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									Celestial Awakenings
 by Julie O
 edited by Amelia R.

 Chapter 1
 Celeste Farnsworth was reading the morning paper when Dr. Nancy Chen joined
 her for breakfast in the dining room of her Southampton estate. A short,
 middle-aged woman with raven hair brought in a fresh pot of coffee.
 "Good morning, Celeste," greeted Nancy, as she sat down next to the pretty
 young woman with auburn hair.
 "Good morning. Looks like you were up late again," commented Celeste. "Thank
 you, Ina."
 The older woman turned and smiled and exited.
 "Actually, I never went to bed," yawned Nancy, as she poured herself a cup of
 "Who were you up with?" asked Celeste, putting down the paper.
 "Tina," replied Nancy. She took a long sip of her coffee.
 "Oh," replied Celeste with a nod.
 Six weeks earlier Tina had been working as a sex-slave in a Tokyo nightclub.
 Tina had been originally sold to a rich businessman in Texas named Jack
 Rockford, but he tired of her and sold her to the club. He had bought Tina
 from the Simons, a depraved husband and wife team that abducted teens and then
 transformed them into personalized sex toys. Tina had once been a teenage boy
 and now she was ultra-feminized. Her small penis was the only reminder of her
 previous life.
 Tina was now one of three ex-captive teens undergoing therapy and recovery at
 Celeste's Long Island estate. Celeste felt a shiver of fear rush through her
 body as she thought of the horrors that Tina had experienced in her three
 years of captivity. She knew that Tina's fate might have easily been hers, as
 she too had been abducted and transformed by the same monsters. In fact, Tina
 had been abducted around the same time that she had been. Luckily, Celeste had
 been purchased by Sherman Farnsworth, who had eventually become her husband.
 Thankfully, the Simons were now in prison and all the teens had been
 recovered. That was the good news. The bad news was that most of teens had a
 long journey ahead of them. The Simons had physically and mentally transformed
 them. Add to that the abuses of their captors and you had a lot of issues to
 "Tina blames herself for what happened. She says that if she had served him
 better then he wouldn't have had to send her to Japan," explained Nancy. "She
 wants to go back to her original 'owner'."
 Dr. Nancy Chen was the lead therapist for the three teens undergoing therapy
 at Celeste's estate. She was 29, and this was the biggest assignment of her
 career. Nancy was born and raised in San Francisco and had graduated from USC,
 much to her father's mock disgust, being he was a Stanford alumnus. Upon
 graduation she had been recruited by the agency and, to her great delight, she
 was assigned to the New York City office. She loved the bustle of New York and
the assignments were never dull. In addition to providing therapy to her
fellow agents, she was often brought in as a consultant on cases. She had
published several papers on the psychological effects of crime on the victims.
"I wish I could do more to help," replied Celeste softly.
Nancy looked at the beautiful young woman sitting across from her. She looked
like so many of the other young socialites that lived in Southampton. Celeste
was dressed in a white silk blouse and jeans and she still made that look
fashionable. She had lovely auburn hair that fell down on her slender
shoulders. You never would have guessed that she had once been a teenage boy.
"Celeste, you've done more than you can imagine. The use of your home has been
a huge help. I cannot imagine what it would be like for these victims if they
had been put into an institution," replied Nancy.
One of the biggest problems facing the authorities had been what to do with
the rescued victims. Several sites were quickly selected to place them and
allow them to recover. Nancy was assigned as the lead therapist for three of
the victims. She was also there to help Celeste should she need it.
Many of the teens were suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome and they fought
their rescuers, either physically or by resisting efforts to help them. Slowly
some came out of the fog caused by their captivity and faced a new problem.
There was the added dilemma of their bodies. The boys had all been feminized,
using a very potent hormonal mixture. Additionally, many had been changed by
surgery. The therapists had to balance their mental and physical recoveries.
Celeste had offered her home as one of these sites. In addition to the use of
her home, she had brought in medical experts to assist in the rehab of the
"I just want to help," replied Celeste.
"If you don't mind, I would like to know more about you," asked Nancy.
"Why?" asked Celeste.
"Margo Simon used some mind control techniques that are very hard to counter,"
stated Nancy as she took another sip of her coffee.
"And you want to know why I turned out okay?" asked Celeste.
Nancy nodded.
"That's a long story. I think part of it is because I always wanted to be a
girl. The others have the whole gender thing to resolve," replied Celeste. "I
only had to overcome the slave training."
"Oh, is that all!" quipped Nancy.
Celeste smiled. She was fast becoming friends with Nancy. In fact, Nancy was
her first real female friend.
"Don't sell yourself short. I've seen what the Simons were capable of.
According to her chart, Bébé wasn't even through half her training and she is
totally submissive. I wish she would do anything without being told to first,"
stated Nancy. "Dot is still totally devoted to Margo. I sure wish they had
taught a class on deprogramming at USC."
Bébé had once been Randy Horton of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. He was in his
junior year of a very expensive prep school when he was abducted. Now he was a
very submissive and obedient French maid. He could barely speak English, and
 when he did it was heavily accented. Dot was once a boy named Eric Larsen,
 although there was little left of her old personality.
 "You sound a little frustrated," interjected Celeste.
 "I am. I cannot believe that Margo could be so evil," answered Nancy.
 "Why not have Bébé work with Ina for now?" suggested Celeste.
 "You mean add her to your staff?" replied Nancy.
 Celeste laughed. "My staff? I really don't see Ina as a servant. Seriously, if
 all Bébé wants to do is serve, let her work. Gradually she may start to loosen
 Nancy scrutinized Celeste. "You sure you don't want to be a therapist?"
 Celeste shook her head.
 "How would Ina feel about this?" asked Nancy.
 "She is fine with the idea. I talked to her about it last night," smiled
 Nancy nodded. "I'll run it by Jenna first." Jenna was the lead therapist for
 the agency and a good friend of Nancy's. In fact, Jenna had been the one who
 recruited Nancy into the agency. "By the way, I still want to know your
 Celeste smiled. "It's such a nice morning, let's go outside and sit out on the

 Chapter 2
 "This is my favorite spot on the whole property," stated Celeste as she sat
 down on the white wicker chair. The view from the deck was spectacular as it
 overlooked the white sand beach and rolling surf of the Atlantic.
 Nancy sat down next to her. "It is lovely."
 "I guess the best place to start would be back when I was Jeremy Green,"
 stated Celeste. "It's funny, but that name seems so foreign to me now."
 Nancy sat back and waited for Celeste to begin.
 "I was the only child of two very ambitious people. Both wanted me to follow
 in their footsteps. It was as if I would be their legacy, and I never really
 got the impression that they truly loved me. You know that my father is in the
 Air Force and that my mother is a professor at Georgetown?"
 "Yes, I remember," replied Nancy.
 "He wanted me to apply to the Academy. That's not true. He expected - rather
 make that, he DEMANDED that I apply to the Academy. I think he wanted to
 impress the others that his son was going to follow his career path. What I
 wanted wasn't part of the formula. Nancy, look at me. I actually weigh more
 now than I did as Jeremy!" stated Celeste with a laugh.
 Nancy ran her eyes over the petite young woman and smiled as she tried to
 picture Jeremy.
 "I liked sports, but not to compete. I only played when it was fun and that
 pissed him off too. And while he knew I needed good grades, he didn't like the
 idea that I was so into my studies," continued Celeste. "He couldn't
 understand why I would read for fun!"
 "What about your mom?" asked Nancy.
 "You mean Mother! She never let me call her Mom, that was way too casual for
 her. She didn't feel that I worked hard enough for her standards. Every grade
 on every assignment was scrutinized. I dreaded bringing home any grade less
 than an A+," answered Celeste angrily.
 "Did they suspect that you were transgendered?" asked Nancy.
 She shook her head no. "I doubt it. They were too interested in their own
 agendas. Father thought I was a sissy, but nothing beyond that. Mother was
 never interested in anything I did outside of the classroom," replied Celeste
 softly. Her head dropped down.
 Nancy reached over and took Celeste's hand in hers.
 Celeste smiled back at Nancy. "Thank you." She then wiped away a tear.
 "It's okay to cry," replied Nancy.
 "I know," answered Celeste, as she sniffled. "Anyway, I fought the feelings
 that I wanted to be a girl for a long time before I gave in."
 "When did they start?"
 "I always knew I was different, but I guess they hit hardest when I reached
 Nancy nodded.
 "I soon had a mismatch of women's clothes hidden in a trunk in my bedroom
 closet. As both Mother and Father had busy schedules, I had plenty of time
 alone to dress. I often spent the whole weekend dressed as a girl," explained
 Celeste. "That was the only time I was really happy." She broke out in a
 "What did you call yourself?" asked Nancy.
 "Jennie," replied Celeste, as she began to blush.
 "That's a good name. I take it Sherman named you Celeste," stated Nancy.
 "Yes. He named me after an old friend of his. She was the first woman who
 helped him dress as a woman," explained Celeste. "I like my name a lot."
 "Did you go beyond dressing?" asked Nancy.
 "No. I never even left the house as Jennie. I wanted to shave my legs and grow
 my hair long, but that was impossible," answered Celeste. "I was afraid of
 being caught."
 Nancy nodded. She had worked with transgendered youth and Celeste's story was
 "Then I was abducted. The funny thing was that I was on my way home to dress!"
 explained Celeste. She smiled at the irony of the situation. "My parents were
 both out of town and I had the house all to myself."
 Nancy nodded. She had read the police file on Jeremy's abduction. He was
 grabbed on a Friday afternoon and he wasn't reported missing until after the
 school called his parents on Monday. Within a year after his disappearance,
 Jeremy's family had him declared legally dead. Nancy found it was odd that
 they had so quickly accepted Jeremy as dead. After the arrest of the Simons,
 they had been contacted by the authorities and told that Jeremy was alive,
 although he was now a female. They were totally unaccepting that Jeremy was
 alive and they insisted that "their Jeremy" was dead. They initially refused
 to even talk to Celeste/Jeremy.
 "Have you talked to your parents at all since your abduction?" asked Nancy.
 "Once, after Ally Burns informed them that I'd been found. They were shocked
 and then dismayed and they didn't want to talk to me. They finally agreed to
 talk to me after Ally called them back. I called and talked to Mother and we
 had a short polite conversation. She acknowledged my existence and then told
 me not to call her ever again. Father refused to talk to me at all. They both
 saw me as dead, and that fit into their lives better. My 'death' gave them
 status as grieving parents. My being alive as Celeste created waves in their
 orderly lives," explained Celeste. "How would their friends react if their
 'dead son' suddenly showed up alive and was now a woman? It would be
 "How do you feel about their rejection?" asked Nancy.
 Celeste shrugged her shoulders. "I'm fine with it," she answered in a matter
 of fact way.
 Nancy stared at her. "If you don't mind, I'd like to give you my professional
 Celeste nodded her okay.
 "You're full of shit," quipped Nancy. She then got serious. "Be honest, how do
 you really feel?"
 Celeste looked back at Nancy and began to tremble slightly, her lips began to
 quiver, and then the tears started. Nancy got up and hugged and held her as
 she cried.
 Celeste held on tightly and cried. "They never asked if I was okay. They never
 asked if I was happy. They're just ashamed of me! My own parents, and they're
 ashamed of me!"
 Nancy didn't say a word. She just allowed Celeste to cry and let out her pent
 up emotions. She was angry with Celeste's parents. They hadn't a clue about
 the lovely young woman who was now their daughter. Celeste was already a
 better person than either could hope to be.
 After a long and draining cry, Celeste began to wipe her eyes. "I guess that
 was long overdue. Thank you."
 "You're welcome."
 "You mind if we talk about the abduction another time?" asked Celeste.
 "No, not at all," answered Nancy.
 "Thanks. I think that's enough emotion for one day," smiled Celeste.

 Chapter 3
 Later that evening, Nancy was reviewing her charts for the three ex-captives.
 While she was the lead therapist, each teen had a fulltime therapist assigned
 to them. Suicide was a real fear, as was substance abuse.
 The goal of the therapy was to get the ex-captives back into a stable life.
 They knew that for many of the ex-captives that would be difficult. But the
 therapists were prepared to help them find a path for the rest of their lives.
 Nancy knew that many of the feminized boys accepted their lives as female and
 she was happy that the policy was not to force them back. In fact, part of the
 recovery funds was set-aside for any of the teens that wanted SRS.
She started with Tina; formerly Phillip Lennox of Boston, Mass. Phillip had
been abducted three years earlier. In school, Phillip was a top student and
musician. He played several instruments, including the piano. He also wrote
poetry. Nancy hoped to re-spark Tina's interest in these things. So far, she
had shown no desire to even touch a piano, but one was available to her. Nancy
also ensured that Tina's room had a writing desk, with lots of stationery and
Tina fully accepted her life as a female, and it was just as well that she
did, thought Nancy. Thomas Simon had performed extensive plastic surgery on
her body, and it was unlikely that she could ever look male again, unless she
subjected herself to more extensive and heroic surgery.
Fortunately, Tina had been made very beautiful. Her face had been radically
changed and she now looked like a model. Nancy compared photos of Tina and
Phillip. They looked like two different people. Tina had a new petite nose,
high cheekbones, and thick exotic lips. Additionally, Thomas had shaved her
trachea and performed surgery on her jaw. Her chin was less prominent now too.
Thomas hadn't stopped with her face. He had removed two ribs to give her a
smaller waist. Additionally, he had given Tina special hormonal injections
that increased her breast size to 36 E breasts.
Tina's hair was presently bleached blonde. Nancy asked her what her original
hair color had been and Tina said that she really couldn't remember. She told
Nancy that Jack had her change her hair color often. The Japanese club manager
wanted her strictly as a blonde. Nancy told her that it was now her choice.
The idea of having a choice was confusing to Tina, as it was for many of the
Then there was the issue with the hormone mixture that Margo used on all her
feminized teens. Nancy knew that a team of endocrinologists was studying the
formula as it had several strange properties. First was that it stayed in the
system for an extremely long time. While it sterilized the teens, it left them
with both the ability to achieve an erection and the ability to achieve
orgasm. It also resisted all efforts to cleanse the body of it. The experts
were also checking to see if it had somehow permanently affected their testes,
or if they might have had ovarian tissue implanted in them. Of course, Margo
offered no help whatsoever. She seemed pleased that her formulas, like her
mental techniques, were also baffling the experts.
Nancy continued to review the file on Tina. Initially she was owned by Jack
Rockford. He had wanted a trophy wife, but had treated her more like a
mistress. He had requested the specifics of her facial surgery and sexual
training. He wanted her to be extremely oral in nature. After a year, he tired
of her and sold her to the owner of the club in Tokyo. Thankfully, Margo had
kept extensive records, which lead to his arrest. He was now sitting in a
federal prison. The Japanese club owner was not charged, as he released the
teen without any trouble. Nancy, like many others in the agency, felt
frustration that so many of the foreign captors weren't being charged by their
respective countries.
Tina had been given a full physical and fortunately she was extremely healthy.
Not all the ex-captives were as lucky, thought Nancy. Several were being
treated for STDs and at least two were HIV positive. All the teens would get a
second battery of tests, and Nancy expected more to be positive. Her anger
towards the Simons and their customers grew with each passing day. At least
the teen would be receiving the best medical care possible. The Simon's'
massive bankroll was paying for that.
Tina was also lucky in that one of her parents wanted her back. Her mother was
very understanding and was kept updated on her progress. She was also willing
to give Nancy time to help her child. Tina's dad was angry and had totally
rejected the idea that Tina was once his son. Tina was devastated by this; and
it only made her long for her original owner. Nancy imagined that he was now
seen as a father figure.
That was something else that amazed and shocked Nancy - the parental
reactions. Almost thirty percent of the parents wanted nothing to do with
their teens. Some blamed the teen for their own abduction and others were
horrified by what the teens had to do while in captivity.
Nancy had watched as Jenna tried to explain to some parents that their
daughter had no choice in becoming a sex-slave. The parents claimed that if
she had prayed more, then she would have been able to resist. Nancy wanted to
explain that teens with strong faith were more likely to be controlled, as it
was often used against them, but it was no use.
Nancy had no intention of trying to turn Tina back into Philip. She did want
to break her attachment to her previous "owner." There was also the issue with
her addiction to sex. Nancy didn't want to see her back working in some club
or worse. Presently, Tina was content to stay female, and Nancy decided not to
interfere with her decision. It was more important that Tina broke free from
her desire to be a sex slave.
Bébé, on the other hand, was not into sex at all. The raid on the Maryland
farm had happened before that phase of her training started. Bébé was very
content with her feminized status and was very anxious to please. Maybe
Celeste was right, thought Nancy. Put Bébé to work as a fulltime servant, and
hopefully she would rebel. It was an unorthodox approach, but then these
weren't exactly textbook cases.
Nancy e-mailed another therapist who was having some success with breaking the
captives of speaking with a foreign accent. He was making progress in helping
a girl lose her programmed Dutch accent.
Celeste was right about another thing. The girls who had been captive were
recovering faster than the feminized boys. They had fewer obstacles to deal
with than the boys. True, many of the girls needed corrective surgery, but it
was less radical than the boys. The biggest request from many of the girls was
breast reduction surgery.
Bébé's parents were very understanding. They only wanted their child to be
happy and healthy, and if their son was happier as a girl then they could live
with that. She updated them regularly with Bébé's progress. Too bad Celeste's
parents were such fools, Nancy thought.
As with Tina, Nancy ensured that Bébé had access to things she used to do as
Randy. Nancy had stocked Bébé's room with books by Randy's favorite authors.
She also installed a computer with several of Randy's favorite computer games.
Hopefully something would break Bébé out of her submissive nature.
She reviewed Bébé's record and found that Randy had been considered the class
clown and had been disruptive in class many times. That was a good sign, as it
meant that Bébé hadn't always been passive.
Maybe if they put Bébé on a very strict schedule, she would try to break away.
Nancy decided she would sit down with Celeste and Ina tomorrow and work out a
Next Nancy reviewed the file on the last teen. Before she started she refilled
her mug with coffee.

Chapter 4
Dot was the third teen recovering at Celeste's estate. She had once been Eric
Larsen of Washington, DC. Eric had been abducted a year earlier, but there was
little of Eric left in the beautiful young woman named Dot. Margo had taken
great pains to mold and transform Eric into Dot.
Dot had been rescued from the Maryland farm that the Simons used to train and
transform their slaves. Dot had been due to be sold to a brothel on a private
island off the coast of Greece. In another week she would have been delivered
for the price of 2 million dollars.
In addition to Dot's hormonal treatments, she had received some rather radical
surgery. She still had a penis, although it was now very small. It was barely
an inch long when aroused. The rest of Dot's body was exquisite. It was as if
an artist had created her.
Dot had long raven hair. Like the other teens, the rest of her body was
perfectly smooth and hairless. Her figure was 38D-24-36. Dot was very aware of
her body and exercised several hours every day to maintain her figure.
Part of Margo's programming had been to make Dot love being naked and to show
off her body suggestively. Dot fought all efforts to clothe her, and even now,
after six weeks of therapy, they couldn't get her to stay dressed. Nancy
suspected that Margo had programmed Dot with a code word that, when spoken,
would give Dot permission to wear clothes. However, as with all issues related
to the teens, Margo was completely uncooperative.
Dot was also highly sexual. That was one of the reasons why she was segregated
from the other teens. Dot and her therapist were living in a guest cottage on
the estate. Dot had finally stopped trying to seduce her therapist, Dr. Sarah
Crowe. However, whenever Dot was with someone new, she immediately tried to
engage him or her in sexual activity. Dot didn't want sex for her own
pleasure, rather she seemed to be driven to please her partner. Actually
please wasn't a strong enough term. Dot was obsessed with the pleasure of her
partner. Her own pleasure didn't seem to matter. Like most of the teens, Dot
was bisexual.
Margo's computer files showed that she used Dot regularly for her own sexual
gratification. That must be why Dot views sexually pleasing her partner as so
important, thought Nancy.
Sarah was starting to make progress in terms of the sexual activity. However,
she insisted that, for the meantime, Dot be kept segregated from the others.
Dot was also fitted with a tracking device around her ankle. Three times she
had tried to escape, the last time was just two days ago.
Nancy filled her coffee cup from the carafe as she continued to read Sarah's
report. Sarah had experience in deprogramming teens that had been in cults. In
fact she was one of the recognized experts in this field and she wasn't
optimistic concerning Dot's recovery.
Sarah was very frustrated by the techniques used by Margo. There was little,
if any, of Eric's personality left. It was as if Margo had rewritten it, as
one did a computer program. Eric had been a top scholar. He played several
musical instruments and was an active reader. Dot wanted nothing to do with
any of these. She seemed only concerned with sexual pleasure and her body. Dot
was interested in dancing, and Sarah hoped she could use this as a way to
break Margo's programming.
Eric's family life had been less than perfect. Both parents seemed more
interested in their careers and personal wealth than their son. It seemed
likely that he'd been an unplanned and unwelcome interruption of their busy
lives. Neither parent seemed that close to Eric, and that was probably why
he'd spent so much of his life in boarding schools and summer camps
When later informed that their child had been recovered his parents seemed
strangely reserved, as if they were afraid of something. Nancy knew something
was wrong, but couldn't put her finger on what it was. Perhaps the fact that
Margo was the only person who'd ever paid personal attention to him might
explain why Dot was so devoted to her.

Nancy closed the report and let out a long sigh. She couldn't understand how
anyone could be so cruel as to deliberately damage another human being so
severely. Nancy logged onto her computer and finished her weekly report to

Chapter 5
"I need to go into the city today to see my lawyer. Do you need anything?"
Celeste asked Nancy the following morning.
"Actually, if you don't mind, I'd like to ride in with you," replied Nancy. "I
need to swing by my office."
Celeste broke out in a smile. "Cool! But you must let me buy you lunch!"
Nancy nodded. It was funny, she thought. Celeste acted so proper and refined
most of the time, but every now and then she slipped.
Celeste and Nancy sat in the back of the limo for the drive into Manhattan.
Celeste was wearing a navy two-piece suit and a white silk blouse. Nancy was
wearing a similar dark brown outfit.
"I hate wearing this suit, but I do have an image to uphold," quipped Celeste.
Nancy laughed. "I know the feeling!"
"I guess this would be a good time to continue my story," volunteered Celeste.
"Don't worry about Michael. He is trustworthy." Celeste pointed toward the
limo driver, behind the screen.
Nancy nodded. She was impressed with all of Celeste's staff. All apparently
knew about her status, and they were fiercely protective of her.
"Anyway, I was walking home from school when I was grabbed. I remembered a
dart hitting me in the leg. A van opened up and I was grabbed. I passed out
before they drove away. When I woke up, I was naked in a cell."
"I saw the cells when I toured the farm," stated Nancy. She was shocked when
she saw the initial cells. They were all gray in color and the only piece of
furniture was a cot, with gray sheets. All light was controlled from the
outside, as was ventilation.
Celeste nodded. "Initially there was nothing in the cell except a cot. I
quickly lost track of time. They subjected me to long periods of total
darkness followed by bright light. They also made it very cold or extremely
hot. I was well fed, but it soon became obvious they were controlling every
aspect of my life. At one time I received breakfast six times in a row. I was
told what to do by a voice from a speaker."
"Did you ever see anyone else?" asked Nancy.
"Not for a long time. I could hear others through the ventilation system.
Sometimes I could hear screams and crying followed by the sounds of beatings,"
described Celeste.
"You know that it was all a recording system?" asked Nancy.
"Yes, Ally told me all about it. Regardless, it was very effective. I was soon
afraid that they would come for me."
"When did you first notice your body changing?" asked Nancy.
"I guess it was a few weeks later, by my account of time. My nipples were
becoming more sensitive, and then I noticed my breasts growing. There were
other things before that. I would wake up and feel parts of my face and body
swollen and hurting. They were using electrolysis over my whole body."
"It must have been frightening."
"At first it was. Then there was a sense of acceptance. I had no urge to fight
or resist. They could have done anything to me after a few weeks in
captivity." Celeste let out a big sigh.
"You don't have to continue with this," stated Nancy as she took Celeste's
"No, I need to talk about it. Soon female clothing was appearing in my cell. I
was told to wear it, and of course I did. I didn't feel anything about the
clothes. They could have told me to wear a gorilla suit and I would have done
"What type of clothes did they give you?"
"Initially it was lingerie, really nice things too! Teddies, stockings, garter
belts, nightgowns and things like that. Later, it became more stylish and high
class, and I was informed that I was to become 'a real girl.' I found out that
was after Sherman bought me."
"When did you start wearing other clothes?"
"That didn't happen until much later. But again, the clothes were all top of
the line. Everything was a designer label and everything fit perfectly!"
smiled Celeste. "There were dresses, skirts, blouses, things like that.
Sherman didn't want me to be into fetish clothing."
"I read the summary that Sherman submitted to the Simons. It was very explicit
regarding your style," stated Nancy. "I remember a line that went something
like 'a cultured, classy young woman."
"I know. He later showed it to me. He's the reason why I wasn't pierced like
so many of the others," added Celeste.
"What other changes occurred?"
"As long as I cooperated, my privileges increased. I soon had a real bed and a
CD player. The music selection was wonderful - classical music to the blues. I
also was given reading material. You cannot imagine how much I missed
reading!" smiled Celeste.
"When did you first see Margo?"
Celeste took a long breath and shivered slightly. "I never knew her name until
later. She was 'The Matron.' Everything I said included 'Yes, Matron' or 'No,
Nancy nodded. Apparently Margo used the same techniques on all the teens. "Did
she ever hurt you?"
"No, not physically. She threatened me constantly at first. Often she would
explain the punishment in detail before she gave me my instructions. By then,
I fully believed she would do those horrible things to me."
"What sort of things?" asked Nancy.
"Beatings, electric shock, burns, you name it. She was in total control and
she knew it. You must remember that by then I had heard so many beatings that
this woman petrified me. She was very imposing as she dressed completely in
black leather. She had the most evil grin you could imagine. I still get
shivers thinking about it."
"Well, she's only wearing bright orange these days," smiled Nancy.
Celeste smiled back.
"What about Thomas Simon. Did you have any contact with him?"
"I never saw him. I was just under his 'care'," quipped Celeste. "Ally told me
that he was the one who operated on me."
Nancy nodded. According to her file, Celeste had had surgery on her nose and
cheeks. She probably escaped with the least amount of surgery of any of the
ex-captives. Her only piercings were for earrings.
"So when did you have SRS?" asked Nancy.
"That was last year, just a few months before we got married," replied
Celeste. She then sighed and looked out the window of the limo.
"You really loved him, didn't you?"
Celeste turned around and wiped a tear away. "Yes, and he loved me. I can
honestly say he was the first person who really loved me. He even offered to
let me go and was willing to pay to have the changes reversed."
Nancy nodded.
"Well, that's another story. It looks like we're here. I shouldn't be more
than two hours. You can use the limo as you need," offered Celeste. She then
relayed these instructions to Michael, the limo driver.
 The large man nodded.
 "Okay. I'll see you for lunch," smiled Nancy and she hugged Celeste.
 "Thanks. I appreciate that you care about me too," smiled Celeste as she
 stepped out of the limo.

 Chapter 6
 Nancy swung by her office and checked her messages. She was pleased to see
 that Agent Ally Burns and another agent would be flying in later in the week.
 Ally was an interesting person, she thought. She had only met her once, but
 Ally had made a huge impression on her. Jenna also spoke very highly of both
 Ally and her department. It was one of Ally's agents who had started the
 investigation that lead to the rescue of the teens and the arrests of the
 Simons. Nancy also noticed that Ally had a strong relationship with Celeste.
 That was good, as Celeste needed friends. Nancy was worried that Celeste was
 too isolated. Celeste was just twenty and she was close to being a recluse.
 Nancy reviewed some of the reports from therapists at other locations before
 leaving to meet Celeste for lunch. All were experiencing difficulty in
 breaking the mind control techniques of Margo Simon. You got off lucky with
 life in prison, thought Nancy, as she cursed Margo. Many of the other
 therapists were trying unconventional means to break the submissiveness of the
 teens. So maybe her plans for Bébé weren't so out there after all, she
 The limo picked her up and they drove to the office of Celeste's attorney.
 Sherman had left everything to Celeste, including his sizable investments. He
 had the foresight to educate Celeste and she was more than capable of making
 good decisions.
 Celeste arrived a few minutes later. "Everything looks good," she commented as
 she entered the limo. She then told Michael to drive to a local bistro.
 "Do you mind if I ask you how much you're worth?" asked Nancy.
 "Including the house and the uptown apartment, somewhere in the neighborhood
 of 30 million," replied Celeste.
 Nancy shook her head in disbelief. "That's some neighborhood!"
 Celeste shook her shoulders. "Sherman was smart about investments. He taught
 me a lot, and he also brought in some excellent tutors for me. I appreciate
 his foresight."
 "So what're you doing with the apartment?" asked Nancy.
 "I'll probably rent it out. It overlooks Central Park. Wait a minute, where do
 you live?" asked Celeste.
 "I rent a condo over in Jersey," replied Nancy.
 "Why don't you live in the apartment. I don't need the money, and I'd rather
 have a friend living there. We'll stop by there after lunch!" explained
 Celeste excitedly.
 "I appreciate the offer, but it is too generous of you," replied Nancy.
 "Nonsense. Sherman used it as his home away from home. The view is fantastic,
 and I doubt you'll find a better deal!"
 "I'll look at it, but if I do say yes, I want to pay rent," stated Nancy.
"Fine, rent will be set as one dinner a month!" smiled Celeste. "Please allow
me to do this. I like helping people, especially my friends."
Nancy nodded. She had told Celeste how much she enjoyed cooking and it was the
truth. "I hope my cooking lives up to your high standards."
"I'm sure it will!"
After lunch they arrived at the building where the apartment was located. It
wasn't the penthouse, but it was close. It was a two-bedroom apartment with a
balcony overlooking Central Park. It even had a parking garage!
"Sherman used the second bedroom as an office," explained Celeste as they
walked around.
"The view is stunning!" exclaimed Nancy. She loved how high she was as she
looked out. She could see almost all of the park, as well as many of the
downtown landmarks.
"I thought you'd like it. So?" asked Celeste.
"I don't know what to say, other than thank you," stated Nancy and she turned
and hugged Celeste.
"This was Sherman's place and it means little to me. I like the idea of a
friend getting joy out of it."
"I think my first rent payment will be one of my grandmother's recipes,"
stated Nancy.
"Cool, I love Chinese food," replied Celeste.
"Actually it will be lasagna. My mother's side of the family is Italian!"
laughed Nancy.
They both broke out laughing.

Chapter 7
On the ride back to Southampton, Celeste returned to her story.
"Margo was very demanding in grading my makeup, hair and clothes. Everything
had to be perfect, no detail was too small. Looking back, it was the one thing
I would thank her about," explained Celeste. "I spent days practicing my
makeup in my room. I was given real furniture and the gray walls were covered
in colorful wallpaper."
"Were you aware that you were being watched?" asked Nancy.
"I began to suspect that I was, but my resistance was broken by then."
"How did the sexual training start?" asked Nancy.
"Margo came into my room one morning and explained that I was going to be the
property of a rich, powerful man. My job would be to please him as a real
woman would. I should have been horrified by this prospect, but instead I
remember being delighted knowing what my new life would be - that there would
be more to life beyond my cell. I wanted to please Margo, and I threw myself
enthusiastically into my training," answered Celeste.
"I notice that you call her Margo and not Matron like the rest of the girls,"
remarked Nancy.
"I was broken of that by my therapist. That took some time," remarked Celeste.
Nancy nodded. "You don't need to tell me any more if you don't want to."
"I don't mind. I was given several sex toys and told how to practice on each.
I spent hours every day perfecting my techniques of oral and anal stimulation.
My nipples were very sensitive by then, and it felt good to play with them as
I practiced. Margo allowed me to do this, as a reward. However I was not
allowed to touch my penis without her permission."
"I read through her logs on the captives. Margo was definitely thorough in her
training," added Nancy.
"I got that impression from talking to Ally."
"Oh, I forgot to tell you. Ally is flying up on Friday. She wants to check in
on the progress of the teens. She also wants to talk to you."
Celeste's face showed her joy. "That's wonderful news. I hope she'll stay
"I don't know about that. She will be traveling with another agent."
"Who's that?"
"All the e-mail said was Agent Williams."
"Maybe it's Steve Williams. I remember him from when we first met."
"Could be," replied Nancy.
"I can't wait to see Ally again!"
Nancy smiled at the genuine joy that Celeste was showing.
"It looks like we made good time leaving the city. I'll continue my story
later, if you don't mind," stated Celeste.
"That's fine. I need to check in with my assistants as soon as we arrive."
"Oh, when do you want to meet with Ina and I?" asked Celeste.
Nancy looked at her watch. "Is five okay?"
"That would be fine. I'll tell Ina."

