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									                                                         Job Search Websites

AAA                            www.rutgers.edu/Accounting/raw/aaa American Accountant Association.
AAF                            www.aaf.org                        American Advertising Federation.
AMA                            www.amanet.org/worldint.htm        American Management Association.

APA                            www.planning.org                      American Planning Association/American Institute of Certified Planners.
ASTD                           www.astd.org                          American Society of Training & Development.
BISA                           www.feminist.com/bisas1.htm           Black Women In Sisterhood For Action.
Hotel & Catering               www.hcima.org.uk                      Hotel & Catering International Management Association.
HSMAI                          www.hsmai.org                         Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International.
IAAP                           www.iaap-hq.org                       International Association of Administrative Assistants.
IACC                           www.iacconline.org                    International Association of Conference Centers.
ICIA                           www.icia.org                          International Communication Industries Association.
ICPAS                          www.icpas.org                         Illinois CPA Society.
IFAC                           www.ifac.org                          International Federation of Accountants.
IMA                            www.ima-net.org                       Illinois Manufacturing Association.
ITAA                           www.itaa.org                          Information Technolgy Association of America.
NAAAP                          www.naaap.org                         National Association of Asian American Professionals.
NAFE                           www.nafe.com                          National Association for Female Executives.
NASP                           www.nasp.com                          National Association of Sales Professionals.
SCORE                          www.score.org                         Service Corps Of Retired Executives
SHRM                           www.shrm.org                          Society for Human Resource Management.

Career Reference & Job Sites

                                                                     Accounting & finance position listings, resume help, employer research &
Accounting & Finance Jobs      www.accountingjobs.com                other resources.
                                                                     Search jobs, post your resume, resources for useful gov't information &
Accounting.com                 www.accounting.com                    professional.
Accounting & Tax Sites         www.taxsites.com                      A directory of Accounting and Tax sites w/ links.
                                                                     #1 site for accounting and finance. Find career advice, daily news in
Career Bank                    www.careerbank.com                    acct/finc, etc.
Employment 911                 www.employment911.com                 Over 3 million accounting/financial jobs on over 35+ sites.
                                                                     Website geared towards accounting professionals seeking new
iHire Accounting               www.ihireaccounting.com               opportunities.
Kent Information Services      l                                    Directory of Accounting and Technichal firms.

                                                         Job Search Websites
                                                                Full service staffing company with a variety of services offered for
                                                                professionals in the accounting, HR, finance, engineering, healthcare, legal,
Kforce                       www.fkorce.com                     and investments industries.

                                                                American Advertising Federation. Find info on local chapters, events and
AAF                          www.aaf.org                        articles and trends in advertising.

Advertising Age              www.adage.com                      Publishes articles and trends in the advertsing industry. Online magazine.
Agency Compile               www.agencycompile.com              Find a directory of advertising and PR firms around the world.

                                                                Search thousands of job banks for advertising positions, get extra exposure
Jobs In Advertising          www.jobsinadvertising.com          during your job search and receive personal member services.

                                                                For architects and the architectural profession. Post your resume & search
eArchitect                   www.e-architect.com                for jobs.
Architectural Record         www.architecturalrecord.com        Online architectural magazine.

                                                                The mother of all tech sites. Find news and tips on various aspects of IT.
                                                                Some of the sites's features include tech support, IT training, open
Brain Buzz                   www.brainbuzz.com                  positions, and resume help.
Career City                  www.careercity.com                 Cutting edge Hi-Tech Careers w/ job listings.
                                                                Well organized, easy to use site where you select positions to review
                                                                according to location and find out general info about the position you are
Computer Jobs                www.computerjobs.com               seeking.
Data Masters                 www.datamasters.com                IT jobs and other resources.
                                                                Thousands of tech positions for permanent, contract, or consulting positions
Dice.com                     www.dice.com                       nationwide.

Freelance Technologies       www.freelance.com                  Matches independent contractors with business needs all around the world.
                                                                Search positions, read articles online, subscribe, and stay abreast on tech
High Technolgy Careers Mag   www.hightechcareers.com            issues.

                                                                Specializes in bringing together software professionals and top employers.
Hi Tech Club                 www.hitechclub.com                 Also find a career center, articles, salary calculator, travel info, & hot jobs.
Techies                      www.techies.com                    Post your profile, get career info and view technology opportunities.
Weekly Contract Employmt     www.ceweekly.wa.com                Jobs for IT/IS, Tech, and engineering personnel.


                                                           Job Search Websites
All Domains                    www.alldomains.com                 Find and buy international domains.
eMarketer                      www.emarketer.com                  Current news and tips in the world of e-commerce.
Internet Stats                 www.internetstats.com              Research any stats related to the Internet.
Linkshare                      www.linkshare.com                  Business to business network and support.
Network Solutions              www.networksolutions.com           Register your domain and get advice on setting up your website.
Onelist                        www.onelist.com                    Create group e-mail, coordinate events, stay in touch.
Web Developer                  www.webdeveloper.com               One stop shop advice on how to build a better website.

Industry Net                   www.industry.net/apics             Your tools for navigating a galaxy of engineering information.
Weekly Contract Employmt       www.ceweekly.wa.com                Jobs for Engineering, IT and Tech personnel.

