AMS by zhangyun


									 Novanis Agenda Management System

          Power of Simplicity

Novanis’ AMS can streamline the complex
 agenda creation and approval process—
         efficiently and accurately.

   Agenda creation made easy
   Agenda distribution and routing –
   Last-minute changes – without anxiety
   Tracking – simple as one keystroke
   Excess paper and files – no more

   Reduce time spent on mundane, time
    consuming paper trail
   Allow staff to focus on important issues
   No more needs for transportation, runners,
    shippers and mail
   Major reduction on papers and supplies

   End-to-end tracking – from creation to final
   End-to-end communication – of every
    change from all parties, instantly
   End-to-end accountability – through
    tracking/monitoring of every party’s
    responses and actions
          AMS Introduction
   RCA Creation Module
   Document Management and Workflow Process
   Master Control Module
   Changes and Corrections Module
   Time Certain Items Collection Module
   Pulled Items Collection Module
   Follow Up Module
   Questions and Answers Module
   Disposition Module
   Report Generation Module
   Standard Data Maintenance Module

                                              Progessional Standards Data
                                                  Maintenance Module

           Create/Modify RCA Module                                                    Generate Report Module

                                                                                                                      Check In

                                                                                        Time Certain collection
                                Check out                                                     Module
    in to LibertyNet
                                                                                        Master Control Module
                                                                                                                  Check InA

A            Document Management
                   Module                          Oracle Database
                                                                                       Question&Answer Module

                                                                                           Pull Item Module

                                                                                       Clerk Disposition Module

             Liberty Document
                                      Change Correction Module        FollowUp(CMO Notes) Module
RCA Creation Module
If you would like to reserve a
meeting date at this time, click
the Reservation RCA box and
select the appropriate meeting
date from the window that

When all information has been
selected, click on OK. You will get
a confirmation box to make sure
you want to create the RCA:

When you select the OK button, AMS will call the appropriate Word template to generate the RCA
document outline.
This creates a Microsoft Word document for your RCA, as well as new entries in
the appropriate database tables. Your RCA is assigned a unique RCA number
that will track it through the review/approval workflow. The RCA in Microsoft
Word (.DOC file extension) that can be updated, changed, and emailed to
department members as needed.
Task List Module
Selecting the ‘Open Task’ button starts the LibertyNET Document Search
  Posting Language:

“Item Information”: When
„Change‟ button is selected,
the „Edit Related
Information‟ screen
  Master Control
Agenda Creation Module
If the user selects the
„Agenda Item Information‟
tab after selecting the
„Item Detail‟ button, AMS
displays the relevant
information, as shown:

If the user selects the
„Signatures‟ tab after
selecting the „Item
Detail” button, AMS
displays the relevant
information, as shown:
If the user selects the
„View Answers‟ button,
AMS retrieves the
information relating to the
selected item and
displays it in the „Answers
List‟ screen, as shown:

If the user selects the
„View Provider
Information‟ button from
the „Answers List‟ screen,
AMS retrieves the
information from the
database and displays it:
Pull Items Collection Module
 AMS will display the
 information at the
 bottom of the screen in
 the „Pulled history of
 chosen item‟ section,
 as shown:

The user can double-
click the „Pull/Unpull‟
field within the final
agenda document to
display the „Pull/Unpull‟
screen, as shown:
Agenda Office
(AO) can help
pull/unpull too.
Item From City Clerk Module
CMO Notes Follow-up Module
AMS allows the user to
export the details under
„CMO Info‟ to an MS
Word document. In order
to export this information
the user must select the
„Output‟ button.

AMS allows the user to
export the details under
„Update‟ to an MS Word

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