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									                                        Sales Training Course
The IFA will be conducting a training course for individuals in a Factoring operation that are involved with
Marketing, Sales or Managing a Sales Team. This is a first of its kind course designed specifically for the
Factoring Industry. The course will be held May 25th & 26th, 2006 at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas,

This course is designed as a comprehensive training course covering all of the basic Sales & Marketing
issues related to the Factoring Industry. The sessions are designed to train Business Development
Officers on how to determine the best course of action for them given their individual skill set, prior
experience, financial knowledge, contact base and the firm’s abilities & limitations. We will be doing in-
depth training on the basic Sales and Marketing methods used by the most successful salespeople in
today’s market.

After completion of this course, the attendees will be better informed on the basic tools available to them
and how to best apply these tools in their present situation. They will better understand how to evaluate
what ‘works’ as opposed to what ‘keeps them busy’. They should be prepared to develop a Marketing
Plan complete with realistic goals and benchmarks. Some of the General Principles covered will be:

     •   The Basics of Marketing
     •   Developing a Marketing Plan
     •   Establishing your ‘piece’ of the Market
     •   Basic Selling Tactics
     •   Geographic & Time Management

We have selected two experts to conduct this training course. The instructors were selected based on
their experience, in depth knowledge and commitment to either the subject matter, the Factoring Industry
or both.

The lead instructor of this course will be Thomas G. Siska, President of Greystone Commercial Services,
LP. Tom began his career in 1984 in the Chicago Operations Center for Riviera Finance. In 1990, he
was promoted to National Sales Manager in California. Tom left Riviera in 1994 to turnaround a
struggling asset-based lending firm, Concord Growth Corporation (CGC) in San Jose, CA. Tom also was
President of CGC’s start-up Factoring Division (now Bay View Funding). After successfully selling the
Company to Bay View Bank, Tom later joined GE Capital as Senior Vice President/Western Region
Manager for GE’s small Asset Based Lending & Factoring Division. Prior to joining Greystone, Tom was
Managing Director of FactorHelp and National Sales Manager for AmeriSource Funding. Tom holds
degrees in both Finance and Marketing from DePaul University in Chicago (1983) and earned his MBA
from the University of Chicago (1990).

The second instructor will be Peter Aransky. Regional Vice President with The Hamilton Group, Inc.
Over his 40 year business career Mr. Aransky has enjoyed numerous successes in Marketing, Sales and
Sales Management. At Oxford Capital , he started as a Regional BDO, moved to National
Sales/Marketing Manager to lead a national sales force to great success and eventually became interim
President to help guide Oxford’s acquisition by CIB Marine Bank.

The registration fee is $995 for members of the IFA and $1045 for non-members. The registration fee
includes tuition, course materials, coffee breaks and lunch.

The Monte Carlo is a deluxe resort and casino featuring the elegance of Monaco combined with the
excitement of Las Vegas. A special fee of $95 per night has been negotiated for the meeting. A
discounted rate is available for those who are planning on staying in Las Vegas over the weekend. Hotel
reservations can be made by contacting the Monte Carlo at 800-311-8999 and requesting the XIFAMAY

American Airlines is the official airline of the IFA. If you or your travel agent call American's toll-free
number, 1-800-433-1790 or online at American Airlines, to book your reservations, you will receive a 5%
discount off the lowest applicable discount fare. Discounts will apply to American and American Eagle.
Make sure you refer to Auth Number: A2856AT.

You may register for the seminar by contacting the IFA at 800-563-1895. You may also register on-line
via the IFA web site at
                                      Course Outline

1) Marketing
     i) Technical Definition (Dictionary) vs. Business Definition (Profitability)
     ii) Marketing vs. Selling
     iii) The Marketing Mix & how it differs in Industrial (Business-to-Business) vs.
          Consumer Marketing
             (a) Product
             (b) Price
             (c) Place
             (d) Promotion

2) The Marketing Plan
      i) Customer Based Marketing
      ii) Uncovering your Strategic Advantages
      iii) Determining “What you’re NOT”
      iv) Involving the entire Marketing Mix

3) Carving Out A Niche
      i) Taking your Strategic Advantages to Market
      ii) Determine ‘calling plan’
      iii) Remaining focused in changing times

4) Protecting Your Turf
      i) Building lasting relationships
      ii) Counter-Leveraging” of your Referral Base

5) Selling Tactics
       i) Customer Focused Selling
              (a) Listening first, talking second
              (b) Determining ‘needs’ vs. ‘wants’
       ii) Overcoming Objections
              (a) Price
              (b) Paperwork
              (c) Notification
              (d) Verification

6) Territory Management
      i) Understanding the “Opportunities of the Road”
      ii) Establishing Yourself in your Territory

7) Time Management
      i) Prioritizing your Referral Sources
      ii) Leveraging of your Referral Base
      iii) How to best invest time with Prospects

8) Tools
   a) Lead Management Products
   b) Purchasing Lists
   c) Data Mining
                           Sales / Marketing Training Course
                                   May 25 & 26, 2006
                            Monte Carlo Resort and Casino
                                 3750 Las Vegas Blvd.
                                  Las Vegas, Nevada





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                               HOTEL INFORMATION
                           Monte Carlo Resort and Casino
         Reservations must be made through the Hotel by calling 800-311-8999
                          Request the XIFAMAY group rate
            Room Rate $95 (Wed – Thurs), $135 (Friday), $185 (Saturday)

                                REGISTRATION FEE:
                                  $995 IFA Members
                               $1045 Non-IFA Members
   (Includes Tuition, course materials, continual breakfast, lunch, dinner and breaks)
                     No refunds will be given for cancellations after April 25th

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