Chapter 8
Ina had worked for Sherman Farnsworth for years. He had been the man
responsible for cutting all the red tape in getting her citizenship
twenty-five years ago. He had done so much more for her, including paying for
college for her three kids. When she first started working for him she could
barely read, so he brought in a tutor for her. Additionally, he paid her very
well. She could have left him years ago, but she stayed out of loyalty. So
what if he liked to dress as in women's clothes! He was always polite and
Ina had had some reservations when he brought in the girl. She was worried
that he would get in trouble, but Celeste proved to be a lovely young woman.
He certainly seemed to love her, thought Ina. The exact circumstances of how
Mr. Farnsworth met Celeste were never made clear to her, but they made a
lovely couple. Ina now gave Celeste the same loyalty that she had given Mr.
She wondered why Celeste wanted to see her as she arrived outside her office
and knocked on the door.
"Please come in, Ina," smiled Celeste.
Ina looked at Celeste, nodded and entered. She then looked over and saw Nancy
sitting in a chair to her left.
"Ina, please sit down. I have a favor to ask you," stated Celeste. She looked
at the middle-aged Hispanic woman and felt love. In so many ways, she meant
more to Celeste than her own mother.
Celeste and Nancy explained their plan for Bébé. Ina sat and nodded.
"So you want me to be very strict and demanding?" asked Ina. She wanted to
call Celeste ma'am, but Celeste had asked her not to.
"Yes, as will I. It won't be easy, but it is for her own good," explained
Ina nodded. "What would you like the young woman to wear?"
"Standard gray dress, white apron and flats for shoes. And Ina, she is working
for you, so treat her accordingly," stated Celeste.
"Be strict with her and ensure she is given a rigid daily schedule. Keep her
on a standard routine. We're trying to get her to be more independent," added
Nancy. "Also correct her immediately if she fails to speak English."
"I understand. Do you think this will help her?" asked Ina.
"We hope so, Ina," answered Celeste.
"I'm happy to help," smiled Ina.
"Let us know of any incidents of rebellion," added Nancy.
"I will," answered Ina. She couldn't bring herself to call either woman by
their first name.
"I also want you to instruct her to be very formal with Nancy and I," stated
Celeste. "She is to address Nancy as Dr. Chen, and have her call me Mrs.
"Yes - Mrs....yes, I will," answered Ina
Celeste smiled. She felt very strong affection for Ina and was very happy when
Ina agreed to stay on after Sherman's death.
After Ina left, Nancy and Celeste discussed the plan.
"You will also have to be very strict for this to work. I know it goes against
your nature, but you must not cut Bébé any slack!" explained Nancy.
"Yes, Dr. Chen!" quipped Celeste.
Nancy laughed. "Oh, I forgot to tell you! I will be taking over Bébé's case
for a while. Melody had to leave this afternoon due to a personal emergency."
Melody was the therapist assigned to work with Bébé.
"Is there anything I can do to help?" asked Nancy.
Nancy shook her head no. "I think I can handle everything."
"What about Melody?" asked Celeste.
"She didn't tell me exactly what is wrong. But I know that her father has been
ill. As soon as I know something I'll let you know."
"I hope everything works out," stated Celeste.
"Me too. I'm taking over Bébé's case for now. Gwen has a good handle on Tina,
and Sarah...well, Sarah is doing the best she can with Dot."
"You're worried about Dot, aren't you?" asked Celeste.
"I'm worried about all the teens. However, it's Dot that worries me the most.
Margo really messed up her mind. I don't know if Dot will make a full
recovery," confessed Nancy.
Celeste leaned over and hugged Nancy.
"What was that for?" asked Nancy, with a smile.
 "You looked like you could use a hug!"

 Chapter 9
 Celeste went up to her room and decided to take a bubble bath before going to
 bed. She found that a long hot soak relaxed her before going to bed. As the
 water was filling the oversized tub, Celeste stripped and stood naked in front
 of the mirror. She was pleased with her body and how feminine she looked.
 Slowly she ran her hands across her body and smiled at the sensations from her
 breasts. The hormones that Margo had given her had left her with a heightened
 sexual sensitivity. This had not diminished even though it had been several
 years since she had been in Margo's custody.
 Celeste slowly inched herself into the bath and let out a long contented sigh.
 While it was true that she owed her present life to the fact that Margo had
 her abducted, she still felt anger towards her. Yes, she had been lucky thanks
 to Sherman, but then there were the girls like Tina and Bébé. I wish there was
 a way I could make Margo's life more miserable, thought Celeste.
 Celeste thought about Bébé and hoped that their plan worked. Bébé deserved a
 better life than as a mindless servant, she thought. The other two girls
 recovering at the estate were a bit of a mystery. Nancy had her plans for
 their recovery and for now that meant that they didn't come in contact with
 I will bring in tutors once they are ready, she thought. She decided that it
 was the least she could do as Sherman would have done that. She then thought
 of Sherman and smiled. Smiling kept the tears away. They had only been
 together a short time, but they had a wonderful life together. I wonder if
 I'll ever find another man as special as you, she thought. She knew that the
 last thing that Sherman wanted was for her to spend the rest of her life as a
 mourning widow. But that wasn't a big concern right now.
 Celeste got out of the tub, dried off and slipped on an apricot colored silk
 nightgown. She then lifted back the covers and climbed into her bed. Laying
 there in bed she stared at the ceiling and whispered, "Good night, my dear."

 Chapter 10
 The following morning, Celeste was sitting in the dining room being served by
 Ina and her new assistant, Bébé. Celeste held in her smile at the sight of
 Bébé in a plain gray dress, white apron, pantyhose, and black flat-soled
 shoes. It was far from the French maid outfit that Bébé had been forced to
 wear by Margo Simon. Bébé was only wearing a touch of makeup and her long
 blond hair was pulled back into a bun. Still she seemed overly pleased to be
 acting as a servant.
 "Bébé, when Mrs. Farnsworth arrives for breakfast, you will ask her what she
 wants. Be sure that her newspapers are already here and laid to the side,"
 explained Ina.
 "Good morning, Mrs. Farnsworth. What would you like for breakfast?" asked
 Celeste noticed that Bébé was struggling to speak in English without an
 "I will have a sesame seed bagel, lightly toasted, cream cheese on the side,
 chilled fresh-squeezed orange juice, and tea," stated Celeste, acting like
 many of the snooty rich women she knew. It was hard to be so demanding, she
 "Yes, Mrs. Farnsworth," replied Bébé.
 "Bébé, you need to ask Mrs. Farnsworth what type of tea she wants," corrected
 "I'm sorry. Mrs. Farnsworth, what type of tea would you like this morning?"
 asked Bébé.
 "English Breakfast, please," replied Celeste.
 "Bébé, never apologize in front of Mrs. Farnsworth. Just do as you are told,"
 corrected Ina.
 Bébé started to apologize to Ina but held it in and nodded.
 As they walked out, Ina turned around and smiled at Celeste.
 So far so good, thought Celeste. She picked up the paper and scanned the
 Nancy walked in a few minutes later. "How's your new servant doing?"
 "She'll be back in a few minutes with my breakfast and you can see for
 yourself," answered Celeste with a smile. "Did you have a good night's sleep?"
 Nancy nodded. "I did, thank you. I may have thought of a way to shake up Tina
 a little. How did you sleep?"
 "I dreamed of Sherman again," answered Celeste. "It was a pleasant dream."
 "I'm sorry. You must miss him greatly," replied Nancy.
 Celeste nodded.
 Bébé walked in carrying a tray and expertly set the contents out in front of
 Celeste. Margo had trained her expertly and Celeste could find no fault in
 Bébé's actions. Bébé took Nancy's order and retreated to the kitchen.
 "She is very attentive," remarked Celeste.
 "This will take time. Don't expect her to be rebelling by this afternoon. It
 may take weeks, if not months of repetitive work to cause the results we are
 looking for," explained Nancy.
 "And if she doesn't change?" asked Celeste.
 "Maybe she won't. There is a possibility that all she can be is a servant.
 Then we will work on at least giving her a life to go along with it," answered
 "If she cannot breakout of the programming, she will always have a place
 here," stated Celeste.
 "That's very generous," added Nancy.
 "Not generous. I just know that she'll be safe here. I fear someone taking
 advantage of her or worse, hurting her."
 Nancy nodded.
 "So, what's you plan for Tina?" asked Celeste.
 "Ally's trip gave me the idea. I'm going to have her bring the file on Jack
 Rockford. Tina sees Jack as her lover and protector. I'm going to let her see
 the real man with all his many faults,' explained Nancy.
  "The bucket of cold water treatment?" asked Celeste.
  "That's one way of looking at it. I hope it will shock Tina into seeing that
  Jack only saw her as an object and that she never mattered to him. It will be
  traumatic to her, but from her file I think she'll be able to rebound from
  "Rebound? So you expect her to take the truth hard?" asked Celeste.
  Nancy nodded. They were then interrupted by Bébé who brought in Nancy's food.
  After Bébé left they resumed their conversation. "Tina needs to accept that
  she was victimized so she can move on. Until then she will stay in her present
  state. Her recovery won't be easy because of the abuse she has undergone,"
  explained Nancy as she sipped her coffee.
  "Do you think she will recover?" asked Celeste. "Be honest."
  Nancy set her cup down and glanced outside. It was a beautiful spring morning.
  "I don't know. I'm a realist. These teens have been brutalized mentally and
  physically. I hope we can make them into functioning individuals, but I know
  that some may never be able to be out on their own, completely independent."
  Celeste got up and hugged Nancy.
  "What was that for?" asked a surprised Nancy.
  "You needed it. You're human too, and don't lie to me and say that this isn't
  bothering you," stated Celeste.
  "Maybe you should be a therapist," smiled Nancy.
  "I just want to help all those hurt by the Simons."
  "Do you feel up to telling more about your captivity?" asked Nancy
  "I guess so. I think I was about to tell you about the sexual training,"
  answered Celeste.
  Nancy nodded and poured herself another cup of coffee.
  "Sherman wasn't specific with his requirements, with the exception that he
  told Margo that I would be only serving him. So, Margo trained me in all
  aspects of pleasing men," continued Celeste.
  "You don't need to go through all this in detail. I've read the charts,"
  stated Nancy.
  "No, I want to tell someone. It was made clear to me that even though I still
  had my male sex organs, I was not a male. They were just there to amuse my new
  owner. Margo trained me to see myself as female. This really wasn't that hard
  for me, but initially it was difficult to train on the sex toys. I was never
  really preoccupied with sex and the idea that I would have sex with a man was
  difficult to accept. I was punished for not being enthusiastic enough for
  Margo's tastes."
  "What do you mean?" asked Nancy.
  "I did the sex acts, but I didn't look like I was enjoying it. I was stripped
  naked and placed in a bare cell. She then turned off all the lights and left
  me there for what seemed like days. There was no way to tell time, as the room
  was completely dark. I could hear the sounds of something else in the cell. It
  sounded like an animal, as I could hear what sounded like claws clicking on
  the floor. There were also growls. I was soon screaming to be forgiven. When
  she finally let me out, I really tried to appear more eager in performing oral
sex on the plastic penis," described Celeste. "Margo also began making me
watch videos of girls who appeared very enthusiastic and seemed to be really
enjoying themselves as they preformed oral sex and received anal sex. She told
me over and over that real girls got genuine pleasure from making sure their
men were completely satisfied sexually."
Nancy sat there in silence, trying to imagine the punishment.
"I guess those sounds were also fake, but they sounded real enough to me that
I never disobeyed her again," continued Celeste.
"How long did the training sessions last?" asked Nancy.
"Oh, I practiced every morning for three hours. That was part of my daily
routine. When I was introduced to anal sex, I practiced that every afternoon
for at least an hour. Thankfully, I had other studies," informed Celeste.
"Like what?" asked Nancy.
"Sherman wanted a cultured girl. So I was trained to be a 'lady'. I was given
training in proper etiquette. I also received training in fashion and makeup.
That wasn't so bad," smiled Celeste. The smile then disappeared. "I can't
imagine what sort of things the other girls received."
"I know this is difficult, but you have given me great insight into what
happened. This is helping me understand why Margo's programming is so
difficult to break."
Celeste nodded. "By the time I was delivered to Sherman, I was a very sexual
being. I craved sex and couldn't wait to begin pleasuring my master. My
mindset was that it wouldn't be too bad. All I would have to do is offer my
body, and I was willing to do that."
"When did you know who had bought you?" asked Nancy.
"I first saw Sherman's photo around two months before I was delivered to him.
Margo explained who he was and how I was to serve him. I had his photo next to
my bed and I looked at it constantly," explained Celeste.
"She transferred her control of you to Sherman," remarked Nancy.
"That sounds about right. I knew that I would be Sherman's property and I
focused myself to ensure he would be happy with me," continued Celeste.
"That's where Tina is stuck right now," stated Nancy.
Celeste nodded in agreement.
Just then, Sarah came into the dining room. She looked to be just over medium
height and had light red hair. She was wearing khaki shorts, an olive top, and
sandals. Like Nancy, Sarah had grown up in California, although she was from
San Diego. Nancy kidded her that might she might as well have been from
another planet.
"Good morning, ladies," she said brightly. "I just need some coffee before we
have our talk, Nancy."
"Good morning, Sarah. Help yourself. If you'd like some breakfast, Bébé will
take your order," Celeste replied.
"Thanks. Just some wheat toast and a glass of OJ would be nice. I'm trying to
watch my calories."
"How's Dot this morning?" asked Nancy.
"No change. I'm really frustrated with her progress. Whatever I try seems to
roll off her, like water off a duck's back. She doesn't even acknowledge that
she was once completely male," replied Sarah
"How does she explain the male parts of her anatomy then?" asked Celeste.
"Her story is that it's a birth defect. She said that The Matron promised to
repair it one day," replied Sarah.
"How strange," commented Celeste. "Even with my own problems in the past, I
can't imagine wanting to erase those memories completely."
"Do you have any new ideas on how to break the programming?" asked Nancy.
"No. I feel that she is hiding something, but I haven't been able to find it
yet. When I do, I want to try a shock to her system, similar to what you're
planning to do with Tina. Thanks for sending me the information," replied
"You're welcome," answered Nancy. She noticed that Sarah was stifling a yawn.
"Sarah, let me add someone to your staff. You must be exhausted."
"Thanks, but I'm okay. I have a nurse to watch Dot when I can't be with her.
Dot has given up on trying to seduce us. I'll keep you up to date on my
progress, or lack of progress," stated Sarah, her frustration showing through.
"If it means anything, Sarah, I doubt if anyone could do any better,"
comforted Nancy.
Sarah cracked a tired smile. "Thanks."

Chapter 11

Celeste was excitedly waiting for Ally Burns to arrive. She considered the
agent a kindred spirit as, like her, Ally was also transgendered. Celeste also
wondered about the other agent. All Nancy knew was that an Agent Williams was
accompanying Ally.
She had first met Ally just two days after Sherman's death. While Celeste was
pleased to hear that the Simons had been arrested, she was fearful that she
would be ripped out of her life and be sent back to live as Jeremy.
Thankfully, Ally was very kind and supportive and they had formed an instant
Ally was flying into the Suffolk County Airport. Celeste sent out Michael to
pick her and the other agent up.
"My, you seem anxious this morning!" quipped Nancy, as she joined Celeste out
on the deck. It was a lovely spring morning and Celeste was having breakfast
"I guess I am. I don't have a lot of real friends," answered Celeste. "I have
'acquaintances' from my marriage to Sherman, but they don't count."
Nancy nodded.
"Okay, I know, I know. I should start getting out more!" Celeste smiled.
Bébé arrived and brought out breakfast.
"Bébé seems to be happy in her new role," sighed Celeste.
"Give her time," replied Nancy.
Celeste nodded. "What about Tina? Does she know what's going to happen today?"
"I told her that she would have a woman visitor and told her to dress
 accordingly," stated Nancy.
 "Does she still want to dress...trashy?" asked Celeste.
 "Trashy is too nice a term. I've been slowly trying to change her style, but
 it has been difficult. I consider it a major victory that she now wears skirts
 that actually cover her entire rear and tops over her lacy bustiers. I'm
 hoping that she will want a new wardrobe as soon as she breaks out of her
 obsession with Jack Rockford," answered Nancy.
 "I hope she does change. She is a stunningly beautiful girl."
 Thirty minutes later, Ina walked out on the deck. "The limo is pulling into
 the driveway. Your guests have arrived."
 "Thank you, Ina. Where is Bébé?" asked Celeste, as she stood up to walk
 "She is polishing silver. I must admit that she is a hard worker."
 "Thank you, Ina."
 Celeste walked quickly to the front door. She opened the door and saw Ally
 stepping out of the limo. Ally was dressed in a stylish khaki business suit.
 Celeste waved and Ally smiled and waved back. Celeste was a bit surprised to
 see a young woman join Ally. The woman looked more like a girl. She couldn't
 be Agent Williams, thought Celeste. The younger woman was also dressed
 professionally. She was wearing a green skirt and white blouse. She was in the
 process of slipping on a matching jacket.
 "Celeste, it's wonderful to see you again. Let me introduce Agent Beth
 Williams to you," announced Ally.
 "Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Farnsworth," stated the young woman in a polite
 Celeste extended her hand. "Please call me Celeste."
 Beth smiled, "I will, Celeste, and please call me Beth."
 "Beth is the daughter of Steve Williams, who you met the last time I was up
 here," stated Ally.
 "I must say, you don't look old enough to be an agent," remarked Celeste.
 "It's a long story," smiled Beth.
 "Why don't we continue this out on the deck?" suggested Celeste. "Nancy Chen
 is already out there."
 "Celeste, I thought you'd want to meet Beth, as she was the one that enabled
 us to arrest the Simons," announced Ally, as they walked into the house.
 "Really? That's wonderful!" exclaimed Celeste.
 "Ally is overstating my role. I was just a high school student targeted by the
 Simons. My contribution was to be abducted," smiled Beth.
 "Don't believe her, Celeste. She did much more than that," interrupted Ally.
 Ally then proceeded to tell Celeste the edited version of Beth's role. There
 was no need to tell Celeste about Beth's secret.
 "I just want to say that I'm impressed with both of you. I cannot put into
 words my thanks for stopping the Simons," stated Celeste.
 They reached the deck and were met by Nancy, who then briefed Ally on the
 situation with Tina.
 "I hope we can help undo some of the damage they did," stated Ally. "I brought
 everything you asked for, Nancy. Where do you want to do this?"
 "I'd like to do it in the recreation room. There is a TV with a VCR there, so
 you can play the tape," stated Nancy.
 "Beth, why don't you stay here with Celeste," suggested Ally with a smile.
 "That would be wonderful. I would like to talk with you, Beth," stated
 Nancy and Ally left to go set up for their meeting with Tina.

 Chapter 12
 "How long were you in the Simon's loving care?" asked Celeste.
 "Less than two days, although it seemed a lot longer. Margo had picked me out
 to become her personal toy," replied Beth, who felt a shiver of disgust at the
 idea of being in the clutches of Margo.
 "Oh, my! That sounds horrible," replied Celeste. "Would you like something to
 "Diet Coke, please," replied Beth as she sat down. She looked out over the
 yard and to the water. "Celeste, this is beautiful."
 "I know," replied Celeste. She pressed a button and in a minute Bébé appeared.
 "With the nicer weather, I sit out all the time."
 "Yes, Mrs. Farnsworth?" Bébé asked.
 "Bébé, please bring us a couple of Diet Cokes. Also check with Dr. Chen, she's
 in the recreation room with another guest."
 "Yes, Mrs. Farnsworth," answered Bébé. She paused a second and stared at Beth
 and then left on her duties.
 "Is she one of the recovering ex-captives?" asked Beth.
 "Yes. Nancy and I are trying some radical treatment to get her out of her
 programming," answered Celeste.
 "I can imagine that the longer they were in captivity the worse they'll be,"
 stated Beth.
 "Also it depends on the person or persons they served," stated Celeste.
 "Don't forget their personalities," added Beth.
 Bébé arrived with their sodas and departed.
 "I wonder if she is really happy," stated Beth, referring to Bébé.
 "I don't think she is to the point of knowing one way or another. Margo was
 good when it came to breaking a person's will. It must have been different for
 you. You knew that help was on the way."
 "True. I also did my best to fight off the effects of her process. I had the
 added advantage of having been held captive before," remarked Beth.
 Celeste stared back at Beth and realized that there was more to Beth than met
 the eye.
 "I don't suppose you can tell me about it," asked Celeste.
 Beth shook her head. "Sorry, those missions are classified. If I told you,
 then I'd have to kill you."
 Celeste looked at Beth and saw that she was starting to laugh and she joined
 "Sorry, that's a bad joke. I picked that up from a relative in the Navy,"
joked Beth. It wasn't a total lie, she thought. After all, Ben could be
considered a relative.
"Even though I sense you're hiding something from me, I have a feeling that
we're going to become good friends," confessed Celeste.
"Secrets? Me?" stated Beth as she pointed a finger at her own chest. They both
started laughing again.

Chapter 13
"How do you think she'll react?" asked Ally.
"Denial, and then hopefully it will hit her," replied Nancy.
"I hope you're right," answered Ally. "By the way, how do you like working
with Celeste?"
"I don't see it as work. I'm glad I'm not her therapist, because I see her now
more as a friend. She's a remarkable young woman."
"I think so too," concurred Ally.
"Well, no sense in putting this off anymore. I'll go get Tina," stated Nancy.
A few minutes later, Nancy brought in Tina, who was dressed in a short denim
skirt and short sleeve blouse. The top couple buttons of the blouse were
unbuttoned to show off her large breasts. Her walk seemed to be deliberately
provocative, with an overdone swaying of her hips and butt. However, she was
very polite and showed no resistance to talking to Ally. She sat down on the
couch next to Ally.
"Tina, this is Special Agent Ally Burns. She took part in the investigation
that led to your rescue from the club in Tokyo," introduced Nancy.
Tina just nodded.
"Tina, I was asked to come here to update you on the status of the persons who
led to your abduction and captivity," stated Ally.
"Have you seen Master Jack?" she asked eagerly as she sat up.
"I'll get to him shortly. Have you been told the reasons why you specifically
were abducted?" asked Ally.
"Nancy and Gwen said it was because I matched certain requirements," stated
Tina. "But I know the truth. I was targeted because I was a wimp and because I
was weak. I was also targeted because I wouldn't be missed. It was all my
Gwen was Tina's personal therapist. Gwen was nearly fifty and had been a
therapist for almost twenty years. While many others in her position might
have felt resentment at working for Nancy, Gwen didn't mind. She would rather
work with patients than fuss with being in charge. She saw Tina's recovery as
a major challenge.
Gwen was a pleasant woman, slightly overweight, but maintained a stylish
appearance. She kept her gray hair cut short. She had a love of music and
played several instruments enthusiastically. That was one of the reasons why
Nancy had assigned her to Tina.
Gwen was waiting outside the room, in case things got really bad. There was
also the possibility that Tina would lash out at Ally and Nancy and, by not
being there, Gwen would still have a relationship with her.
"That's not exactly true, Tina. I've had access to the Simon's notes. While it
is true that your physical size had something to do with your abduction, it
was your intelligence and interests that caught their eye. They only abducted
teens with high IQs. You were on a list of potential abductees. Tell me what
you were doing the day you were grabbed," asked Ally.
Tina looked away from Ally and stared off into space. "I was in band practice.
I played the trumpet. Our band was invited to play at halftime of the
Patriots-Bills football game. I was called out of practice and told that my
mom was coming to pick me up, something about a medical appointment. The funny
thing was that I didn't have an appointment. I was waiting out front of the
school alone when the van pulled up and a dart struck me. The next thing I
remembered, I was in a cell."
"The people who grabbed you tried the same thing at several other schools the
same day, before they succeeded at your school. The secretary who took the
phone call was a temp and unaware of the school policy on verifying phone
calls before dismissing students. So it was not your fault," stated Ally.
Tina looked back at Ally.
"Now, let's get to Jack Rockford," continued Ally. They wanted to hit Tina
hard and fast with the data.
"Please, let me go back to him. I'm not good for anything else!" interrupted
"That would be very difficult. Jack Rockford is in prison, specifically the
one in Merion, Illinois. Due to his wealth and international connections, the
prosecutor felt he was a flight risk, so he's being kept there. He is awaiting
trial on a long list of charges," stated Ally. "It's unlikely he'll ever get
"If any are regarding me, please drop them. I want to be with him. It can't be
kidnapping if I want to be with him, right?" pleaded Tina.
"The charges regarding you are the least of his troubles. He has been charged
with twenty-two counts of drug trafficking and money laundering. There are
also three charges of murder. Seems you were lucky, Tina. Jack didn't sell his
other girls, he had them killed," stated Ally.
"You're lying. There weren't any others. He told me I was the first!" argued
Nancy noticed how emotional Tina was getting and was concerned about whether
she could handle the truth.
"We found the bodies buried on his ranch in Texas. Their DNA matched missing
teens," added Ally. She then took some photos out of a file and laid them down
on the coffee table in front of Tina.
"It's not true!" cried Tina. "He cared for me. He only sent me to Japan to
learn to behave. He would never hurt me or anyone!"
Ally picked up a remote control and clicked on the TV. She then started the
tape of Jack Rockford's interrogation. The video showed Jack Rockford and his
lawyer, along with a federal prosecutor and an agent.
"Now, tell us about the girls," stated the prosecutor. "Remember, part of your
deal to avoid the death penalty was a full disclosure."
 Jack laughed. "Girls? You mean freaks. They were just a phase I was going
 through. I though it would be entertaining to have some sissies around. The
 first few were nothing special, but the last one was a hoot. 'She' tried so
 hard to please me. No matter what I did to her, she remained loyal. Hell, even
 a dog will eventually growl at you or run away."
 Tina stared at the screen in disbelief. She began to shake her head back and
 "Go on," stated the agent.
 "I mean, don't get me wrong, Tina was pretty hot and she could suck the chrome
 off a tailpipe, but do you really think I'd want a sissy as a lover? I mainly
 used Tina to blackmail others. They would have sex with IT, and then I'd show
 them a tape of what they had thought was a girl. I could get them to do
 anything I wanted. Pretty funny, huh?"
 "So what happened to Tina?"
 "I sold that freak to a club owner in Tokyo. I guess they like their sex
 unnatural over there. I also made money on the deal, as they paid me more than
 I paid the Simons," answered Jack. He then began to laugh and started talking
 in a stereotypical Japanese accent as he ridiculed Tina some more.
 Ally stopped the tape. Tina was rocking back and forth, she had pulled her
 knees up to her chest and had her arms wrapped around them. Tears were rolling
 down her face.
 "I'm sorry, Tina, but I thought you deserved to know the truth," stated Ally
 softly as she put her arm around Tina's shoulders.
 Tina looked at Ally then Nancy. Her lips were quivering and she began to cry
 hard. Nancy also wrapped her arms around her to comfort her. Tina began to cry
 and let her emotions out. She cried a long and hard cry that totally drained
 her and she eventually collapsed in their arms. The whole time Nancy and Ally
 comforted her.
 Finally Tina stopped crying. She seemed very small, as if all the crying had
 shrunk her. A small voice escaped from her. "So what happens to me now?"
 "We move on with your life," stated Nancy in a compassionate tone.
 "My life. My life? My life is over. What can I do?" bemoaned Tina.
 "No, it's not, Tina. It is just beginning," encouraged Nancy.
 "I wish I could believe you," sighed Tina. Tears began to reform in her eyes.
 "We'll talk more later. You look exhausted," observed Nancy.
 "I am tired. Can I go back to my room?" asked Tina.
 "Absolutely," answered Nancy.
 "It was nice meeting you, Ally. Thank you," stated Tina.
 "I wish you the best, Tina," replied Ally. "I look forward to seeing you
 Gwen came in and escorted Tina out of the room.
 "I know it was for the best, but I really hate my job some days. It would be
 so much easier to be ignorant of all the sick bastards there are out there.
 Too bad he's in Marion," vented Ally. Her temper was rising.
 "Why is that? I've heard that Marion is a really harsh prison," remarked
"It is. But it's classified as a Super-Max prison. That means that he'll spend
the rest of his life in solitary, nice and safe," answered Ally.
Nancy nodded. "True. I don't imagine someone like that would last long in a
general prison population."
"He'd end up as the freak," stated Ally softly.

Chapter 14
"How's Tina doing?" Celeste asked Nancy and Ally as they arrived out on the
"She's crying. This could be a good sign, as it could mark her acceptance of
what happened and that it's time to move on. The important thing now is for
Tina to realize that her appearance isn't a roadblock to having a successful
life," explained Nancy.
Beth glanced at Ally and cracked a slight smile.
"I think she should meet some positive role models," added Nancy, "so that she
can see that she can excel. She's quite intelligent and can accomplish
anything if she sets her mind to it."
"I think I know a few people right here in this room that meet that
requirement," confessed Ally.
Nancy looked confused. "I agree that Tina should become better acquainted with
Celeste. But you don't mean that you are...."
"I'm pre-op," interrupted Ally.
Nancy broke out in a big smile. "And I'm the only one here who didn't know?"
"I was surprised too when she told me. So don't feel so bad," added Celeste.
"I just know that Ally is a woman," smiled Beth.
"Thank you," replied Ally turning to Beth.
"I think your offer is extremely generous, Ally," remarked Nancy. She still
couldn't believe that Ally had ever been a male.
"Not generous. I just want to help. I want to fight the predators who hurt
others. I also want to help those hurt by them to heal," replied Ally.
Nancy nodded.
"Along those lines, I have a favor to ask you, Celeste," asked Ally.
"Anything," replied Celeste.
"I think that the Simons still have some money hidden. Margo went down way too
easy, even after we told her that we got the Swiss and Bahamian accounts. Also
doing the math, there should be more money, based on the number of teens we
know they sold," explained Ally. "The financial experts in the agency haven't
turned up anything else."
"Of course they wouldn't. They're financial experts, not financiers. Sherman
knew all the tricks and taught me everything he knew. Don't worry, he was
completely legitimate, but he knew the places where you could hide money. He
caught several business partners trying to cheat him. I would be glad to help.
Do you have a copy of her records?" asked Celeste.
"I can do better than that. I have her personal computer with her files on it.
She's so arrogant that she didn't encrypt her files or even guard them with a
password. The idea of being caught never entered her mind. That's why I think
she hasn't given up," stated Ally. She pulled a laptop out of her briefcase
and handed it to Celeste.
"I must insist that you spend the night. Rooms have been prepared and, no, you
won't be a bother!" smiled Celeste.
"We'd love to stay. I'll reschedule our flight to tomorrow afternoon,"
answered Ally.
"Afternoon?" asked Celeste.
"I promised Beth that we'd do some shopping before we headed back to DC,"
smiled Ally. "She has a new boyfriend to impress!"
Beth stuck her tongue out at Ally.
"Excellent! Maybe I'll join you. Now, let me give you a tour before it gets
too dark. I'll get on the files after dinner," stated Celeste.
"I need to get back to work. I'll see you at dinner. Thank you again, Ally,"
remarked Nancy.
Celeste led Beth and Ally through the estate. Ally was stunned by the size.
She couldn't imagine having a place this big.
They arrived in the conservatory. There was a beautiful Steinway baby grand
piano in the corner.
"Do you play?" asked Beth.
"I can't even play chopsticks," smiled Celeste. "Sherman played a little."
Ally noticed that Celeste seemed suddenly far away, lost in memories, and she
figured that Sherman played more than "a little." She decided to change the
"I want to thank you again for the lovely dinner in Bermuda," thanked Ally.
"It was a generous gift. The wine was magnificent."
A few weeks earlier Ally and her lover and partner had been in Bermuda for a
much-needed vacation. Celeste had treated them to a dinner at the Waterlot
Inn, one of the finest restaurants there.
"I thought you'd enjoy it. Sherman took me there once on our honeymoon."
"So will you join us tomorrow?" asked Beth eagerly.
"If that's okay?" asked Celeste.
"I would love that," added Ally.
Beth was nodding her concurrence.
"Thanks," replied Celeste. "Nancy says that I need to get out more."
They continued the tour.
"If you don't mind my asking, what are your plans for the rest of your life?"
asked Ally.
"I really don't know. Two months ago, everything was set. I would be Sherman's
loving wife. I don't need money. Sherman left his fortune very secure. I like
the idea of helping others, but don't know exactly where to go with that,"
replied Celeste.
"You need to get out into the world and interact. One of the hardest parts of
undergoing a gender change is the fear of being detected. I know I pass well,
but sometimes I feel uneasy. Also you're a young, beautiful woman with a great
personality. You shouldn't be locked up here," remarked Ally.
Celeste laughed slightly. "Nancy has been hinting at the same things. I do
  want to get out. The problem is I really don't like the locals. They're so
  snobby and boring!"
  "Pick your own friends, but you need to do something with your life. How old
  are you?" asked Ally.
  "I'm twenty. I'll be twenty-one in September," answered Celeste.
  "Why not go to college? That's a great place to meet people!" suggested Ally.
  "That might be a good idea. I've thought about it a few times. Sherman gave me
  a good education in financial matters. I suppose that I could convert that
  into an actual degree," stated Celeste.
  "I can't wait to get out of high school," chimed in Beth. "Only one year
  "Don't be in such a hurry to leave high school, Beth. Enjoy it while you can,"
  suggested Celeste.
  "I feel I've had enough high school experience for two lifetimes!" quipped
  Ally rolled her eyes as the others laughed.