All Business                   www.allbusiness.com                Contains a variety of links provided to serve small business owners.
                                                                  A weekly newsletter designed to bring you the latest online sales, marketing
Ecommerce Weekly               www.eweekly.com                    and ecommerce strategies to help you succeed online.
                                                                  Information, services, expert advice, news/articles and much more for
                                                                  entrepreneurs. Browse through the tabs to find nearly any issue you may
Entrepreneur.com               www.entrepreneur.com               have an interest in.
                                                                  A world of resources for entrepreneurs. Links and articles relating to
                                                                  important topics in starting your business (starting a business, rapid,
Entreworld.org                 www.entreworld.org                 growing your business, etc.)
Intn'l Franchise Assoc         www.franchise.org                  One stop shopping for franchise information, news and support.
                                                                  Products, marketing training capitol and asset management resources for
Investor Life Services         www.entrepreneuradvisors.com       the entrepreneurial age financial service professionals.
                                                                  The Business Success Center provides information, resources and support
                                                                  to achieve a more balanced life for technical, professional or self employed
The Business Success Ctr       www.grow-biz.com                   individuals.
                                                                  The Entrepreneur's Mind is a web resource that provides real life stories
                                                                  and advice from successful entrepreneurs and industry experts on various
The Entrepreneur's Mind        www.benlore.com                    topics.
                                                                  The International Entrepreneur Association is an organization that provides
                                                                  useful tools and promotes the creativity necessary to start and operate any
The Intn'l Entrepreneur Asso   www.theia.org                      successful organization/venture.
                                                                  Service Corps Of Retired Executives works to aid in the formation, growth,
SCORE                          www.score.org                      and success of small business nationwide.
                                                                  This company hosts seminars worldwide with top industry personalities
Start Up University            www.startupuniversity.com          offering advice and guidance to entrepreneurs.

Estate Planning
Est. Plan. Learning Center     www.estateplanning.com/coleman     An online guide to your estate planning questions.

                                                        Job Search Websites
Estate Planning Institute   www.estateplanninginst.com            Seminars, referrals, press releases, and other educational resources.
                                                                  Articles, workshops, membership options, links to estate planning sites, &
Net Plan 2000               www.netplanning.com                   more.

                                                              Confidential, free services for business, financial, and tech positions -higher
6 Figure Jobs               www.6figurejobs.com               level.
                                                              Similar to Monster.com, describe the position you are seeking and your
                            www.jobcast.com/career/mbahome.as background information and this service will send position descriptions to
Career Center for MBAs      p                                 you.
                                                              Network of chief executives who share experiences and offer support,
Chief Executive Network     www.chiefexec.com                 though membership is subject to approval.

                                                                  Make this one your homepage! Provides a large number of links to any and
CEO Express                 www.ceoexpress.com                    business-related information an executive needs to stay on top of things.
                                                                  A monthly publication on topics related to leadership, strategy , and
                                                                  performace imrovement as well as imprtant information to keep CEOs
CEO Refresher               www.refresher.com                     ahead of the curve.
                                                                  Find a list of resources under strategic planning, organizational
                                                                  assessment, risk management, community service, business ethics and
CEO Resources               www.orgchart.net/ceo.html             regulatory environment topics.
                                                                  Leading resource for financial executives providing news, articles, strategic
CFO.com                     www.cfo.com                           insight, analysis and a career center.
                                                                  A source for CFO & financial openings in all industries. Free resume advice
CFO Jobs                    www.cfojobs.com                       and outplacement services.

Chief Executive             www.chiefexecutive.net                Briefs, reports, executive news, benchmark reporting,breaking news, etc.
COO Jobsite                 www.coojobsite.com                    A division of Mega Jobs focused on the job search of COOs.
                                                                  Various individual services offered to professionals with salaries >100K
                                                                  including national & international job opportunities. You must be a member
Execunet                    www.execunet.com                      (fee) to receive position contact information.
Executive Agent             www.executiveagent.com                A searchable database of executive recruiters by job function.
                                                                  Financial Executive Institute. Contains a career center, conferences, &
                                                                  more. Provides support and assistance to Senior/High level professionals.
FEI                         www.fei.org                           There is a yearly membership fee.
Financial Job Network       www.financialjobnet.com               Global and local opportunities for financial professionals.

                                                                  Online services catered strictly to senior executives seeking new
Netshare                    www.netshare.com                      employment or job market knowledge.. There is a charge for this service.
                                                                  Career resource center for board level executives. Offers executive
Stybel Peabody & Assoc      www.stybelpeabody.com                 coaching and other high level services.

                                                            Job Search Websites

                                                                   An international database for senior executives seeking new professional
                                                                   challenges. The Board have the ability to accept or deny you resume & if
The Board of Directors           www.the-office.com/board          you are accepted you pay a one time $100 dollar fee. (details on site)

                                                                   The only website dedicated to providing an employment marketplace for
Fashion Exchange                 www.fashioncareercenter.com       fashion prof.
Fashion Net                      www.fashion.net                   Daily fashion news, job listings, advice, and more.
Get a fashion job                www.getafashionjob.com            Post your resume, search fashion related positions.
                                                                   Newly created site dedicated to providing useful tools in your online career
Jobs in Fashion                  www.jobsinfashion.com             search.

                                                                   Confidential, free services for business, financial, and tech positions -
6 Figure Jobs                    www.6figurejobs.com               higher level.

eFinancial Jobs                  www.efinancialjobs.com            Post your resume, search positions & find out about up-coming career fairs.

                                                                   Search positions, post your resume confidentially, and explore the career
FinCareer.com                    www.fincareer.com                 center for listings of Global firms in banking, investments, asset mgmt, etc.
                                                                   The leading resource for financial officers. The only not-for-profit
                                                                   professional society serving the technical and professional needs of today's
Financial Managers Society       www.fmsinc.org                    financial officers.
                                                                   Online publications with up to date articles and information to assist
Financial Planning Interactive   www.financial-planning.com        financial managers in making better decisions.
                                                                   Professional Financial positions. Search for jobs, post resume, lists
Jobs In The Money                www.jobsinthemoney.com            featured companies.


