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How Health Works
Advanced Cleansing Series
1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse
                                                                             Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.                1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

                                                                                                                                  cleanses can be done at any
From the How Health Works series of advanced cleansing                                                                            time. However, if you have a
         What we really should have learned in biology class.                                                                     more serious or chronic con-
                                                                                                                                  dition, many cleansing prac-
                                                                                                                                  titioners believe that there is
                                                                                                                                  an optimum order to them.
                                                                                                                                  The logic and sequence is:

The Advanced Cleansing                                                                                                            Improve Your Nutritional
                                                                                                                                  Intake (the basic HHW
                                                                                                                                  28-Day Initial Regeneration

Series Overview                                                                                                                   Program)— No cleanse can
                                                                                                                                  be effective until the new
                                                                                                                                  food coming in each day is of
                                                                                                                                  a higher quality than before.
                                                                                                                                  Your first step in health
Welcome to the first in the series of advanced internal cleansing
                                                                                                                                  improvement is to dissolve a
modules. Each of these four e-books is designed to:
                                                                                                                                  few of those bad food habits,
    1. Walk you through a sequence of advanced cleansing and                                                                      and start making some better
    rejuvenation programs that have proven to profoundly increase                                                                 ones. Condition your body
    the health and function of your body.                                                                                         for a few weeks, getting it
                                                                                                                                  free of the normal toxic load,
    2. Make the process motivating and easy to understand.                                                                        before starting these ad-
                                                                                                                                  vanced cleansing programs.
By “advanced,” I don’t mean “better,” or more complex, or intel-
lectually superior, or something that needs a college degree to                                                               Colon Cleanse— During
teach or practice. They are only advanced in the sense that they                                                             a cleanse, our trillions of
are best done after conditioning your body by doing the general                         cells each get rid of metabolic waste. Much of that ends up in
cleanse outlined in the initial 28-Day Regeneration Program                             the colon. If the colon is blocked or not functioning well, that
at How Health Works.com. These advanced cleanses are the                                metabolic waste does not leave the body in a timely fashion, and
next actions you want to do after a basic, all around cleansing                         nutrients are not assimilated as well as they could be. This is why
program. For the average healthy person, any of these internal                          the colon cleanse is the first of these advanced programs.
                                                                                                                                                     of 26
                                                                             Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.                1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

Parasite Cleanse— While initially the very word parasite can
scare us Westerners, parasites are proving to be a potential and                        A Perspective on Cleansing
very powerful cofactor behind ill health. And it only takes one
friend’s vivid story of what they saw “come out the next morn-                          There was a time in the not so distant past when if you saw
ing” to make you a believer. Most parasites and worms live in                           someone running down the road, you would have wondered
our digestive tract, but some can get into our internal organs,                         what they were running from. You and everyone else would have
affecting our digestion, assimilation, allergies, energy levels,                        stopped and stared—jogging was not yet a word in the diction-
nervousness, and skin problems. For this reason, the parasite                           ary—and when you finally found out why they were doing it,
cleanse is first program suggested after the colon cleanse.                             your first thought was, “That’s weird. They’re weird.”
Kidney Cleanse— Your two kidneys are responsible for filtering                          Even less time has past where you heard about people who went
out your body’s metabolic waste and keeping the blood clean.                            to gyms and lifted iron weights—or even more bizarre, they did
Like any filter, they can get blocked and backed up. Once you                           some kind of stretchy quiet thing called yoga. Chances are good
understand the implications of backed up urea, ammonia and                              that you initially looked at that behavior and thought, “That’s
other toxic by-products, (and that over 15 million Americans                            weird. They’re weird.”
have some form of kidney problems) you will want to do this
program. All cleansing involves increasing the amount of water                          Today, most people know about the importance of cardio-vascu-
consumed each day, so it is critical that we help the kidneys filter                    lar exercise. They know about the bone-building, mind-clarify-
and do their job.                                                                       ing, blood-pumping advantages of working out in a gym or
                                                                                        doing stretchy quiet yoga.
Liver Cleanse— The deepest, most profound cleanse that we
can do is a liver cleanse. Since it is the largest organ in our body,                   Well, guess what. Your organs need exercise, too. They need
and has the farthest reach, most functions, and often the most                          pumping, and flushing, and cleansing and a way to revitalize
stored toxins, the liver is the last advanced cleanse suggested. A                      from modern life and modern diets. You might currently be a
toxic liver is associated with more symptoms than virtually any                         part of the group that hears of someone doing an organ cleanse,
other organ, from hormone imbalances, to skin problems, to                              and immediately think, “That’s weird. They’re weird.”
stuck emotions like anger and irritation.                                               But at some point, very soon, you won’t think that it is weird.
                                                                                        And at that point, I want you to remember this: it wasn’t doctors
                                                                                        who told you to jog, and it wasn’t doctors who told you to work
                                                                                        out in gyms. I promise you: it will not be doctors who teach you
                                                                                        the art of organ cleansing and its relationship to staying drug,
                                                                                        pain, and symptom-free.
                                                                                                                                              of 26
                                                                                Advanced Cleansing Series
      Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.                  1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

