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   Raising good cholesterol may not help

Extra niacin doses
provide no benefit
WASHINGTON, May 28, (Agencies): Raising the blood levels of good cho-
lesterol does nothing to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in patients
already taking statins to lower their bad cholesterol, a federally-funded study
has determined.
   Scientists at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), which
led the study of some 3,400 Canadians and Americans, said Thursday they had
prematurely terminated the trials after the results became clear.
   During the 32-month study, half the patients took extra doses of niacin, also
known as vitamin B3, to raise their levels of good cholesterol, as well as a
statin to lower their levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides.
   The other half took a placebo instead of the niacin, while continuing with
the statin treatment.
   While it is well known that lower-
ing the level of bad cholesterol with
statins like Lipitor or Zocor reduces              ‘Easy to fix’
the risk of cardiovascular disease,
researchers were surprised to find
that when patients also took high
                                            Toddlers’ vision
dose, extended-release niacin, there
was no additional drop in heart dis-        woes need care
ease or stroke.                             NEW YORK, May 28,
   “Although we did not see the             (RTRS):       One       in     16
expected clinical benefit, we have          preschoolers       has     visual
answered an important scientific            impairment in at least one
question about treatment for cardio-        eye, suggests a new study of
vascular disease,” said Susan Shurin,       Australian kids.                         Reginald Pierre 9, suffering cholera symptoms is driven in to a nearby hospital run by the relief organization Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Port-au-Prince, Haiti,
the NHLBI’s acting director.                   The majority of those chil-           May 27. As the rainy season begins in Haiti, local and international health experts are concerned about the spread of waterborne diseases including cholera. (AP)
   “Seeking new and improved ways           dren only had problems in
to manage cholesterol levels is vital       one eye, and the most com-                                                                                         Most women against delaying screening until 50
in the battle against cardiovascular        mon causes were astigma-
disease,” she added.                        tism, farsightedness and

                                                                                                                                         ‘Breast’ guidelines unsafe
   It is estimated that one American        amblyopia, or “lazy eye.”
out of seven has high blood choles-            Those findings highlight
terol, a major risk factor in cardio-       the importance of diagnosing
                                            and correcting vision prob-
vascular disease, which kills some          lems in young kids so that
800,000 people in the United States         their eyes are in good shape
every year.                                                                                                                              NEW YORK, May 28, (RTRS): More
                                            to start school, the authors                                                                 than eight out of 10 women say new
             ❑ ❑ ❑                          write      in    the      journal                                                            guidelines recommending against rou-                                   No evidence of benefit
Irritable bowel: Behavioral thera-             “Especially if there is a sig-
                                                                                                                                         tine breast cancer screening of women
py delivered over the Web might
help soothe symptoms in some peo-
ple with irritable bowel syndrome
                                            nificant amount of visual
                                            impairment, they will get
                                                                                                                                         under 50 are “unsafe,” according to a
                                                                                                                                         small survey.
                                                                                                                                            But most of the women also grossly
                                                                                                                                                                                        Vitamins won’t cut pregnancy risk
                                            worse,” said Dr Rohit Varma,                                                                                                                NEW YORK, May 28, (RTRS): Despite               severe — and sometimes fatal — com-
(IBS), a new study suggests.                one of the study’s authors                                                                   overestimate their risk of developing the
                                                                                                                                         disease, researchers from the University       hopes that high doses of vitamins C and         plications for the woman and baby.
   The online approach is not yet           from the University of                                                                                                                      E might lower a woman’s risk of devel-             Some past studies have found a con-
available outside of studies. But           Southern California.                                                                         of Massachusetts Medical School in             oping a pregnancy complication marked           nection between vitamin C deficiency
researchers say that the current find-         When kids are young,                                                                      Worcester found.                               by high blood pressure, a new analysis          and an elevated risk of preterm birth,
ings are a step in the right direction      minor vision problems are “a                                                                    “Indeed, they have been exposed to          of the evidence to date finds no benefit.       including those caused by what’s known
toward making cognitive behavioral          pretty easy fix,” with eye                                                                   consistent and high profile media cam-            After reviewing nine studies including       as premature rupture of membranes —
therapy more accessible to people           glasses, he said. However,                                                                   paigns, endorsed by medicine and a vari-       nearly 20,000 women, researchers                where a woman’s “water breaks” before
with IBS.                                   “many of them if it’s not cor-                                                               ety of interest groups, that have indoctri-    found that women taking 1,000 mil-              the pregnancy has reached full-term and
   Cognitive behavioral therapy is a        rected, it may not be cor-                                                                   nated them into the concepts that mam-         ligrams of vitamin C and 400 IU of vita-        labor has begun.