                                                                   A revolutionary online marketplace where talented independent
Ants.com                         www.ants.com                      professionals can find assignments that match their skills and schedules.

                                                                   Helps buyers and sellers of freelance jobs find each other, negotiate a deal
eLance                           www.elance.com                    & use the site as a platform for communication & delivery of service.
Freelance.com                    www.freelance.com                 The global resource for projects and professionals. Highly technical.
                                                                   Candidates create a profile of themselves which is posted on the website.
                                                                   Employers browse the site and decide on the candidates they would like to
Freelance Network                www.freelancenetwork.net          pursue, to do this they contact this agency.

                                                       Job Search Websites
                                                                   Search through a variety of projects that you can work on from home at
Freetime Jobs                www.freetimejobs.com                  your leisure.
                                                                   Internet services, marketing, research, web design, an many other services
                                                                   are needed by employers globally from independent professionals. Find
Smarter Work                 www.smarterwork.com                   them here.
Soft Moonlighter             www.softmoonlighter.com               Post and search for IT, Hi Tech, and telecommuting jobs.

Government positions

Federal Jobs                 www.fedworld.gov/jobs/jobsearch.html Over 10,000 Federal positions listed nationwide.
Federal Jobs Digest          www.jobsfed.com                      Post resume, search for positions.
USA Jobs                     www.usajobs.opm.gov                  Government job search, hot jobs, post resume.

                                                                   Full service staffing company with a variety of services offered for
                                                                   professionals in the accounting, HR, finance, engineering, healthcare, legal,
Kforce                       www.fkorce.com                        and investments industries.
HealthCareerWeb              www.healthcareerweb.com               Jobs for healthcare professionals, research employers, post resume.
Pam Pohly's Net Guide        tm                                     Pam's comprehensive guide to Healthcare and Medical employment sites.
                                                                    A comprehensive guide to medical legal, governmental, regulatory &
Pam Pohly's Net Guide        www.pohly.com/admin3.shtml             compliance resources.
MedSearch America            www.medsearch.com                      Conduct a search of jobs, lots of helpful info.
Regulatory Compliance Info   www.rcic.com                           The Regulatory Compliance Information Center.
                                                                    Primarily a Telecommunications and Medical site. Lists several available
SHS                          www.shsinc.com                         positions.

Human Resources
Arlington Resources          www.arlingtonresources.com            Specialists in the placement of Human Resource professionals.
                                                                   Find info on jobs in benefits, current issues in benefits, conferences,
Benefits Link                www.benefitslink.com                  message boards, past cases, Internal Revenue info, and more.
HR Hub                       www.hrhub.com                         Digital marketplace for the hr industry.
                                                                   Hot HR topics, career center, meetings/conventions, fast facts, current HR
HR Plaza                     www.hrplaza.com                       trends.
                                                                   Find links to hr sites, hr books, hr products, news, become a member,
HR World                     www.hrworld.com                       search hr positions, and more.
                                                                   One of the industry's most comprehensive sites on HR and employee
Human Resources Learning     www.human-resources.org               services.
                                                                   Search for HR positions, post your resume. More geared towards
Jobs 4 HR                    www.jobs4hr.com                       employers posting.
Nat'l HR Association         www.humanresources.org                Association offering skills to take you to where you want to be.

                                                          Job Search Websites
                                                                   Organization dedicated to identifying, sourcing and placing HR
                                                                   professionals. Take advantage of the salary calculator & view current HR
Recruiting Options            www.recruitingoptions.net            positions available.
SHRM                          www.shrm.org                         Society for HR Management. An ABUNDANCE of HR information.

TCM                           www.tcm.com/hr-careers               TCM's HR Careers site for HR and Training & Development Professionals.
Work Force On Line            www.workforceonline.com              The current buzz, news, trends, resources, workforce tools, etc.

Investor Relations
                                                                   Full service staffing company with a variety of services offered for
                                                                   professionals in the accounting, HR, finance, engineering, healthcare, legal,
Kforce                        www.fk+B223orce.com                  and investments industries.
Investor Relations Society    www.ir-soc.org.uk/introduction.htm   Stay informed on various IR topics, network, committee links, & more.
                              www.cpateam.com/investment-          Here you will find a list of Investment companies, associations &
Investment Directory          associations.htm                     organizations with links to their sites.
                                                                   Supporting IR professionals with a collection of online articles, web site
IR Network                    www.ir.net/html/other.htm            development help & promotional support.
                                                                   This website provides a new lesson every month designed to present ideas
IR Primer                     www.spindoctor.com/page17.html       which will help you gain a better grasp on the IR.
                                                                   National Investor Relations Institute is a professional association of
                                                                   corporate officers & investor relations consultants. (Find out more on
NIRI                          www.niri.org                         website)
                                                                   Professional Association for Investment Communications aims to educate
                                                                   and empower men & women worldwide who are support resources for
PAICR                         www.paicr.net/about.html             client services & marketing.
                                                                   The Center presents executive level educational seminars nationally for
                                                                   chief exec, CFO & investor relations officers. Programs cover issues crucial
The Center for IR education   www.ireducation.com                  to publicly traded corporations.
Real Trade                    www.realtrade.com                    Webpage devoted to investor relations & private/public fund raising.

Associated Services           www.hg.org/recruit+B181-serv.html    The comprehensive legal website.

Attorney Jobs                 www.attorneyjobs.com                 Hundreds of current attorney positions in mainstream & law related fields.
Attorneys At Work             www.attorneysatwork.com              Employer listings, confidentiality, member option.
                                                                   Every law related organization, practice areas, discussion groups, Bus.
Hieros Gamos                  www.hg.org/recruit-serv.html         Guides & more.

iHire Legal                   www.ihirelegal.com                   Website geared towards legal professionals seeking new opportunities.