 Chapter 15
 After dinner, Nancy excused herself to check in with the teens.
 Celeste was sitting on the couch in the recreation room scrolling through
 files on Margo's laptop. Ally was sitting next to Celeste, and Beth was
 sitting on the carpet with her back up against the couch. They were watching
 The Princess Bride, even though they knew most of the lines by heart. A large
 bowl of popcorn was between Celeste and Ally and well within Beth's reach
 "Do you mind if I ask my financial planner a few questions?" asked Celeste,
 without looking up from the computer.
 "As long as you don't mention Margo Simon or the case," answered Ally.
 "Okay, no problem."
 "Do you think you're onto something?" asked Ally hopefully.
 "I'm not sure. However, I'm pretty sure that you're right about the money,"
 answered Celeste. She reached over and took a few pieces of popcorn and
 continued her search.
 Ally nodded.
 Celeste set the laptop aside. "I have a question for you, Ally. Do you ever
 feel uneasy when you go out?"
 Ally thought about it for a moment. "Sometimes. Why? Don't tell me that you
 feel uneasy?"
 Celeste nodded. "I do sometimes. I know it sounds silly."
 "Not silly, it sounds human. I don't think anyone undergoing a gender shift is
 ever totally comfortable," answered Ally.
 Beth glanced up at Ally and smirked as she grabbed a handful of popcorn.
 "Okay, maybe some people are totally comfortable, but I think it's natural to
 feel some uneasiness every now and then," replied Ally, hoping Celeste didn't
 catch Beth's look.
 "I feel better knowing that you feel the same way. I don't feel so alone now,"
 answered Celeste.
"I have a question for you. How painful was the surgery?" asked Ally.
"It was bad, but tolerable," replied Celeste. "I'm very glad that I did it."
"Was it worth it?"
Celeste didn't hesitate with her answer. "Yes."
"Why?" asked Ally.
"It makes me feel whole. I can look at myself naked and smile. Does that make
sense?" asked Celeste.
"Yes, it does. I feel the same way and I just wanted to compare notes," smiled
"Besides, it feels so much nicer as a woman!"
"I'm looking forward to the results, but not the surgery," replied Ally. She
ran her hand across her right shoulder.
"Well, until someone invents a process that can change gender without surgery,
we're stuck with SRS," stated Celeste.
Beth started to cough.
"You okay?" asked Celeste, looking up from the computer.
Beth nodded. The cough was better than the laugh that almost came out in
response to Celeste's last statement. Someday she would love to tell Celeste
about the Martz Process, but not tonight.
Ally just shook her head slightly.
Nancy walked into the room and sat down across from them.
"How's Tina?" asked Ally.
"Very depressed. Gwen gave her a sedative to help her sleep. I just hope we
didn't push her too far," sighed Nancy.
"Was there an alternative?" asked Ally.
Nancy shook her head. "She wasn't making any progress. She had to see that
Jack was scum."
"Scum? Is that a psychological term?" quipped Celeste.
Nancy smiled slightly. "I think I'll pass on the trip to the city tomorrow. I
want to stay close to Tina."
No one argued.
"How fast will someone get here if I press this?" asked Nancy holding up a
small transmitter that looked like a pager. It would immediately alert
security of a problem.
"Less than five minutes. The agent is just up the road. You expecting
trouble?" asked Ally
The funds, acquired from the Simons, were also used to fund security systems
for all the recovery sites. Additionally, an agent was stationed in a rented
cottage a quarter mile away.
"I'm worried she might try to run away. I don't want to lock her up at night,"
replied Nancy.
"We can monitor the location of all the teens at anytime. If any of them try
to leave the estate, we will retrieve them immediately," stated Ally.
All of the teens had been injected with a transmitter. It was the same kind
that had allowed the agency to track Beth during her abduction by the Simons.
"Good," replied Nancy.
Chapter 16
 The next morning Ally, Beth, and Celeste were in Manhattan shopping. Each had
 a shopping list. Celeste was shopping for a new wardrobe for Tina. She wanted
 to have some appropriate clothes available to allow Tina to achieve a new
 look. Beth was looking for some new clothes for herself. Okay, maybe she did
 want to impress her boyfriend, Kevin. But he was taking her to the junior
 prom! Ally was looking for a nice gift for Donna. Her wedding shower was in a
 few weeks.
 Ally found the perfect gift for Donna with Celeste's help. Celeste took them
 to her favorite boutique and there Ally found an absolutely dreamy, lace
 trimmed white nightgown and peignoir.
 Between the three of them, they found some lovely outfits for Tina. Beth was a
 big help as she was very up to date on the latest fashions for teens. Celeste
 also insisted on getting Tina some more formal outfits. They had to choose
 mainly separates, as dresses that would fit Tina's enlarged bust were all too
 big in the hips.
 "I'm going to bring in a fashion consultant for Tina and the others," remarked
 Celeste, as they waited for Beth to come out of a dressing room.
 "Maybe a trip to the local salon would be nice too," added Ally.
 "Good idea," replied Celeste. "I must admit that I'm a little jealous of your
 relationship with Beth. You're like sisters!"
 "I know. It has been good for both of us. Neither of us have any real brothers
 or sisters. I met Beth through her parents and we just hit it off,"
 "She is very mature for her age," added Celeste.
 "Some of the time she is," smiled Ally. "In some ways, she's more mature than
 I am. Carol says that I act like a teenage girl at times!"
 "Where did you meet Carol?" asked Celeste.
 "Back in California. If it hadn't been for her, I wouldn't have become Ally,"
 answered Ally. She then gave the short version of their initial meeting.
 "You're so lucky. You two sound like you're deeply in love!" remarked Celeste.
 "We are. She loves me, no matter what form I am. I was worried that my surgery
 would change our relationship. She reassured me that if the surgery made me
 happy, then she would be happy," replied Ally with a smile as she glanced at
 the ring that Carol had given her in Bermuda.
 Celeste smiled. "I would love to meet her someday."
 "Come over for dinner some night. You're filthy rich, so you can fly down to
 see us!" laughed Ally.
 "I'd love that!"
 "Carol loves cooking and she also wants to meet you," replied Ally.
 Beth stepped out of the booth wearing a lovely floral summer dress that seemed
 to be made for her. The fun was interrupted by Ally's beeper and cell phone
 going off simultaneously. She answered the phone and listened intently for
 several minutes.
 "I see. We'll be back as soon as we can. Thank you, Nancy. Hang in there!"
 stated Ally.
Beth and Celeste stared at Ally intently.
"We need to leave. That was Nancy. Tina tried to commit suicide. Don't worry,
she's okay," announced Ally.
"What happened?" asked a horrified Celeste.
"She was caught trying to break into Gwen's medicine case. Thankfully, it was
locked, and Tina was trying to break the lock when she was caught," stated
"Who caught her?" asked Beth.
"Believe it or not, Bébé. She heard the noise and, when she saw what was
happening, she informed Ina, who immediately notified Nancy and Gwen,"
informed Ally.
"So she didn't actually take anything?" asked Celeste.
"No, but they are keeping her under surveillance," replied Ally. "I guess we'd
better head back."
The drive back to Southampton was very quiet.

Chapter 17
Nancy briefed them upon their return. They were sitting in the dining room
having a light dinner as none had much appetite. "Gwen and I had just left her
alone in her room when Ina came rushing in. Thankfully, Bébé was walking by
and heard Tina as she tried to break into Gwen's medical cabinet. When we
arrived, Tina was hysterical and pleading for us to let her die. She was
ranting about how all she was good for was 'sucking cock'."
"Where do you go now?" asked Ally.
"I expected her to feel massive guilt and rage. I knew suicide was a
possibility. I just hope we can get her through this phase of her recovery.
Gwen is sitting with her now. On the plus side, I was impressed with how Bébé
responded. Her accent wasn't as prominent when she told us what happened, as
she was so excited. Unfortunately, as soon as the crisis passed, she reverted
back to her old submissive ways. But it's a start!"
"I'm sure glad you did a full safety sweep of the estate before you brought
the teens here," stated Ally to Nancy. "Don't blame yourself. Be thankful that
she is okay."
"Thanks. I just feel stupid for leaving her alone," replied Nancy.
"Forget it. We need to learn from our mistakes and move on. At least, that's
what Jenna told me," smiled Ally. She involuntarily rubbed her right shoulder.
"I heard about your injury from Jenna. How're you doing?" asked Nancy.
"I'm back to almost eighty percent mobility in the shoulder and the scar is
fading," replied Ally, referring to the knife wound she had received from a
serial killer.
"What about the rest?" asked Nancy with a slight smile.
"The nightmares aren't as frequent," replied Ally. "Thank you for asking."
There was a long silence.
"Keep me informed. I would like to talk to Tina when you feel it's okay,"
replied Ally.
"I will. In fact I'd like you to talk to all the teens. I think you're an
excellent role model for them," answered Nancy.
Ally nodded. "By the way, we bought a lovely new wardrobe for Tina today. When
do you think she'll be ready for it?"
"I think we should wait a few days until she is more level headed. Right now
she's running on pure emotion. I think that the wardrobe should make a big
difference. Once she can see herself as respectable and not a sex object, she
should make great progress," replied Nancy.
"So, are you still flying out tonight?" Celeste asked Ally.
"Yes. We're flying out at ten. Thank you so much for your hospitality,
Celeste. I hope you'll accept my invitation and visit us in DC," stated Ally.
"That goes double for me!" added Beth.
"I will," answered Celeste. She seemed a little choked up.
"You okay?" asked Ally.
"Yes. I just don't have many real friends," smiled Celeste.
Ally got up from the table and hugged her. "Well, you can always count me as a
Beth joined the hug fest and soon there wasn't a dry eye in the room.

Celeste watched as Beth and Ally drove away in the limo. Nancy was standing
next to her with her arm around her.
"Come on, let's go inside," replied Nancy.
Celeste nodded.

Chapter 18
The next morning, Celeste was doing some research regarding some data she had
found in Margo's laptop. She was convinced it was some sort of code, but
couldn't quite figure it out. It was just beyond her grasp and it was very
frustrating. While Ally had taken the laptop back to DC with her, she had
allowed Celeste to copy a few of the files.
In spite of her frustration, Celeste was enjoying the fact that she was
participating in an actual investigation. Before she had been abducted, she
had loved detective and spy novels, and now she was part of a real case!
Celeste hadn't read a mystery or action adventure book since her abduction, as
part of her thought that those sorts of books were strictly for men. However,
she was beginning to see that this was ignorant. She decided to take a break
from her investigation and called up Michael.
"Is there a good book store nearby?" she asked him.
"There're a few antique shops," he replied.
Celeste laughed. "No, I mean a regular bookstore."
"There is one of the big national chain stores thirty minutes from here," he
replied in a surprised tone.
"Great! We'll leave immediately," replied Celeste.
Michael was a bit taken back and told her that that he'd have the limo up
front in five minutes. He smiled as he got into the limo. The smile was a
combination of acknowledging her request and his approval of her getting out
 of the estate.
 Like Ina, Michael had worked for Mr. Farnsworth for years and he also had a
 strong sense of loyalty for him. This loyalty had immediately shifted to
 Celeste. Actually it wasn't just loyalty to Mr. Farnsworth, he honestly liked
 the young woman.
 Mr. Farnsworth had hired him even though he had a criminal record. Granted, it
 was mostly minor stuff, but it had kept him from getting a decent job. Michael
 had been working as a cab driver in the city, when he picked up Mr. Farnsworth
 and drove him cross-town to a meeting. To make a long story short, Michael
 found a file that Mr. Farnsworth left in the cab and spent several hours
 tracking him down. From that day on, Mr. Farnsworth used him exclusively and
 eventually he was hired as Mr. Farnsworth's limo driver. He now had a house
 and enough money to send his son to college in the fall.
 They arrived at the store and Celeste walked inside. She paused after she
 entered and inhaled the atmosphere. Celeste had forgotten the pure joy of
 entering a bookstore. The vast amount of knowledge and information in
 bookstores always gave Celeste a thrill. As Jeremy, they had been a refuge
 from the conflicts at home.
 She walked around the store, stopping first at the best sellers and then
 moving to the employees' recommendations. Soon, Celeste was paging through a
 mystery recommended by an employee named Stephie. She then picked out a randy
 adventure novel recommended by another employee with a strange name, Pickles.
 The book looked interesting and she added it to her stack. She also picked out
 a book as a gift for Nancy. It was a novel, but she figured that Nancy could
 use the distraction.
 Celeste worked her way slowly through the mystery and fiction sections. It was
 like being at a feast after being starved! Three hours and a cappuccino later,
 she had picked out a dozen books and had worked her way into the music
 It had been years since she had bought any CDs, and it didn't take her long to
 have a small stack of CDs to add to her book selections. She remembered that
 Michael liked the blues and she picked out a CD for him. Celeste remembered
 when she had barely had enough money to buy one CD and it was a good feeling
 not to have to worry about buying a few books and CDs for herself and her
 On the way back to the estate, Celeste played one of her new CDs. It was a
 small step, but she felt good about going out on her own.
 "Thank you for your recommendation, Michael," stated Celeste, as she handed
 him the CD.
 "Your welcome," he replied with a smile.

 Chapter 19
 The next day Celeste broke the code. She immediately called Ally and began to
 explain what she had discovered.
 "Margo had several files concerning overseas resorts. Most are legitimate
 places but I found several that seem to be fictitious. I checked online and
even asked a travel agency and they couldn't find any listings for them,"
explained Celeste excitedly over the phone.
"Okay, I've found the files," replied Ally, as she looked at Margo's computer.
"Well I found that the names of the resorts in question are very close to the
names of some small banks in those countries. My financial advisor told me
that they are notorious for the hiding of funds. Many of them cater to people
going through divorces who want to hide assets from their spouses," explained
"So how do we find the accounts?" asked Ally.
"I think the account numbers are right in front of you. Look at the line that
Margo added under the resort, '1 BD RM 2 WKS 200 DY 03 15 02' looks like a
reservation, but it has the exact number of digits for an account," replied
"I'll get back to you. Thanks, Celeste!" answered Ally.
Two hours later, Ally called Celeste back. "You were right. We've uncovered
three more accounts and are checking on two more! So far it looks like Margo
and Thomas are going to make another sizable contribution to the fund,"
quipped Ally.
"That would be a good name for the fund! The Simon Fund!" answered Celeste
with a laugh. "How much have you recovered?"
"Fifteen million in the first three accounts," stated Ally. "I know money
doesn't fix all problems, but this will help in putting some lives back in
"I was glad to help," replied Celeste.
"Why don't you come down for dinner this weekend? Carol and I would love to
have you as a guest," offered Ally.
"That sounds wonderful. I would love that," answered Celeste.
"Great! When can you get here?" asked Ally.
"I can fly down Friday."
"Excellent. Call me when you have the details," stated Ally.
"I will. Thank you, Ally."

Chapter 20
Nancy was working on her reports. She was kept even busier due to Melody's
departure. Her father had died and she had to take care of her mother. Nancy
fully understood and told her to take care of her family.
Nancy was pleased to note that Tina no longer seemed suicidal. Tina was still
very depressed, but she expressed remorse for trying to kill herself. Nancy
checked Tina's file and began to search for something, anything that would
give Tina a lift.
Nancy had sent out questionnaires to all the families. They had questions
regarding the likes and dislikes of the teens. Nancy saw that Phillip/Tina
loved oatmeal raisin cookies. She decided to ask Ina to bake up a batch for
Tina. It was a small thing but it might help.
Tina's mother was very supportive and anxious to reestablish contact. However,
Tina had refused to see her. Nancy had tried to get Tina to explain why, but
so far Tina just said no. Nancy figured it was because Tina was embarrassed by
her past. Hopefully one day Tina would change her mind. Nancy hadn't told Tina
that her parents had separated. Apparently the split was over Tina, but Nancy
suspected that that was just the last straw.
Bébé seemed very happy working for Celeste. Ina reported that Bébé was an
excellent worker and never argued or complained. Nancy was determined to break
Bébé out of her submissive nature. Nothing in Bébé's record showed she was
submissive before the abduction, so there was hope.
Nancy made a point of thanking Bébé for her actions regarding Tina's attempted
suicide. She asked Bébé if she wanted anything. Bébé hesitated and then said
no. It was still a good sign, as a few weeks earlier Bébé would have
immediately said no.
As for Celeste, Nancy was pleased that she accepted Ally's offer of spending a
weekend in DC. Nancy was so worried that Celeste was becoming a recluse.
Celeste needed friends and needed to enjoy life, thought Nancy.
Sarah was still not making any progress with Dot. It was very frustrating to
everyone involved in the recovery of the teens. Dot's parents hadn't been
overly cooperative. They didn't reject Dot, but at the same time they didn't
seem overly anxious to see their child and Nancy wondered why.

Chapter 21
"Thank you for picking me up at the airport," stated Celeste to Ally.
"No problem. I'm so happy you came down," replied Ally, as she pulled out onto
the highway.
"I'm anxious to meet Carol. I feel like I've known her and we've never even
talked!" exclaimed Celeste.
"She's eager to meet you too! Also Beth is looking forward to seeing you
again. I invited the Williams over tomorrow evening for dinner," stated Ally.
"That sounds wonderful," replied Celeste.
"By the way, I have some news for you. We recovered all the funds in the five
accounts. We also recovered a safety deposit box at one of the banks. It had a
king's ransom in diamonds inside. They're still appraising them, but the total
amount of the 'donation' looks like it will be near thirty million," stated
"And all of that will go to the victims?" asked Celeste.
"Most of it will," replied Ally.
"How did Margo take the news?"
Ally broke out in a huge smile. "I got to be the one who told her. I flew out
to see her yesterday. She seemed bored to see me and told me that she had no
intention of helping us deprogram her 'creations'. I then informed her that we
had discovered the rest of her funds. You should have seen the look on her
face! All the color disappeared and she began to tremble. She then began to
rant and scream. She turned to her lawyer and accused him of betrayal."
"That must have been something to see! I would have loved to see her out of
"Oh, it got better, Celeste. She continued to blame her lawyer saying that
he'd betrayed her plan to escape. It was his turn to turn pale. I then told
her that he had nothing to do with it and that one of her 'creations' had been
the one who found the hidden funds. This enraged her even more. I think she
now knows that escape is no longer an option and that she will be spending the
rest of her life behind bars."
"What about her lawyer?"
"He is under investigation and will be facing a variety of charges," answered
Ally with a big smile on her face.
"Sounds like you enjoyed that!" stated Celeste.
"I know I should be detached and not get emotional, but I'm only human. Yes, I
enjoyed it a lot. I love seeing these creatures feel some of the pain they
inflicted on others," explained Ally.
"No need to apologize, Ally. I understand completely."
The rest of the drive they discussed the teens.

Chapter 22
Ally and Celeste were sitting around the kitchen table as Carol cooked dinner.
Ally was preparing the green beans.
"You sure there is nothing I can do to help?" asked Celeste.
"Not tonight. Tomorrow night you will be considered family, and then I'll put
you to work," quipped Carol.
Celeste laughed. She had only met Carol an hour earlier, yet she already felt
a strong bond. She also knew why Ally was so deeply in love with Carol. They
were a true loving couple.
"Okay! It's a deal," replied Celeste. "Whenever I offered to help my mother in
the kitchen, she shooed me away. My father was horrified that his son would
want to cook!"
"Do you cook now?" asked Ally.
"Sometimes. Ina is pretty protective of the kitchen, but she has been
tolerating my presence," laughed Celeste. "Actually I'm not being fair to her.
She has been teaching me to cook some of her family recipes."
"Unlike some people in this room, I love to cook," quipped Carol.
Ally pointed at her chest and mouthed, "Me?"
They ate dinner in the kitchen. Afterwards they went for a walk. It was a
lovely warm evening and it seemed a shame to stay inside.
Celeste noticed that Carol and Ally made no attempt to hide their affection.
As they walked together, they held hands.
"I'm glad you live in an open-minded neighborhood," replied Celeste.
"Mostly open-minded. The bigots just got tired of harassing us," replied
Carol. "They finally realized that we weren't going anywhere."
"Maybe they realized we had guns too," quipped Ally.
They all laughed.
"Seriously, most of the people around here just want to live their lives in
peace. Besides we're not the only LGBT couple on the block," explained Carol.
"If you don't mind my asking, what do you consider yourself," Celeste asked
"In love," smiled Carol.
Ally smiled at Carol who gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.
"I hope that I meet someone else in my life. I was lucky the first time to be
so much in love," sighed Celeste.
"When did you realize that you really loved Sherman, and that it wasn't just
your programming?" asked Ally.
"It was a few months after I was in his care. My mind was clear, thanks to the
therapists, and he sat me down and gave me the option of leaving or staying.
He even offered to undo everything that the Simons had done to me. But then he
added that he really wanted me to stay as he felt a bond between us. I knew
right then that I loved him. Our romance started that day and lasted until the
day he died. I miss him a lot," replied Celeste.
Carol and Ally just nodded.

Chapter 23
"I wish I could join you two as you ravage the shops of the area. But I have
to go into the office today," stated Carol during breakfast.
"Make that three, Beth is joining us," interrupted Ally with a smile
"I see, so you three will be doing your part to help reduce the deficit!"
laughed Carol.
"What time would you like us back?" asked Ally.
"Well, Maggie and Steve are arriving at five; I could use your help starting
around three," commented Carol.
"Sounds good. Do you need us to pick up anything?" asked Ally.
"Yes, I have an order at the seafood market. I put in an order for shrimp and
salmon for appetizers," stated Carol.
"With Steve coming I hope you doubled the shrimp order from last time!"
quipped Ally.
"Yes, I remembered. At least none were wasted," answered Carol.
"The last time we had shrimp, Steve ate most of them," explained Ally to
"Everyone has a food weakness," smiled Celeste.
"So what's yours?" asked Ally.
"Hmm, I'd have to say French fries!" laughed Celeste.
"Pepperoni pizza, here," stated Ally.
"Chocolate ice-cream," added Carol.
The kitchen was once again filled with laughter.

Chapter 24
Ally and Celeste headed over to pick up Beth.
Beth was excited to see both of them.
"I'm sorry that I seem so enthused. But I just like hanging out with adults
better than my classmates," smiled Beth as she hugged Celeste.
"Adults? You've obviously mistaken us for someone else!" quipped Ally.
The morning was enjoyable for all three. Ally was searching for some new
outfits for work. Beth and Celeste were just looking. Celeste did manage to
 pick out t-shirts for the other teens.
 Lunch was equally enjoyable. Ally smiled at the fact that no one in the entire
 restaurant would suspect that just a few years ago all three of them were
 After dinner they drove back towards Ally's home. That was when the day took a
 dramatic shift.
 "I can't believe how much this area has changed," sighed Celeste, as she
 stared out the window.
 "I forgot that you were from around here. I didn't think. I'm sorry,"
 apologized Ally.
 "No need to apologize. I had been wanting to return here someday. Oh! Could
 you turn down that street?" asked Celeste as she pointed to an intersection.
 They entered a residential neighborhood.
 "Sure. Left or right," replied Ally.
 "Right. Then a left at the next intersection," answered Celeste.
 Celeste seemed very intense. She was scanning the road ahead as if she was
 looking for something. "Okay, slow down."
 "What're you looking for?" asked Beth.
 "Could you stop?" asked Celeste, ignoring Beth's question.
 "Okay," answered Ally. She looked ahead and pulled into a parking spot.
 Celeste got out of the car and stared at a brick wall that bordered two of the
 homes on the street. "This is where it started. I was just about to that wall
 when I was struck by the dart and then grabbed."
 "This is your old neighborhood?" asked Ally.
 Celeste nodded and pointed up the street. "I used to live just around the next
 corner. My parents still live there. The third house on the left."
 Neither Ally nor Beth said a word.
 "Do you mind if we drive by?" asked Celeste softly.
 "You sure you want to do that?" asked Ally.
 Celeste nodded yes.
 They got back in the car and drove around the block.
 "Stop there," stated Celeste. She was pointing to an open parking spot across
 the street from her old home.
 They sat in the car in total silence for nearly five minutes. Celeste just
 stared out of the window at the house.
 Ally then heard Celeste gasp.
 "My god! That's my mother!" exclaimed Celeste.
 Ally and Beth watched as a thin, well-dressed woman walked out of the house
 and toward a Mercedes. She was wearing a tailored suit and looked very proper.
 Her light brown hair was pulled back into a bun, making her look rather stern.
 Even from a distance, both could see the family resemblance. However, there
 was a major difference, as the woman lacked the humanity that Celeste
 "She almost never smiles," remarked Celeste sadly, as if she could read their
 "What do you want to do?" asked Ally. She could feel Celeste's pain.
"Nothing," replied Celeste softly, "and that's what I mean to her, nothing."
"Her loss," stated Ally.
Beth nodded in agreement.
"We can leave now," stated Celeste.
Ally pulled out of the spot and back down the road. A few minutes later she
pulled off into a park. "You want to talk about it?"
"Okay, but let's walk," stated Celeste.
The three of them got out and walked towards a picnic area across the park.
"I was hoping that she might glance over and see me and smile. But she never
did that even when I was... her son," stated Celeste. "They see me as dead,
but I doubt they mourn me. I see them alive and even though they never showed
me love, I miss them. I would love to share my life with them. To tell them
that I'm happy. To tell them how I missed them when I was abducted."
"I understand. I miss my real parents. I never had the chance to tell them
goodbye," stated Beth.
"How did they die?" asked Celeste.
Beth hesitated. Ben's parents were still very much alive. But thanks to her
transformation, Ben was dead to them and they didn't know Beth. She then
stated the story the agency had created for her, "They died in a plane crash."
"That must have been terrible. Did you have a good relationship with them?"
asked Celeste.
They arrived at an empty picnic table and sat down. The warm afternoon sun
felt good.
"Yes. I miss them very much, even though I also love my adoptive parents."
"I just miss being able to share things. I have no family. Sherman only had a
few relatives and they're all bent because he didn't leave them any money,"
sighed Celeste.
"I think I can offer a partial solution," announced Ally.
"What is that?" asked Celeste.
"Beth and I have kind of become sisters. We talk and share thoughts and ideas.
Would you like to become our sister?" asked Ally.
Celeste sat there speechless.
"That's a wonderful idea!" concurred Beth.
Celeste began to cry. They were tears of joy and all she could do was nod.
Ally and Beth gave her a long group hung.
After almost a minute they separated. Celeste wiped her eyes with a linen
handkerchief. "So is there some sort of initiation?"
"Yes, and we just performed it," quipped Ally.
"I just want to say that you two just gave me something I have always dreamed
about. I was so lonely as a child and prayed for a sister. Now I have two!"
beamed Celeste. The tears began to flow again.

Chapter 25
Dinner was a barbecue. Carol had been anxious to try out some new recipes.
There would be chicken, pork chops, shrimp, and ribs. The salmon was with the
rest of the appetizers that they were nibbling on. As promised, Celeste was
 put to work, along with everyone else. She was working with Beth on making the
 salad. Maggie and Ally were helping Carol with the preparation of the meat,
 and Steve was assigned the task of firing up the grill.
 Celeste was enjoying the camaraderie, and wished she had friends like these up
 in Southampton. She began to understand how important friends were in the
 world. She told Beth these thoughts.
 "So what's keeping you up there?" asked Beth.
 Celeste thought about it.
 "I mean, you don't have to sell the estate. I assume you could buy another
 home somewhere else. Is that true?" asked Beth with a smile.
 "That's true," Celeste answered. "What's on your mind?"
 "I know you're thinking of going to college. I also know that Georgetown is
 out, but there are other universities around here and I only have one year of
 high school left."
 Celeste laughed. "That sounds like an interesting idea. I may consider it."
 Celeste thought about Beth's idea. It made sense in so many ways. She did want
 to go to college, but the idea of going alone was frightening. Being with Beth
 would be very nice.
 "So where are you thinking of applying?" asked Celeste.
 "I'm thinking of the University of Pennsylvania. It's a great school and it's
 a reasonable distance from home," smiled Beth.
 "Back in my old life, I wanted to go there myself!" exclaimed Celeste.
 They began to talk and plan about college.
 Maggie, Ally, and Carol were secretly observing them. Ally had talked to Nancy
 and Jenna about helping Celeste break out of her sheltered world. Now that
 Ally considered Celeste both a friend and sister this took on a new urgency.
 Ally had accessed Celeste's file and found that Celeste/Jeremy had been
 considering Penn, along with several other universities on the East Coast.
 Ally had met with Maggie and the two of them planted the idea in Beth's head.
 Beth was actually considering Penn as an option, and now that her new "sister"
 might go at the same time, it was even more appealing.
 "I hope this works," whispered Maggie to Ally and Carol. Maggie wanted Beth to
 stay close when she went to college, but understood her daughter's need to
 spread her wings. Philadelphia wasn't that far away, and if she was with a
 friend like Celeste then she could sleep easier. Ally had told Maggie all
 about Celeste and together they had hatched the plan. True, it was a bit
 devious, but that was their job!
 "Mom, you want Celeste and I to run down and get the bread?" asked Beth.
 There was good bakery nearby and they had excellent fresh bread.
 "Okay, but be careful," smiled Maggie, as she pointed to the keys to their
 "Yes, Mom!" replied Beth. "Come on, Celeste, you'll love this place."
 As soon as they got in the car, Celeste turned to Beth. "Do you think they
 bought it?"
 "Absolutely. You were very good," smiled Beth.
 "Thank you. I find the whole thing funny. We all want the same thing, yet we
feel the need to convince everyone else that we were tricked into doing it!"
"I understand the adult mind," answered Beth with a laugh.
Celeste glanced over at Beth. "I don't mean to pry, but you're still hiding
something. I hope someday you feel that you can tell me."
Beth nodded. "I promise."
They picked up the bread and headed back to the house, talking about attending
college together.

Chapter 26
Dinner was very enjoyable. There was a mountain of food and as expected Steve
ate a lot of shrimp. Celeste was more impressed with the amount of food that
Beth ate. On her plate were a chicken breast, several ribs, shrimp, salad,
beans, and bread. What made this remarkable was that this was Beth's second
"How can you eat so much and still be so fit and trim?" asked an astonished
"I just have a high metabolism!" Beth replied smugly.
"You'd better hope that it never goes away!" answered Celeste.
"I've told her that many times," stated Maggie. Ally was right about Celeste,
she thought. Maggie really liked Celeste and felt she could trust her. She was
also glad that Beth was becoming such good friends with Celeste.
"I would still like to enter her in some eating contests," quipped Steve.
"As long as it isn't shrimp. I'd lose to you," responded Beth.
He reached over and began to tickle her. "I know your weakness!" he exclaimed.
"Dad... no!" squealed Beth as she tried to avoid Steve.
He tickled her until she was laughing uncontrollably.
Celeste smiled and saw how a real family reacted. There was real love here.
Something she had never seen in her home. She turned to Ally. "Thank you so
much for inviting me here."
"You're welcome, sister," smiled Ally.