                                            rectable later on,” Varma told                                                               mograms lead to early detection and            min E — much higher doses than in                  Vitamin C has been thought to play a
form of psychological counseling                                                     A woman wears the Robot Suit HAL                                                                   most prenatal multivitamins — were no           role in maintaining the placenta and the
that tries to address the unhealthy         Reuters Health.                          made by Japanese Cyberdyne compa-                   early detection saves lives,” the
                                               Researchers from the                                                                                                                     less likely to develop the potentially          membranes that surround the fetus dur-
thinking patterns and behaviors that                                                 ny at a presentation in Duesseldorf,                researchers write in the American              deadly pregnancy complication known             ing pregnancy, possibly by limiting so-
                                            University of Sydney led the             Germany, May 26. The company wants                  Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
contribute to various health prob-          study, giving eye exams to                                                                                                                  as preeclampsia.                                called oxidative stress — vitamins C and
lems. It’s one option for treating                                                   to develop the cyborg-type suit in coop-               The controversy over screening mam-            Instead, they saw that women given           E are both “antioxidants.”
                                            more      than     1,000     kids        eration with the University hospital in
IBS.                                        between the ages of two and                                                                  mography flared up in late 2009, when a        extra doses of C and E had a higher risk           So researchers have been studying
   People with IBS have repeated                                                     Bochum, Germany, to realize the                     government-funded group of independ-           of certain other pregnancy complica-            whether they might help lower the risk of
                                            a half years and six years.                mobility of paraplegic patients. (AP)                                                            tions.                                          not only preterm birth but also
bouts of abdominal cramps, bloat-              In total, between 6 and 7                                                                 ent experts decided to change its recom-
                                                                                                                                         mendations.                                       Most doctors do not suggest women            preeclampsia.
ing, constipation and diarrhea. The         percent of those kids had                                                                                                                   concerned about their risk of preeclamp-           However, the current study — in
exact cause is unknown, but anxiety         visual impairment in at least                                                                            Mammograms                         sia take these vitamins, and with good          which Hassan and her colleagues com-
and less-than-ideal coping strate-          one eye, and almost 3 per-                                                                                                                  reason, study author Dr Sonia S.                bined results from nine studies including
                                            cent had problems in both                                                                       Instead of advising annual mammo-
gies — like avoiding going out                                                                                                           grams in all women age 40 and above,
                                                                                                                                                                                        Hassan of Wayne State University told           19,810 pregnant women — found that
because of your symptoms — are              eyes.                                                                                                                                       Reuters Health. “We are not routinely           9.6 percent of women overall developed
                                               Astigmatism, which causes                                                                 the US Preventive Services Task Force          recommending the use of vitamin C and           preeclampsia, regardless of whether
thought to make IBS worse for                                                                                                            (USPSTF) said women shouldn’t rou-
many people.                                blurred vision, was the most                                                                                                                E, due to the findings of this systematic       they received extra doses of C and E or
                                            common eye problem, affect-                                                                  tinely get screened until they hit 50. And     analysis,” she said.                            a placebo drug.
   Studies have suggested that cogni-                                                                                                    those between 50 and 74 should only               Indeed, this is not the first study to          It’s not clear why taking antioxidants
tive behavioral therapy can ease IBS        ing half of kids with impair-
                                            ment. Farsightedness and                                                                     have mammograms every two years.               cast doubt on vitamins’ ability to curb         doesn’t reduce women’s risk, said
symptoms in at least some people.           lazy eye — when the eye has                                                                     What the group didn’t say, however, is      preeclampsia. Last year, a 4-1/2-year           Hassan, who is also based at the
   But an obstacle to people actually       trouble making out details —                                                                 that no women under 50 should be               study of nearly 5,000 women found               Perinatology Research Branch at the
trying the therapy is that it’s not         were the next most common.                                                                                                                  those taking very high doses of vitamins        Eunice Kennedy Shriver National
                                                                                                                                         screened. It left that up to the individual    C and E were 10 percent more likely to          Institute of Child Health and Human
widely available. Many people live             Boys and girls were equal-                 Lundgren                    Stoesz             woman and her doctor to decide based
nowhere near a therapist; or if they                                                                                                                                                    develop high blood pressure during              Development, along with her co-authors
                                            ly likely to have vision prob-                                                               on her personal risk factors and prefer-       pregnancy than volunteers taking place-         Dr AgustÌn Conde-Agudelo and Dr
do, the time commitment of meeting          lems, as were kids of different                                                              ences.                                         bo pills.                                       Roberto Romero. “It is likely that
with a therapist, or the price tag, may
be too much.