                                                         Job Search Websites
                                                                     Full service staffing company with a variety of services offered for
                                                                     professionals in the accounting, HR, finance, engineering, healthcare, legal,
Kforce                        www.fkorce.com                         and investments industries.
Links to Job Sites            www.headhunt.com/links.htm             Links for North American legal job sites.
                              www.lexadin.nl/wlg/lawfirm/nofr/usstat Directory of law firms, law schools, legislation, current court cases &
Law Firms USA                 es/lxadusa.htm                         organizations.
Law Journal                   www.lawjobs.com                        Classified listing, search firm directory & links listed.
                                                                     Listing of the nation's largest firms, top 100 lawyers, law firm recruiting &
Law News Network              www.ljx.com/firms/lfonline.html        more.

Meeting Planning
                                                                     This company serves as a liaison between hospitality employers & potential
Adventures in Hospital        www.hospitalityadventures.com          candidates.

                                                              Post your information on this site (fee) for companies seeking meeting
Event Planner                 www.eventplanner.com            planners. Site has several tools to assist in the meeting planning process.
                                                              Under the networking and news tab, search for ou next meeting planning
Event Source                  www.eventsource.com             position.
Hospitality                   www.hospitalitynet.org          All of hospitality on the web with news, job exchange, index, and more.
                                                              1000s of hotel jobs, restaurant jobs, resort jobs, and more. Search
Hospitality Careers           www.hcareers.com                database free!
                                                              Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International. Find info on their
HSMAI                         www.hsmai.org                   events, educational courses, career center, and more.
                                                              International Association of Conference Centers webpage with job listings &
IACC                          www.iacconline.org              news.
                              www.meetingnews.com/handbook99. 1999 Meeting Planner's Handbook and much more useful information for
Meeting News                  htm                             planners.
                                                              World wide website for the Meeting Professionals Association (the world's
Meeting Professionals Int'l   www.mpiweb.org/home.asp         largest) with thousands of members worldwide.
                                                              Online magazine with featured articles, recommended books, resource
Sucessful Meetings Mag.       www.successmtgs.com             links, etc.

                                                                     A global coalition of individuals & organizations working to build a world
Action Without Borders        www.idealist.org                       where all people can live free, productive lives.
Chinasite                     www.chinasite.com                      Complete reference to Chinese non-profit organizations and websites.
Envirolink                    www.envirolink.org                     The online environmental community. Several links including a Job Link.
Environmental Positions       www.ejobs.org                          Links to environmental jobs and careers.
                                                                     Connecting senior level, mission driven talent with organizations important
ExecSearches.com              www.execsearches.com                   to our civic infrastructure.

                                                          Job Search Websites
                                                                      National directory of social change organizations. 1st directory to present
                                                                      alternatives to corporate employment. Over 1000 organizations with salary,
Good Works                      www.essential.org/goodworks           benefits, etc.
                                                                      Searchable database of over 640,000 nonprofit organizations in the United
GuideStar                       www.guidestar.org                     States.
                                                                      Connecting people who are changing the world. Peacenet, econet, labornet,
IGC Net                         www.igc.org/igc                       etc.
Internet Nonprofit Center       www.nonprofits.org                    Information for and about nonprofit organizations.
                                                                      Directory of non-profit companies, job fairs, conferences, resource center,
Nonprofit Careers               www.nonprofitcareer.com               more.
                                                                      Find information on what it means to be a not for profit as well as other
Nonprofit Expert                www.nonprofitexpert.com               aspects of the not for profit industry.
Nonprofit Express               www.npxpress.com                      Search for nonprofit positions worldwide.

Nonprofit Resource Catalog      www.clark.net/pub/pwalker/home.html   List of various links depending on your interests.
OpportunitiesNOC                www.opportunitynocs.org               The Internet's leading source for nonprofit jobs and opportunities.
Pete's Vineyard                 www.mindspring.com/~petert            Link to Philanthropy links and meta index for nonprofits.
Philanthropy Journal            www.philanthropy-journal.org          News network, current events, jobs.
Progressive Possibilities       www.macronet.org/newtable.html        Links to nonprofits, classifieds, people links and more.
                                                                      This career bank is designed to support nonprofit profesionals in locating
                                                                      new jobs. The database is searchable by location as well as type of
The Alliance                    www.allianceonline.org                position.
                                                                      Mission is to protect & enhance the environment, resources for related
The Environmental Careers       www.eco.org                           professions.
                                                                      Nonprofit opportunities listed which are updated every 1st and 15th of the
The Nonprofit Times             www.nptimes.com/classified.html       month.
The Chronicle of Philanthropy   www.philanthropy.com                  The newspaper of the non-profit world with articles and job listings.

Real Estate
Real Estate Opport/Recruit.     www.realestate.com                    Mortgage/construction/real estate job stores & recruiters.

                                                                      General and industry specific news and discussions, search 1000s of
Justsell.com                    www.justsell.com                      mark/sales jobs..
                                                                      Everything you need to know is here including job listings. Several
Marketing Jobs                  www.marketingjobs.com                 Associations listed.
                                                                      Electronic forum for sharing advice & research with 45K PR, marktg, &
PR & Marketing Forum            www.prsig.com                         adverts prof.
                                                                      Matchmaking site for manufacturers, sales agents, wholesalers &
RepLink                         www.replink.com                       distributors.

                                                            Job Search Websites
                                                                   Publication with info on industrial expansions & sale prospects for internat'l
Sales & Mark Exchange           www.sme.com                        community.
                                                                   Dedicated to sales & Marketing professionals. Search for jobs, post
SalesSeek.com                   www.salesseek.com/index.html       resume, & career fairs.