Chapter 27
The next day Celeste was on a jet heading back to Southampton feeling renewed.
The trip had been everything she could have hoped for and more. Michael picked
her up at the airport and drove her home. The traffic was light and she was
back at the estate in a short time.
Nancy seemed pleased to see her. "Did you have a good trip?"
"Yes, thank you," replied Celeste. She knew Nancy was most likely part of the
whole Penn conspiracy, but she kept quiet about it. Celeste was secretly
pleased that she had people who cared about her. Maybe she had a family after
"How are the teens?" asked Celeste.
"Tina seems calmer, although she is still depressed. I think tomorrow would be
a good day to give her the new clothes," stated Nancy.
"I'd like that. Do you think it would be too much to take her to a salon too?"
asked Celeste.
"Let's see how she responds. But I think that would be a lovely idea," smiled
"How's Bébé doing?" asked Celeste.
"Still an attentive servant. However, I'm seeing some signs of her cracking. I
have hope that she is going to change," replied Nancy.
"What about Dot?" asked Celeste.
Nancy shook her head. "Sarah is very frustrated. She still can't break through
Dot's wall."
"I'm sorry to hear that," replied Celeste.
They walked into Celeste's office and sat down. Bébé brought in some tea for
them. Celeste didn't notice any difference in Bébé; she seemed as obedient and
happy as ever.
Celeste told Nancy about her trip.
"I wish I had something to say to make you feel you better about your family,"
stated Nancy.
"I know," replied Celeste.
"You up to telling me more about your story?" asked Nancy.
"Sure. I guess we start when I was delivered to Sherman," stated Celeste, as
she took a sip of tea.
Nancy sat back and listened.
"I was driven up here by a very scary looking man. He did nothing to me, but I
could tell that he was very dangerous. I was too passive to even think of
escape, but something told me that he would have killed me in a second,"
stated Celeste.
"That sounds like Marcus Castillo. He was killed during the raid on the farm,"
interrupted Nancy.
"Good," replied Celeste. "I was brought into the house at night. I was neither
blindfolded nor cuffed. I was as docile as a lap dog."
"How soon after you were brought in did you meet Sherman?"
"Immediately. He led me up to my room and showed me around. He told me to get
some sleep and that he would talk to me in the morning. I was a bit confused,
as I thought I was to start sexually pleasing him."
Nancy nodded.
"The next morning he brought me breakfast in bed. I was naked and waiting for
him to tell me what to wear."
"You were that passive?" asked Nancy.
"Oh, yes. I had been trained to be totally submissive. That was the first
thing that Sherman began to change. He explained to me that I was to select my
own clothes. Margo had trained me on how to dress appropriately, so that
wasn't difficult. He then told me that he knew I was transgendered and not
forced into femininity. I was confused by this confession. He went on to tell
me that I would be safe and would not be hurt."
"Did you try to come onto him?" asked Nancy.
"Yes. He gently resisted my advances and told me that it wasn't necessary.
That totally confused me."
"So what happened next?" asked Nancy.
"Over the next few weeks he treated me kindly. He brought in therapists to
break me out of my total submission. It took time, but I began to accept that
it wasn't a trick and that he really wanted me to be a person and not a
slave," stated Celeste.
"I read your therapist's notes. I'm trying some of their techniques on the
others. Thank you for releasing them to me," stated Nancy.
"No problem. Again I think that the reason that I broke out of the programming
so fast was that I wanted to be female. I was really happy that I was allowed
to live as a woman."
"So what happened then?" asked Nancy.
"Sherman explained that he was looking for a kindred spirit, that he too
wanted to be female, but knew that it was impossible, considering his physical
size and career. He initially wanted someone else he could dress up with and
not fear any repercussions."
"How did you feel about this?" asked Nancy.
"I really didn't give it a second thought. I understood his feelings,
frustrations, and fears. So I helped him dress. It seemed a little strange at
first, as I was teaching him how to apply makeup and how to select a wardrobe.
But soon I enjoyed it. He was so happy when he saw his reflection in the
mirror," stated Celeste. A smile began to blossom on her face.
Nancy nodded.
"We were soon spending the whole weekend together with him dressed. Ina and
Michael just accepted that it was one of his quirks. Sherman was so happy. He
asked that I call him Shirley," laughed Celeste. It was a laugh of joy and
fond remembrance. "While he never really looked very feminine, his personality
became softer and calmer."
Nancy nodded again.
"That's when I began to fall in love with him," smiled Celeste. She began to
look at her wedding ring.
"When do you think he noticed that you loved him?" asked Nancy.
"I don't know. But he began to treat me differently. Our romance just
exploded. We both knew we were made for each other, no pun intended," smiled
"Is that when he began to take you out?" asked Nancy.
"Yes. He showed me a big beautiful world out there. He wanted to show it to me
and share his love of culture and music."
"Where did he take you?"
"At first we went into the city and we would go to the various museums. Of
course, he wasn't dressed as Shirley! He never left the house dressed," smiled
Celeste. "Then he took me to Broadway shows and plays. We even went to the
opera and ballet. It was wonderful. My eyes were opened to a world of culture
and beauty that I'd never imagined existed. I also loved Sherman more for
sharing it with me."
Nancy smiled.
"We then took a few weekend trips. We went up to Newport, Rhode Island for a
weekend. That was a fun trip. We toured the mansions and had some wonderful
dinners. We even drove up to Cooperstown for a few days. Sherman loved
baseball and he loved showing me the Hall of Fame, but he also knew about the
wonderful art collection at the Historical Society Museum. We stayed in a
small old hotel downtown that was completely furnished with beautiful antiques
and had the original early 1800s taproom in the basement. I just loved being
with him."
"How did he treat you in public? How do I put this...?"
Celeste laughed and interrupted Nancy. "At first it was like father-daughter.
Especially when we went into the city. Then as our love blossomed, we made no
attempt to hide we were a couple. Sure, we got some dirty looks. But we didn't
care. I loved to kid him when someone would ask him 'How old is your daughter
or granddaughter?"
"How did you feel about being with an older man?"
"I was more scared that someone would 'make me' as transgendered. The age
difference didn't bother me," replied Celeste.
"And do you still feel any fear when you go out?" asked Nancy.
Celeste hesitated. "Most of the time I am fine. Sometimes someone will glance
at me as if they know my secret. I know it's foolish."
"It's not foolish."
"Thanks. I talked to Ally about it and she has the same feelings," replied
Nancy held her hand up to her mouth to cover a yawn. "Well, I need to go to
bed. Would you like to help me introduce Tina to her new wardrobe?"
"Absolutely!" exclaimed Celeste.

Chapter 28
Over breakfast Nancy and Celeste discussed their plan for Tina.
"Don't be disappointed if she initially rejects the clothes. We cannot force
her to wear them, as we want her to change to find herself," explained Nancy.
"So we show her the clothes and let her make up her mind?' asked Celeste.
"Exactly. I think we should give her the clothes in a neutral room. I want her
to think of her room as her own space, and I don't want her to feel the
clothes are being forced on her."
"We can use one of the guestrooms," suggested Celeste.
"Good idea. Why don't we set everything up and then I'll have Gwen bring her
in," explained Nancy.
"I wish Gwen would join us for meals, but I understand that she needs to stay
near Tina," stated Celeste.
"Eventually I hope both of them will join us, along with the others."
"I hope you're right," replied Celeste.
They spent the next hour setting up the guestroom for Tina. The outfits were
laid out for Tina's inspection. Celeste had also bought some new makeup for
Tina and set it out on the makeup table.
"Everything looks ready. I'll let Gwen know," stated Nancy, as she took out
her phone.
Celeste examined the clothes. She was pleased with the variety of outfits that
her "sisters" and she had selected. There were skirts, blouses, tops, shoes,
and accessories. Additionally, there was some lovely lingerie from Victoria's
Secret. She smiled at the thought that she would have killed for a wardrobe
like this when she was Jeremy.
"They're coming," stated Nancy, breaking Celeste out of her daydreams.
"Does Tina know why she is being brought up here?" asked Celeste.
"So what do I say?" asked Celeste.
"Just be yourself and tell the truth," replied Nancy.
Tina arrived and walked into the room. She was wearing an extremely short
skirt, a very tight t-shirt, and a pair of four-inch pumps. "I was told that
you wanted to see me."
Celeste noticed that Tina was looking at the outfits spread out over the bed.
"Yes, Tina. Celeste wanted to talk to you," answered Nancy.
Celeste nodded and turned to Tina. All Tina knew about Celeste was that she
was the woman who owned the home she was living in.
"Please sit down, Tina," stated Celeste, as she pointed to a chair.
Tina nodded.
"I want to let you know that I know a little about what you're going through,"
stated Celeste as she sat down in a chair near Tina.
"No offense, but you haven't a clue," snapped Tina.
"Wrong. I was abducted by same people who grabbed you. I was sold to a more
caring person than you were, but I suffered through the same training by the
Matron that you did," replied Celeste.
Tina's eyes opened up wide.
"I was taken around the same time you were," explained Celeste. She then told
Tina a condensed version of her abduction and training.
"I didn't know," replied Tina, in a soft voice.
"I wanted you to know that you're not alone. I also wanted to let you know
that, like me, you are capable of being so much more than what you were
programmed to be," stated Celeste. "You just need to decide who you want to
be, and then we can help you do whatever is necessary to become that person."
Tina stared down at the ground without saying a word.
"I'd like you to look at these clothes. You don't have to try them on unless
you want to," stated Celeste, "but they are yours if you want them."
"What's the catch?" asked Tina. "What do you want from me?"
"Nothing. I just want you to see that you do have a future, and that it
includes being able to choose what you wear."
Tina looked over the clothes.
"You can try them on here or take what you want back to your room," remarked
Tina nodded slightly. She then turned to Celeste. "Do you like being a girl?"
"Yes," replied Celeste.
"You're lucky."
There was a long silence.
"I accept that I am more female than male now. I can live with that. I just
hate that I had no say in what was done to me. I'm like a monster created in a
mad scientist's lab. No one ever asks the monster how it feels, they either
try to control it or kill it," vented Tina.
"That's a good analogy, Tina," said Nancy, "and it shows you are really
starting to think for yourself again. Do you mind if I pass it on to the
therapists who are working with some of the other rescued teens?"
Tina gave a brief shadow of a smile. "I guess."
"Like I said, take what you want. If you don't want any of it, that's okay. If
you want to go shopping and pick out what you want, that is cool too," stated
Tina looked confused.
"It's your choice. But, you need to find a look that works for you," stated
"My choice. I barely know what that means anymore," replied Tina.
"It's time to rediscover it."
"How do I go on with the guilt I feel? I've done some horrible things. If I
try to be respectable, I will have that guilt follow me the rest of my life.
If I just accept that I'm a slut, then what do I have to feel guilty about?"
explained Tina.
"First, you shouldn't feel guilt for what others forced you to do. Do you
really believe that allowing yourself to be further used and abused will make
you feel better?" asked Celeste. "Second, and more important, you are a very
bright and talented person, and you'll always know in your heart that you have
it within you to be much more than a slut, and you'll feel guilty about not
living up to your potential."
Tina shrugged her shoulders.
"I don't think you really believe that. Try to change. Explore your options.
If that turns out to be too hard, then quit and throw your life away. But at
least try to change first," stated Celeste firmly. "We'll let you decide."
Tina sat there and didn't say a word.
"I hope that we can talk more another time," reiterated Celeste.
Tina nodded.
"If you want to think about it, that's fine. The clothes aren't going
anywhere," added Celeste.
"Tina, we'll leave you here with Gwen," stated Nancy, as she got up.
Tina just nodded.
Nancy and Celeste got up and walked out of the room. Tina just stared at the
outfits. Gwen walked in and sat next to Tina.

Chapter 29
Back in her office, Celeste turned to Nancy. "So how much damage did I do?"
Nancy sat down in the chair across from Celeste's desk. "You did well. I like
the way you handled yourself and the way you were blunt but kind with Tina. "
Celeste sat on the edge of the desk and gave Nancy a look of disbelief.
"Seriously, you gave her honest answers, and that's what she needs. We want
her to feel emotions again," explained Nancy. "Oh, I left instructions with
 Gwen that if Tina wants any of the clothes then to have Bébé move them to
 Tina's room. Also I want Bébé to store any clothes that Tina doesn't want.
 This might kill two birds with one stone."
 Celeste gave Nancy a confused look.
 "Bébé might get jealous of the beautiful clothes that Tina was given. After
 all, Bébé has only been wearing simple clothes. Ina told me that she has seen
 Bébé looking longingly at your fine lingerie as she washes it," stated Nancy.
 "Ina has been making Bébé wear standard white panties and Playtex 18-hour
 Celeste smiled. "Not exactly Victoria's Secret!"
 "No, far from it," answered Nancy. "I'll see you at dinner. I need to review
 some reports and to check with Sarah. I also owe Jenna a report."
 "Okay. Thanks for letting me help you today," replied Celeste.
 "You were a great help," smiled Nancy, as she got up and walked out of the
 Celeste sat there for a moment. The idea of going to college was extremely
 appealing, especially if she could be joined by Beth the following year. In
 addition to her personal record, Sherman had created an academic record for
 her. It wasn't a total fabrication as he based it on Jeremy's grades and the
 observations of her academic tutors. Money wasn't an issue and if Penn
 hesitated on her academic record and age, then a small donation might grease
 the wheels. She could donate something in Sherman's name, as he'd like that.
 Celeste called her lawyer and requested that he look into the possibility of
 her getting into Penn in the fall. He listened to her idea of a possible
 donation in Sherman's name. Next, she called her financial advisor and asked
 him to look into real estate in Philadelphia. She told him she was interested
 in a townhouse near Penn. He said that he knew a good real estate agent in
 Philadelphia and that he would have a list of potential listings in a few
 Celeste felt good about taking a step forward in her life. After all, she had
 just told Tina that she needed to move forward with her life! Celeste didn't
 want to look like a hypocrite.

 Chapter 30
 Nancy was late joining Celeste for dinner. "Sorry I'm late. I was talking with
 Tina," apologized Nancy.
 "No need to apologize. How's she doing?" asked Celeste anxiously.
 "She took half the clothes back to her room. Apparently she spent the
 afternoon trying on various combinations of the outfits. When we talked, she
 downplayed the idea of changing her image, but I could see that she didn't
 even believe that. Her makeup was also a little more subdued. This may be the
 break we've been looking for," explained Nancy.
 "Was she wearing a new outfit?" asked Celeste.
 "Yes. She had on a khaki skirt and blue silk blouse and she looked very
 pretty!" stated Nancy. "She will need help with learning to do her makeup more
 "That's great to hear!" exclaimed Celeste. "I can help some with the makeup,
 and I think a consultation with a professional cosmetologist is probably in
 order as well."
 Maybe Tina had made that turn they were hoping for!

 Chapter 31
 The next day Celeste was pleasantly surprised to get a phone call from Ally.
 "I have something that I think you'd want to know. When you told me that your
 parents declared you legally dead, I did some snooping. I found out a few
 things that I think you should know," stated Ally.
 "Okay," replied Celeste.
 "First they cashed in an insurance policy on you. They also cashed in your
 college fund," stated Ally.
 There was a long silence from Celeste. "I'm not surprised. How long after I
 was declared dead did they go after the money?"
 "Less than a week," replied Ally.
 "My grandfather left me the money for college in his will. Mom was also pissed
 that he didn't give it to her," stated Celeste.
 "I know this isn't easy to hear, Celeste," stated Ally.
 "I appreciate that you told me. How did you find this out so quickly?" asked
 Celeste. "I know you guys are good, but to get this sort of information so
 quickly is quite impressive."
 This time the silence came from Ally. "I didn't just get the information. We
 investigated all the parents."
 "Why?" asked a shocked Celeste.
 "We discovered that two of the teens weren't actually abducted. Their parents
 actually sold them to the Simons," replied Ally. "Your parents didn't do
 Celeste gasped. "You mean that their parents really sold them?"
 "I know. It's horrific. We have them in custody and have recovered most of the
 "What about the other teens here?" asked Celeste.
 Ally was silent for a moment. "We arrested Dot's parents last week."
 "Oh my God! They sold her?"
 "Yes. I'm sorry I couldn't tell you this sooner," replied Ally. "They had
 built up massive debts and they jumped at the money that Margo offered them."
 "Does Nancy know this?"
 "Thank you for telling me this, Ally."
 "We're sisters."
 After she hung up the phone, Celeste stared out the window at the ocean and
 thought about how cruel the world could be at times. But what cheered her up
 was knowing that she had people who cared about her, like Ally.

 Chapter 32
 Three weeks later, they got their first big break with Bébé. Ina informed
Nancy, Gwen, and Celeste that she had something she wanted to tell them. They
held the meeting in Celeste's office.
"What is it, Ina?" asked Nancy.
"I've noticed that Bébé has been spending a lot of her break time out in the
old greenhouse. I followed her yesterday and found that she was sneaking food
out to a stray kitten," informed Ina.
"Really? Was she just feeding it or was she holding it too?" asked Gwen.
"She was holding and petting it. She was also talking to it. I wasn't close
enough to hear what she was saying to it," explained Ina.
Celeste almost asked what the kitten said back, but held her tongue.
"I also think she has been sneaking it into her room," added Ina.
"This could be the break we've been hoping for!" stated Nancy.
"Why?" asked Celeste.
"We've been hoping that Bébé would rebel in some manner. We could use the
kitten as the match to light the fuse. Celeste, I'll need you to play the bad
cop. We'll call
Bébé in and you'll tell her that you found out about the kitten and that she
must get rid of it. Hopefully, this will make her defy you in some manner,"
explained Nancy.
"I'll do it, but you must promise me that you'll explain to Bébé later that
I'm not evil!" replied Celeste. "I love animals!"
Nancy and Gwen both laughed. "I promise!" added Nancy.
"How long do you think she's been feeding this kitten, Ina?" asked Gwen.
"I suspected something last week," answered Ina. "It's a very cute kitten.
It's entirely jet-black. I think that it's only a few months old"
"Okay, Ina, I want you to go get Bébé and bring her up here," stated Nancy.
Ina hesitated. "What will happen to the kitten if Bébé agrees to get rid of
"Don't worry, Ina. This is a safe haven to all kinds of strays. It will be a
welcomed addition to the family," smiled Celeste.
Ina nodded and left.
"Does it really have to be me? I hate being the bad guy!" asked Celeste.
Nancy and Gwen nodded.
"Okay. I'll just pretend that I'm my mother," grumbled Celeste.
Gwen and Nancy took seats on the other side of Celeste's desk. Celeste sat at
her desk thinking about what she would say. There was a knock at the door and
Celeste looked up and saw Ina and Bébé. Celeste took a big breath and waved
them in.
Ina directed Bébé to stand in front of Celeste's desk.
"Bébé, I'm very disappointed with your behavior," stated Celeste, in her most
serious voice.
Bébé looked confused, as if she was trying to think of something she did wrong
on her job.
"You're work has been excellent, however I'm talking about an affront to me
personally. You have violated the hospitality of my home," continued Celeste.
Bébé looked as if she wanted to say something but stopped.
"I've found out that you've brought a filthy stray animal into my home. I want
you to retrieve this animal and turn it over to Ina, who will have Michael
drop it off at the shelter. What bothers me most is that you did this behind
my back. I trusted you and you didn't even think to ask for my permission. I'm
very disappointed by your behavior," demanded Celeste. "We will then discuss
your punishment."
Bébé initially nodded slowly and began to turn, as if she was going to obey
Celeste's orders. Then she stopped and looked at Celeste. "Please, Mrs.
Farnsworth, she's just a little kitten. She won't cause any problems. I
promise! I'll take care of her. You won't even know she's here!"
Celeste stared back at Bébé. It was the first real emotion she had ever seen
Bébé show.
"No. I demand that you get rid of it," reiterated Celeste.
Bébé began to tremble slightly. Her eyes began to well up with tears. "Please,
let me keep her. I've named her Violet, and she means so much to me. You treat
that other girl so nice and buy her beautiful clothes, and I only wear these
ugly uniforms. I work so hard for you and get nothing back. Please, let me
keep Violet!"
"No. And I don't want to argue with you over this. I thought you wanted to be
a maid. You're just a servant and you must know your place," stated Celeste,
hoping this would put Bébé over the edge.
Bébé stood there, staring at Celeste, with rage and anger building up inside
and tears running down her cheeks. Bébé hadn't felt this way since she was
back in her cell and was still Randy.
"No! NO! I will not give up Violet. I've done everything I've been told, and I
am tired of being told what to do," glared Bébé.
Celeste made one last push. "Bébé...."
"Don't call me that! I hate that name! That was given to me by that bitch, The
Matron," demanded Bébé, as she glared at Celeste.
Nancy and Gwen were pleased to see this burst of anger from Bébé.
"What would you like to be called?" asked Gwen, in a soft soothing voice.
Bébé stood there confused. It was as if she had just woken up from a long
nightmare. This was the first time in ages that someone had asked her what she
There was a slight hesitation, and then she looked at Gwen. "Please call me
Brenda," she stated. "I hate that name Bébé!"
"Pleased to meet you, Brenda," stated Gwen. "Celeste, Nancy, and Ina, let me
introduce you all to Brenda."
Brenda was now really confused. She glanced over at Mrs. Farnsworth; she must
be Celeste, thought Brenda.
"Brenda, do you really want to be my maid?" asked Celeste.
Brenda hesitated, wondering if this was a trick. "No."
"Would you like to stay here and heal yourself?" asked Celeste.
Heal? Yes, that would be nice, Brenda thought. "Yes, Mrs. Farnsworth, but only
if I can keep Violet!"
"Please call me Celeste, and of course you may keep Violet. I can't wait to
 meet her," replied Celeste with a big smile on her face.
 Brenda looked around the room and it hit her. These people cared about her and
 wanted her to get well. That's when the tears started. Gwen stood up and
 pulled Brenda close to her and let her hold on tight. All the months of
 repressed emotions came pouring out. Brenda was lead to a couch where she
 continued to cry and hang onto Gwen. Nancy, Ina, and Celeste moved in to add
 their support.
 Eventually Gwen led Brenda back to her room. They made one little detour and
 that was to get Violet from the greenhouse. Celeste sent out Michael to pick
 up a litter-box, a cat bed, food, and other supplies.
 Back in her office, Nancy and Celeste were thanking Ina.
 "You really helped Brenda break out of her shell. I cannot begin to thank
 you," remarked Nancy.
 "I was very happy to help. I just hope she doesn't hold a grudge," replied
 "Don't worry. I don't think she will. Do you want me to hire you a new
 assistant?" asked Celeste.
 "I appreciate the offer, but I handled this home without help for years, and I
 have my ways of doing things. So if you don't mind, I will do without training
 another assistant for now," smiled Ina. "However, I do have a suggestion that
 I hope you will think about."
 "What's that?" asked Celeste.
 "Now that Bé ... Brenda has broken free, and with Tina becoming such a nice
 young lady, I think that it's time for both these girls, and you too, Mrs. ...
 Celeste, to experience being part of a real family. I think that everyone
 should have their meals together in the main dining room, and that everyone
 should share in some of the chores. These girls also need to learn the basics
 of housekeeping and cooking if they are ever to live out in the world, and I'm
 sure that Brenda would be happy to share some of her domestic skills with the
 "That sounds like an excellent idea, Ina," said Nancy.
 "It does," replied Celeste. "And I suppose that I need some of that practical
 experience just as much as the others do. You've spoiled me rotten, Ina, and I
 love you for it, but it's time for me to start growing up too.
 "Beginning tonight," she continued with a smile, "we'll all eat together,
 family style, and we'll all help out in some way with the cooking, serving,
 clean-up, and other housework. However, Ina, that means that you too will eat
 with us - no more hiding in the kitchen for you. You will have to be here to
 be the 'mother' for all of us, and to keep us from acting entirely like rowdy
 young girls. You are just as much a part of this 'family' as anyone else."
 Ina blushed, but it was easy to see that she was very flattered by Celeste's
 words. "Thank you," she answered. "I may need to make a few menu changes, but
 that won't be hard."
 "Make whatever changes you feel are necessary," Celeste stated. "It probably
 would be a good idea for each of us to be responsible, with your coaching, for
 at least one meal a week."
"That sounds good," added Nancy, "and it brings up something else that needs
to be addressed in getting Tina and Brenda ready for the real world, and
hopefully Dot someday. I think that they all need some experience with family
life, but they also need some preparation for going out in public as women."
"How about if we have two dinners a week that are 'dress up'? That would be
something which we could do right here," suggested Celeste.
"Good idea," replied Nancy. "We'll need to see that Brenda and Tina have some
appropriate clothes though."
"Yes, I can take care of that." Celeste grinned as she turned back to Ina.
"And that means that you will need to dress up too, Ina. Part of your reward
for this suggestion, and your help in turning Bébé around, is going to be a
makeover at my favorite salon and a shopping spree with me in the best New
York stores."
"Oh, my!" Ina blushed, but her excitement was obvious as well.
"Is there anything else you want?" asked Celeste.
Ina hesitated. Her car was giving her a lot of trouble, but she didn't want to
appear greedy. "Thank you for asking, but no."
"I see. So Michael fixing your car twice in the past two weeks isn't a
concern?" smiled Celeste.
Ina broke out in a small smile. You're very observant, she thought.
"I would like you to trade that old wreck in and I will buy you a new car. I
don't want to hear any argument," stated Celeste.
Ina wanted to argue, but couldn't. "Thank you, Celeste."
Celeste smiled. That was the first time Ina had called her by her first name.
Ina left and Nancy and Celeste talked about Brenda. They were sitting on the
leather couch, next to the window.
"I'm glad we bought some new clothes for Brenda. I imagine she won't want to
wear a maid's uniform again, even a frilly French uniform," stated Celeste.
"Of course, these new plans will also require more clothes for both Brenda and
Tina, and salon trips as well, I think."
"That's true," stated Nancy. "You did that act with Bébé really well. I know
how hard it was to press her like that. I'm very proud of you."
Celeste felt her eyes tearing up and started to say thanks but the words
barely came out.
Nancy reached over and hugged Celeste. Nancy knew that Celeste was still
dealing with her own issues from captivity. And, while Celeste declared,
"everything is fine," Nancy knew better. "Let it out, Celeste."
Celeste began to cry and let out her emotions.

Chapter 33
The following day Celeste looked out the window of her office and watched with
amusement as Brenda played with Violet. Celeste barely recognized Brenda.
Instead of Bébé, the emotionless servant, she was watching Brenda, a laughing
teenage girl. Brenda was dressed in green shorts and a white sleeveless
t-shirt and was sitting on the grass dangling a cat toy in front of Violet,
who was actively attacking it.
Nancy joined Celeste at the window. "Quite a remarkable turn around," stated
"I wouldn't have thought someone could change so quickly," replied Celeste.
"Brenda had been building up for a change. Unlike Tina, Brenda only had to
overcome her programming as a maid. She is still a bit submissive, but she can
function in the world now. I think that we may be able to set up a visit with
her parents," explained Nancy.
"That's wonderful. What about Dot?
"Sarah's still working on trying to break through her programming. She even
tried to shock Dot by telling her that her parents were the ones who sold her
to Margo," answered Nancy.
"What happened?"
"Nothing, at least nothing on the outside. Dot claimed that she didn't have
any parents. That the only person who cared about her was The Matron,"
answered Nancy.
Celeste shook her head in disbelief. "How's Tina doing today?"
"She's taking little steps. She doesn't want to be a whore, but she doesn't
have any idea of what she wants to do. I wish we could find something she's
interested in."
"Let me talk to her," suggested Celeste. "I have an idea."
Celeste then explained her idea to Nancy, who agreed to try it.
An hour later, Celeste was walking Tina around the estate. Tina was wearing a
white summer dress and sandals. Celeste had helped her with simple daytime
makeup, and she now looked like a normal, pretty teen girl.
"So you own this huge house?" asked Tina in disbelief.
"Yes. My husband left me everything," replied Celeste.
"You're lucky. I don't mean about the house or stuff like that. I mean that
you had true love in your life," stated Tina.
Celeste nodded and continued to show Tina around. "I know that. I'm planning
on putting much of his fortune to good use. I'm going to college, and I'm
setting up a foundation to help teens who have been abused. Especially those
who have gender identity issues"
"I have no idea of what I'm going to do with my life."
"What did you want to do before the abduction?" asked Celeste. She was slowly
working Tina towards the conservatory.
"I wanted to go to college and study music," replied Tina.
"Well, you do know that money isn't an issue? The Simon Fund will pay for any
education you want."
Tina smiled at the mention of the Simon Fund. "I know. Gwen and Nancy told me
that. Music was my escape, and after everything I've been through it just
doesn't seem important anymore."
Celeste stopped and stared at Tina. "Do you really believe that?"
"I don't know. I've seen things that most people have no idea exist. The club
I worked in back in Japan catered to some really perverted people. What really
bothers me is that they didn't see anything wrong with the forced slavery of
others to please them. I also know that there are many others still in
captivity. I wish I could vent these feelings!"
"Why not do it with music?" asked Celeste. They started walking again.
"I thought about that. But music was always joy and beauty to me. I don't want
to dirty it with the feelings of anger and rage I have inside," replied Tina.
"Don't look at it that way. Look at music as a scalpel that you can use to
expose and cut away the bad memories," stated Celeste. They were just outside
the conservatory. "I want show something to you."
They walked inside the hall. Tina's eyes immediately locked in on the Steinway
baby grand piano.
"Do you play?" asked Tina, as she stared at the piano.
There was a gleam in Tina's eyes that Celeste hadn't seen before.
"No, but my husband did. It is yours to play whenever you want."
Tina hesitated and almost said yes. Instead she shook her head no. "Not yet."
"That's fine. But I want to make it clear that you don't have to ask my
permission to play it."
Tina nodded, as she continued to stare at the piano. "Maybe another time...."