                                            ethnicities. However, kids
                                            that were “low birthweight”
                                                                                                Health                                      But the USPSTF recommendations                 Preeclampsia, which is characterized         although oxidative stress seems to play
                                                                                                                                         flew in the face of many years of aggres-      by high blood pressure, protein in the          a major role in the disease of
   So for the new study, published in       babies — discerned from                                                                      sive PR campaigns, and met staunch             urine and swelling, occurs in about 5           preeclampsia, it may not play a major
the      American        Journal     of     government health records                HIV on rise in ex-communist bloc:                                                                  percent of American pregnancies every           role in the pathway that leads to
                                            — had an increased risk of                                                                   resistance from advocacy groups, news          year. If left untreated, it can lead to         preeclampsia.”
Gastroenterology,              Swedish                                               More must be done to stem HIV/AIDS in               organizations and medical groups alike.
researchers tested a Web-based pro-         vision problems, compared to             Eastern Europe, as infections continue to
                                            those born at a normal                                                                          To find out what women themselves
gram they developed.                                                                 spiral in nations in the region, notably            think, Dr Autumn Davidson and her col-
   They randomly assigned 195               weight.                                                                                                                                     mography is a painful experience, and at        perception of how common breast cancer
                                                                                     Russia, experts warned on Friday.                   leagues gave questionnaires to 247
adults with IBS to either cognitive            The overall rate of vision               “Western Europe, including southern                                                             least one in two who are screened annu-         is and to what extent screening is helpful.
                                            problems seen in this study is                                                               women in their 40s, who came to the            ally throughout their 40s will trigger a        On the other hand, the groups have
behavioral therapy or a stress man-                                                  states like Portugal that used to cause a lot of    hospital for an annual well-woman
                                            similar to what has been                 worry on HIV years ago, have been showing                                                          false alarm — that is, the mammogram            undersold the potential harms of screen-
agement program, both of which              shown in studies of young                                                                    exam.
were delivered online over 10                                                        to world that prevention is possible,” Danish                                                      shows a suspicious mass that turns out          ing.
                                            kids in the US, the authors              specialist Jens Lundgren told the wrap-up              More than eight out of 10 of the            not to be dangerous.                               “To encourage women to have mam-
weeks. Patients in both groups read         note.                                                                                        woman said they wanted yearly mammo-
self-help texts and sent messages                                                    session of a three-day conference in the                                                              In the meantime, the woman has gone          mography there have been some fairly
                                               Varma, who led one of                 Estonian capital Tallinn.                           grams, felt the new USPSTF guidelines                                                          strong public relations campaigns,” he
back and forth with an “online ther-        those US studies, said that                                                                                                                 through additional testing, which expos-
                                                                                        “But in eastern Europe the epidemic              were unsafe, and wouldn’t delay screen-        es her to more radiation, and sometimes         said, “For instance, there has been one in
apist.”                                     together such results show                                                                   ing until they turned 50.
   In the end, a majority of patients       that for kids with vision prob-          keeps spreading,” he warned an audience of                                                         had a painful, invasive and expensive           the past saying that if you’re not having
                                                                                     500 fellow experts.                                    Most of them also had an inflated           biopsy done.                                    annual mammography you need more
in each group said they were having         lems, getting eye glasses                                                                    sense of their breast cancer risk. On aver-
                                            quickly is essential for the                “We need more testing that will help to                                                            “Some women respond with increased           than your breast examined.”