Social Services
                                                                   A human services recruiting site that helps human service professionals
HSPeople.com                    www.hspeople.com                   find hs jobs.
                                                                   Institute of Social Sciences. Provides continuing education to post-graduate
ISS                             www.iss.nl                         professionals on the Masters, diploma and PhD levels.
                                                                   The starting place for individuals interested in working in social work/social
                                                                   services. Search jobs, visit the career center, view positions by location, find
SocialService.com               www.socialservice.com              recruiters, etc.
                                                                   Find position listings by location or employer and link to a variety of
Social Work and Social Srv      http://gwbweb.wustl.edu/jobs       additional resources within the social services industry.

American Taxation Assoc.        www.uni.edu/ata                    Membership info and benefits. Helpful info.
Harrison Luce & Co.             www.hlccpa.com/links.html          Six page list of reference sites, compliments of Harrison Luce & Co.
Tax & Acct Sites                www.taxsites.com                   Directory of tax and accounting sites.
Tax Jobs                        www.tax-jobs.com/list.htm          Search for tax jobs in various parts of the world.
                                                                   Search for jobs by industry, position, location and keyword. (Fairly new site
Tax Jobs                        www.taxjobs.com                    so has limited number of positions)

Temporary Employment
Freeagent                       www.freeagent.com                  Links businesses with individual contract workers.
Lab Personnel                   www.labpersonnel.com               Fills chemist, biologist, microbiologist & lab positions.
                                                                   The premier exchange for connecting independent professionals & contract
Guru                            www.guru.com                       workers.
Montell                         www.montellinc.com                 Technology & administrative placement.
Net Temps                       www.net-temps.com                  Search for positions in various fields or post your resume.
New Office                      www.newoffice.com                  Placement & training agency.
                                                                   Flexible staffing for marketing, advertising & telecommunications in Chicago
Paladin Companies               www.paladinstaff.com               and NY.

                                                                   Site run by temp employees to serve as a resource for training, networking,
TempNetwork                     www.tempnetwork.com                a newsletter, and links to agencies working with temp employees.

Corporation for Public Broadcastingwww.cpb.org                     Job opportunities, research, reports, forums.
Homeworkers                        www.homeworkers.org             Positions are udpated daily from employers seeking telecommuters.
                                                       Job Search Websites
Telecommunications           .html                               Current events and info links.
                                                                 Search posted positions from employers, browse teletools and research
Telecommunication Jobs       www.tjobs.com                       salary info.
                                                                 This is the most comprehensive Work at Home site on the web, offering a
                                                                 free, searchable database that offers thousands of current telecommuting
                                                                 jobs. No member fees. Just jobs, subcontracting positions and training for
Workaholics4hire.com         www.workaholics4hire.com            Telecommuting in the Real World.

Venture Capital
                                                                   Financial headline news, technology news, & links to financial careers &
Corporate Finance Network    www.corpfinet.com                     firms.
                                                                   Conduct a free search of their database and contact principals directly. Also
Finance Hub                  www.financehub.com/vc                 lists VC firms, brokers, & related links.
Merger Network               www.mergernetwork.com                 The web's best source of merger & acquisition leads.
                                                                   Download their database (for a fee) and obtain extensive company
Venture Capital Finance      www.vcaonline.com                     information & other venture financing news.
                                                                   Read feature articles on VC, network, visit the VC clinic, & get first hand
Venture Capital Online       www.vcapital.com                      information about understanding the industry.

Women focused career sites
                                                              A Company of Women was founded to "holistically" support women's
                                                              development-- their selves and their roles and places in society. This site is
                                                              fairly new, though this organization offers many great services. Phone
A Company of Women           www.acow2.com                    number available on the site.
                                                              The #1 Women and Diversity Career site on the web for good reason. Find
                             www.advancingwomen.com/awcareer. just about any and every topic of interest relating to women as well as some
Advancing Women              html                             great information and resources.

                                                                   Black Women In Sisterhood For Action. A National Non-profit organization
BISA                         www.feminist.com/bisas1.htm           that promotes educational & career development for black women.
                                                                   The website that encourages women to do more. Find networking
DareMore                     www.daremore.com                      opportunities, classifieds, seminars, dream support email list and more.
                                                                   This site is intended for healthcare professionals who work with women and
                                                                   the purpose of the info provided is to keep them updated on current
                                                                   research, news, issues, etc. We feel this site is informative to non-
FemHealth.com                www.femhealth-focus.com               healthcare professionals as well with links
                                                                   Explore women's topics from news, petitions, counseling, business, family,
iafrica.com                  www.iafrica.com                       home issues, and more.

                                                     Job Search Websites
                                                                 National Association for Female Executives is the largest women's
                                                                 professional association/Business owners org. in the country. Provides
NAFE                      www.nafe.com                           various resources & services in support of its members.
                                                                 Business skills training website dedicated to helping entrepreneurial women
Online Women's Business   www.onlinewbc.org                      to realize their goals and aspirations.
                                                                 The "women's view of the world" site addressing issues from career
Oxygen                    www.oxygen.com                         changes to communicating with your teenager.
                                                                 Work At Home Mom online resources. Access the wahm network, find a
WAHM                      www.wahm.com                           work at home business, join mailing lists, and more.
                                                                 A website for women currently in or curious about new media & technology.
Webgirls                  www.webgrrls.com                       Lots of resources.
                                                                 Women's International Net Magazine. The purpose is to further knowledge
                                                                 of women's issues worldwide & promote greater mutual understanding
Win Magazine              www.winmagazine.org/about_us.htm       through writing & dialogue.
                                                                 A women's membership organization dedicated to the economic
Women Employed            www.womenemployed.org                  advancement of women through education, service, and advocacy.
                                                                 An excellent resource for women. This site offers loads of information
                                                                 covering every topic from work/life balance, career solutions, coaching,
Women's Wire Work         www.womenswire.com                     management tracks, and much more.
                                                                 Business & career resources for the professional woman running a
Working Women             www.wwork.com                          business and for all women pursuing careers.