Chapter 34
The first group dinner was casual. Ina made tacos, rice, and beans. The idea
was to have a meal that would make the participants pass things around. The
seating was also planned out to try to generate conversation. Celeste had
hoped that the first group dinner would be a night of forming friendships and
talk. She was greatly disappointed. Tina seemed lost in her thoughts and
barely talked. Brenda ate her dinner quickly and seemed eager to leave the
table so she could play with Violet. Violet made a quick appearance and then
ran out chasing a small ball.
After dinner, Celeste expressed her disappointment to Nancy and Gwen. "I guess
I was too optimistic."
"Maybe, but at least everyone got along. We've made some great strides in the
past few weeks," stated Nancy.
"I noticed Tina seemed 'far away.' I think you made an impression on her this
afternoon," remarked Gwen. "I'll make my rounds and see how they're doing."
Nancy and Celeste nodded and watched as Gwen left.
"I got a call from my lawyer this afternoon. He told me that I could enter
Penn this fall if I want," stated Celeste.
"I'm thinking of waiting until the next fall. I want to start school with
Beth. I also want to get started on the foundation. I have my lawyer checking
into a few consultants. He's also working on the paperwork so the foundation
will be legal, tax exempt, and eligible to receive grants," continued Celeste.
"My, you've been busy the past few days!"
Celeste smiled. "I want to get the foundation up quickly so we can start
helping other teens like me. By the way, I will be looking for a chief
Nancy looked at Celeste. "Do you need a list of recommendations?"
"No, I already have someone in mind. I would love to have you take the
position. You don't have to make up your mind right now, as the earliest we'll
be up is in about four months."
"I'm honored. I must admit that I find the offer very appealing. I love my
present job, but I get a real joy out of working with injured teens," stated
"Like I said, no rush. Do you think that Gwen and Sarah would be interested?"
"I'll talk to them I think Gwen would be very interested. Sarah wants to focus
on deprogramming teens, but she might sign on as a consultant."
"Part of the foundation's purpose will be education and training. I want to
have positions in the foundation that can be filled by those we've helped,"
stated Celeste.
"That's a wonderful idea. I think that we will be able to get grant money from
the Simon Fund. Jenna had an idea very similar to this, and I will talk to
her. Jenna's input will be very important," explained Nancy.
Nancy looked at her watch. "Speaking of Jenna, I have a report due to her
tomorrow. I need to finish it up and e-mail it to her. I'll see you in the
morning," stated Nancy.
"Don't stay up all night!"
Nancy laughed. "It's almost done. I just need to incorporate the latest from
Sarah. Good night."
They hugged good night.
Celeste walked through the house and found Brenda watching TV. Celeste sat
down on the couch next to her. Violet immediately began to stalk Celeste and
pounced into her lap. Celeste began to pet the little ball of black fur, who
purred her approval.
"She's a very affectionate kitten," remarked Celeste.
"I know. I guess it's because she doesn't have her real family," remarked
Brenda, as she stared at Violet
"I can relate to that," replied Celeste. "I don't have my original family
anymore either."
"Your family rejected you?" asked a shocked Brenda.
Celeste nodded and continued to play with Violet.
"I'm so sorry. My family wants to see me, but I'm so afraid that they'll
reject me when they see what I've become," stated Brenda.
"Give them a chance. They know that what happened wasn't your choice. You
might be surprised by their reaction. They've wanted to see you since you came
here," replied Celeste.
Brenda nodded. "Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?"
"No, not at all," replied Celeste.
"Do you still have your..."
"My penis?" interrupted Celeste, with a smile. "I had SRS last year."
"Oh. I don't know what I'm going to do. I mean, I doubt I could look like a
guy again after what they did to me. Gwen explained that they can't reverse
all the effects of the hormones and surgery."
Celeste nodded. One of the other feminized teens wanted to become male again.
He had requested high-dosage testosterone treatments and had gotten very sick;
in fact, he had almost died.
"Do you want to stay in between?" asked Celeste.
"I don't know. I guess there's no rush. I know one thing; I'm not attracted to
men," stated Brenda.
"Gender doesn't mean the same as sexuality," stated Celeste.
"I know. But what sort of woman would want me?" asked Brenda. "I don't know
how to describe myself. I've never wanted to be in charge. I would rather
follow, I guess that's why I was such a good maid!"
"The term you're looking for is perhaps submissive, or perhaps just a helper
or team member. There are many relationships where the woman is dominant, but
there are also many women who prefer to do things cooperatively as part of a
group or team, rather than have a specific leader. And don't sell yourself
short. I've met a few women who would be very happy to meet a girl like you,"
smiled Celeste. She looked down and saw that Violet had fallen into a deep
sleep. It was as if her batteries needed a recharging.
"Yes. I even know a transgendered woman who is dating an older dominant woman.
Their relationship is based on mutual love and respect," stated Celeste. She
didn't think Ally would mind if she told Brenda about Carol.
"Wow!" exclaimed Brenda. "That makes me feel better."
Celeste laughed.
Brenda looked over at Celeste. "You know, I really hated you. You were such a
picky and demanding bitch. Then you were going to take away my kitten! I was
so angry at you."
"I'm sorry, but it was for your own good," stated Celeste. "It was hard on me
"I know that now and I appreciate that you did it."
They hugged. Violet slept through it, without moving a muscle.
"I was fortunate. The man who bought me immediately began to deprogram me. I
want to help as many others like us as possible. I'm going to set up a
foundation to help others."
"I just wish I knew what I was going to do with my life."
"Why don't you go to college? We can supply tutors to get you ready."
"What about my identity?"
"That's not a problem. The government will help you with your identity."
"Brenda Horton. It does have a nice ring to it," stated Brenda. "I just wish I
didn't have this stupid accent."
Brenda's French accent wasn't as prominent, but it was still noticeable.
"Look at it this way, it makes you seem more exotic!" smiled Celeste.
"Being exotic isn't exactly a problem," replied Brenda. She looked at Celeste
and they both began to laugh. Soon they were both crying from laughing so
hard. Violet seemed slightly annoyed to be snapped out a sound sleep.
"That felt good. I haven't laughed in so long. I feel like I'm waking up,"
remarked Brenda. Violet worked her way onto Brenda's lap.
"You are. I went through the same feelings, and Tina is just beginning to come
back - she's been through much more than either you or I have" stated Celeste.
Brenda nodded.
"By the way, Violet will need to see the vet this week," stated Celeste. "We
want to make sure she is healthy."
"I understand. I'm just so happy that you're letting me keep her!"
"There is no way that I would separate you two. Besides, she is just so
adorable!" cooed Celeste, as she reached over to pet Violet. Needless to say,
Violet approved of all the attention.
"I guess I should let my parents see me. Have they really been asking about
me?" asked Brenda.
"Yes. Nancy has been updating them regularly with your status."
Brenda wiped away a tear. "I do miss them. I wish I could talk to them right
"Let's go see Nancy, and if she approves we can call them tonight," stated
"You mean that?" answered Brenda excitedly.
"Yes," replied Celeste.
Twenty minutes later Brenda was talking to her parents. She was laughing and
crying, sometimes at the same time as she reestablished contact with her
family. Overall she seemed ecstatic. Celeste and Nancy monitored her from a
distance. Violet was sitting between them, stalking Nancy's fingers.
"Looks like this case is turning out okay," stated Celeste. She was suddenly
envious of Brenda.
Nancy nodded in agreement. "I know. Brenda isn't completely over what happened
to her, but she will make it."
"I guess I'll ask Ina to prepare the guestroom for Brenda's parents."

Chapter 35
Brenda's parents drove up from Pennsylvania the next morning. They had been
waiting for this day since they had been told that their child was alive.
Kevin and Marcy Horton owned a very successful restaurant in Doylestown,
Pennsylvania. It had started as a simple diner, and now it was one of the most
popular dining spots in Bucks County. Their success had been dampened by the
disappearance of their son. At first they had thought it was a kidnapping, but
their concern turned to panic when no ransom demand was requested.
They dismissed the idea that Randy had just run away. They had a very open and
loving relationship with him. Every one of Randy's friends was also in total
agreement that he wouldn't have just run away. They never gave up on the idea
that he would return one day.
Kevin and Marcy had been both ecstatic and stunned when the federal agent
appeared at their door and told them Randy had been found. It didn't matter to
them when the agent told them of Randy's physical and mental transformation.
Marcy stated that Randy was still their child, regardless if he was a boy or a
Brenda paced the house the entire morning, holding and petting Violet. Any
time there was a sound from outside, she ran to the window to check.
"Calm down," smiled Celeste.
"I wish I could. I've never been so nervous in all my life," remarked Brenda.
"How do I look?"
Brenda was wearing a short green skirt and white short sleeve blouse. Her
makeup was light, and her light blonde hair was pulled back. To the casual
observer she appeared to be a lovely teenage girl. She had asked Celeste
several times about her appearance.
"Brenda, you still look gorgeous!" stated Celeste truthfully. "However, I
don't think your parents are going to care one way or the other. They just
want to see you."
Brenda was about to answer when her attention was drawn to a silver Volvo
sedan pulling up in front of the house.
"My god! They have the same car!" exclaimed Brenda, as she stared outside. She
froze and stared out at the car. Violet took this opportunity to escape and
she leapt to the ground.
Brenda's parents stepped out of the car and before they could walk towards the
house, Brenda ran out to greet them. Celeste watched as they hugged. Brenda
was crying and hugging her parents.
Celeste looked down at Violet. "Looks like a happy ending for your mommy!"
Violet just sat there and licked her paw.
A few minutes Brenda led her parents into the house.
"Mom, Dad, this is Celeste Farnsworth, the woman whose home I've been staying
in. She is also one of my best friends," stated Brenda proudly.
"We cannot express our true feelings with words, Celeste. We're so grateful
for everything you've done for our daughter," stated Marcy Horton. She looked
like a fiftyish version of Brenda.
"I agree with my wife. We owe you so much," added Kevin. He was a stocky,
slightly overweight man. His brown beard was starting to turn gray.
"It was my pleasure. However, I think you owe much of the thanks to Brenda's
therapists, Dr. Nancy Chen and Dr. Gwen Snyder," stated Celeste. She instantly
liked Brenda's parents.
"I plan on thanking them too. But Brenda told us how you've helped her too,"
interjected Marcy.
"Well, let's go out back to the deck for lunch. I imagine you're both hungry,"
stated Celeste.
As they walked out to the back deck, Violet followed. "Mom, Dad, I forgot to
introduce you to Violet!" exclaimed Brenda as she scooped up the little black
kitten and passed her to her mom.
"She's adorable!" stated Marcy as she cuddled Violet.
"Violet's a real heroine, as she had a big role in my recovery!" stated
Brenda. She then began to tell them the story of how she snapped out of being
a maid.
They reached the deck and were joined by Gwen and Nancy. After introductions,
they all sat down to lunch.
"I thought Tina was going to join us?" asked Brenda, looking around.
"She will later. She went out for a ride," stated Nancy. "Don't worry, she's
 not alone. Michael had strict orders to keep her in his sight."
 "Tina is another one of the girls here recovering," explained Brenda to her
 "How many others are here?" asked Marcy.
 "One other," answered Nancy. "Her name is Dot, unfortunately she still has a
 lot of issues to deal with."
 "Celeste was also a victim of the Simons," added Brenda.
 Marcy and Kevin both turned and looked at Celeste.
 "Yes, I was also abducted by them," confessed Celeste.
 "I never would have guessed," stated Marcy.
 Celeste smiled. "I'll take that as a compliment."
 Lunch was very pleasant and Celeste watched as Brenda seemed to glow with
 happiness due to the reunion with her family.
 "Brenda, you're welcome to move back with us anytime you want," stated Marcy.
 "Thanks, but I want to stay here for now. I still have some issues to resolve.
 I'm also afraid that my moving back with you would cause some problems for
 you. How would you explain me?" asked Brenda.
 "I don't care what others might say," stated Kevin firmly. "You did nothing to
 be ashamed of. You're our child and that's that!"
 Brenda's eyes began to well up with tears. She struggled to speak. "Thank
 She got up and hugged her dad again, followed by a long hug with her mom.
 "When you're ready, your room will be waiting for you. Although I think we may
 have to decorate it differently," smiled Marcy, "you just let us know what
 you'd like."
 Nancy, Gwen, and Celeste excused themselves to allow Brenda some privacy with
 her parents.
 "I'll see you two later. I need to work on my report," stated Gwen as she
 walked towards her room.
 Nancy and Celeste went into Celeste's office and sat down.
 "How're you doing?" asked Nancy.
 Celeste pointed her finger to her chest. "Me? I'm doing okay. Why do you ask?"
 Nancy gave Celeste a serious look. "You know what I mean."
 "Okay. I'm a bit envious of Brenda. But it's obvious that her family always
 loved her. I can't say that. Even if I hadn't been abducted, I would never
 have had what they have."
 Celeste stared out the window, but in reality she wasn't looking at anything.
 Nancy put her arm around Celeste's shoulder and gave her a hug.
 Celeste hugged Nancy hard and then let go.
 "Thank you."
 "Everyone can use a hug every now and then," smiled Nancy.

 Chapter 36
 Kevin prepared that night's dinner. He was the head chef of the restaurant
 and Marcy ran the business side. Ina willingly let him use the kitchen in
 exchange for a few of his recipes. He prepared his version of chicken Parmesan
 and everyone agreed that it was delicious. Even Tina seemed to be enjoying
 "I want you to know that you are always welcome in my home," stated Celeste.
 "Thank you," stated Marcy. She was sitting on one side of Brenda. Kevin was
 sitting on her other.
 When dinner was over, Tina asked to be excused and she retired to her room,
 followed closely by Gwen.
 "She's a lovely young lady, although a bit quiet," remarked Marcy.
 "Yes, she is," stated Nancy.
 "Celeste, Brenda told us about your plans to create a foundation. I think
 that's a wonderful idea," stated Kevin. "I think you'll love going to Penn."
 "There'll always be a seat at our table for you at our restaurant. Doylestown
 isn't that far from Philly," added Marcy.
 Celeste smiled. "Thank you, that's very kind. I'm looking forward to going to
 "I want to go too, as soon as I figure out what I want to do," remarked
 Nancy smiled at this sudden confession. Brenda was definitely out of danger.
 It was amazing how quickly the teens bounced back, once they broke free of the
 programming, she thought. Of course, Brenda, like the rest, would need a lot
 of therapy, but at least she would have a real life.

 Chapter 37
 Brenda's parents spent a few more days with her before heading back to
 "So, how're you feeling?" asked Celeste, as they watched the silver Volvo pull
 out of the driveway.
 "Better. You were right. They didn't care that I am no longer Randy. They love
 me, whoever I am!" beamed Brenda.
 "You're very lucky. By the way, did they ever mention your French accent?"
 asked Celeste.
 Brenda turned and smiled. "Mom thought it was cute! Dad joked about changing
 the restaurant over to French cuisine to match me!"
 They laughed.
 "I need to go into the city this morning. Would you like to join me?" asked
 "New York City? Absolutely!" exclaimed Brenda.
 "Cool. I have to take care of some business first, then we could do lunch and
 a little shopping," explained Celeste.
 "You don't mind me hanging around?" asked Brenda.
 "No, if I did I wouldn't have invited you," smiled Celeste, who then stuck her
 tongue out at Brenda. "We can have Nancy or Gwen baby-sit Violet."
 Brenda laughed again. Celeste noted that Brenda had an infectious laugh and it
 was wonderful to hear it.
 Brenda stayed with Celeste while she visited her lawyer. The reason for the
 trip was that Celeste wanted to discuss the forming of the foundation. Her
 lawyer had prepared a report for her to review. Celeste noticed how intently
 Brenda watched her lawyer and her lawyer's administrative assistant.
 During lunch Brenda turned to Celeste. "What sort of education and training do
 you need to be an executive assistant?"
 "Depends on who you are assisting, I imagine. If I were hiring one I'd want
 someone computer literate with a college degree. I'd want the person to have
 excellent communication skills and have an even, relaxed temperament. I'd also
 want them to be very interested in my foundation," stated Celeste.
 Brenda nodded.
 "Why do you ask?" asked Celeste, suspecting the answer.
 "I want a job where I can help others, but let's face it, I'm not exactly into
 leadership. To be honest, I really didn't mind being a maid. However, I know I
 can do much more than that. Am I rambling?" smiled Brenda.
 "You're borderline rambling, but I understand what you're telling me. Do you
 think you'd like an administrative position in my foundation?" asked Celeste.
 Brenda nodded vigorously. "I'd like that. I want to be in your foundation
 because I want to help others like I'm being helped. I was given a second
 chance and I want to do something worthwhile with it."
 Celeste nodded. "I'd want you to have a college education. I can arrange for
 tutors to help you finish up high school, and then we can get you into
 "When do I start?" asked Brenda eagerly.
 "Next week," answered Celeste.
 Brenda smiled at Celeste. "I'm surprised that you could have tutors so
 Celeste smiled back. "I've had them on call. I contacted them the same day you
 quit as my maid."
 "I won't let you down," stated Brenda seriously.
 "Don't worry about letting me down. Work on making yourself happy."
 "I will," replied Brenda. "It feels good to have a goal in life again."
 "I know how you feel," concurred Celeste.
 "Celeste, do you think I could also get the operation?" asked Brenda.
 "You mean SRS? Sure, I don't see why not. The cost would be picked up by the
 Simon Fund."
 "I just want to have that option. I don't like to be in between. Do you know
 what I mean?" asked Brenda.
 Celeste never said a word. Instead she just looked at Brenda intently.
 "Oh, I'm sorry. I guess that was a stupid question!" laughed Brenda.
 Celeste joined in. She now knew she had another friend. She then looked at her
 watch. "What do you say to a little shopping before we head back to the
 "I'd like that," answered Brenda. "By the way, I just want to thank you again
 for everything you're done for me."
 "No need. That's what friends are for."

 Chapter 38
The next few days passed without incident. Brenda spent a lot of time online
researching colleges. She was also looking at career sites to find out what
classes and skills she should learn.
Nancy found it interesting that Brenda was suddenly so proactive about her
future career, but was still submissive in her personal life. Nancy didn't see
a big problem in this, as she knew many successful and happy people with the
same traits.
Nancy was finishing up her report to Jenna. She wished that she could tell
Jenna that Tina had made a breakthrough. Tina seemed to be just existing and
not living life. Yes, she participated in the group meals, but she rarely
talked. She often took long walks along the shore, lost in thoughts. Gwen had
been unsuccessful in trying to get Tina to open up.
Nancy rubbed her eyes and looked at the clock; it was almost midnight. Maybe a
cup of tea would help, she thought. She walked to the kitchen and put the
kettle on the stove. Next she selected a strong English blend and put the bag
in her mug. Suddenly she felt as if she was being watched, she looked around
and saw the glowing eyes of Violet in the hallway.
"You're up late," stated Nancy as she crouched down. Violet immediately ran
over to her and was rewarded with some petting.
Violet began to purr like a little motorboat.
The water began to boil and the whistle on the kettle began to sing. Nancy
scooped up Violet and turned off the stove and poured the water for her tea.
In the silence of the night, both Nancy and Violet heard a noise; they both
turned their heads in the direction of what sounded like a piano.
Nancy grabbed her tea and, still carrying Violet, followed the beautiful sound
towards the source. Halfway to the conservatory she was joined by Celeste.
"I thought I was hearing things at first," remarked Celeste. She was wearing
an oversized t-shirt that acted as a nightgown.
"You look cute," smiled Nancy.
Celeste shrugged her shoulders. "It's comfortable. So, do we continue to
follow the music, or do we wait for Shaggy and Scooby to show up?
"Which one of us is Velma?" quipped Nancy.
"Hard to say, neither of us wears glasses," smiled Celeste.
They walked slowly towards the conservatory. They stopped outside the door and
listened to the music. The door was slightly ajar and they could peek inside.
They saw Tina playing the piano, lost in her music. She was playing the same
song over and over.
"What's that tune?" Celeste whispered to Nancy.
"I think it's called 'Music Box Dancer.' I remember playing it when I was
learning to play," replied Nancy softly. She knew that the selection wasn't by
chance; Tina had a reason for playing the tune.
They returned to watching Tina play. It was the most relaxed and natural they
had ever seen her. The song shifted into something new, more bluesy and slow.
Tina seemed to be humming along to the tune, although they couldn't quite hear
the words.
"What do we do?" whispered Celeste.
"We let her be," replied Nancy softly.
They walked quietly away and retreated to the kitchen.
"I thought I heard the piano the other night," stated Celeste. "But I thought
it was my imagination."
"This is a good development. We'll let Tina play and let her make the next
move," remarked Nancy.
Celeste nodded and yawned. "I'm going back to bed. See you in the morning."
"Good night," replied Nancy. She noticed that Violet was fast asleep again, so
she carried her to Brenda's room and placed Violet in her little bed. Nancy
then stared at Brenda, who was sleeping soundly. I hope you're having
wonderful dreams, thought Nancy.
She then returned to her report and added a new section on Tina. She could
only hope that this was the start of Tina's wakening.

Chapter 39
Outwardly, Tina didn't seem that different. She was still quiet and kept to
herself and continued to take long walks down by the shore. But every night
she made her way silently into the conservatory and played. Nancy had told
everyone to let her play and not to interrupt her.
"When do you think she'll open up?" asked Celeste as she walked out onto the
deck. She was wearing a pair of white shorts and a light green sleeveless
Nancy and Gwen were lounging out on the deck in the morning sun. It was a
beautiful day and a light breeze was coming in from the ocean.
They could see Tina in the distance, down by the water. "Give her time, she's
venting her pain," answered Gwen. "I'm seeing some subtle changes in her."
"Like what?" asked Celeste.
"I gave her a photo album of her family back when she first arrived here. She
finally has begun to look inside. I think Brenda's parents visiting struck a
nerve," replied Gwen.
"Will her parents come here?" asked Celeste.
"Only her mom. Her parents are now separated and are getting a divorce.
Apparently they had problems for years and Tina's abduction and return was
just the last straw. I've been calling Shelley Lennox weekly, updating her on
her daughter's progress," answered Gwen.
"So does she fully accept Tina as her daughter?" asked Celeste.
"Yes. On the other hand, her father wants nothing to do with Tina. I've tried
to contact him several times, but he has never returned my calls. But from
what I've seen, Tina was never close to him," replied Gwen.
"I can relate to that," said Celeste softly, almost to herself.
"Someday you should share your feelings about your family with Tina. I think
it will help both of you," stated Nancy.
"We can wallow in our misery together," quipped Celeste.
"And you can use Violet as your mascot," interjected Nancy.
Celeste laughed. "By the way, where is Brenda?"
"She's with her tutors. Today's the first day for her classes," stated Nancy.
"I completely forgot!" exclaimed Celeste. "I'm so happy about Brenda's
"I've noticed how close you two have become," smiled Nancy.
"I like her a lot. I think it's good for her to have friends," stated Celeste.
"I agree. I also think that it's good for you too," replied Nancy.
Celeste laughed. She was pleased that Nancy was concerned about her. She then
glanced over at Violet who was asleep in the sun. Leave it to the kitten to
come up with a good idea. Celeste closed her eyes and let the warmth of the
sun soak into her body.
"Do you have sunscreen on?" asked Nancy.
Without opening her eyes Celeste answered Nancy, "Yes, Mom!"
Nancy smiled back. She was pleased with Celeste's progress. While it was nice
that Celeste was so cultured, it was also good to see that she was acting more
and more like a young woman instead of a prim and proper widow. Having friends
like Brenda, Ally, and Beth had a very positive influence on Celeste.
Hopefully, Tina would one day be added to Celeste's circle of close friends.
Both Gwen and Nancy were amazed with the progress of Celeste and Brenda. After
all they had been through, they were both pretty normal. Tina was making
slower progress, but she had more to overcome. Sarah was not optimistic about
Dot. She was showing no progress.
Ally had e-mailed Nancy the previous night, with some startling news. Jack
Rockford had been killed. His lawyers had been successful in getting him
transferred to a less strict prison. Unfortunately for Jack, the word got out
to the general population on his twisted tastes in sexual pleasure. He was
stabbed while he was working in the prison laundry. The man who killed Jack,
was a convicted two-time murderer. He claimed he did it because Jack "lowered
the standards" of the prison population.
While Nancy wasn't exactly pleased with this sort of vigilante justice, she
wasn't shedding any tears for Jack Rockford either. She debated when would be
the right time to tell Tina. While Tina had progressed a long way, there was
the possibility that she still had feelings for Jack. Nancy had seen kidnap
victims plead for leniency for their captors during the trial.
Nancy glanced at her watch and shook Celeste awake. "Time for lunch."
"Do you want me to go get Tina?" asked Celeste.
"Not necessary. She's coming across the dunes right now," answered Gwen.
Tina walked up to the deck and smiled. "It's a beautiful day today, isn't it?"
Nancy was surprised. Tina never initiated conversation. Another step forward,
thought Nancy.
"Yes, it is. Did you have a nice walk?" asked Gwen.
"I did. I love listening to the natural rhythm of the ocean," remarked Tina,
as she bounced up the steps of the deck.
Nancy noticed that Tina's demeanor seemed less serious. She was less sullen
and depressed. Nancy was also pleased with Tina's outfit. She was wearing a
pair of khaki shorts and a blue top. Her hair was now a reddish-blonde and was
pulled back into a ponytail. Even though she was dressed down, Tina was still
an exquisite looking beauty, thought Nancy.
"Shall we head inside and see what sort of delicacy Ina has produced for us
today?" interrupted Celeste.
"Sounds like a great idea! I'm famished," remarked Tina.
Celeste nodded and scooped up the sleeping Violet. "We can't leave you
outside. Your mommy will be worried!"
"May I hold her?" asked Tina.
"Sure," smiled Celeste as she handed the kitten to Tina. It was the first time
that Tina had shown any interest in Violet.
Tina held the kitten in her hands and petted it softly. Violet seemed pleased
that she had another attendant and purred her approval.
"She really is friendly," remarked Tina as they all walked inside.
"Did you have any pets?" asked Celeste.
"Yes. We have a dog, a weinerdog. His name is Oscar," answered Tina with a
slight smile.
"As in 'Oscar Mayer'?" asked Celeste.
Tina smiled and nodded. "He's really a great dog. I just realized how much I
missed him," stated Tina. "What about you, Celeste? Did you have any pets?"
Celeste shook her head no. "I always wanted a pet but 'Mother' didn't want any
animals in the house. They 'upset' the order of things."
Tina shook her head in disbelief. "Well, you can do anything you want now."
"You're right, but I think we'll stick to Violet for now," smiled Celeste, as
she watched the kitten in Tina's hands.
"You have such a nice big piece of property. It's a shame that you don't have
a dog to romp around on it," added Tina, with a smile.
"I'll think about it. But if I do decide to get a dog, I want you to help me
pick it out," remarked Celeste.
"I know this is a snooty area, but there must be a shelter nearby. If you
going to add a dog to the family, it would be appropriate to add a stray,"
grinned Tina.
"I'll think about it," replied Celeste. She smiled at the fact that Tina
referred to their group as a family.

Chapter 40
"I'm bringing in a doctor later this week to talk to Brenda," stated Nancy to
They were sitting in Celeste's office. It was late in the evening. Celeste was
reviewing some information on the foundation she was trying to set up, and
Nancy had just finished talking to Gwen and Sarah.
"Really? Is she okay?" asked Celeste, looking up from the financial report she
had been reading.
"Yes. She expressed interest in getting SRS and I want her to be aware of the
complex nature of the surgery," answered Nancy.
"We've talked about the operation too. Has Tina expressed any opinion one way
or the other?" asked Celeste.
"No. It may sound strange, but I think she actually likes the duality of her
life," replied Nancy.
Celeste looked surprised. "Really?"
"The more I talk with her, the more I see that Tina is a nonconformist. I'm
not sure that she really wants to be completely female. She accepts that her
body will never be completely male again. However, she likes having a
functional male organ," stated Nancy. "As long as she is happy, then what does
it matter?"
"I understand the idea of being happy," added Celeste. "What about the other
teens in therapy?"
"Wide range of reactions. The hardest ones to deal with are those who totally
hate their bodies and the concept of being perceived as female. We can perform
massive surgery on them, but there is still the problem of the hormones,"
answered Nancy.
"They still can't reverse the effects of them?" asked Celeste.
Nancy shook her head no. "Look at yourself. You were last injected with them
almost three years ago and you still have female hormone levels in your system
that would be considered high even for a natural born female."
"That's true."
"Jenna told me that the agency is putting a lot of effort into finding out how
Margo developed her process," stated Nancy.
"Do they think that she developed it herself?" asked Celeste.
"No. They suspect she bought or stole it. Jenna was very secretive about it,"
continued Nancy.
Celeste sat there in silence for a long time. "I can really feel for those
teens who feel they're trapped in a body that doesn't match how they feel. I
felt that way my whole life."
Just then they heard the piano again. They sat back and listened to Tina's
beautiful playing.
"She really can play," remarked Celeste.
"I agree," added Nancy.
"You know, she had to walk by my office on the way to the conservatory, and
the music is also louder than normal. She has to know we can hear her," stated
Celeste. "Maybe this is her way of asking for help."
Nancy smiled and nodded in agreement. "I really think that you would make a
good therapist."
Nancy stood up and motioned for Celeste to follow. They followed the music and
saw that the doors to the conservatory were wide open. The only light was from
the full moon. It filled the conservatory with a gentle glow. They looked in
and saw Tina playing the piano. She was wearing a silk nightgown and seemed
totally lost in her music. Again the song was "Music Box Dancer," repeating
over and over again.
Gwen joined Nancy and Celeste. "I followed her here," whispered Gwen.
"Do you think we should go in?" asked Celeste.
Nancy looked at Gwen, who nodded yes. The three of them walked in and sat down
across from Tina.
Tina opened her eyes slightly, nodded at them, and continued to play. She then
switched to a soft, bluesy tune. Celeste noticed a single tear running down
Tina's left cheek.
When she reached the end of the tune, Tina closed the cover and turned and
looked at her audience.
Nancy and Gwen sat there and smiled. Celeste was more open with her emotions
and began to clap.
"Thank you," blushed Tina.
"That was lovely, Tina," replied Celeste.
Tina broke out in a soft smile. "I know it's late, but I really need to talk
right now."
Celeste started to get up to leave.
"No, don't go. I want to talk to all of you," interrupted Tina, "especially
you, Celeste."
Celeste sat down next to Nancy and Gwen. Nancy put her arm around Celeste.
Tina continued to sit at the piano.
"I want to thank all of you for everything you've done for me. I know I've
been a pain," commented Tina.
"You haven't been a pain," interrupted Gwen.
"Whatever. I just know that, thanks to all of you, I'm starting to feel
better. I feel like I'm...I'm not sure how to describe exactly how I feel,"
continued Tina.
"Like you're waking up from a nightmare?" interrupted Celeste.
Tina looked at Celeste and nodded. "Exactly. I now know that this wasn't my
fault. As hard as it is to admit, but I was a victim. I'm sorry; I hate to
admit my shortcomings. I guess I blamed myself for my abduction."
"I think we've all felt that way. We were targeted because we met the criteria
of some twisted people," stated Celeste. "But I know that I blamed myself
initially too."
"I've felt like I was a puppet the last few years. After a while you no longer
care. When the ability to feel emotion returned, I immediately felt anger and
directed it at myself, instead of those responsible," stated Tina. Her
bitterness towards the Simons and Jack Rockford was evident in her voice.
"It's part of the healing process," interjected Gwen.
"I know that now. I was so angry at myself that I wouldn't let myself enjoy
anything, including music," stated Tina, as she began to play again.
"I assume the tune you've been playing the last few nights wasn't selected by
chance," smiled Nancy.
Tina began to play "Music Box Dancer" again. "It's as if I was turned into one
of those ballerinas that turn endlessly on the top of a music box. My
movements were controlled by whoever owned the box, first by Margo, then Jack,
then the club owners."
Her playing shifted and the song became harsh and heavy. Instead of light and
pretty, the song was now angry. She then ended the song with a crash. She sat
there for a moment. Tears were running down her cheeks.
"I will never play that song again," Tina stated firmly. Then she went back
into the bluesy tune that she had been playing earlier.
Tina played without saying a word for several minutes. It was obvious to her
audience that the song had great emotional importance to her.
"I made up this tune in my mind during the early days of my captivity. It was
my only escape before I surrendered. It started coming back to me in the last
few weeks. I forgot how important it was to me," explained Tina as she
continued to play. "I have lyrics, but they are too personal to share, even
with good friends like you."
Celeste, Nancy, and Gwen sat in the moonlight listening to Tina's beautiful
Tina finally stopped and gently closed the cover over the keys. "Thank you."
Celeste quickly got up and ran over to Tina and hugged her. The hug turned
into group hug as Gwen and Nancy joined in.
They separated after a few minutes. Everyone was wiping their eyes and smiling
at the same time. No words were needed.
Gwen broke the silence. "I'd love to play with you sometime, Tina. I'm not in
your league, but I play a pretty mean saxophone."
"That might be fun," replied Tina.