The Very Basics: How to Just Get Started
It is suggested that you read this e-book from beginning to end. But
                                                                                           Overview: Why we are in
for those who want to just get started on a colon cleanse, flip to this
                                                                                           such deep doo-doo
                                                                                           Take a look through the following list of digestive and skin
                                                                                           injuries. It is alphabetical for easy viewing:

The Complete Colon                                                                              Acid Reflux , Acne, Anal Diseases, Barrett Esophagus, Biliary
                                                                                                Tract Diseases, Bloating, Boils, Candida, Candida Albicans,
                                                                                                Celiac Disease, Cholecystitis, Chronic Belching, Chronic Gas,

Cleansing System                                                                                Colitis, Colon Cancer, Constipation, Crohn’s Disease, Cysts,
                                                                                                Dandruff, Dermatitis, Dermatofibroma, Diarrhea, Diverticuli-
                                                                                                tis, Diverticulosis, Dry Skin, Duodenal Ulcer, Eczema, Endo-
                                                                                                metriosis, Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency, Fatty Liver, Fecal
                                                                                                Incontinence, Fibromyalgia, Folliculitis, Gallstones, Gastritis,
                                                                                                Gastro-Esophageal-Reflux Disease, Gastroparesis, GERD, GI
                                                                                                infections, Heartburn, Hernia, Hiatal Hernia, IBD, IBS, Indi-
                                                                                                gestion, Hemorrhoids, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable
                                                                                                Bowel Syndrome, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Malabsorption Syn-
                                                                                                drome, Peptic Ulcer, Pimples, Proctitis, Psoriasis , Skin Tags,
                                                                                                Ulcerative Colitis...

                                                                                           If you live in a western culture, chances are good that you suffer
                                                                                           from one of the names in this growing list of symptoms. Chanc-
                                                                                           es are even better that you know someone that suffers from
                                                                                           one of these sets of symptoms. But the highest odds— almost
                                                                                           100%—are that you, like me, were taught the following beliefs:
                                                                                               Number 1: that these symptoms have little to do with your
                                                                                               what you eat;
                                                                                                                                                         of 26
                                                                          Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.             1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

   Number 2: that the only way to get rid of your symptoms is                        tions mentioned above is because we can’t get ourselves to talk
   through pharmaceutical drugs; and                                                 about poop. Bowel movements. The stuff that comes out of us
                                                                                     each morning and lies in the toilet. Like some odd extension of a
   Number 3: that if there is no cure yet, it will be forthcoming,                   puritanical viewpoint of sex, basic life functions have remained
   once a few more billion dollars are spent in drug research.                       in the closet for so long that no one can discuss it like any other
   We just need more research money, and another drug to put                         adult conversation without being embarrassed.
   into your bloodstream. Once that is accomplished, you will
   be “cured.”                                                                       This has lead to a culture that thinks enemas are weird and un-
                                                                                     natural, yet it is considered polite and normal and good logic for
What you have been taught is not true. Every single one of those                     someone to walk into a building (called a hospital), be drugged
symptoms, from Rosacea to Crohn’s to IBS to acne to psoriasis,                       into an unconscious state, have their belly slit open with a sharp
is there largely because of the historically new food choices                        knife, and have twelve feet of intestines removed because that
you have been eating, and the internal condition this diet has                       section has become necrotic and poisoned.
created. More importantly, every single one of those skin and
digestive injuries can be healed through little else than a change                   It is considered the height of strange behavior to gently flush
a cleaner diet and a colon cleansing program.                                        that same intestines with water, in order to remove those toxins
                                                                                     that necessitated the belly-slitting hospital visit, yet we live in a
                                                                                     culture that considers it normal to spend $14,000 (“Don’t worry,
                                                                                     it’s covered by my health insurance, so no one is actually paying
Why the Blind Spot?                                                                  for it”) to have a 1/2” flexible hose/light/video camera/cutting
                                                                                     instrument placed five feet up into the anus, in order to remove
I’ve been teaching cleansing principals now for over 20 years.                       balls of toxic, pus-laden fleshy material protruding into the
That’s enough years where I’m now starting seeing friends both                       intestines.
go under the knife and die from digestive auto-poisoning prob-                       People who go to colon hydro-therapists are considered “really
lems. For years, I could not figure out why more people didn’t                       out there,” yet we live in a culture where a growing number of
treat their colon like they treated their hair or skin or teeth.                     high school kids are regularly taking drugs to control uncontrol-
Meaning: why they didn’t keep their colon clean? None of those                       lable diarrhea, and where over 80,000 American adults are now
good friends ever gave their digestion nutrition any thought.                        daily wearing adult diapers.
I now believe that one of the reasons for this blind behavior is                     If you look up the definition of Fibromyalgia (a main source
this: we are a culture deeply embarrassed by basic human biol-                       of chronic pain), it will say that the cause can be “systemic
ogy. A major reason behind that huge list of debilitating condi-                     foreign antigens are considered one of the leading causes of
                                                                                                                                               of 26
                                                                         Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.            1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