In General
4work                     www.4work.com                          Search for internships, full time positions, volunteer or part time.

American Jobs             www.americanjobs.com                   Search thousands of open positions which are updated on an hourly basis.
                                                                 Job bank (by location), recruiters, electronic networking & entrepreneur
America's Employers       www.americasemployers.com              opportunities.
                                                                 Resource for employers & job seekers to connect through job/resume
America's Job Bank        www.ajb.dni.us                         posting.

Best Jobs USA             www.bestjobsusa.com                Career guide, news, employers of choice, employment review, job search.
Bloomberg Online          www.bloomberg.com/fun/jobs.html    Bloomberg helps you find a job.
Boldface Jobs             www.boldfacejobs.com               Listed opportunities by corporations & recruiters.
                                                             Ability to receive e-mail notifications of your job search. Newsletter, recruiter
Bridge Path               www.bridgepath.com                 links.
                          www.canadiancareers.com/jobsearcht Jobs in Canada. Also how to use networking, volunteering & associations to
Canadian Career Page      ech.html                           find a job.
                                                             Search engine to access nearly every job type and location. E-mail
Career Builder            www.careerbuilder.com              notification.
Career Exchange           www.careerexchange.com             Job search database, conferences and other resources.

                                                        Job Search Websites

Career Exposure              www.careerexposure.com/index2.html Link to financial, international, manufacturing & more positions.
                                                                Online Magazine with job openings posted daily, news, post your resume, &
Career Magazine              www.careermag.com                  more.

Career Path                  www.careerpath.com                     Post resume, search jobs from newspapers/posted to the web, job fairs.
                                                                    Jobs posted, list of over 100 websites, links to employers & employment
Career Resource Center       www.careers.org                        offices.
                                                                    Learn about opportunities, post your resume, learn of training seminars, &
CareerShop.com               www.careershop.com                     more.
Career Site                  www.careersite.com                     Job opportunities, company profiles.
Career.com                   www.career.com                         Connects employers & employees, hot jobs, post your resume.
Colorado Jobs                www.coloradojobs.com                   Search for jobs in Colorado and the Rockies in several fields.
                                                                    Online magazine with positively charged human issues in business. Follow
                                                                    Career Center link for an abundance of networking, career development,
Fast Company                 www.fastcompany.com                    assessment, and other opportunities.
                                                                    This unique search engine crawls over company websites and makes those
Flipdog                      www.flipdog.com                        "hidden" job openings available to you all on one site.
Hot Jobs                     www.hotjobs.com                        Job search USA, career fairs, message board, new company listings.
                                                                    Links to a variety of job sites including international, government & national
Internet Career Connection   www.iccweb.com/help/search.htm         positions.

                                                                    Free membership to post your resume, search open positions (Permanent
KForce                       www.kforce.com                         & contract), submit bids on jobs & use the provided knowledge tools.
                                                                    Employment search, various career info, Fortune 500 Co.s & open
Job Bank USA                 www.jobbankusa.com                     positions, general career overviews and descriptions, and more.
Job Direct                   www.jobdirect.com                      Job search for college grads and employers.
                                                                    Thousands of websites organized by industry and subject at your fingertips.
Job Hunt**                   www.job-hunt.org                       A great place to start.
Job Link USA                 www.joblink-usa.com                    Post resume, search jobs, chat, e-mail notification.
                                                                    Job listings from classifieds, companies, newsgroup searches, recruiters &
Job Locator                  www.joblocator.com                     more.
Jobs.com                     www.jobs.com                           Post your resume, search for positions, download resumail 4.0.

                             www.labor.state.ny.us/html/jssearch/ta Guide and strategies designed specifically for professionals, managers, &
Job Search Guide             bleco.htm                              executives. Gives an overview of various aspects of your job search.
Jobsmart                     www.jobsmart.com                       California job search guide.
                                                                    Free career site with a variety of career fields to choose from and search
Jobs Online                  www.jobsonline.com                     for.
                             www.jobsourcenetwork.com/index.ht Ultimate job search site for all levels of business professionals. Link to
Job Source Network           ml                                     executive/career sites, associations and business related publications.

                                                         Job Search Websites
MegaJob Sites                 www.megajobsites.com              Search for positions by location, title, industry, etc and apply online.
Minorities Job Bank           www.minorities-jb.com             The largest database of EOE committed to workplace diversity.
Monitor Daily                 www.monitordaily.com              News, job listings, other resources.
                                                                Search from over 200,000 jobs, create your own monster, research
Monster Board                 www.monster.com                   companies, post resume, more.
                                                                Comprehensive site with any info you'll need to successfully begin and
My Job Search                 www.myjobsearch.com               maintain an effective job search.
National Business Weekly      www.nbew.com                      Job fairs listed as well as other career resources.
NationJob Network             www.nationjob.com                 Search for a job based on very specific parameters that you indicate.
Real Jobs                     www.real-jobs.com                 Helpful tips, post resume, conduct job search.
                                                                Search for positions in a variety of industries, get interview and resume tips,
                                                                and other advice. The positions posted on this site automatically expire 20
Thingamajob                   www.thingamajob.com               days from the posting-current positions!
Town Online                   www.townonline.com/working        New England's premier career resource.
US Careers Resource Centr     www.uscareers.com                 Search for jobs, post resume, other resources.
                                                                This is an awesome site offering free access to job postings, company
Vault                         www.vault.com                     research, vault reports, career advice and much more.
Virtual Job Fair              www.careerexpo.com                Quick & advanced job search, post resume, career expo.