“adequate relief” of IBS pain and                                                    limit the spread of HIV and will also help          age, they put US women’s lifetime risk
discomfort. But six months later, the       long run — as some of those
                                                                                     those with the virus to get proper treatment        of developing the disease at 37 percent.       stress and anxiety and apprehension,”                         Recommends
cognitive behavioral group was far-         problems may get much                                                                                                                       LeFevre told Reuters Health. “The deci-            Elizabeth Thompson, president of
                                            worse with time if left untreat-         in time,” he added.                                    Here’s what scientists agree on: over
ing better: 65 percent still thought                                                    United Nations figures show that Eastern         their lifetime, 12 percent, or one in eight    sion should be an individual one.”              Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a large
their symptoms were under control,          ed.                                                                                                                                            A typical breast biopsy procedure,
                                               Kids develop eye problems             Europe and Central Asia is the only region          women, will get breast cancer.                                                                 advocacy group based in Dallas, Texas,
versus 44 percent of the stress man-                                                 where the incidence of HIV clearly remains             According to Dr Michael LeFevre of          stereotactic core biopsy, costs $2,000 or       said her organization worried that
                                            for a number of reasons,                                                                                                                    more. Surgical biopsies involve general
agement group.                              some possibly preventable                on the rise.                                        the USPSTF, about 30 out of 1,000 40-                                                          USPSTF’s new recommendations would
   The findings suggest that                and others not.                             According to the World Health                    year-olds will die from the disease in the     anesthesia and higher costs. About four         prevent women in their 40s from being
“patients can be guided by an online           “I think that some of it is           Organisation, there were over 100,000 new           absence of screening.                          in five women referred for biopsy based         reimbursed for screening.
psychologist in their work and do           certainly hereditary or genet-           infections in the region in 2008.                      If screening is started at 50 and done      on suspicious mammograms turn out to               The group, along with many others,
not need to schedule weekly visits at       ic,” said Dr Michael Repka, of              The annual number of reported new cases          every two years until the women hit 75,        not have cancer.                                recommends that women in their 40s
a psychologist’s office,” lead              the Wilmer Eye Institute at              is relatively stable in the West with around                                                          Yet, according to the new survey,            should have a mammogram every year
                                                                                     20 000 cases annually, but volatile and             seven of those deaths would be prevent-
researcher Brjann Ljotsson, of the          Johns Hopkins.                                                                               ed. Starting at age 40 instead would           women who’d had false-positive results          starting at age 40 if they are at average
Karolinska Institute in Stockholm,             “There is at least some               increasing in the East with four times more                                                        were less likely to want to delay screen-
                                                                                     new cases diagnosed annually.                       stave off one additional death.                                                                risk.
told Reuters Health in an email.            suggestion that there are                                                                       From an individual woman’s point of         ing until they turned 50 — perhaps                 “Our advice is always to talk with their
   The study is a “step in the right        environmental        influences,            The number of people living with HIV in
                                                                                     the region almost tripled between 2000 and          view, that extra risk reduction is real, but   because they get extra worried about            doctors about their risk,” said Thompson.
direction” to making cognitive              both in terms of diet and                                                                    quite small. And it comes with a price         breast cancer, suggested LeFevre.               “Forty percent of the women who are eli-
                                            other exposures,” Repka,                 2009, hitting an estimated 1.4 million,
behavioral therapy more accessible,                                                  according to data from UNAIDS.                      tag.                                              In his view, LeFevre said, advocacy          gible to be screened aren’t being
according to Jeffrey M. Lackner of          who was not involved in the
                                            current study, told Reuters                 Russia and Ukraine accounted for nearly             For some women, LeFevre said, mam-          groups have given women an unrealistic          screened.”
the State University of New York at                                                  90 percent of newly-reported HIV infec-
Buffalo, who was not involved in the        Health.
