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                                                                                                          Did You Know?
                                                       make it easy for you to purchase and sell          Satisfaction Guaranteed with 100% Return Policy
                                                       back your textbooks. Ordering online               MBS Direct guarantees your satisfaction with a
                                                       is the fastest and easiest method of acquiring     100% return policy. If you should need to return
                                                       your textbooks. In addition, when you order        your books, you can do so within 14 days after the
                                                       online, you will be able to take advantage         start of class or the date your order was placed;
                                                       of money-saving used books and eBooks.             whichever is later.
                                                       Please note that all mail and fax orders are
                                                                                                          Selling Your Books Back is Simple
                                                                                                          At the end of the semester, you can create a
                                                                                                          buyback quote online and print a pre-paid
                                                       How to Order
                                                                                                          shipping label when you log into your Online
                                                                                                          Bookstore. Simply ship your books and quote to
                                                       Visit to access your school’s
                                                                                                          MBS using the pre-paid shipping label,
MBS Direct appreciates your business and strives       Online Bookstore and to order new and used
                                                                                                          and a check will be mailed directly to you.
   to provide you with the best selection, pricing,    books by class schedule. This is the fastest and
                                                                                                          Buyback services are provided by MBS Service
                        and service in the industry.   easiest way to order your books.
                                                                                                          Company, Inc. (MBS).
     We will guarantee a buyback amount on             Call us at 800-325-3252 to place your order with   Customer Loyalty Bonus Gives You More
    some of our most popular textbook titles.          one of our representatives 24 hours a day,         Get more money for your used textbooks from
    Guaranteed Buyback will display The True           7 days a week.                                     MBS. When classes are over, don’t keep
  Cost of Ownership of those course materials                                                             lugging those old books around. Sell them while
                                                       Fax or Mail
   for the academic term by showing you the                                                               they are in demand! When you sell back your in-
                                                       Complete the Order Form and fax it to
                                                                                                          demand used books, you’ll receive top-dollar,
                                                       800-499-0143 or mail it to:
                                                                                                          plus an additional buyback bonus for being a
                                                           MBS Direct                                     loyal customer. The Customer Loyalty Program is
                                                           2805 Falling Leaf Lane
                                                                                                          just one more way we are working to earn your
                                                           Columbia, MO 65201

                                                                                                          Got Questions?
                                                                                                          Contact MBS Direct Customer Service at
                                                                                                          800-325-3252 or email us at
                                                               q Contact Information (please print):
                                                               Student Name (Last, First):                                                                                                      Date:
                                                               Business Name:

 College Order Form                                            Ship-to Address*:                                                                                                                Suite #:
                                                               *Please supply a street address for UPS delivery. If you are shipping to a business address, please provide the business name and suite number when applicable.
 Please Note: Mail and fax orders are                           P.O. Box orders will be shipped via Priority Mail.

 limited to new materials only.                                City:                                                             State:                                                         Zip Code:
                                                               Email*:                                                                                                                         *Email required for buyback quotes and shipping information.
   q Complete contact information
                                                               Home Phone:                                                       Alternate Phone:                                               Fax Number:
   w Enter method of payment
                                                               School Name:                                                                                                                     Site Location:
   e Complete the Order Form
   r Mail or fax completed order form to:                      w Method of Payment (select one):
        MBS Direct                                                Check or Money Order—enclosed made payable to MBS Direct                                            • $25 returned check fee             • Sorry, starter checks not accepted
        2805 Falling Leaf Lane
                                                                  Credit Card (select one below):
        Columbia, MO 65201
                                                                           MasterCard                  Visa                    Discover                          American Express
        Fax: 800-499-0143
        International Fax: 573-446-5254
                                                               Credit Card Number:                 –    –    –                                                                          Expiration Date:         /
To calculate your shipping cost, please visit

To request a quote, including shipping charges, be created
and emailed to you, contact MBS Direct Customer Service at:    e Order Form
        Phone: 800-325-3252                                                 Course ID                       Start Date                 Item Title (ISBN)                            Author                     Edition Quantity            New Price
        International Phone: 573-441-9179

                                                              Please Note:Orders are shipped within 1 business                                                                                                Sub Total Amount
                                                              day of receipt, Monday - Friday. Orders to be
 FOR OFFICE USE ONLY                                          shipped by air, if received before 11:00 AM CDT/  UPS Ground                     Next Day UPS                     (Missouri Residents add 3.325% tax)        Sales Tax
                                                              CST, will go out the same day, weekends and                                                                                                                    Shipping
 DATE:                       INIT:                                                                              2nd Day UPS                    Priority Mail          (Calculate shipping at
                                                              holidays excluded. To expedite order fulfillment,
 TIME:                       ORDER#:                          payment by credit card or money order is                                                                                                              Total Amount

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