Enhancement Services/Career
                                                                American Society of Training and Development. Mission is to provide
                                                                leadership to organizations & individuals to achieve work-related
ASTD                          www.astd.org/virtual_community    competencies and fulfillment.

                                                                Executive coaching, personal development, psychometric testing, stress
Career Design Company         www.careersnet.com                mgmt & more for CEOs, HR, Post Grads, & other career seekers.
                                                                They research, analyze, & communicate the latest trends in electronic
Interbiznet                   www.interbiznet.com/hunt          recruiting.
                                                                Click on "cool tests" to test yourself on your emotional health, leadership,
Cool Avenues                  www.coolavenues.com               burnout, entreprenuerial spirit, sales ability, and muck more.
Career Experience             www.careerexperience.com          Career counseling, self development, explore careers of interest to you.
Career Shop                   www.careershop.com                News, locations of upcoming job fairs, career hunt tool box.
Directions- UK                www.there.is/directions           Career assessment and guidance counseling.
                                                                Test to help give you insight on how to become a calmer and more efficient
Emotional Intelligence Test   www.utne.com/cgi-bin/eq           manager.
Job Direct                    www.jobdirect.com                 Very good "job seekers" resource.
                                                                What Color Is Your Parachute exercises designed to help identify your skills
Job Hunter's Bible            www.jobhuntersbible.com           & interests.
Job Web                       www.jobweb.com                    Employment info and other resources to help you along in your search.
Keirsey Character & Temper    www.keirsey.com                   Personality and temperament tests with in-depth analysis.

                                                             Job Search Websites

Nat'l Bus. Emplymt Weekly        www.nbew.com                            A career guidance publication online. Job fairs & career resources as well.

                                                                         National Career Development Association home pg w/ links to professional
National Career Development      www.ncda.org                            counseling organizations, education and career information

Evaluating A Job Offer
                                                                         From the Occupational Outlooks handbook, discusses the factors to be
Evaluating A Job Offer           www.bls.gov/oco/oco20046.htm            weighted in deciding on a job offer.

International Career/Job Sites
Career.com                       www.career.com                      Connects employers & employees around the world.
                                                                     Corporate job links to financial services, hi tech, manufacturing, retail,
Career Exposure                  www.careerexposure.com/index2.html more.
ICPA                             www.icpa.com                        International Computer Professional Associates.
                                                                     Along with the salary calculator, this site offers several helpful links dealing
International Salary Calc        www2.homefair.com/calc/salcalc.html with moving and housing, help with job hunting and more.
Internet Career Connection       www.iccweb.com/help/search.htm      Worldwide and government job search.
Jobs In The Money                www.jobsinthemoney.com              Search for positions globally, post your resume, featured companies.
Overseas Jobs Express            www.overseasjobs.com                Jobs database, bookshop, tips, 50 to 100 jobs added daily.
Real Jobs                        www.real-jobs.com                   Post resume, conduct job search for worldwide positions.
The International Herald Trib.   www.iht.com/IHT/home.html           Executive positions are listed under The Intermarket link.

Reference Sites
American City Bus Jrnls          www.amcity.com                          Up to date local business news in 41 cities.
Building Industry Exchange       www.building.org/index.html             Architectural, engineering & construction directories.
                                                                         Online Magazine with job openings posted daily, news, post your resume, &
Career Magazine                  www.careermag.com                       more.
Companies Online                 www.companiesonline.com                 Research over 400,000 public & private companies here.

                                                                     Great start to research companies by state, industry, or name. Also wade
Corporate Information            www.corporateinformation.com        through their extensive list of global company information websites.
                                 www.wave.net/upg/immigration/dot_in Dictionary of Occupational Titles. Reference book for position descriptions
Dictionary of Occupational       dex.html                            and titles.

Dun & Bradstreet                 www.dnb.com                             Run D&B reports, stay abreast on current news, company info, and events.

Employment Spot                  www.employmentspot.com                  Very informational on careers by vocation, "top" lists and other resources.
                                                                         Online magazine with current articles dealing with issues in the business
Fast Company                     www.fastcompany.com                     world.

                                                         Job Search Websites
Find articles                 www.findarticles.com                Search hundreds of publications for articles on any topic area.
Hoovers                       www.hoovers.com                     The Ultimate source for company information! Very informative.
                                                                  Index of companies and their job openings listed alphabetically or by
Job Safari                    www.jobsafari.com                   location.
                                                                  Offer resources for executive recuiters, executive career management, HR
KennedyInformation LLC        www.kennedyinfo.com                 pros as well as links to their publications and additional services.
                                                                  Extensive information on every possible aspect of job hunting for all age
Quintessential Careers        www.quintcareers.com                groups, fields, career paths, etc.
                                                                  Excellent source for all sorts of company info, job hunting tips, resources,
The Riley Guide               www.dbm.com/jobguide                current articles, and other helpful links.
Thomas Register               www.thomasregister.com              Directory of American Manufacturers.
                                                                  Search for online training, videos, cd rom, books, audio and instructor led
Trainseek                     www.trainseek.com                   courses.
                                                                  Very good site to research companies, industries, career news, career
Famerican                     www.vaultreports.com                advice, more.
                                                                  Find out compensation information on over 160 careers, also read brief
Wage Web                      www.wageweb.com                     position descriptions on several positions.
                                                                  Research companies, research industries, free monthly newsletter for job
                                                                  seekers. For a fee, this service will pull together customized packets of
Wet Feet Press                www.wetfeet.com                     information on different fields or companies.
Yellow Pages Nationwide       www.superpages.com                  Search nationwide yellow pages for various subjects.