Chapter 41
The following morning Celeste took a long walk with Tina along the shore.
"So, did you have the operation?" asked Tina.
"Yes. I had SRS last year. I always wanted to be a woman, so it was an easy
decision," replied Celeste.
"I don't mind being perceived as a woman, but I have no intention of having my
penis cut off."
"They don't cut it off, they invert it," laughed Celeste.
Tina smiled. "I know, still it's not for me."
Celeste stopped and picked up a shell. "So you plan on staying in between?"
"You make that sound like something bad?"
"I just thought people wanted to be whole."
Tina sighed. "It's not that important to me. I've had enough sex to last
several lifetimes. When I meet someone who loves me, and I mean really loves
me, then I might change. But if they love me, what difference should it make
what's between my legs?"
"The trouble is that it is important to most people. I hope you find someone
who really loves you and doesn't care," replied Celeste. "I hope to meet
someone else someday. I know that I'll have to tell them my past. I only hope
they'll understand."
"I'm not naïve. I know that, to many people, we're considered abnormal. But I
hope that my friends will understand. Nancy told me that my mom wants to see
me. That's a good place to start."
"Really? That's cool."
"I know that it must be hard for you. Nancy and Gwen told me that your parents
rejected you," stated Tina.
They reached the end of Celeste's property. There was a rock outcrop and they
sat down on the rocks. Actually, it was a rock jetty that Sherman had
installed when he first bought the property. It had become Celeste's favorite
place to go when she wanted to think or talk things out.
"My family never really was close. I wish it could have been different,"
answered Celeste.
"I can understand your feelings a little. My father never cared for me,
playing music wasn't macho enough for him," Tina said in a bitter tone.
"So what're you going to do with your life?" asked Celeste.
Tina looked out to the ocean and seemed to be momentarily lost in thought. "I
want to play music. It may seem strange, but the last three years have given
me a wealth of emotions and ideas that I want to turn into music. Does that
make any sense to you?"
"It does. I wish that I had your creativity," replied Celeste.
"Yes, and I wish I had your drive. Gwen told me about the foundation that
you're setting up. I think that is really cool."
"Thanks," asked Celeste. "By the way, I heard you and Gwen playing last night.
You two are really good!"
"Thank you. I guess I'm lucky to have a therapist is also a friend and a great
saxophone player!
Celeste laughed. "So when is your mom coming here?"
"This weekend. She's driving down from Boston. To be honest, I can't wait,
even though I'm afraid that she might turn around when she sees me."
"Nonsense. Brenda felt the same way and everything went great with her visit."
Tina nodded. "Can I ask you a favor?"
"Sure. What is it?"
Tina sighed. "I know this sounds silly, but I want to be friends with Brenda,
but I don't know where to start. I know she's no longer Bébé...."
"It's okay, I understand. Brenda is really nice and I'm sure she's just as
anxious to get to know you. We've all been through something that most people
would have no concept of how bad it was. I think we need to stick together."
"I was thinking the same thing. What about the girl over in the guesthouse?"
asked Tina.
"She's still wants to be with Margo," answered Celeste.
"Too bad. I'd love to have five minutes alone with that bitch. Do you think
your friends could arrange that?" asked Tina with a wicked smile on her face.
"No. I wouldn't want to see you arrested for assault," replied Celeste.
"Besides, it wouldn't be fair, unless we gave everyone five minutes with her."
"I don't mind if I'm not first," laughed Tina. "I just want to give her back
some of the pain she caused me."
"I know. Nancy told me that Margo refers to all of her victims as her
'creations.' Maybe the best we can do to hurt her is by showing that we can be
decent, useful, and successful despite what she's done to us."
"How're the other girls doing?" asked Tina
"They're getting treatment. From what Nancy has told me they're all over the
place getting help," replied Celeste.
"I'd like to meet them someday," remarked Tina.
"Me too," said Celeste.
"Maybe you should create an alumni group for us as part of your foundation."
 "That's not such a bad idea."
 "I get them occasionally," smiled Tina. "I think it would be nice to be able
 to talk with some of the others who were victimized by the Simons."
 "That's true. I know that there're times that I need to talk with someone else
 who went through the captivity and torture," replied Celeste.
 "Bad dreams?" asked Tina.
 Celeste nodded. "Not as often, but I still get them."
 "I know, so do I."
 Celeste sighed.
 "I guess we'll be dealing with this the rest of our lives," stated Tina. "So,
 besides the girls here, have you met any of the others?"
 "Just one. Her name is Beth, and she's the reason the Simons were captured."
 "Really? I'd love to meet her," replied Tina.
 "She came here with the agent you met with last month," stated Celeste.
 "I remember the agent. She was cool. I really liked her, even though I didn't
 show it. I wasn't exactly friendly back then."
 "Her name is Ally, and she helped me too," stated Celeste, who went on to tell
 Tina how Ally was the one who made the first contact with her following the
 arrest of the Simons.
 "She's transgendered?" asked an astonished Tina.
 Celeste laughed. "I know. I was stunned to hear it too."
 "So is this Beth also like us?"
 "No, she's a real girl," answered Celeste. "I consider Ally and Beth to be my
 "See, you do have a family."
 "There's always room for another," smiled Celeste. Her eyes were starting to
 get teary.
 Tina looked away, as if she was hiding something. Her behavior didn't fool
 Celeste, who sat down closer to her and put her arm around Tina's shoulders.
 "It's okay to cry about good things."
 Their tender moment was broken up by a wet nose and several doggie kisses.
 Tina and Celeste turned around to see that they were being "assaulted" by an
 overly friendly Labrador- Chesapeake mix. The dog's coat was reddish brown and
 was also damp from romping in the ocean.
 "Spirit! Come here!" called an older woman, who came walking up slowly. "I'm
 sorry. Spirit come here immediately!"
 The woman was short but trim, and dressed in a sweat suit. She looked like she
 was in her seventies.
 "It's okay," stated Celeste who was petting Spirit. "I love dogs."
 "She's got a mind of her own, but she means well," smiled the woman. "I'm
 Margaret Torrey. I live up the shore."
 "I'm Celeste Farnsworth and this is my friend Tina Lennox," introduced
 "Pleased to meet you. I must apologize for Spirit. She's a handful. She was my
 granddaughter Anne's dog," replied Margaret sadly.
 Spirit ran over to Margaret and grabbed the Frisbee from her hand. Spirit
immediately ran back to Tina and Celeste and placed the Frisbee down in front
of them.
"She trusts you. That's her favorite toy. Anne gave it to her. She wants you
to throw it. Please, my arm is tired and I can't throw it as far as she
likes," smiled Margaret, as she sat down on the rock.
Tina picked up the Frisbee and gave it a long throw. Spirit was off in a flash
and caught the disc before it touched the sand. She brought it back and placed
it in front of Celeste this time.
"Spirit likes to share," smiled Margaret.
Celeste picked up the Frisbee and gave it a toss. As before, Spirit caught it
before it hit the ground.
After twenty minutes of tossing the Frisbee, Spirit returned the disc to
Margaret and lay down by Celeste and Tina.
"Anne was killed in an accident a few weeks ago. A drunk driver ran a red
light and broadsided her car. She was killed instantly. I took in Spirit, but
she needs a better home," stated Margaret.
"What're you going to do with her?" asked Celeste as she petted Spirit.
"I'm afraid that I'll have to put her in a shelter. She's a lovely dog, but
I'm not a young woman anymore," explained Margaret.
Tina looked at Celeste and smiled.
"I think I may have a solution to your problem. I'd love to take her in,"
smiled Celeste. "We've been talking about getting a dog."
"Really? That would be wonderful," smiled Margaret. "She's fully housebroken
and has a lovely disposition. I wish I could keep her."
"One thing. Does she get along with cats?" asked Celeste.
"She was raised with two cats. Anne loved animals," replied Margaret. She
explained that the cats were now with a cousin. "How soon could you take
"This afternoon. Why don't you bring her by with her stuff? That's my home
over there," stated Celeste as she pointed to the mansion.
"I will. I feel really badly about giving her up, but I think she'd be happier
with you," stated Margaret.
"Besides, we're neighbors and you can always come over to visit her," smiled
"Thank you," replied Margaret.
Tina and Celeste watched as Margaret and Spirit walked away.
"See, getting a dog wasn't that hard!" laughed Tina.
"Come on, let's go let everyone else know about our newest addition."
"Spirit will be a good addition to our family," remarked Tina.
Celeste nodded in agreement. "I guess the Spirit moved us."

Chapter 42
Margaret and Spirit arrived around three. Spirit was cleaned up and was
looking very beautiful. Everyone was gathered in the den and within five
minutes it seemed like Spirit had always been in the house. Brenda held Violet
and allowed her to meet Spirit face to face. They sniffed each other and
 seemed to be instant friends.
 "I told you that she liked cats," smiled Margaret.
 Brenda and Tina brought in Spirit's things. "So where do we put her bed?"
 asked Tina.
 "What she means is, who gets to have her in their room?" quipped Brenda.
 "I kept her bed in my den and she seemed content with that. However, there
 were nights when she chose to sleep in my room. I must tell you something
 about Spirit. I swear she can read minds. Whenever I was sad or depressed, she
 seemed to know. Whenever I had a bad night, she would always be there to
 comfort me," smiled Margaret as she scratched Spirit behind the ear.
 "That's not all that uncommon. Dogs are very sensitive and attuned to human
 emotions," stated Nancy. She knew that Spirit would get a workout here, but
 that it would be good for everyone in the home.
 "We can put her bed in my office and let her decide where she wants to sleep.
 We can go to the pet store and get dog pads for each room," stated Celeste.
 "Does everyone find that fair?"
 Brenda and Tina nodded in agreement.
 "I know that you were just widowed, dear. How're you holding up?" asked
 "I'm doing okay. I miss Sherman a lot. My sisters are here to help me," smiled
 Celeste, looking at Tina and Brenda.
 "That's nice," smiled Margaret. "I remember how hard it was when I lost my
 first husband. Like you, I was much younger than my first husband. I still
 think of him sometimes."
 "You sure you want give up Spirit?" asked Celeste.
 "Yes. It's not fair to either of us. I'm too old to have a dog like her and
 she needs constant companionship," replied Margaret.
 "She'll get that here," stated Brenda, who was rubbing Spirit's belly.
 "I guess our meeting this morning was meant to be. I can see that Spirit will
 be very well taken care of here," remarked Margaret. "Here's her health
 record. I've been taking her to Dr. Morgan over in Tuckahoe. He's very good
 and Spirit trusts him."
 "We'll take her there. Besides, we also need a vet for Violet," stated
 Margaret agreed to stay for dinner. She suspected that the girls weren't
 really sisters, but didn't say anything. They all seemed to be holding in some
 pain, as if they were recovering from something terrible. Margaret could sense
 things like that. However they all seemed to be nice and Spirit liked them and
 that was good enough for her. Sherman had been such a nice man, and she was
 glad that he had married a woman who really loved him.
 As Margaret got up to leave, Spirit seemed to know what was going on and she
 followed her out. "I won't be that far away from you. Now take care of these
 young ladies. I think they need you more than I do," stated Margaret to
 Spirit seemed to understand and gave her a lick on her hand.
 That night Spirit went to sleep in her new home. After everyone went to bed,
she got up and slowly patrolled the home. She stopped at each bedroom door and
looked in. Everything looked fine and she returned to her bed. Five minutes
later, she was joined by Violet, who curled up next to her. The two new
friends fell fast asleep.

Chapter 43
The next morning Celeste was walking Spirit and cleaning up after her. The
girls agreed to split the duties for taking care of Spirit. Celeste didn't
mind, as she was just happy to have Spirit in the family. They walked along
the shore and down to the rocks.
She thought about her life. It still bothered her that her parents wanted
nothing to do with her, yet she was building up a nice replacement family. Now
she even had a dog, or was it the other way around?
She reached down and began to pet Spirit. She discovered that Spirit really
liked to have her chin rubbed. "I think you'll like it here. We may have a lot
of problems, but we have a lot of love to share too. I'm sure that your new
friend Violet told you that."
Spirit looked up at Celeste, as if she understood every word and then licked
Celeste on the face.
"I wish I had had someone like you when I was younger," smiled Celeste. "Well,
we better head back home, the others are probably getting jealous."
As they approached the house, Celeste saw Nancy and Gwen sitting out on the
deck talking to Ina. Spirit sprinted ahead to greet them. Celeste smiled, as
even Ina seemed to have fallen in love with Spirit.
"You two were up early," stated Nancy.
"Yes, and it seemed a shame to waste such a beautiful sunrise," answered
Celeste. She sat down on a chair next to Nancy. There was a pitcher of orange
juice and she poured herself a glass.
"I'll take Miss Spirit inside and give her some water," stated Ina.
Ina walked inside followed by Spirit.
"Is it just me or is that the smartest dog you've ever seen?" asked Gwen.
"She is pretty smart," answered Celeste.
"I never had a chance to ask you yesterday, but how do you feel about meeting
your neighbor?" asked Nancy.
"It was nice. One of the reasons people live out here is for the isolation.
Meeting your neighbors isn't considered a top priority," replied Celeste in a
mock snooty tone.
"I noticed that you lied to Margaret," stated Gwen.
Celeste shrugged her shoulders. "I like Margaret, but until I get to know her
better I don't want the word to get out about what's really going on here.
While privacy is important to the people out here, so is image. They might not
approve if they knew we were running a refuge for the abused teens here."
"You know that many of your neighbors might already know what's going on
here," replied Nancy.
"Knowing is one thing. But to admit it is totally different. If I were to
admit what we're doing here, they might get their collective noses out of
joint. I don't think Margaret will be a problem, but I want to make sure."
"Do you think they knew about Sherman's dressing?" asked Nancy.
"Maybe. I imagine our marriage gave them lots of things to talk about.
Personally I don't care, but I don't want any problems for the others,"
answered Celeste. "Privacy is even more important for Brenda, Tina, and Dot -
at least until they get themselves sorted out. The last thing we'd want is to
have a publicity-hungry neighbor report us to the tabloid press."
"That's certainly true. There's also something I've been meaning to ask you,
Celeste. Have you had any problems from Sherman's family? As wealthy as he
was, I can't imagine that there haven't been issues over the will," asked
"There have been some attempted assaults on the estate, but my lawyer has done
a wonderful job in defeating them. First off, Sherman was never close to his
own family. He was an only child from a broken marriage. He really was a
self-made man. Additionally, he put much of his wealth into my name, even
before we were married," explained Celeste. "The relatives who have pressed
for money are all distant relatives. However, some are the kids from Sherman's
father's second and third marriages."
"Are they a problem?" asked Gwen.
"No. Sherman's father abandoned him when he was six. Sherman never saw him
again," replied Celeste. "He knew that his father had other children, but he
never met them."
"Would your unique status cause any problems?" asked Nancy.
Celeste shook her head no. "Sherman took great strides to ensure my financial
security. He set up the will so that it was as strong as possible. There is a
sealed section of the will that states my biological sex, and that Sherman was
totally aware of it. He even submitted to a psychological exam, before the
will was written, to establish that he was of sound mind. He was a very smart
man," stated Celeste with pride.
"Obviously he was," replied Nancy with a smile.
"Sherman's lawyer was a personal friend. In fact, Sherman paid for his
education. He became Sherman's personal lawyer ten years ago and is determined
to preserve Sherman's final wishes," added Celeste. "His loyalty to Sherman
has been passed on to me."
"I feel better knowing that," remarked Gwen.
Celeste told them about Sean Harvey, her lawyer. Sherman had first met him
twenty years ago. Sean was a part-time security guard at Sherman's office.
Because Sherman often worked late, he shared many late-night conversations
with Sean. Sherman took an interest in Sean and helped him get through college
and then law school. When Sean passed the bar exam, Sherman pulled some
strings and got him a job at one of the more prestigious law firms in
Manhattan. Sean accepted this break and ran with it, and in less than six
years he had become one of the more sought after lawyers in the firm.
"I'm even more protected now, thanks to the agency. My identity is fully
established now and totally legal. How's that for irony?" smiled Celeste.
Gwen and Nancy laughed.
"I'm impressed how supportive the agency has been throughout this whole
thing," stated Celeste.
"What I've heard through the grapevine is that the Director took a special
interest in this case. He does that sometimes and becomes fiercely protective.
Just so you know, being friends with Beth and Ally doesn't hurt your status in
his eyes. Jenna told me he is very fond of those two."
"I'm fond of both of them myself," smiled Celeste.
Ina interrupted them. "Excuse me, Celeste. There is a postman at the front
door and he insists that you have to personally sign for a package."
Celeste stood up. "I wonder what it could be?"
Five minutes later she returned. She was holding a large envelope and was
reading the return address.
"It's from some law firm back in the DC area," announced Celeste as she opened
it up.
Celeste read the cover letter and was immediately enraged and devastated at
the same time. With shaking hands she glanced at the documents.
"Celeste, are you all right?" asked a very concerned Nancy.
There was a long pause, as if Celeste was trying to find the words to express
her thoughts. "I can't believe they would do something like this," cried
Celeste. She handed the papers to Nancy and felt suddenly very weak.
Nancy shook her head in disbelief at what was in the documents. "I'm stunned.
I had no idea that people could be so selfish."
"What do they say?" asked Gwen.
Before Nancy could say a word, Celeste spoke. "My parents have... disowned me.
Additionally, they have filed a restraining order stating that I am to have no
contact with them at all. None! I can't even call them or even send a
Christmas card!" exclaimed Celeste. The reality of what her parents had done
was sinking in. "I'm really dead to them."
Gwen shook her head in disbelief. "Why would they do something so heartless?"
"They claim that Celeste's attempts at contact have caused stress leading to
mental anguish. Also, that her actions since her abduction have permanently
severed any family ties," read Nancy, as she read the documents.
Celeste was in shock. She had always held out hope that one day her parents
would accept her. But now she was no longer their child, at least in the eyes
of the law. A sense of despair and depression began to overtake her. How could
they be so cruel? she thought. She looked over at Nancy and Gwen and tried to
speak, but instead she broke out in tears.
Nancy immediately put down the papers and got up to hug Celeste. She was
joined by Gwen. Celeste was soon sobbing uncontrollably. Nancy held on tightly
to Celeste and, at the same time she was comforting her friend, she was filled
with anger towards Celeste's parents. This was a very mean spirited act. It
was obviously meant to be vindictive and hurtful to Celeste.
As if she had sensed Celeste's despair, Spirit came trotting outside and
squeezed into the group hug, and her presence was immediately appreciated by
After releasing her anger and grief, Celeste began to regain her composure.
 She wiped the tears away from her eyes. She turned to Nancy and Gwen. "Thanks.
 I needed that."
 "I wish I could say something to make you feel better," stated Nancy.
 "Just being here helped more that you can imagine. And thank you too, Spirit!"
 continued Celeste. Spirit's head was resting in her lap and Celeste gently
 stroked it.
 "You should contact your lawyer immediately. Maybe there is something he can
 do?" suggested Gwen.
 Celeste shook her head no. "I know when I've lost. My wanting to be female is
 too great a crime to my parents. By doing this, they're passing all the blame
 to me. They're washing their hands of me."
 "I know you may not want to hear this, but this might be for the best. It's
 obvious that the gap between you and your parents is too great, at least for
 them. Maybe someday they'll change their minds," stated Nancy to Celeste.
 "I know. Still, I never thought they'd do something like this. What did I do
 to them?" pleaded Celeste, tears forming in her eyes again.
 "You did nothing wrong. Please understand that, Celeste," comforted Nancy.
 "Maybe. I think I want to go for a walk," stated Celeste. She got up and
 headed down to the ocean, followed by Spirit.
 "Should we follow?" Gwen asked Nancy.
 "No, she'll be okay. Besides Spirit, will watch over her," answered Nancy.

 Chapter 44
 Celeste sat down on a sand dune overlooking the ocean, as she didn't feel like
 walking all the way down to the rock. Spirit was lying next to her, with her
 head in Celeste's lap. Celeste thought about her parents and tried to remember
 happy moments. As she went through her life, she discovered that every year as
 she got older there were less and less happy times. She was so lost in her
 memories that she never heard Tina and Brenda approach.
 "Is this a private dune, or would you like some company?" asked Brenda.
 Celeste turned around and tried to smile.
 They sat down on either side of Celeste. Spirit adjusted her position, but
 stayed close to Celeste, as if she sensed that Celeste needed her love the
 "Obviously you forgot the rule that sisters are here to help each other,"
 quipped Tina.
 "So, they told you what happened?" stated Celeste.
 "Yes. We're sorry," answered Tina.
 "Even though we weren't that close, they're still my parents. I can't believe
 they hate me that much," sighed Celeste. "I wish I knew what to do."
 "I don't know what to say, other than don't try to kill yourself,' smiled
 "Or become an obedient mindless servant," added Brenda.
 Celeste laughed in spite of herself.
 "That's better. This sucks; there is no other way to spin it. Your parents are
 assholes, and there's nothing you can do about it. The way I see it, you need
to get on with your life," stated Tina.
"Your bedside manner really stinks, Doctor," smiled Celeste.
Tina shrugged her shoulders. "I'm a musician. I'm supposed to express my true
"Besides you have us, and we actually love you," added Brenda.
Celeste felt her eyes watering up again. She tried to say thank you, but was
overwhelmed by her emotions. A group hug immediately took place.
"I have an idea. Why don't we go shopping and then get a pizza?" suggested
"I agree with my learned colleague," concurred Brenda. "However, I further
prescribe a dessert tonight with a heavy dose of chocolate. I'll speak to Ina
about that."
Celeste wiped her eyes. "Okay."
They got up and began to walk back to the house. Celeste felt a little better,
knowing that while her parents didn't want her, she still had a loving family.
"We'll meet downstairs in thirty minutes," stated Tina, obviously taking
"Okay," replied Celeste. She then leaned down and gave Spirit a long hug.
"Thanks. I promise we'll play Frisbee later."
Spirit gave her a big lick.

Chapter 45
Tina's idea hit the spot. Celeste had to admit that she felt better. She also
found that she really enjoyed being with Tina and Brenda. They were so
different in personality, but they both had good hearts, though Celeste.
After hitting a few stores, they retreated to a pizza place for lunch. To the
casual observer, they were just three beautiful young women having lunch.
However their conversation was far from ordinary.
"Please don't take this the wrong way, Celeste, but in some ways I was almost
happy to see you show emotion and act depressed. You don't seem so 'perfect'
now!" laughed Tina.
"I'm not that bad!" denied Celeste.
"Yes, you are! Remember, Mrs. Farnsworth, I was once your maid," added Brenda
with a smile.
Tina nodded in concurrence. "It's not your fault. You were trained to be a
proper lady, just as I was trained to be a slut and Brenda was trained to be a
pretty little maid," stated Tina in a matter of fact way.
They laughed.
"So you were never pierced?" Brenda asked Celeste.
Celeste shook her head no. "Just my ears. 'Proper ladies' don't have pierced
There was more laughter.
"You're lucky. The nipples were the worst!" replied Tina.
"I agree," concurred Brenda. "Although the ones below the waist weren't
exactly fun either."
"Do you still have the rings in?" asked Celeste.
Brenda shook her head. "Gwen took me into town last week to have them all
"I had my nipple rings removed. I haven't decided about the others," confessed
"While we're trading secrets, I have a question for you Tina," asked Brenda.
"Are those real?" She pointed at Tina's large breasts and giggled slightly.
"Yes. 100% real! I do wish they were a bit smaller," smiled Tina. "They do
make playing the piano difficult at times."
"They gave me implants," replied Brenda, looking down at her chest. "I hate
"You can have them removed," interjected Celeste.
"I'm afraid that would leave some big scars. I think the real reason I don't
like my big boobs is all the stares I get from guys," confessed Brenda softly.
"It makes me feel uneasy."
"I know what you mean. I've noticed we're attracting all kinds of stares from
men. Experiencing this sort thing from the other side makes me wish I could
apologize to all those girls I leered at, back when I was in high school,"
added Tina, with a smile.
"They can remove them with minimal scaring. Nancy told me that some of the
other girls have had it done," informed Celeste. "I'm sure she'd be happy to
arrange it for you, Brenda."
"I might get my reduced a little too. After all Margo Simon will be paying for
it!" quipped Tina.
"I'd prefer we do a breast implant transplant. Have mine put in Margo," joked
They all broke out in laughter.
"My turn! Were you still virgins when you were taken?" asked Celeste. "I was."
"I was a virgin too," answered Tina.
They both looked at Brenda, who hadn't said a thing. She just sat there with
sly smile on her face.
Celeste and Tina looked at each other and then at Brenda.
"Well? We want details!" demanded Tina.
"I got oral from a neighbor. I was fifteen and it was a neighborhood pool
party. She was nineteen and a bit drunk. She took me upstairs to her room and
pulled down my trunks. It was all over very quickly," explained Brenda.
"That's it?" asked Tina.
Brenda shrugged her shoulders. "I'm sorry, I'm not very good at telling
"So? How was it?" asked Tina with a grin on her face.
"It was great!" laughed Brenda.
Celeste and Tina joined her in laughter.
"I just realized that this is the first time we've all been out together! I
wanted it to be very special for you and instead I turned into the one that
needed the cheering up!" exclaimed Celeste.
"I think it worked out perfectly! You've done so much for us and now we have
an opportunity to start to pay you back," answered Tina.
"I agree. Also you're not paying for lunch. This one's on us," added Brenda.
"Where did you get the money?" asked Celeste. "Is some of the silverware
They all laughed again.
"Nancy started us both on a monthly allowance. The money comes from the Simon
Fund," explained Tina.
The afternoon was exactly what Celeste needed, a chance to laugh and smile and
forget about her problems for a while.

Chapter 46
That evening Celeste called Beth. She wanted to tell Beth about Spirit, but
mostly she just wanted to talk to her sister. They talked about going to
college together and how much fun it would be. Then the topic of the other
teens came up.
"I would like to meet the other girls sometime," remarked Beth.
"Tina and Brenda would like to meet you too," replied Celeste.
"Ally told me that you had three teens staying up there. How's the other teen
doing?" asked Beth.
"Not good. Dot's still in full denial," replied Celeste.
"Did you say her name's Dot?" asked Beth.
"Yes. Why?" asked Celeste.
"She's the one who recruited me online," stated Beth.
"Oh my God! Are you sure?" asked Celeste.
"Yes. I remember the name."
"I wonder if Nancy knows that?" asked Celeste. "Beth, I'll call you later. I
need to go talk to Nancy. Take care."
Celeste found Nancy in her office and told her about Dot and Beth.
"I'll let Sarah know. I wonder why that wasn't in Dot's file? I'm sure it was
just an oversight. It might just be the thing that helps Sarah breakdown Dot's
shell. Thank you for telling me this," replied Nancy.
"Thank Beth, she was the one who told me about Dot."

Chapter 47
Shelley Lennox arrived the next day for her first meeting with her "daughter,"
Tina. Celeste got a kick out of seeing the normally nonchalant Tina squeal
with delight as her mom greeted her.
Shelley was very attractive woman in her late forties. She wore her brunette
hair in a short sporty style that made her look younger. She had once been a
promising concert musician, who had given up her career to raise Philip.
Shelley was the person who had given Tina her love of music.
Like Brenda's parents, she didn't care that her son was now her daughter. The
only thing that she said bothered her was that Tina was so much more beautiful
than she was!
Over lunch Shelley met the rest of the "family."
"What instruments do you play?" asked Brenda.
"I play both the piano and violin," answered Shelley.
 "Mom taught me how to play the piano," stated Tina with pride.
 "I understand that you have a lovely baby grand here, Celeste," stated
 "Yes. My husband played. I'm so happy that Tina has been using it," replied
 "So am I," smiled Shelley.
 "You're welcome to play it too," smiled Celeste.
 "I just might, thank you. I must admit that this isn't anything like I thought
 it would be like. I guess I was picturing more of a medical facility than a
 home. I can now understand why Tina recovered so quickly," stated Shelley.
 "We do consider this our home," stated Brenda.
 Shelley looked over in the corner of the dining room and stared at Spirit and
 Violet napping together.
 "I'm sorry, I was distracted by your pets," commented Shelley. "That's a
 kitten sleeping with that dog, isn't it?"
 "That's Spirit the dog and Violet the kitten. They're also part of our
 family," explained Tina.
 Shelley shook her head in disbelief. "Too bad people can't get along as well."
 After lunch Tina and her mom went off to get better reacquainted. Brenda left
 to go study, followed by Violet.
 Celeste took Spirit out for some Frisbee tossing. Nancy joined her.
 "How're you doing?" asked Nancy.
 Celeste gave the Frisbee a long toss. Spirit easily caught it and trotted
 "I'm fine. I don't begrudge Tina her relationship with her mom. I still feel
 some anger and disappointment at what my parents did," replied Celeste. She
 gave the Frisbee another toss.
 "Has your lawyer gotten back to you yet?" asked Nancy. Spirit brought the
 Frisbee back to her this time.
 "He said that the paperwork is legal, but he doubts it would hold up in court.
 So, I don't have to worry about going to jail, should I send them a birthday
 card or something like that. He did say that he had seen a few similar
 documents by parents who were upset with their LGBT children," stated Celeste.
 "Emotions aside, there are some real world issues that you need to resolve.
 You need access to the health history of your family. They cannot deny you
 "That's true. I hadn't thought about that," replied Celeste. She was still
 holding the Frisbee and it took a playful bark by Spirit to remind her. She
 gave it a long toss and watched Spirit race off after it.
 "You might consider filing a counter-suit to protect your assets. Do your
 parents realize how rich you are?" asked Nancy. It was her turn to toss the
 Frisbee and she gave it a long throw.
 "They know where I am. I assume they know I have money. You don't think they'd
 try to take it from me?" asked Celeste.
 "Celeste, they couldn't wait to raid your college fund and to cash in your
 insurance policy. I was talking to Ally and she said that they have to pay
back the insurance, although they are fighting it. I wouldn't be surprised by
anything they do," stated Nancy bluntly.
Celeste let out a big sigh. "I guess you're right. Even though they don't love
me, I still see them as my parents. It's hard to see them as evil."
"Maybe evil is a bit extreme. But don't let your emotional ties blind your
"That I won't do. Sherman taught me too well," stated Celeste. "I need to go
call my lawyer. I'll see you later."
Nancy was left alone with Spirit. Spirit watched as Celeste walked back to the
house and then turned to Nancy.
"Don't worry, girl. She's okay," Nancy stated to Spirit. "Let's go see if
Margaret is home. Would you like that?"
Spirit let out a big woof. Nancy shook her head in disbelief as they walked
down the beach. She was about to ask Spirit if she understood everything she
heard, but was afraid that Spirit would answer.

Chapter 48
Celeste talked to her lawyer for several hours. Sean told her that he was
confident that he could overturn the restraining order. He stated that her
parents had no legal right to her money and that if she wanted he would start
proceedings to regain her college money.
Sean also told her that the foundation paperwork was progressing nicely.
"Celeste, I have identified several potential properties for your foundation,"
stated Sean. He strongly recommended that she stop using her home as a "rehab
house." He said that he would e-mail her information on the properties.
Celeste felt much better after talking to him. She asked Sean to work on the
restraining order and that she would think about the college fund, the money
wasn't important, rather it was the principle. Sherman didn't teach her to be
a doormat. It was at times like this that she really missed him.
Celeste scanned through Sean's email. She had a set of criteria for the
property. It had to be large and secluded. However, she also wanted it close
to a large town or city. She wanted it to be close for shopping, health, and
employment needs. The buildings on the property needed to be adaptable for
private rooms, for both the patients and the staff. Finally there had to be
room for pets. Celeste had seen the positive effects that Violet and Spirit
had on her and the others. Celeste decided that the property had to be near an
animal shelter, that way both animal and human needs could be met.
Once the property was selected, then came the task of hiring the staff. Then
there would be rooms to be furnished. Security would be an issue too. There
were so many details!
"This is going to be a lot more complicated than I thought," exclaimed Celeste
out loud. The only one who heard her was Violet, who had been stalking a
ping-pong ball. She forgot about the ball and ran over to Celeste and jumped
up into her lap. Celeste began to pet her. "What do you think? Do you think
I've bitten off more than I can chew?"
Violet didn't reply, unless you consider a contented purr a response.
"I guess I'd better find some people who can run this sort of thing. The last
thing I want to do is create more problems for the people I want to help,"
stated Celeste.
"I can help you with that," stated Nancy, who was standing in the doorway.
Celeste looked up and smiled. "How much longer were you going to let me
struggle with this?"
"You've done a good job so far. You just lack the experience to make this
dream a reality. I know some people that would love to help set up your
foundation," replied Nancy.
Celeste nodded in agreement. "Just as long as they maintain my vision for this
"I don't think that will be a problem," replied Nancy.

Chapter 49
After dinner everyone went to the conservatory to listen to Shelley and Tina
play the piano. For the first time Tina played with real joy and
lightheartedness. The music swept through the room, filling everyone with a
feeling of hope and beauty. Celeste was pleased to see that Tina's hard
defensive shell was slowly melting away.
"Remind me later to ensure there's a music room in the foundation," whispered
Celeste to Nancy.
The only thing that was bothering Celeste was the conflict with her parents.
Her parents might not love her, but in spite of everything they did, she still
loved them. It would be so much easier if she actually felt hate towards them.
Seeing Tina with her mom only intensified her feeling of loss.
"By the way, I've made a decision regarding my future," announced Tina, as she
continued to play the piano.
"Well?" asked Brenda, with a laugh. "Don't keep us in suspense!"
"I'm going to college back in Boston. I'm going to study music," stated Tina.
"I'm also going to live with my mom."
Tina and Shelley looked at each other and smiled. They had each other again.
"That's wonderful!" exclaimed Celeste.
"I still need a few classes to finish up high school. I could start in the
winter semester," continued Tina. "I also know that I have some issues to
resolve in my life, but I don't see why they should stop me from having a
"Sounds like you've been planning this for a while," stated Gwen.
Tina looked over at Celeste and Brenda and smiled. "My sisters inspired me."