                                                                                     tions. In Russia, 37 percent of the country’s       government for Medicaid, the health pro-       Planned Parenthood. The law is scheduled to     ly available for comment. Daugaard
work.                                                                                1.8 million injecting drug users are living
   “We need to develop effective and                                                                                                     gram for the poor.                             take effect on July 1.                          spokesman Joe Kafka has said the restriction
                                                                                     with HIV.(AFP)                                         The three-day waiting period would be          A spokesperson for the South Dakota
efficient ways to treat IBS, and that’s                                                                                                                                                                                                 requires women to put “a little more thought
                                          approved Optimer Pharmaceuticals’                            ❑ ❑ ❑                             the longest in the country, according to       attorney general’s office was not immediate-    and a little additional time” into the abortion
what this study was aimed at,” said       drug Dificid to treat diarrhea associat-
Lackner, who has studied cognitive        ed with clostridium difficile (CDAD).      S. Dakota sued over abortion:                                                                                                                      decision. (RTRS)
behavioral therapy for managing the          Clostridium difficile is a bacteria
                                                                                     Planned Parenthood sued South Dakota on                                                                                                                             ❑ ❑ ❑
condition.                                                                           Friday over a law that imposes a 72-hour
                                          naturally present in the gut of chil-      waiting period for women seeking abortions.                                                                                                        China orders death penalty: China’s
   In his own work, Lackner has           dren and adults and can cause colitis          The law also requires women to get coun-                                                                                                       top court has ordered capital punishment for
found that both traditional face-to-      and other intestinal conditions.           seling from what Planned Parenthood calls                                                                                                          food safety crimes that result in fatalities, as
face counseling and therapy that relies      The safety and efficacy of the drug     an “anti-abortion” crisis pregnancy center.                                                                                                        the nation battles a wave of scares over
mostly on at-home, self-help materi-      were demonstrated in two trials,           Planned Parenthood provides reproductive                                                                                                           tainted foodstuffs.
als can help some people with IBS.        where Dificid was compared with            health services, including abortions.                                                                                                                 In notice on Friday the Supreme People’s
   But there are still questions,         vancomycin, a common antibiotic                “This law goes farther than any others in                                                                                                      Court urged harsher penalties for manufac-
according to Lackner.                     used to treat CDAD, the US Food            the country in intruding on the doctor-patient                                                                                                     turers who produce tainted foodstuffs and
   One is the fact that there are dif-    and Drug Administration said in a          relationship, and putting women and fami-                                                                                                          for food inspectors convicted of dereliction
ferent forms of cognitive behavioral      statement.                                 lies at risk,” said Sarah Stoesz, president                                                                                                        of duty.
therapy. “We don’t really know               In a separate statement, Optimer        and chief executive of Planned Parenthood,                                                                                                            “Those food safety crimes leading to
whether one form is better than oth-      said Dificid is the only FDA-              Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota.                                                                                                             fatalities or any other serious aftermath
ers for IBS,” Lackner said.               approved antibacterial drug proven to      The federal suit calls the law unconstitution-                                                                                                     should be sentenced to death in accordance
   The therapy used in the current        be superior to vancomycin in sus-          al.                                                                                                                                                with the law,” the notice said.
study is based on the idea that people    tained clinical response for CDAD.             The South Dakota law is part of a wave                                                                                                            The order was issued after China elimi-
with IBS often become fearful about          The most common side effects            of anti-abortion laws being passed in states                                                                                                       nated capital punishment for some economic
developing symptoms and then              reported included nausea, headache,        with majority conservative legislatures as a                                                                                                       crimes in February, as it moved to curb use
avoid things, like a certain food or      abdominal pain and diarrhea.               result of the 2010 elections. Republican leg-                                                                                                      of the death penalty in a nation believed to
                                                                                     islators tend to favor abortion restrictions.                                                                                                      execute more people than the rest of the
physical activity, they think could          Shares of the San-Diego,                    Another law being challenged in court is
trigger symptoms.                         California-based company, which                                                                                                                                                               world combined.
                                                                                     an Indiana measure which cuts federal fund-                                                                                                           But a wave of food scares seems to have
             ❑ ❑ ❑                        closed at $12.98 on Nasdaq, were           ing for Planned Parenthood. Planned                 Maria Dulce Pacho, 93, speaks with her husband Victor Ramon Feria, 92,                         prompted the harsher penalties as safety
                                          trading up 5.3 percent at $13.75 on        Parenthood of Indiana claims the law, the           before a meeting of the 120 Years Club at the National hotel in Havana, Cuba,
Diarrhea drug: US health regulators                                                                                                                                                                                                     problems continue despite government
                                          Friday in extended trade.                  first of its kind in the country, puts Indiana at   May 26. Cuba hosted the 9th International Congress for Satisfactory Longevity                  promises to clean up the food industry fol-
                                                                                     risk of losing its funding from the federal                                     last May 25-27. (AP)                                               lowing a deadly 2008 milk scandal. (AFP)

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