Culture Specific Ref. Sites
                                                                  Post your resume, network through message boards, search for job
Black Voices                  www.blackvoices.com/career          openings & more.
                                                                  Offers quality China related business services and explores the Chinese
China Vista                   www.chinavista.com                  culture.

Hispanic Business Resource    www.hispanicbusiness.com            Online chronicle of business revolutions involving the Hispanic community.
                                                                  Features advertisers from large & growing companies across the nation,
Hispanic Network Magazine     www.hnmagazine.com/index.html       jobs on the Web, and career fairs.
Hispanic Women                html                            Articles, current events and links on business and women's issues.
                                                              Explore women's topics from news, petitions, counseling, business, family,
iafrica.com                   www.iafrica.com                 home issues, and more.
                                                              100% Latina owned national publication providing info for Latina
                                                              professionals, college students and business owners. Career opps, books,
Latina Style                  www.latinastyle.com             investment guidance, etc.
                                                              National Association of Asian American Professionals is a not for profit
                                                              organization whose mission is to promote personal and professional
NAAAP                         www.naaap.org                   development within the Asian American community.

                                                         Job Search Websites
                                                                     This site's employment service promotes workforce diversity and offers free
Saludos.com                  www.saludos.com                         resume postings to qualified bilingual professionals.
                                                                     Women's International Net Magazine. The purpose is to further knowledge
                                                                     of women's issues worldwide & promote greater mutual understanding
Win Magazine                 www.winmagazine.org/about_us.htm        through writing & dialogue.
                                                                     The business network connecting women in Asia & North America. Explore
Women Asia                   www.womenasia.com                       current events, career change advice, mentoring, and more.

Resume/Cover Letter Tips

Guide to Effective Resume    www.ceweekly.com/helpful/grw.html This site provides guidelines for creating your resume as well as samples.
Guide to Resume Writing      html                                Tips and hints on writing a resume.
                                                                 Helpful info on preparing resume for internet & difference btwn scannable
Preparing an Online Resume   www.dbm.com/jobguide/eresume.html resume.
                                                                 Find all the info you need to prepare an effective eResume. Great links and
Rebecca Smith's eResumes     www.eresumes.com                    helpful step by step process to getting started.
                                                                 Provides information on how to prepare a scannable resume as well as for
Resume Place                 www.resume-place.com                specific industries.

Specialty Search Engines

                                                                  This search engine allows you to actually type in your question and it will
Ask.com                      www.ask.com                          pull its results from all of the other search engines. Extremely user friendly!
                                                                  Aside from a comprehensive dictionary, also find common language error
Dictionary.com               www.dictionary.com                   link, word games, & more.
Encarta                      www.encarta.com                      Deluxe encyclopaedia online.
Euroseek                     www.euroseek.com                     Search various topics from specific places around the world.
                                                                  This engine searches top US & Canadian message boards in parallel and
                                                                  real time for positions you are seeking and will bring back to you a result of
Job Search Engine            www.jobsearchengine.com              how many openings match your query.
                             www.allonesearch.com/all1jobs.html#j Job Sleuth scours the Internet for positions you specify interest in and
Job Sleuth                   obs                                  sends them to you via e-mail.
                                                                  Get road & street maps, find the shortest route to your destination, and
MapQuest                     www.mapquest.com                     more.

                                                                     Search engine that simultaneously searches through the popular search
MetaCrawler                  www.metacrawler.com                     engines (Lycos, yahoo, altavista, etc.) to bring you comprehensive results.
Roget's Thesaurus            www.thesaurus.com                       Online thesaurus.

                                                       Job Search Websites
                                                                   This search engine will search the entire web using Lycos, WebCrawler,
                                                                   Google, Thunderstone, Infoseek, Direct Hit, Hot Bot, Excite, Galaxy, Alta
Savvy Search                www.savvysearch.com                    Vista and National Directory simultaneously.

Search Firms
                                                                   American Association of Finance & Accounting. A network of privately
AAFA                        www.aafa.com                           owned search/recruitment firms.
Arlington Resources         www.arlingtonresources.com             Human Resource Placement Specialists.
                                                                   A firm which places qualified executive assistants in positions all over the
Executive Assistance        www.execassistance.com                 world.

Financial Recruiting        www.roberthalf.com                   International firm specializing in the placement of financial professionals.
                                                                 Specializes in exec search for medical devices, biotechnology &
Haystack                    www.haystack-group.com               pharmaceutical indust.
                            www.realestaterecruiters.com/leecand Exec staffing positions within land acquisition, operations, planning, &
Lee Terry & Associates      .html                                marketing.
New Dimensions in Tech      www.ndt.com                          Technologists and techno-business professionals.
R. A. Clark Consulting      www.raclark.com                      Atlanta based executive search firm for HR professionals.
Raskin Executive Search     www.raskinexecsearch.com             Exclusively for apparel/accessory/textile industry.
Recruiters OnLine Network   www.recruitersonline.com             Temp/perm/contract positions in various fields.
R.J. Evans Associates       www.rjevans.com                      Corporate & executive recruiting.
Sanford Rose & Associates   www.sanfordrose.com                  International placement of men & women in 50 to 250K salary ranges.

Smith, Scott & Associates   www.smithscott.com                     Placement primarily within HR, mgmt, info-technology & strategy positions.
The Human Resource Store    www.hrstore.com                        All positions for outplacement services.
The Karlyn Group            www.karlyn.com                         Temp/permanent staffing for the fashion industry.
Top Echelon                 www.topechelon.com                     Site that helps connect recruiters & job seekers.


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