Chapter 50
The next day over lunch the topic of Jack Rockford came up.
"Do you think he'll be locked up the rest of his life?" Shelley asked Nancy.
Nancy took a deep breath. "I'm sure that he won't hurt anyone again. He was
killed in prison last week."
No one spoke a word as the news sank in. They waited for Tina's reaction.
"Good!" exclaimed Tina.
Nancy was about to explain why she had held back the information but was
interrupted by Tina.
"I appreciate your concern for me. But he means nothing to me now. I know I
shouldn't feel this way, but I'm so happy he's dead. I can only hope it was
extremely painful and that he had time to lay there knowing he was dying,"
declared Tina firmly. "I can move on with my life now knowing that that rotten
bastard is dead!"
"Don't hold in your true feelings, Tina," quipped Brenda.
Tina just smiled and looked as if another load had been removed from her

Chapter 51
A few days later, Nancy was working on her patient files. Nancy was pleased
with the progress of both Tina and Brenda. They had both made great strides
over the past few weeks. Brenda was doing very well in her classes and was
becoming a little more assertive. Tina was spending a lot of time with the
piano. Tina's visit with her mom had done wonders for her. Initially Nancy was
worried about Tina's reaction to Jack's death. However, Gwen reported that
Tina was firm in her feelings about Jack Rockford and that whatever control he
once had on her was gone.
What Nancy thought was that all the girls needed more social interaction. They
were all sheltered by living on the estate. While this was useful in their
initial recovery from captivity, they had a long way to go in being integrated
back into society. Their success in life would depend on how well they could
socialize with others. Nancy jotted down a few ideas for Jenna, as this would
be an issue for all the other prior captive teens.
Nancy read the latest report from Sarah. She had confronted Dot with the fact
that she had helped Margo trap other teens. At first Dot denied this, but
Sarah continued to press her. Sarah threatened to bring in some of the teens
that Dot had talked to online and that started the cracks in Dot's wall of
Nancy listened to the tape of Dot and Sarah.
"I don't know what you mean. I didn't talk to anyone online. I don't even know
how to use a computer!" stated Dot.
"Dot. I can bring some of those teens here," retorted Sarah.
"Umm...it was no big deal. The Matron just told me to do it. I had to obey
her," replied Dot.
"Dot, those teens you talked to were kidnapped and abused just like you were,"
replied Sarah.
For the next twenty minutes there was a give and take between the two. Then
the breakthrough occurred.
"Dot, do you feel guilty about what you did?" asked Sarah.
"It... it wasn't my fault. I had no choice. Do you think I wanted others to
become like me?" pleaded Dot.
It was the first time she had shown any breaking away from her programming.
"I don't know, Dot. You've always told me that you loved serving The Matron,"
 replied Sarah, as she pushed Dot.
 "I had no choice! You don't understand! I couldn't resist her! I fought her
 for so long. I kept holding out, hoping that I would be rescued. But no one
 came. I was alone. I couldn't fight her anymore!" cried Dot.
 "You're not under her control anymore," replied Sarah.
 "No. She's going to take me back. This is just a test. I can't disobey her!"
 sobbed Dot.
 "Dot, you're safe. The Matron is in prison and she's never getting out,"
 comforted Sarah.
 "No. You don't know her. She'll get out and she'll hurt me if she finds out I
 disobeyed her. Look what she did to me. Look at my body! I used to be a boy
 and now...now I'm a freak!"
 Nancy heard the sounds of sobbing and she stopped the tape. It was the break
 they were looking for. Dot had a long way to go, but at least this was a
 Nancy was also worried about Celeste. She had noticed that Celeste seemed more
 quiet and reserved following Shelly Lennox's visit. Celeste claimed everything
 was "okay," and that nothing was bothering her, but Nancy knew better. Nancy
 had seen the negative effects of parental rejection many times when dealing
 with LGBT youth, and it was always heartbreaking. The legal wrangling by her
 parents had only made things worse.
 Nancy was finishing up an e-mail to Jenna when she heard the clicking of nails
 on hardwood floors. She looked up to see Spirit entering her room.
 "You're up late. Is there something wrong?" asked Nancy, half expecting the
 dog to answer.
 Spirit gave her a "follow me" look and turned around and headed slowly out the
 "What's the matter, girl? Did Timmy fall down the well again?" quipped Nancy,
 knowing that her Lassie joke was totally wasted.
 Spirit led Nancy down the hall and to Celeste's bedroom door. Spirit sat down
 and gently pawed at the door. Nancy could see that a light was on.
 Nancy listened and could hear the sound of someone crying. She knocked on the
 door while opening it. "Celeste, are you okay?"
 Nancy looked in and saw that Celeste was sitting on the edge of her bed.
 Celeste's eyes were red from crying.
 Celeste looked up and sighed. Spirit took that as an invitation and squeezed
 by Nancy and walked over to Celeste. Nancy followed and sat down next to
 "You want to talk about it?" asked Nancy as she put her arm around Celeste.
 "I had a bad nightmare. It was so realistic," replied Celeste, as she wiped
 her eyes.
 "Tell me about it," stated Nancy.
 "I dreamt about being abducted again. I've had those before, but this time it
 was much worse. Instead of being shot with the dart, my parents tied me up and
 delivered me to Margo Simon. My parents laughed as Margo took me away. I was
 crying for their help and they were standing there laughing and waving
goodbye," stated Celeste as she petted Spirit's head.
"Is this the first time you've had a dream with both your parents and Margo
Simon?" asked Nancy.
Celeste started to nod, but stopped. "I've had a couple similar nightmares the
past week, but this one was the worst. It was so realistic. I know, I know, I
should have told you about them. I'm sorry."
Nancy pulled her close and hugged her. "You can always talk to me."
"The more I think about it, the more my parents' actions hurt. I didn't ask to
be this way. This wasn't a choice. Do they think I became transgendered just
to hurt them?" asked Celeste angrily. "Why don't they understand that I was
born this way?"
"I wish I could tell you that it will be all okay, but we both know that isn't
true," answered Nancy.
"I thought it was your job to make everything better."
Nancy broke out in a slight smile. "I wish that was true."
"I'm sorry that I'm such a bother," replied Celeste.
"You're not a bother. Spirit doesn't think so either. She's the one who came
and got me."
Celeste looked down and then began to pat the mattress next to her. Spirit
immediately understood the signal and eagerly hopped up on the bed.
"I think I'll be okay now," stated Celeste as she climbed back into bed.
Spirit was lying next to her.
Nancy smiled and stood up. "I'll see you two in the morning. We'll talk more
then. Sweet dreams."
"Thank you, Nancy. I don't think my nightmares would dare return now that I
have a guard dog!"
Nancy walked out of Celeste's room and back to her office. She had an idea
concerning Celeste's parents. Within twenty minutes she had e-mailed her idea
off to both Jenna and Ally.

Chapter 52
The next day Nancy was ready to execute her plan. Everything was in place;
Tina was practicing the piano and Brenda was in class. Gwen was with Tina.
They often played duets. It was nice to hear music fill the house, thought
Nancy. As expected, Nancy found Celeste working in her office.
"Celeste, could you take Spirit out for her walk?" interrupted Nancy. "I know
it's my turn, but I have a report that must be e-mailed to DC by this
"I don't mind. I need to get outside anyway," stated Celeste, as she stood up.
"Come on, girl! Where's your Frisbee?"
Spirit took off and returned in a flash with her precious Frisbee in her
mouth. Nancy watched as Spirit led Celeste out of the house. So far so good,
it was all up to nature now.
Celeste walked down towards the surf. Spirit eagerly followed. Celeste stopped
every now and then and gave the Frisbee a long toss. Spirit almost always
caught the flying disc.
They moved down the shore towards the rocks. Suddenly Spirit perked up her
ears and began to wag her tail furiously. Celeste looked down the beach and
saw that Margaret was walking towards them.
Spirit looked up at Celeste, as if she was requesting Celeste's permission.
"Go on, girl!"
Spirit dashed down the beach and greeted Margaret with her usual enthusiasm.
"I was hoping to see you today," smiled Margaret, as she approached.
"I'm happy to see you too!" replied Celeste.
They hugged and then sat down on the rocks.
"Has Spirit been behaving?" asked Margaret.
"She's been wonderful. In fact, she's been a real blessing," answered Celeste.
Margaret nodded. "Yes, she has a talent for providing comfort when it's needed
the most."
Celeste broke out in a slight smile. "I've discovered that."
"I think I understand. You had some nightmare and Spirit was there to help
you. Losing a loved one can be difficult," replied Margaret.
"The nightmare wasn't about Sherman. I only have sweet dreams concerning him,"
answered Celeste, without thinking.
"Then what was it about?" asked Margaret.
Celeste glanced over at the older woman, as if she was trying to gauge her
response. Her hesitation to tell what was bothering her was obviously evident
to Margaret.
"Dear, I know that you and your 'sisters' are hiding a secret. The rumors that
are making the rounds are quite imaginative!" stated Margaret. "I want you to
know that you can trust me. Spirit trusts you and that is good enough for me."
Celeste took a deep breath. Should she trust this woman? If she told Margaret
the truth, and if she reacted negatively, it could throw her entire life into
turmoil. Celeste thought about it for a second and decided to trust her
instincts. Something told her she could trust this woman.
"Somehow, I think that my story will be wilder than any rumor that is floating
around," replied Celeste.
Margaret shifted her position and moved closer to Celeste. She took Celeste's
hand in hers. "Go on, child. You can trust me."
Celeste bit her bottom lip slightly. It was a nervous trait that she had had
since she was a little kid. "Please allow me to tell my whole story before you
make any judgment."
"I promise, dear."
Celeste bit her lower lip and thought about what she was going to say. She
also prayed that Margaret would understand. Celeste then took a deep breath
and let it out in a large burst. She turned to Margaret and in a tiny, soft
voice spoke. "I used to be a boy."
Celeste went on to tell her entire life story. She left nothing out and for
nearly an hour she poured out her life to Margaret. Sensing her emotional
state, Spirit placed her head in Celeste's lap.
When she finished, Celeste continued to stroke Spirit. "The nice thing about
dogs is that they love you without caring about what society may think about
"Some people are the same way, dear," replied Margaret.
Celeste looked up and focused on Margaret. She had to wipe tears away.
"I think you're a remarkable young woman, and I'm proud to be your friend,"
confessed Margaret.
Celeste tried to respond, but couldn't find the words. Her emotions had taken
over and she couldn't speak.
"It's okay, dear. Tears work too," comforted Margaret. She pulled Celeste
close and gave her a long motherly hug.
The significance of the hug wasn't lost on Celeste, who responded in kind.
This was the sort of love that she hadn't felt since she was a small child. It
only made her cry harder.
For Margaret, it was as if she had her granddaughter back. It didn't matter to
her that this beautiful young woman hugging her used to be a boy. Her birth
gender was unimportant.
Eventually Celeste became composed again and she fumbled for a handkerchief
and gladly accepted one from Margaret.
"I appreciate that hug more than you can imagine. I cannot remember how long
it has been since I last felt that sort of love. You don't know how much it
meant to me," explained Celeste.
"I think I understand. I feel deep pity, my dear. Not for you, but for your
parents. They're so foolish not to recognize what a wonderful person their
child is," stated Margaret.
"Thank you," replied Celeste. "There is something I'd like to ask you...."
"Before you ask, the answer is yes. I would love to be part of your family,"
replied Margaret. "I think we could all benefit from this sort of
"You mean that?" exclaimed Celeste.
"My dear, when I first met you, I sensed that you were in pain and not just
from losing your husband. I wondered what it could be and how I could help
you. In many ways, I see Anne in you. I suspect that you two would have been
good friends. Don't worry; I'm not some grief stricken old crone who is going
to stalk you. I do know that I have a lifetime of experience that I would like
to share with you."
Celeste began to smile. "I would be honored to be thought of in the same way
that you remember Anne. She obviously meant a lot to you."
"Yes, she did. We had much in common. She was the wild one of her family. Much
like I was when I was her age," replied Margaret.
"You were wild? I would love to hear those stories!" exclaimed Celeste.
"We'll save those for another day. I don't want to tarnish your opinion of me
so quickly," laughed Margaret. "I want to make one thing very clear. You're
always welcome in my home. Also anytime you need to talk, you know where to
find me."
Celeste began to get misty-eyed again.
"Come, dear. Let's walk over to my home. We can talk some more over a cup of
Celeste nodded and walked down the beach with Margaret. Life was suddenly less
harsh, she thought.

Chapter 53
Celeste and Margaret sat out on Margaret's deck overlooking the ocean. Spirit
fell asleep by their feet, her Frisbee lying next to her.
"I love watching the ocean," remarked Celeste.
"If you don't mind, my dear, I have a few questions concerning your abduction.
I hope you don't mind," remarked Margaret.
"I don't mind. Talking about it helps me understand it better myself."
Margaret nodded. "I must admit that, as I digest your story, I don't know
whether to praise Sherman or damn him. I can't believe that he actually bought
"That's understandable. However, if you had had a chance to talk to Sherman
you would have known that his actions were totally honorable, if not exactly
legal," answered Celeste. "He was told about the Simons by an old friend.
Sherman was initially turned off by the idea until he found out that they
dealt in transgendered youth too."
"So he was the reason you were abducted?" asked Margaret.
Celeste shook her head no. "I had already been abducted. Thanks to Sherman, I
wasn't dealt a worse fate."
"Like your sisters?" asked Margaret.
"Yes. Sherman bought me to be a companion. He didn't want a sex slave and he
immediately began to deprogram me. It took a while, but I regained free will,
and he offered to let me go, but by then I was deeply in love with him and he
loved me."
Margaret nodded. "I would like to know who the 'friend' was who contacted him
initially. I hope the authorities are actively prosecuting those who sought
teens like you."
"They are. I've become good friends with one of the agents who captured the
Simons. She is very active in protecting teens from predators, and she told me
that the agency has been very aggressive in going after all the people in the
Simons' database."
"That's good to hear," smiled Margaret knowingly.
Celeste noticed the change in Margaret and was about to ask her a question
when a servant interrupted them. The servant served them tea and departed.
"Don't get me wrong, Celeste, I'm very pleased that Sherman treated you so
well. Just because he is dead doesn't mean that he can no longer help you,"
explained Margaret as she sipped her tea.
"What do you mean?" asked Celeste.
"Like it or not, you are a member of the elite. You are the widow of a rich
and powerful man. This will open doors for you in ways you cannot imagine,"
continued Margaret.
"I'm not at all the interested in being a socialite," smiled Celeste. "I have
real things I want to accomplish in my life. No offense."
"None taken. I also married into this sort of life and have tried to make a
difference. You need help for your foundation, and your social status will
help you find it."
"I see. So where do I start?" asked Celeste.
"That's where I come in, dear. I think we both need each other. We both have a
void in our lives that the other can help fill. And if I'm going to be your
'grandmother' then I have obligations to help you in any and all ways,"
explained Margaret.
Celeste's eyes opened wide. "You mean that you want to be...."
"Yes, dear. No one should go through life without a family that loves her. I
would be honored if you accepted me as your grandmother. I do want to be more
than just a friend to you."
Celeste set down her tea and leaned over and hugged Margaret. "You have no
idea how much this means to me," cried Celeste.
"I think I do, child," comforted Margaret.
Celeste eventually composed herself. "I don't know how I can ever pay you
"You can start by promising to spend an afternoon with me every week,"
answered Margaret.
"That sounds easy enough," laughed Celeste.
"That's much better, dear. You have a lovely laugh. In addition to that, I
think we should have dinner once a week too. We can alternate between your
home and mine," continued Margaret. "I would like to meet your sisters."
"Deal! You must promise to tell me about your wild days!" replied Celeste.
Margaret nodded. "Now that you're family, I suppose that is acceptable."
Celeste laughed again. Spirit lifted her head for a moment, and seeing
everything was okay, went back to sleep.

Chapter 54
Celeste and Spirit walked back down the shoreline. Celeste was filled with an
emotion that she hadn't felt since Sherman's death, love. Oh, she had friends
like Nancy, Ally, and Beth. She also had her sisters, but this was different.
Margaret loved her in a different way.
They approached the house and Celeste could see that Nancy and her sisters
were sitting out on the deck.
"Well, well, look who's finally returned!" quipped Tina.
Celeste and Spirit climbed the steps. "We were visiting Margaret." Celeste
glanced over at Nancy and gave her a knowing nod.
"I imagine she was happy to see both of you," replied Nancy.
Spirit made the rounds and greeted everyone and then curled up on the deck.
"Yes, we had a wonderful visit. Thank you for setting it up," replied Celeste.
Nancy pointed at her chest. "Who, me?"
Celeste smiled. "You can deny it, but I appreciate your help."
"It's my job to help people in pain. Also I look at you as a good friend, and
I figured you could use someone like Margaret in your life," explained Nancy.
Celeste went on to tell everyone about her afternoon with Margaret.
"That's so cool that she doesn't care about your past," stated Tina. "I
thought she was special."
"Special doesn't even come close to describing her," replied Celeste.

Chapter 55
Two days later Celeste had her first dinner with Margaret. During dessert,
Celeste pressed Margaret about her past.
"It's only fair. I've shared my deepest secrets with you," explained a smiling
"You really don't want to hear the ramblings of an old woman, do you?' asked
Margaret in jest.
"Please. I really want to know more about you," begged Celeste.
"If you insist, but if you fall asleep, then I won't hold it against you. I
was born in London, England and had a very happy childhood. My parents were
both teachers and encouraged me to think, which wasn't the norm back then.
When the war came, both my parents worked for the government. Have you ever
heard of Bletchley Park?" asked Margaret.
"Wasn't that the place where the German codes were broken?" replied Celeste.
"Yes, good, Celeste. Obviously, you have studied history," stated Margaret.
"My parents both worked there. Even though I was just seventeen, I became a
clerk there. By pure chance I helped in breaking a code."
"How?" asked Celeste. She was sitting on the edge of her seat.
"A German agent was using a unique code that they couldn't break. I was
delivering a report to the head of the team. I glanced down and saw the
encoded message. Something instantly clicked and, while I was standing there,
I just broke the code. It may sound simplistic, but the message seemed to talk
to me. Does that make sense to you?" asked Margaret.
"I think so," replied Celeste.
"I was instantly transferred and assigned to a decryption team. My age and
gender didn't matter, all they cared about was my ability to think. It was so
exciting. My life was opened to opportunities that I had never thought were
possible. I also met my future husband there."
"Wow!" exclaimed Celeste.
"Yes, that was what I felt when I first saw him. It was love at first sight
for me."
"Tell me more!"
"His name was Captain Elliot Torrey, and he was in the US Army. I later found
out that he was in OSS. That was the Office of Strategic Services and it was
the precursor to today's CIA. Elliot was handsome, dashing, and totally
charming! Naturally I fell madly in love with him. I didn't think he even knew
I existed, but then I found out from a friend that he was totally smitten with
"How did you get together?"
"He finally got the nerve to ask me out to dinner. We had a mad passionate
romance and got married," replied Margaret.
"How long did that take?"
"Let me think. We had dinner on a Monday and married that Friday," answered
Margaret with a wink.
Celeste sat there in stunned silence.
"Dear, we were at war. You lived for the moment, as the future was too
uncertain. My parents weren't initially overjoyed, but they grew to love
"How old were you?"
"I had just turned eighteen when we married."
"What happened next?" asked Celeste anxiously.
"Elliot was sent to France to assist the Resistance prior to D-Day. Of course
he didn't tell me where he was going, but I knew. I didn't hear anything from
him for over three months. Of course, I was a nervous wreck. Every day after
the invasion started, I waited for some word from him. On June 20th, 1944 he
returned from France. I cannot describe the pure joy I felt when I saw him."
"I can see it in your eyes," interrupted Celeste.
Margaret nodded. "Anyway, he was being recalled back to Washington. I was so
worried that we would be separated forever. However, I was allowed to go back
with him. All the governmental red-tape was cleared up almost instantly. Seems
that Elliot had friends in high places and they cleared my way to join him."
"Do you know who those friends were?" asked Celeste.
"William Donovan was one of them. He was the head of the OSS," replied
Margaret. "I heard rumors that General Eisenhower also had a hand in it, but
Elliot never confirmed that for me. He loved to keep his secrets!"
"So what happened once you got to the States?"
"Initially, I was just his wife. Don't get me wrong, I loved him dearly, but I
wasn't ready to spend the rest of my life as a mother and wife. Thankfully,
Elliot understood this. He made sure I got my university education, and when
he was brought in for the formation of the CIA, he insisted that I should also
be recruited."
"You were in the CIA? That is so cool!" exclaimed Celeste.
"I was assigned to cryptanalysis. Those were exciting days as we built the
agency. Eventually Elliot and I agreed to start a family, and I retired from
fulltime government service."
"So you worked part-time for the CIA?" asked Celeste.
"Yes, for a few years. Elliot was transferred to a different government
organization and I followed. I eventually retired and devoted my life to my
family," explained Margaret. "Elliot passed away five years ago, and not a day
goes by that I miss him. He was quite a man."
"He sounds like it. He also sounds like he was pretty progressive as he
supported your desire to have a career," remarked Celeste.
"Elliot wouldn't have wanted it any other way; he joked that he was a Torrey,
but not a Tory," replied Margaret proudly.
"You sound like a perfect match."
"I think so. Now you'd better get home. Look at the time!"
"I can't wait to hear more of your stories!" exclaimed Celeste. She then got
up and hugged Margaret. "I really love you."
"I love you too, my child," replied Margaret.
Chapter 56
A few days later Celeste got a phone call from Ally.
"It's so good to hear your voice," exclaimed Celeste.
"I'm sorry I haven't called sooner, but I've been busy planning a friend's
wedding. Actually, I'm calling to invite you down here on official business.
The agency wants to show its gratitude for all you've done, including the
finding of the additional hidden funds."
There was a long silence on the other end. "I didn't do that much," replied
Celeste softly.
"Don't downplay what you've done," answered Ally. "I'm not taking no for an
"When do you want me down there?" asked Celeste.
"Is this Friday too soon? Carol and I would love for you to stay here with
us," replied Ally.
"I'd love to stay with you. By the way, I have a favor to ask of you. I would
like you to come up here and talk with Brenda and Tina. They're very
interested in meeting you," stated Celeste.
"Tina? Oh, yes, she's the one I met the last time. Jenna has told me that
she's made great strides. I'd love to do that. We can talk about that when
you're down here. Beth will be happy to hear you're coming."
"Cool. I can't wait to see all of you!"
"E-mail your flight info and I'll pick you up at the airport. See you later
this week, Celeste," stated Beth.
"I will. Take care, Ally."

Chapter 57
"I can't believe that they want to thank me. I just did what anyone would have
done," stated Celeste to Margaret.
"No, not everyone would have done it. It would have been very easy to have
just gone on with your life and not have brought a bunch of strangers into
your house," replied Margaret.
They were walking down the beach with Spirit.
Celeste gave the Frisbee a long toss and Spirit dashed after it.
"If I hadn't opened up my home, I would have missed out on so many good
friends, a wonderful dog, and, of course, you," stated Celeste.
Margaret nodded her approval.
Spirit returned with the Frisbee and awaited the next toss.
"When you get back from Washington, we'll need to plan a cocktail party,"
stated Margaret.
"For whom?" asked Celeste.
"The people who I hope are going to support your foundation. I've taken the
liberty of putting together a list of potential guests."
"How many?"
"Just a small group, 100 to 125," smiled Margaret.
Celeste stopped and stared at Margaret. "You've got to kidding!"
"Dear, you have to trust me. All you have to do is meet these people and act
charming. Later we'll call them and ask for assistance. There are a few on the
list that would be good candidates for your board of directors. I know them
and they are open-minded."
"I do trust you. I'm just not sure of the idea of inviting a whole bunch of
strangers into my home, even if it's for a good cause," replied Celeste.
'They're not strangers, they're potential donors," smiled Margaret. She took
the Frisbee from Spirit and gave it a toss.
Spirit glided under the Frisbee and snatched it from the air.
"Why don't we head back to my home? I found an old photo album that I think
you'd like to look through," suggested Margaret.
"I'd like that," replied Celeste.
They arrived at Margaret's home and Margaret retrieved the album. Spirit
curled up next to their feet.
"These are some photos of Elliot and I. This one was taken right after we got
married," stated Margaret as she pointed to photo.
The photo showed Margaret and Elliot standing in front of Big Ben. Elliot's
arm was around Margaret and both had huge smiles on their faces.
"I can't believe how happy you two look. I mean with the war going on and
everything," exclaimed Celeste.
"You lived for the moment."
The album included photos of their early days in Washington.
"I can see why you fell in love with Elliot. He really is handsome!" stated
"Those photos don't do him justice! He was so much more dashing in real life."
Celeste smiled at the fact that she could see that Margaret was still in love
with Elliot. She had a slight twinge of sadness, wondering what might have
been if Sherman hadn't died so suddenly.
Margaret snapped her out of her daydreaming. "Do you have any photos of your
"No. I asked my parents for some, but they never sent any," replied Celeste
"That is unacceptable. They have no right to deny you your past," stated
Margaret with a touch of anger. "And don't tell me that it's no big deal. I
can tell that it bothers you."
"Now I know you're my grandmother! You can tell that I'm lying even before I
lie!" laughed Celeste.
Margaret smiled. "If you makes you feel better, my daughters never got away
with lying to me either."
"It would be nice to have some photos of my old life. There were some good
times. I would also like some photos of my grandparents," added Celeste.
Margaret just nodded.
"Part of me wants to forget my previous life and just move on, but the other
half wants the family connection. I also worry about what do I will tell
people in the future. I mean, do I tell them that I have amnesia and can't
"No, you tell them the truth when you feel you can trust them. I assume that
you're also referring to the possibility of meeting another man?" asked
"It is a quandary. I mean, if I meet someone else, do I tell him? I know I
have to, but when?"
"I don't have an exact answer, just that you'll know when it is right. You
must be honest. If they love you, then it won't matter," replied Margaret.
"I know. It's not like it's an issue that I have to worry about right now. But
I know it will come up, someday. I'm only twenty, and I know Sherman wouldn't
want me to spend the rest of my life in mourning," explained Celeste.
"When it happens, I'll be here for you," replied Margaret.
"Thanks. Well, I need to get home. Tonight, Ina is going to teach us how to
make fajitas. Would you like to join us?"
"I appreciate the offer, but I'm having dinner with an old family friend. I'll
see you when you get back from Washington," answered Margaret.
"I'll be sure to tell you everything! I love you!" exclaimed Celeste as she
hugged Margaret.
"I love you too, dear. Take care. Good bye to you too, Spirit."
Spirit wagged her tail and gave Margaret a sloppy kiss across her face.
Celeste walked back along the shore, occasionally tossing the Frisbee for
Spirit. It would be nice to have some photos of the family, she thought.
However, she didn't want to have to sue her parents to get some photos.
Celeste thought about it the whole way home. She felt that, one way or
another, she would have to resolve this conflict with her parents.

Chapter 58
After dinner, Tina, Brenda, and Celeste were in the recreation room. At least
once a week, they held a group session, where any topic was open.
"I have a question for you, Tina. How did you stand all those men... touching
you?" asked Brenda. She was petting Violet, who was purring loudly in her lap.
"Touching?" laughed Tina. "You mean all those men having sex with me? Sorry, I
know you didn't want to hurt my feelings. It was awful. I couldn't resist and,
due to the conditioning, I really wanted them."
"How many men were you with?" asked Brenda.
"Believe it or not, I actually kept track. When Jack owned me, I had sex with
36 different men and 12 women. Most were his employees and business associates
that he was blackmailing. I then worked in the club in Tokyo for 18 months.
During the first six months, I had sex with 130 different men. After that, I
had regular customers. I served six men and that covered my quota," explained
Tina. "Oh, I also was with 17 women."
"Your quota?" asked Celeste.
"Yes. Once you graduated to the upper levels of being a club girl you had an
amount of money that you had to earn each week. If you consistently failed to
meet the quota, you were sent back to work the bar. So it was very important
to keep my regulars happy, no matter what they wanted to do," continued Tina.
"I hate to ask what they wanted," stated Brenda.
"Most just wanted sex, either oral or anal. Of course, some wanted to give me
oral too. Most of the Japanese men went nuts over my big breasts. A few had
kinky tastes. One guy had me dress up as schoolgirl from his favorite anime
series. Everything had to be exactly the same as in the book. A couple of the
men were into bondage and discipline too. Thankfully, the club owners didn't
allow them to hurt us," explained Tina.
"Were they all men?" asked Brenda.
"No. One of my regulars was a woman. She tried to buy me several times from
the club owner, but I was too profitable to sell," remarked Tina.
"Yet, Nancy said that the club owner gave you up without a fight when the
authorities came for you. I wonder why he did that?" asked Celeste.
"The clubs are all supposed to be legitimate, yet most are owned by the Yakuza
- that's the Japanese Mafia - and they don't want any problems. It was
strictly a business deal to them," replied Tina.
"Aren't you worried that they might try to come after you?" asked Brenda.
Tina shook her head. "No, I wasn't that important to them and besides the
Japanese police consider my abduction to be a closed case."
"In other words, there are plenty of other girls like you out there," stated
"And no one is making a fuss over them," added Tina.
"I wish I didn't know how sick the world really is," sighed Brenda.
"I'm glad that I do. It also gives me an incentive to do something about it,"
stated Celeste.
"Why did you keep count?" interrupted Brenda.
"I'm not sure. I guess it was my way of keeping time. It's strange, but while
most of what I did seems almost like a dream, I can remember the exact number
of people that I serviced," answered Tina.
"I'm amazed you can talk about all this so calmly," remarked Celeste.
"It wasn't me that did all those things. I look at it as if I was possessed or
something like that. I'm no longer that person, just like I'm no longer
Phillip. I'm now Tina Lennox, and what matters now is the life that I'm
living. Look, I know what happened, but I have to move on. If I were to dwell
on everything I did, I would go nuts!"
"I admire you, Tina. I wish I was as strong as you," Brenda remarked.
"It's inside you too. You were brainwashed worse than any of us were and you
broke out of it. It would have been very easy for you to stay a maid. Instead,
you fought your way back," replied Tina.
"I think we're all strong. We survived and now have our whole lives to look
forward to," added Celeste.
"It isn't that bad, even if I look like an escapee from the Playboy Mansion,"
quipped Tina, as she arched her back and pushed her chest out.
Brenda and Celeste broke out in laughter.
"I thought you didn't mind your present appearance?" asked Brenda.
"I accept it, I never said I didn't mind. Anyway, I can use this to my
advantage, as female piano players are in vogue now."
"I just want you both to know that there'll always be a position for you in my
 foundation," stated Celeste.
 "I like that. I think I'd like to help somehow. It'd be a way to pay back for
 what is being done for me," commented Brenda.
 "I'd like to help, especially with any kid forced into the sex trade," added
 Tina. "So, when do you leave for DC?"
 "Tomorrow morning," answered Celeste.
 "You going to stop in and see your parents?" asked Tina.
 "No, the restraining order is still in effect; besides I don't think they'd be
 happy to see me," remarked Celeste.
 "It might do them good to be pissed off," smiled Tina.
 "Maybe on my next trip. I'll bring you along as my bodyguard," joked Celeste.

