                               Center Spread
                            in Delaware County                                 (71⁄2 x 101⁄8)            $5000
                                                                               Page One
                                                                               (71⁄2 x 101⁄8)            $3295
                                                                               Page Two
  The Delaware County Chamber of Commerce
                                                                               (71⁄2 x 101⁄8)            $3295
  would like to invite you to advertise in the
                                                                               Full Page
  National Award Winning, full color, quality of                               (71⁄2 x 101⁄8)            $2395
  life magazine, Life in Delaware County
                                                                               Half Page
  2008–2009, and share in the production of the                                (71⁄2 x 5)                $1695
  Delaware County Chamber’s finest publication.
                                                                               Quarter Page
  Life in Delaware County promises unlimited                                   (35⁄8 x 5)                $1395
  exposure in an impressive, quality package.
To reserve your space or for more information, please contact Faith Holefelder 610-565-3677 or

     small business
                           Small Business Award Winners
                                               Carol Goertzel                                                 Chairperson Elect of the
                                               (center) from                                                  Chamber Executive
                                               Pathways PA                                                    Committee, Sally Holub
                                               accepted the                                                   presents Dan Brodeur,
                                               2007 Charitable/                                               owner of Broduer's on
                                               Not-for-Profit                                                 State Street, with the
                                               Organization of                                                Small Business Person
                                               the Year Award.                                                of the Year Award.

                                                                  Jack Holefelder,
                                                                  Anthony Pileggi,
     Chairman of                                                  Dominic Pileggi,
     the Delaware                                                 Frank Pileggi,
     County Chamber                                               Dominic Pileggi,
     Board, Al Danish                                             and Al Danish.
     presents Tim                                                 D. Pileggi &
     Tompkins of                                                  Sons, Inc. was
     Micro Endeavors                                              the winner of
     with the Small                                               the Small Family
     Business of the                                              Business of the
     Year Award.                                                  Year Award.

               Business After Hours
              Thursday, July 19, 2007             Thursday, August 16, 2007               Wednesday, September 19, 2007
                    4 – 6 p.m.                           4 – 6 p.m.                                5 – 7 p.m.

                        Hosted By:                            Hosted By:                                Hosted By:

                                                                                           Delaware County Historical Society
                                                                                               Library & Museum (DCHS)
                                                                                                  408 Avenue of States
               500 Sandy Bank Road                          485 Park Way                           Chester, PA 19013
             Upper Providence, PA 19063                  Broomall, PA 19008
                                                                                          The Delaware County Historical Society
        Enjoy a warm summer evening in         Enjoy a night of summer networking!        invites you to a networking event that
        beautiful surroundings. Come and       Come out and see Visual Sound’s            will be "jumping and jiving!" Join us for
        network with business professionals    brand new, fully integrated audio          a nostalgic, historic evening with a Big
        from around the region. End the        visual showroom including control          Band theme. It is sure to be a fun
        evening with countless leads to get    systems, flat panel displays, digital      evening of music, food, special
        your business moving in the right      signage, video conferencing, interactive   surprises and networking. Don't
        direction! Take advantage of meeting   whiteboards and much more. See             miss this "one of a kind" night.
        new prospects during the “quiet”       how Visual Sound’s event and staging                     Sponsored by:
        summertime.                            division can show you how to turn
                                               your next ordinary meeting into an
                                               extraordinary event!

                        July                             August                                 September
                                                        Media Real Estate 3.5 x 4.75 ads     1/19/07   2:24 PM   Page 2

                  Professional Audiovisual
                    Systems Integration in
                      the Delaware Valley
                                                                  Pick a property.
                        for over 30 years!                         Any property.
                                                              (Even if it’s not one of ours.)

                                                          Whether making a local or long distance move,
                                                          the process can be challenging for any business
                                                          owner. Our sales associates are equipped with the
                                                          training and expertise to guide you through the
                                                          process of finding a property that’s right for you.
                                                          From the commercial properties we own and
                    gives you what                        lease, to the commercial properties we buy, sell and
                                                          lease for our clients, Media Real Estate Company is
                  you want to hear!                       the Realtor you can rely on.To see how we can
                                                          help you, contact Trish at 610-565-9001 or email
           Clear Sound gives individual consideration
to each event, rental, installation or sale. Call us
today for a quote on your next multimedia solution!


         2007 ATHENA® Award Call for Nominations_
                                                                  The Criteria for award selection is:
                                                                   • The individual actively assists women in realizing
                                                                     their full potential
                                                                   • The individual demonstrates excellence, creativity and
                                                                     initiative in their business or profession
                                                                   • The individual provides valuable service by contribut-
                                                                     ing time and
                                                                     energy to improve the quality of life for others in the

                                                                  All nominations are due to the Chamber no later than
                                                                  Wednesday, September 14, 2007.We encourage and wel-
                                                                  come your participation. Please call the Chamber today
                                                                  and get your nomination form mailed or faxed to you!
     The national ATHENA Foundation is dedicated to creating
     leadership opportunities for women. One recipient is
     honored in a community annually.The ATHENA Award
     is presented for achievement, service and assistance
                                                                    For more information on the ATHENA Award,
     to others.                                                       contact Trish at 610-565-3677 ext. 104 or
     We need your help in identifying potential honorees.We
     urge you to contact the Chamber at 610-565-3677 to
     request an official ATHENA nomination form.

