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ARMA Mid-Atlantic Region Confere by fjzhangxiaoquan


									ARMA Mid-Atlantic Region
        June 10-12, 2010
   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  Note from Chapter Representative
Dear Fellow ARMA Pittsburgh Chapter Members:
             As many of you know, our chapter was selected to host the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Regional
    Conference. After many hours of preparation, communication, and research, the conference commenced
    the evening of June 10 with a welcome reception at the Lemont on Mt. Washington, and ended the
    evening of June 12 with a Gateway Clipper Dinner Cruise. From beginning to end, participants enjoyed
    the event, meeting new people, and learning new concepts to help with both leadership in each person’s
    respective roles in RIM, along with their roles as being part of the ARMA organization.
             As both the Pittsburgh Chapter representative and a Board Member that took part in the planning
    of this event, I can truly say that the conference was a complete success. Educationally, it opened my
    eyes to new approaches in how I can work within my company as a Records Manager responsible for
    information across the globe, as well as how I can become a larger contributor to the multitude of
    opportunities ARMA has to offer its members.
             Special thanks to the vendors that helped support the event, the members that planned the event,
    and the participants that attended the event. Each played a pivotal role in the event’s success. A very
    special thanks to Autumn Gollob and all of the time and energy she placed into creating the perfect
    weekend for our guests.
             You as members of ARMA’s Pittsburgh Chapter have a lot to be proud of – not only did your city
    display itself in its most beautiful colors that weekend, but your chapter as hosts of the conference
    displayed themselves in this same light.
                                                                             Best regards,
                                                                 Brianne E. Aul (2010 Chapter Representative)
                                                                 Secretary, ARMA – Pittsburgh Chapter
Welcome Reception – Lemont,
      Mt. Washington
Participants were shuttled
to the Lemont on Mt.
Washington to enjoy
appetizers, drinks, and
the opportunity to
introduce themselves to
ARMA members across
the region. It was an
opportunity to reconnect
with people, as well as to
branch out and establish
new connections…
    ARMA Leadership Training – Project
    Management Teams with Dale Mask
•   Basic Team Concepts
•   Team Building Stages
•   Overcoming Roadblocks to Team Success
•   Resolving Team Conflicts
•   Turning Failing Team Projects Around
    Friday ARMA Seminars
• ARMA Board of Directors Presentation
• ARMA HQ Staff Presentation (Resources
  for Success)
  - who is the new member of ARMA?
• “Inside the Records Room”
Friday Events: Church Brew Works –
     Three Rivers Arts Festival

On Friday night, everyone was ready to relax, and spend some time
together, while enjoying some great history of Pittsburgh. The Church
Brew Works, a restaurant (erected in 1902, which formerly was St. John
the Baptist Church), and the annual Three Rivers Arts Festival, which
has been in existence since 1959, made for great venues to enjoy and
     Saturday ARMA Seminars
•   Educational Foundation Presentation
•   State of the Region/Treasurer Report
•   Chapter Reports
•   International Conference Update and
Saturday Events: Just Ducky Tour,
PNC Ballpark Tour, Gateway Clipper
 Saturday was a mix of informational
 seminars, including the reports from each
 chapter. Additionally, attendees got a
 chance to enjoy the „Burgh from all
 different angles – by land, by sea…and
 even behind home plate!
Saturday Events: Just Ducky Tour,
PNC Ballpark Tour, Gateway Clipper
        Vendor Sponsorship
•   ARMA Pittsburgh Chapter
•   BRM
•   Cintas
•   Ditto Document Solutions
•   Iron Mountain
•   The IQ Business Group
•   Redweld
•   Underground Archives

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