 Chapter 59
 Celeste was filled with conflicting emotions as her jet landed at Dulles
 Airport, outside of Washington, DC. There was the anxiety of returning to the
 area where she had grown up and which was still home to her two hostile
 parents. However, this was overridden by the joy of seeing her friends.
 As she stepped off the jet, she was pleasantly surprised to see Ally waiting
 for her. They hugged as they greeted each other.
 "What did you do, flash your badge?" asked Celeste.
 "Of course. I told them I was picking up a suspect," quipped Ally.
 "What am I suspected of?" asked Celeste.
 "Being my sister!"
 After picking up Celeste's bags, they headed out to Ally's car.
 "I can't believe how much warmer it is down here, also much more humid,"
 remarked Celeste.
 "I miss the more consistent weather of Southern California. This is my second
 summer here, and I'm still not used to it," replied Ally.
 "How's your shoulder doing?" asked Celeste, as she put her case in Ally's
 "So-so. I may need more surgery and I'm not looking forward to that. I'm
 getting an MRI next week. The good news is that my doctor thinks that, if I
 get the operation, I'll get up to 90% mobility in my shoulder," explained
 "Is that the best that they think you'll get?" asked Celeste.
 "Unfortunately, yes. The damage was very extensive," replied Ally.
 They got in the car and headed into town. "Carol is looking forward to seeing
 you. We're barbecuing tonight out on the deck," stated Ally.
 "Are the Williams coming over?" asked Celeste.
 "Of course! Beth has been excited ever since I told her you were coming down.
 She's been working as an intern in the agency this summer. Actually, intern
 isn't a good word, she's practically a full agent."
 "I must admit that the opportunity to see all of you was the main reason that
 I came down here," confessed Celeste.
 "I'm happy to see you too," answered Ally.
"What about your other surgery?" asked Celeste.
"Pushed back Depends upon my shoulder" smiled Ally.
"How does Carol feel about you getting the surgery?"
"She's 100% supportive. We've talked about it and whether or not it would
change our relationship. Carol told me that she loves me, regardless of what's
between my legs. However, she also wants me to feel whole, so she is behind me
all the way."
"What about your job?" asked Celeste.
"Of course I'll be away from work for a while, but they understand that, and
my supervisor fully supports me."
"Does your health plan cover it?" asked Celeste.
"No. Thankfully, I have some money set away and that will cover some of it.
The rest we're going to finance," replied Ally.
"No, you're not. I'm going to pay for your surgery," stated Celeste.
Ally glanced over and shifted her gaze back to the road. "That's very
generous, but...."
"No argument. I want to help you. What good is it to have lots of money if you
can't help your friends?" replied Celeste.
"Thank you, very much. I just wish you had waited until later to tell me.
Could you hand me some Kleenex?" replied Ally.
Celeste could see tears running down Ally's cheeks. Celeste was filled with
wonderful warmth of friendship and love. She handed her sister a couple
"Thank you," replied Ally.
They arrived at Ally and Carol's townhouse and walked in. Carol and Celeste
hugged. Ally then told Carol about Celeste's generous offer.
"This calls for a toast!" exclaimed Carol. "Celeste, do you drink champagne?"
"Yes, I love it! Although I don't turn twenty-one until September," Celeste
"I think we can ignore that for this sort of celebration," remarked Carol with
a sly smile.
They were just about to open the bottle when the Williams arrived. Another
round of greeting occurred and then the bottle of champagne was opened. Maggie
even relented and let Beth have a glass.
"I forgot how good this was," remarked Beth, under her breath. Ally heard her
and gave her a slight nudge in the ribs.
During dinner, they caught up on what had been going on in each other's lives.
"I think your foundation idea is marvelous!" remarked Maggie. "There aren't
enough places for LGBT youth. I've read horror stories about what happens to
them in the regular social system."
"I don't expect to fix all the problems, but I want to do my part. I look at
it as my way of paying society back," stated Celeste.
"Every bit will help," added Ally.
"So when does this ceremony occur?" asked Celeste.
"Tomorrow at eleven. Afterwards, the Director wants to have lunch with you,"
stated Ally.
"Will you be there?" asked Celeste.
"Just for the ceremony," smiled Ally. "Lunch will be just you and the
"I guess I should be honored," stated Celeste.
"Celeste, how long will you be down here?" interrupted Beth.
"I fly back Sunday afternoon. I was hoping I could talk you into a little
shopping trip on Saturday."
"That won't be hard!" quipped Steve. "You might as well ask a bird if it wants
to fly!"
"Carol, Ally, Maggie, you want to join us?" asked Celeste.
They all nodded.
"Hmm, I wasn't asked. I suspect sexual discrimination!" quipped Steve.
"You're welcome to join us," remarked Celeste.
"Yes, we'll need someone to hold our purses when we go in the changing room!"
added Maggie.
"Hmmm, that sounds so appealing, but I think I'll pass," replied Steve with a
"Your loss!" added Carol.

Chapter 60
"I can't believe how nervous I am," remarked Celeste as she finished up her
makeup. She was wearing a tan silk suit and white blouse.
"The Director has that effect on people. Be glad you don't work for him!"
replied Ally, who was standing in the doorway. "By the way, you look
impeccable, as usual!"
"Thanks. I'm a graduate of the Simon School of Style."
They both laughed.
"Is Carol going to be there?" asked Celeste.
"Yes, along with Steve, Maggie, and Beth. Also, my boss Robert Ledyard, and
Jenna," replied Ally.
"I've been looking forward to meeting Jenna. I've heard so much about her from
Nancy," stated Celeste.
"She is really nice. She's been my therapist for the last year."
"Well?" asked Celeste as she turned around and presented herself to Ally.
When they arrived at the agency, Ally led Celeste in. A security badge was
waiting for her and within a few minutes she was waiting outside the
Director's office with her friends.
"Celeste, this is Robert Ledyard," introduced Ally.
"I'm very pleased to meet you, Celeste," stated Robert.
"Thank you," replied Celeste.
"Here comes Jenna," announced Beth.
"So, we finally meet in person. I feel like I already know you," greeted Jenna
with a smile. "Nancy has told me so much about you."
"I know how you feel. I'm happy we finally get to meet face-to-face," replied
The door opened and they all walked in. Celeste saw a large imposing man
sitting behind a large antique mahogany desk. She tried to guess his age, but
couldn't. He possessed a sense of power that filled the room. In some ways, he
reminded her of Sherman.
He stood up, walked over to Celeste, and cracked a slight smile. "I'm pleased
you excepted my invitation, Mrs. Farnsworth."
"Please sir, call me Celeste."
He just nodded. "Robert, you have the certificate?"
Robert handed him a folder. The Director opened it up and proceeded to read it
out loud. It expressed the official thanks of the agency to Celeste for her
assistance in the recovery of substantial hidden funds and for the use of her
home. . It also acknowledged the effects of her personal support and
encouragement in the rehabilitation of other crime victims.
Celeste was feeling a strange mixture of pride and embarrassment. It was nice
to be recognized, but she didn't think what she had done was that great. She
never noticed that the whole ceremony was being videotaped.
"Let me add my personal thanks for everything you've done, Celeste" stated the
Director, as he handed her the certificate.
"Thank you, sir," replied Celeste, as she took the certificate from him.
"Agent Burns, I will notify you when Celeste and I are finished with our
luncheon," stated the Director.
"Yes, sir," replied Ally. She gave Steve a look and he nodded in
Celeste glanced at the photos that hung on the wall of the Director's office
and one caught her eye. She decided to wait until they were alone before she
asked him about it.

Chapter 61
The Director had lunch served in his conference room. It was located off one
side of his office.
"I apologize for the accommodations, but I am too well known to eat out,"
stated the Director. "However, one of the fringe benefits of my position is
that I can have the best food brought in. I hope you like crab cakes, these
are the best in DC."
"They look delicious," replied Celeste, as she looked at the feast that was
laid out on the table.
"I figured that you hadn't had any good crab cakes in a while. They know
lobster up there, but not crab," remarked the Director.
"That's true. I'd forgotten how good these are. My family used to get some
from a great little place just a few miles from here," replied Celeste. She
took a bite of one. "These taste just like I remembered."
The Director told her that they came from that restaurant.
"Thank you. This is very thoughtful," replied Celeste, wondering how he knew.
"It's the least I can do."
"May I ask you a question?"
He nodded.
"Is that a photo of Elliot Torrey on your wall?"
The Director smiled. The young woman was very observant. "Yes, it is. He was
my mentor when I first joined the agency. He was a great man."
"That's what I've heard," replied Celeste.
"And how is Margaret doing? I haven't seen her since Anne's funeral," replied
the Director.
"She is doing well. She's my neighbor and my friend," answered Celeste, taking
another bite of delicious crab cake.
"She's quite a woman herself."
"I agree. She means a lot to me too," replied Celeste.
The Director nodded. "I suppose she wouldn't mind if I told you some stories
about Elliot and her."
For the next hour, the Director told Celeste some very exciting and humorous
stories regarding her neighbor and her late husband. Celeste wasn't sure if
everything the Director said was the truth, but it didn't matter.
"Well, young lady, I'd better let you go. Thank you again for everything
you're done for us," stated the Director. He glanced at his watch. "Agent
Burns may be still on an assignment I gave her, so I'll arrange for Agent Beth
Williams to meet you outside."
Celeste followed him back into his office. She was about to exit when she
turned suddenly and kissed him on his cheek.
"Thank you for everything you've done for me. I can't tell you how much I
appreciate the fact that you let me go on with my life," stated Celeste.
The Director just nodded and grinned slightly. After Celeste left his office,
he sat down at his desk and opened the side drawer and pulled out a faded
black and white photograph. On the back was the date November 17, 1965. He
turned it over and looked at the image. It showed two soldiers in ragged
combat gear, standing next to each other. Each had one arm around the shoulder
of the other and they were holding their rifles in their other hands. They
both had huge smiles on their faces, even though both were bandaged in various
parts of their bodies. They were smiling because they had just survived a
major battle in the Ia Drang Valley of Viet Nam.
"Well, Sherman, I can understand why you found her so special," said the
Director, as he stared at the photo. "I don't condone you buying her. But,
don't worry, old buddy, she'll be okay. I owe you that." He then placed the
photo back in the drawer and closed it.

Chapter 62
As Beth took Celeste down to the operations center, Ally and Steve were across
town. They were sitting in the living room of an upper middleclass home in
Virginia. Sitting across from them were a well-dressed woman and a Colonel of
the United States Air Force.
"I want to thank you both for taking time from your busy schedules to talk to
us," stated Ally, barely holding back her sarcasm.
"What is this all about?" asked the woman in an annoyed tone.
"Mrs. Green, we are here because we would like to talk to you about your
daughter," stated Ally.
"Please call me Dr. Green," snapped back the woman.
Ally didn't feel she deserved the honor of being called doctor. "I'll try to
remember that.....Mrs. Green."
"We don't have a daughter," interrupted the man, angrily.
"Colonel, there is no need to raise your voice to me," retorted Ally. "As I
was saying, we need to talk about your daughter."
"We had a son and he's dead. That... person up in New York is not our child
anymore. Why can't you leave us alone? We've suffered enough," replied Mrs.
"You've suffered? Your child was the one who was abducted, sexually and
mentally abused. Now you won't even give her the time of day? I don't think
you understand what is going on here," stated Ally. Ally was trying to stay
calm, but her anger was starting to show in the tone of her voice.
"That may be true, but Jeremy betrayed our trust. You wouldn't believe the
disgusting things we found in his room. I wouldn't be surprised if he went of
his own free will," grumbled Mrs. Green.
"Jeremy was abducted against his will. His being transgendered had nothing to
do with it. The people who abducted him didn't know he was transgendered,"
explained Ally.
"Ha!" replied Col. Green.
Steve glared at him.
Noticing the intimidating look, Colonel Green felt uneasy. "What are you here
for, to protect her?"
"No. I'm here to protect you from her," answered Steve, barely cracking a
slight smile. "Stop interrupting and let her finish."
There was a deafening silence in the room.
"What concerns me is the speed with which you had Jeremy declared legally dead
and that you cashed in his college fund. We're investigating several
abductions related to Jeremy's case, in which the parents actively assisted
the abductors. Your conduct has been suspect, to say the least," explained
"You don't think we helped those people take Jeremy?" asked a shocked Col.
"What I think doesn't matter. There will have to be an investigation. I'm
afraid that we'll have to interview your friends and coworkers. We need to
make sure that no stone is left unturned," continued Ally. "Additionally,
there is the financial issue. Your actions could look like attempted fraud.
Part of the investigation will be a through check of your fiancés. The IRS is
standing by to assist us. "
"That would ruin us!" exclaimed Mrs. Green.
"You can't do this!" shouted Col. Green. He began to stand up.
"Sit down, Major," ordered Steve, as he flashed his famous threatening grin.
Col. Green stared at Steve. He immediately realized this was a warning, and
not a lack of knowledge of military rank. Could they actual lower his rank, he
"What do you want?" asked Col. Green meekly, sitting back down on the couch.
"You will establish contact with Celeste. You will drop the legal barriers.
You will allow her access to family medical history. You will provide her with
family photos," stated Ally firmly. "These are not requests, they are demands,
and they are not subject to negotiation."
"Is that all?" asked Mrs. Green very sarcastically.
"No. You will watch the following video," answered Ally. Ally wanted to say
"You will watch the following video, Bitch!" but kept her cool.
They watched the tape of Celeste's award ceremony. Celeste's parents watched
in stunned silence.
When the tape was over, Ally spoke. "You have no idea of what a fine young
woman your child has become. She is brave, intelligent, and generous. In spite
of everything you've done, she still loves you. Personally, I don't think you
deserve contact with her, as she is a better person than either of you could
ever hope to be."
There was no response from the Greens.
"If you fail to cooperate with her, the investigation will begin immediately,"
added Ally. "That's not a threat, it's a promise."
"We will provide the photos and access to family records. I'll allow phone
calls, but I don't want that person in our home," announced Mrs. Green.
Ally shook her head in disgust. In spite of herself, her temper came out.
"That person is your child! You're a very selfish and narrow-minded person.
Just remember that, if you go back on this agreement your lives are going to
get very complicated."
"Was that young woman really Jeremy?" asked Col. Green softly. He was staring
at the screen.
"Yes, in a way. Her name is Celeste now," answered Ally. "After a great deal
of counseling, and with the approval of two qualified psychotherapists, she
voluntarily chose to have sex reassignment surgery. Only then did she marry
and begin a sexual relationship with the late Sherman Farnsworth."
He just nodded and continued to stare at the blank TV screen.
"Since Mr. Farnsworth's death, and with the arrest of the Simons and the
recovery of many of the kidnapped teens, Celeste has decided to dedicate a
major piece of her inherited wealth to the creation of a foundation to assist
and support transgendered teens who have been abused and/or denied the support
of their families. Your child is not even 21 yet, and she's already well on
her way to making more of a contribution to society as a whole than you two
can ever hope to do."
Steve and Ally departed, leaving the Greens to contemplate their actions.
On the way back to the office, Steve turned to Ally. "What do you think?"
"They'll do what we've asked. The mother is a real bitch. However, I have some
hope for the father. I noticed that he was really moved by seeing Celeste."
"I agree. I always thought it was the mother who would be the most
supportive," replied Steve. "By the way, you were good in there."
"Thanks. I just did what I thought you'd do!"
Chapter 63
"You really talked to my parents?" asked a shocked Celeste.
"Yes. The Director ordered us there. You've made a real impact on him,"
replied Ally.
They were driving home to change and pick up Carol. Then they were joining the
Williams for dinner.
"How did they react when they saw me on the video?" asked Celeste. "Please be
"Your mother showed no emotion whatsoever. Your father seemed moved. There
might be hope there," replied Ally.
Celeste sat there in silence. In a very small voice she said, "That would be
Ally's heart really went out to Celeste. All she wanted was a relationship
with her parents. Ally also felt anger and resentment towards the Greens,
especially towards Mrs. Green.
"So they will send me some photos?" asked Celeste, regaining her composure.
"That's what they promised. They know that I'll start the investigation of
their lives if they don't," replied Ally.
"I'm not sure I like the idea of you having to threaten my parents," stated
"Sometimes it comes down to threats. Reason and compassion didn't work. They
have to see that their professional lives are not worth losing due to their
pettiness. If it makes you feel any better, we've done this with a few other
parents of the abducted teens," answered Ally.
"How can parents be so cruel?" asked Celeste.
"Jenna said that many project the victim status to themselves instead of their
child," stated Ally. "They get so hung up on the possible embarrassment and
publicity if their own names are associated with the crimes against teens that
they totally ignore the consequences for their children."
"You're lucky that your parents accept you," remarked Celeste.
"I know. Mom said that she wasn't all that surprised. Dad was more upset that
I became a law enforcement officer, he's got a streak of hippie in him,"
replied Ally, with a slight laugh.
"And they accept your relationship with Carol?"
"Yes. They love Carol. To make it even more interesting, Carol's parents are
totally cool with me too! In fact, they're inviting Carol and I and my parents
to their home for Thanksgiving this year."
"I'm very envious of what you have, Ally," stated Celeste.
Ally nodded. "Still, it sounds like you're building a nice life for yourself.
I mean you've even got a dog now!"
Celeste laughed. "And quite a dog Spirit is! I can't wait until you meet her.
Don't forget about Violet the cat. Even though she's Brenda's pet, she's one
of the family too." Celeste then reached into her purse and took out several
photos of Spirit and Violet. When they stopped in front of Ally's home she
then handed them to Ally.
Ally looked at the photos and smiled, "I noticed you said family."
Celeste nodded. "You're right. Instead of beating myself up for what I don't
have, I should be grateful for what I have."

Chapter 64
Carol, Ally, and Celeste met the Williams at a local Chinese restaurant. They
agreed to order different entrées and to share them.
"I've always enjoyed going with a large group to a good Chinese restaurant,"
stated Ally.
"I agree. It allows you to try stuff that you might not order yourself," added
"So you really have a dog now?" Beth asked Celeste.
"Yes, she is wonderful," replied Celeste.
"Will you bring her to college?' asked Beth.
"Of course! We're still on for next year, right?" asked Celeste.
"Absolutely! My counselor said that I'm a shoo-in to be accepted at Penn,"
bragged Beth.
"I've been accepted too. Amazing what a financial contribution can do!"
laughed Celeste.
"Don't sell yourself short, Celeste. Remember, I saw your academic records,"
stated Ally. "You had a pretty high GPA."
"I know. Oh, my lawyer is finishing up the offer on a building in Philly. It's
close to campus and is in a very safe neighborhood," added Celeste.
The food arrived and they began to pass it around.
"What is it? A townhouse?" asked Steve, as he scooped some Szechuan shrimp
onto his plate.
"Actually, it's a four-story factory building that is being converted to
condominiums. I'll be buying the whole building and Beth and I will use the
entire top floor as our place. They should be finished with the renovation
next spring. The other six units will be put on the market after I buy it.
Sherman always said to invest in real estate," explained Celeste. She was
eyeing the plate of Kung Pao chicken that was slowly making its way towards
"How many rooms will our unit have?" asked Beth excitedly.
"Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a huge kitchen/living room area. Lots of
big closets too. It also has a large balcony and, most importantly, there is a
garage!" described Celeste.
"It sounds great," replied Beth, passing a large bowl of steamed vegetables to
"It's very generous of you, Celeste," remarked Maggie.
"Actually, it's very selfish of me. I can't imagine going to college alone.
This way I'll have company," smiled Celeste.
"I think the three of us will get along famously!" proclaimed Beth.
"The three? Oh yes, I forgot about Spirit. I would like to meet this dog that
will be sharing a home with my daughter. I mean what do we know of her past?"
quipped Steve.
That brought on a round of laughter. It was a wonderful evening and was
exactly what Celeste needed. Family may be important, but one could never
underestimate having great friends.

Chapter 65
The shopping trip was a major success. Celeste was just happy to be with her
"How long do you think it will be until the other girls will be moving out,"
asked Beth.
"It's hard to say. There is no rush as far as I'm concerned. They're my
sisters. Nancy wants us to become more involved socially. Brenda and Tina both
have reestablished relationships with their parents. They're also looking at
college too. Beth, I know you'd like them," stated Celeste.
"I'd like to get to know them," replied Beth. "What about Dot?"
"I really don't know her. From what Nancy has told me, she's improving. At
least now she doesn't want to be with the Matron. She's also wearing clothes
now! Nancy told me that she'll soon be taking her for walks along the shore
and then start providing her with opportunities to join in on our family
activities. Still, she has a long way to go. I really feel sorry for her. She
can stay at my home until she is better."
"That's really kind," replied Beth.
"Thanks. Changing the topic, are you enjoying your summer?" asked Celeste
"I've been working in Ally's department, and I love it. I definitely plan on
applying to the agency when I graduate college. I can't even imagine doing
anything else!" exclaimed Beth.
"That's wonderful. Just be careful!" replied Celeste.
"Always! Actually, I want to get into profiling. It's really fascinating."
"I wish we could start college this fall, instead of waiting another year,"
sighed Celeste.
"I feel the same way. High school is going to be so boring!" concurred Beth.
"What about your boyfriend?" asked Celeste, with a wink.
"Maybe it won't be that boring! Kevin's out of town for the summer and I can't
wait to see him again," replied Beth.
"I'd like to meet him someday," stated Celeste.
"You're always welcome down here," interrupted Maggie.
"Thanks. I appreciate hearing that," replied Celeste.

Chapter 66
The rest of the trip passed by way too quickly, and before Celeste knew it,
she was on a jet back home. Michael met her at the airport and drove her back
to the house. She couldn't wait to tell everyone about her trip, especially
Spirit was waiting for Celeste at the front door and gave her an enthusiastic
greeting. Celeste was pleased to find her sisters in the recreation room. Tina
was sitting in one of the recliners. Brenda was sitting on the couch with
Violet in her lap. Celeste walked in with Spirit by her side. She glanced over
and saw that Nancy and Gwen were sitting in the back of the room.
"Well, look who's back!" exclaimed Brenda.
"When Spirit took off a few minutes ago, I knew you were home. Welcome back!"
greeted Tina.
Celeste sat down on the couch next to Brenda and held out the certificate that
the Director gave her. Tina reached over, took it, and read it out loud.
Everyone applauded when Tina finished reading it.
"I think we should get a part of this award. After all, if we weren't such a
problem you never would have been recognized!" quipped Tina.
"I think you should send a copy of it to Margo Simon!" added Brenda with a sly
smile on her face.
That caused them all to break out in laughter.
"I have a question, are any of you still afraid of her?" asked Brenda. "I know
that I'd be afraid to be in a room with her."
"I'm be more afraid of what I'd do to her," replied Tina.
"I'm kinda in between. I'd love to face her, but she's the devil. I cringe
when I think of the power she had over me," added Celeste.
"I think it's great that you found her hidden funds," continued Tina, "and I
look forward to spending my share of them. My mom sent me information about
the school I want to go to in Boston and the tuition is rather steep. I also
want to have my own piano."
"I can top that. Margo is going to pay for my SRS and college tuition!"
announced Brenda.
"Actually, you all will be getting a version of a trust fund that should last
your entire life," reminded Celeste.
"Are you getting some of the money for you foundation?" asked Brenda.
"Yes, although I want to get contributions from the public too. I think it's
important to have others aware of the problem of abused transgendered youth,"
stated Celeste.
"I definitely want to work there," stated Brenda firmly.
"I was hoping you'd say that," replied Celeste with a smile.
"Mainly I want to help, but I know that I'll never really get over what Margo
did to me. I want a safe place to work, where I don't have to worry about
someone taking advantage of me ever again. I know that I can trust you and
anyone you hire, Celeste," confessed Brenda. "I was submissive before I was
abducted, and it was used against me. I never want to be in a situation where
someone in control abuses me."
"I hope I live up to your high expectations," replied Celeste. "By the way,
don't sell yourself short!"
"Group hug!" exclaimed Brenda and she grabbed Celeste and pulled her close.
Tina joined in, as did Spirit, who never passed up the opportunity to show
some affection.

Chapter 67
"I'm so happy you had such a lovely visit with your friends down in DC, dear,"
stated Margaret.
She was sitting next to Celeste on the deck of her house. Spirit was asleep by
their feet.
"By the way, the Director told me some very interesting stories," replied
Celeste, with a sly smile on her face.
"Humph! That man always had a big mouth," replied Margaret in mock anger.
Her act didn't fool Celeste. "He spoke very highly of Elliot. I could tell
that he was totally genuine."
Margaret smiled. "I know, dear. I've known Ted for many years and in many ways
he is as close as any of my actual children."
"Ted? From what Ally told me, I didn't think he had a first name!"
Margaret laughed. "I've known him since Elliot recruited him out of the Army
in 1967. Since Elliot passed away, we've had dinner together once a month.
He's a good man."
"Did he arrange our initial meeting?" asked Celeste.
"No. That was one of those cosmic rolls of the dice. Sometimes things do
happen due to chance," replied Margaret.
"I suppose so. Either way, I'm happy we're together," replied Celeste.

Chapter 68
A week later a package arrived addressed to Celeste. It contained photographs
of her childhood and her family. Celeste called the family together to show
them off. They sat around the dining room table as Celeste spread out the
"I'm pleased that they kept their word," stated Nancy.
"The box was addressed by my father, I recognize his handwriting," stated
"That's you?" exclaimed Tina, as she held a photo. It showed a small child in
a tiger costume.
"That was at Halloween. I think I was seven," stated Celeste, who began to
"You made a cute tiger," added Tina, showing the picture to Brenda, who
started giggling.
"Who's this?" asked Nancy, holding up a photo of an older man.
"That was my grandfather. I'm so happy they included a photo of him!"
exclaimed Celeste. "He was always so nice to me."
"No offense, Celeste, but you look like a girl in most of these photos,"
stated Tina.
"Thank you!" replied Celeste with a laugh.
The others joined in.
"You know, you should send your parents some photos in return," suggested
"That's a great idea," concurred Tina.
"What do you think, Nancy?" asked Celeste.
"I don't see any harm in it," replied Nancy.
"I have some copies of some good shots that I can send off today. Who knows?
They might even look at them!" laughed Celeste.
 Chapter 69
 Nancy was sitting at her desk typing out her weekly report to Jenna on the
 status of the teens. Overall, she was pleased with the progress of Brenda,
 Tina, and Celeste. Dot still had a long way to go.
 At least Dot was over her aversion to clothing. Sarah had also made progress
 in Dot's sexual behavior. However, she still had very low self-esteem. As hard
 as they tried, they couldn't get her interested in anything regarding her
 future. Sarah recommended that they set that aside for the immediate future.
 The plan was to integrate Dot into the family structure. For now, that meant
 that Dot ate dinner with the other girls a few nights a week. The other girls
 readily accepted her into the group. The problem was that Dot still feared the
 return of Margo and seemed constantly on guard. She seemed afraid to loosen
 Nancy asked Ally if she could send her a videotape of Margo in her cell to
 prove to Dot that the Matron wasn't going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe this
 would help Dot make a recovery.
 Dot had also begun to take an interest in reading again and Sarah provided her
 with books of her favorite writers.
 Nancy was also searching for someone, anyone, from Dot's past that she could
 trust. She called Dot's school and talked to several teachers. They provided
 her with a list of Eric's friends. The problem was locating them, as they'd
 all graduated and moved on to college. Nancy asked Jenna for help in locating
 them. Hopefully one of them would be willing to come out to the estate and
 meet with Dot. This was a tough case, but neither Nancy nor Sarah was planning
 on giving up, even if it took years. Thanks to Celeste, Dot had a safe and
 nurturing place to stay until she recovered, thought Nancy.

 Chapter 70
 Six weeks later Celeste was working in her office. Spirit was asleep on the
 floor by her feet. Celeste was reviewing the paperwork for the formation of
 her foundation. Thanks to Margaret, Celeste had made some great connections.
 The cocktail party had been a total success. There was a lot of money pledged,
 but more importantly Celeste picked up several people for the board of
 directions. An old friend of Margaret's named Mrs. Lincoln, seemed very eager
 to participate. She told Celeste about her brother who was a crossdresser, and
 she promised to help organize fundraising in New York City. Apparently, she
 had a lot of connections in both the fashion and entertainment industry.
 Celeste had also narrowed down the possible locations for the home. She was
 very interested in the Golden Hill area of Pennsylvania. Mrs. Lincoln had
 suggested that she check it out. Celeste discovered that the town had a
 reputation for being very tolerant of transgendered teens. She was amazed to
 read about a scholarship program that existed at the local high school,
 designed to promote gender understanding. The other choices included an old
 church property in northern New Jersey and a closed summer-camp in
 Connecticut. This would be the first decision of the board. She was very
 pleased that Jenna had agreed to be on the board. A meeting of the board had
been tentatively scheduled for the following week.
What was missing was the proper name for the organization. Then it struck
Celeste out of the blue; she had the perfect name for the foundation. She
typed it out on her keyboard and stared at it for a long time. The longer she
looked at it, the more she liked it. The name for it would be "The Shirley
Farnsworth Foundation." Somewhere Sherman was smiling, thought Celeste.
She sent this off to her lawyer and got up to fix a cup of tea. Spirit figured
that if Celeste was going to the kitchen, she might get a snack and followed.
As Celeste walked past the conservatory, she heard the delightful sound of
Tina's piano playing. Celeste then heard the sound of Gwen's saxophone. It
made for an interesting blues duet, thought Celeste. She paused for a second
to listen, and then continued on her way to the kitchen, followed by Spirit.
Brenda almost ran her over. "Sorry, Celeste. I'm late for my driving lesson.
Michael is waiting for me!"
Celeste smiled and silently said a prayer for the citizens of Southampton as
she watched Brenda run gleefully down the hallway. She also made a note to
give Michael a bonus; he deserved it after teaching both Tina and Brenda to
Celeste was halfway to the kitchen when she heard the doorbell ring. "I'll get
it," she announced and walked over to the front door. She opened the door and,
to her utter amazement, saw her father standing there.
They looked at each other for what seemed like an eternity before either spoke
a word.
"Hi," greeted Celeste softly, breaking the silence. She stared at him. He
looked so much older than she remembered. His hair was thinner and mostly gray
now. His face had a weariness that she had never seen in him, as she
remembered him being so energetic.
"Hi," he replied, looking rather sheepish. "Jer...Celeste, I was wondering if
I you'd let me come in. I would like to talk to you."
Celeste nodded and motioned him in. Spirit greeted him with a sniff and he
petted her back. Spirit responded with a vigorous tail wagging.
"Nice dog," he said.
"Her name is Spirit," stated Celeste.
They walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. Spirit sat down
next to Celeste and plopped her head down in Celeste's lap, as if she could
sense that Celeste needed her strength and support.
"I have so much I want to say to you," stated her father.
Celeste nodded and waited. Inside she was trembling like a leaf, wondering
what he wanted. She began to stroke Spirit's coat.
"I don't know where to begin," he stated. This was followed by a long pause.
"I know that I was never the best father, and I put too much pressure on you.
I know that now."
Celeste began to nervously bite her lower lip as she listened to her father's
"I know that I failed you at your hour of greatest need. I was so wrapped up
in what I thought others might think of me that I never thought of how you
must have felt," continued her father. "That Agent Burns looks younger than
you do, but she sure knows how to make a guy sit up and pay attention to what
really counts."
Celeste wondered where this was all going.
"I've watched that video tape so many times that I almost have it memorized. I
keep looking at you and am amazed at what a beautiful young woman you are. You
have become a person that any parent would be proud of, and I was too angry
and stupid to see it. I felt betrayed because you weren't my image of the son
I wanted, when I should have been ecstatic that you were my daughter."
Celeste focused on his eyes and saw that they were tearing up.
"Celeste, I am so proud of you. Not because of the award, but because you
fought so hard, not to just survive, but to thrive. I was blind not to see
that it doesn't require a macho exterior to have the inner strength and
determination to overcome all obstacles. Your friends were right; you're a
better person than I can ever hope to be. I know that you can never forgive my
stupidity, and that I have no right to call myself your father. I don't want
anything from you, I just hope we can be friends," stated her father softly.
Celeste lost it and lunged over and hugged him. Her initial action caught him
off guard, but he quickly recovered and wrapped his arms around her. He could
hear her saying something between the sobs. She said, "I love you, Dad."
"I love you too, Celeste," he responded, as he hugged her back.
After a while they separated. Celeste wiped the tears away from her eyes.
"What will Mother think of you coming up here?"
"I don't know, or even care. We've been separated for almost a month," he
Celeste stared back in shock.
"Our marriage has been in trouble for several years. Your abduction only
delayed the inevitable. She thrived on being the pitied mother. Your return
just reopened the old wounds. Then the photos you sent arrived. She was
furious that I wanted to keep them. When I told her I wanted to see you, she
accused me of betraying her. She told me that if I saw you then she would call
her lawyer. I left her the next day. It took me several weeks until I got up
the courage to drive up here," he explained.
"What about your career?' asked Celeste.
"I'm retiring. I sent in my letter a few weeks ago. I already have a new job.
A consulting company in North Jersey hired me and I start next month."
"So you won't be that far away?"
"No, just a couple of hours," he replied.
"Good," replied Celeste, as she reached over and took his hand in hers.
"I know that we were never close, but I want to give it another try...."
"Dad, I forgive you," interrupted Celeste.
He stared back at her, a slight smile on his face.
"You're my dad, and I want you in my life. I know that it will take time to
heal all the wounds, but that's fine. All I've ever wanted was for you to be
proud that I was your kid," explained Celeste.
"I won't let you down a second time," he replied. "I'm very proud of you."
They hugged again.
Spirit left the room and returned with her Frisbee in her mouth. She sat in
front of Celeste and her dad and then presented the Frisbee to him.
Celeste broke out in a huge smile. "You just got your own award. That means
she accepts you too."
"I hope I live up to her expectations," he stated with a smile.
"I think you will. Come on, Dad, I want to introduce you to the rest of my
family," replied Celeste.

The End

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