                                                                                                          Our Services Include:
                                                                                                       • Letterhead & Envelopes
                                                                                                       • Business Cards
                                                                                                       • Booklets & Brochures
                                                                                                       • Presentation Folders
                                                                                                       • Full-Color Posters
                                                                                                       • .39¢ Digital Color Copies
                                                                                                       • High Volume B&W Copies
                                                                                                       • Graphic Design
                                                                                                       • Wide Format Scanning
                                                                                                       • Advertising Specialties
                                                                                                       • Promotional Products
                                                                                                       • Tradeshow & Banner
                                                                                                         Display Systems
                                                                                                       • Variable Data Printing
                                                                                                              33 East State Street
                                                                  Winner 6 years running 2000 - 2005           Media, PA 19063
                                                                                                        610.891.7979 • fax 610.891.0957
                                                                              Best of the Main Line 
                                                                              and Western Suburbs         866 West Lancaster Avenue
                                                                              Best Printer and               Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
                                                                              Best Copy Center          610.520.1234 • fax 610.520.1220

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          Bill Bennett                Laura Ingraham Dennis Prager Michael Medved                                                      Hugh Hewitt                     Dennis Miller
               6 - 9 AM                    9 AM - Noon                    Noon - 3 PM                        3 - 6 PM                       6 - 9 PM                    9 PM - 12 AM


                                                                    Board of Directors                                                  Donna Stilwell Vice President, Finance & Administration
                                                                    Doyle Beneby PECO An Exelon Company
                                                                                                                                        Jo Anna Brune Director Marketing & Membership
                                                                    Dan Brodeur Brodeur’s on State Street
                                                                    Michael Ciavarelli WSFS Bank
                                                                                                                                        Trish McFarland Director of Programming &
                                                                    Tom Cozza Commerce Bank                                             Assistant to the President
               Delaware County                                      Chris Denis ConocoPhillips
             Chamber of Commerce                                    Tony DiTommaso Comcast
                                                                                                                                        Dolores McCabe Director, Center for Small Business
                                                                    Vince Donlevie Harrah’s Chester Casino & Racetrack        
Executive Committee
                                                                    John Greskiewicz Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union                 Kim Durnell Manager, Chester Operations
Al Danish Chairman of the Board
                                                                    Gary Lorenz Wells Fargo Financial                         
Allstate Financial Services, LLC
                                                                                                                                        Kristen Durning Manager, Member Services
Barbara Denczi Chairperson, Executive Committee                     Mia Mendoza Mendoza Group Inc.
First Keystone Bank                                                 Dan Meyer Boeing Philadelphia
                                                                                                                                        Catherine Durning Office Manager
Sally Holub Chairperson Elect                                       Diane Miller Crozer Keystone Health System                
Main Line Today Magazine
                                                                    Dr. Jerry Parker Delaware County Community College                  Carol Hoffman Communications Coordinator
Mike Brady Vice Chairman, Membership
                                                                    Michael Pearson Union Packaging, LLC                      
LPL Financial Advisors
                                                                    Kenneth R. Przeworski Sunoco                                        Jason Locklear Marketing & Communications Assistant
Lisa Witomski Vice Chairperson, Government Affairs
T. Frank McCalls                                                    Carol Reitz The WestStar Group
                                                                                                                                        Sue Stephan Receptionist
John Donaphon Vice Chairman, Finance                                William Ross Aqua Pennsylvania                            
Family & Community Services
                                                                    Marsha Rowe Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital                               Ginny Miller Director, The Foundation of the Delaware
Roni Plousis Ex-Officio
                                                                    Domenick Savino Drexelbrook Catering & Corporate Events Center      County Chamber
Elko & Associates, Ltd.
                                                                    Charles Smith State Farm Insurance Company                          Faith Holefelder Advertising Manager
Ralph Cicalese Vice Chairman, Technology/Education
Citizens Bank                                                       Jim Turner Chester Economic Development Authority
                                                                                                                                        John Butler Student Intern
Dominic Pileggi Vice Chairman, Small Business                       Sophia Wisniewska Pennsylvania State University           
D. Pileggi & Sons, Inc.
                                                                    Chamber Staff                                                       Ricci Escobar International Intern
Jim Byrne, Esq. Solicitor
                                                                    Jack Holefelder President                                 
McNichol, Byrne & Matlawski, P.C.
                                                                                                        Elko & Associates Accountant
                                                                    Jeffrey G. Vermeulen Executive Vice President
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                                                                                                                                                    Media, PA

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 Media, PA 19063                                                              included in membership dues. 17.7% Advertisement.
 610.565.3677                                                                 (Postmaster send change of address to: Delaware County Chamber of Commerce
 Fax 610.565.1606                                                             602 E. Baltimore Pike, Media, PA 19063). Periodical postage paid at Media, PA.

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