Fibromyalgia. “Systemic foreign antigens.” Do you know what                         ulously clean between each one with a small string. We cleanse
this is? It is crap, poop, your bowel movements, that has gotten                    our hair, our skin, or nails, our feet. How about cleansing our
into the bloodstream. In the same definition, it goes on to say                     clothes? Or our kitchen counter? If you have physical symptoms,
that a Fibromyalgia “patient typically                                                      it is time to try an internal cleanse.
demonstrates an elevated erythrocyte
sedimentation rate, acute phase reac-
tive proteins, ferritins, pre-albumin,
and metalothienens.” Let’s put that                                                           Forget Stats. Think Results.
into layman terms: “Patient has
crap floating in their bloodstream.                                                           In teaching about the benefits of cleansing, I’ve found
Period.”                                                                                      that statistics on health problems rarely motivate people
We can’t even call it what it is, we’re                                                       to start a cleansing program. What motivates them (and
that constipated in our embarrassed                                                           me) are the immediate benefits that they get in the first
thinking. We use scientific phrases                                                           3-30 days of a cleansing lifestyle.
like “systemic foreign antigens.” No                                                          In other words, facts like “Colon cancer kills over 400%
wonder we are in such a mess. We                                                              more than AIDS.”, or “Colon Cancer will kill over
have truly reached a level of insanity.                                                       60,000 Americans this year.” don’t really hit home. It’s
Digestive tract illnesses are on the                                                          like saying “Cars accidents kill people, so be very, very
rise. In 1950, less than 12% of Ameri-                                                        careful.” Who really gets affected so deeply as to change
cans had diverticulitis (balloon-like                                                         ones driving habits?
bulbs extending out of the normal colon wall). In 1987, over                        Instead, what motivates us to change is results—
40% of Americans now have this condition (this comes straight
from the Merck Manual, probably the most conservative and                           People who do a colon cleanse report that they can think
respected source of health statistics). We now spend more on                        clearer. They find that they make decisions easier, and with
digestive disorders each year than we do on cars.                                   more clarity. They experience less daily stress and overwhelm.
                                                                                    For those with businesses, this translates into more income and
Well, I say it is time we grow up; we either start acknowledging                    smarter business decisions. Let me repeat this: a non-toxic colon
the importance of digestive care—and the huge role we play in                       makes your brain think clearer.
it—or we continue to see more and more suffering.
                                                                                    People who do a colon cleanse report more emotional stability.
We cleanse the surface of our teeth with a brush. We even metic-
                                                                                                                                            of 26
                                                                            Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.               1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

They stop overreacting to daily situations. They become the
emotionally stable ones in their group of friends. They are more
                                                                                       Education That Matters
patient with their kids, as well as with themselves.                                   I have made a habit of asking people what they remember from
                                                                                       their experience back in high school anatomy and biology class.
Colon cleansing cleans up the skin. It can’t be stated any                             Most people say the same thing: they remember very little.
clearer: a skin problem is a digestive tract problem. If you have                      Why? Because none of it mattered. Think about it: of what value
had a long time skin problem, you have a colon problem. And your                       was cutting up the innards of frogs, or learning the difference
skin condition can be completely regenerated.                                          between the gluteus maximus and minimus? It is mind boggling
Last, colon toxicity can be the underlying cause of many symp-                         to ponder the waste of time and resources that are spent on stuff
toms, such as:                                                                         not related to life-enhancing, day-to-day life knowledge.
                                                                                       But it is time we start making a distinction, between all the
• Constipation                       • Headaches                                       mind-numbing, idiotic minutia we survived through during
                                                                                       grades 1-to-12, and true life knowledge—information that can
• Hemorrhoids                        • Backaches                                       enhance and lengthen our experience here on earth. And know-
                                                                                       ing how your digestive system works definitely falls into the life
• Arthritis                          • Allergies
                                                                                       knowledge category. If the 80 million people suffering from
• Diarrhea                           • Distended Abdomen                               digestive system problems had known what you are about
                                                                                       to learn, they probably wouldn’t be in the life-threatening
• Bad Breath/Halitosis               • Skin Problems                                   situation they are now in. Knowing just the basics of how your
• Chronic Fatigue                    • Asthma                                          basic organs work—colon, kidneys, liver— is as important as
                                                                                       the reading, writing, and arithmetic, and this series of Advanced
• Irritability                       • Depression                                      Cleansing e-books is dedicated to exactly that.
• Prostate Trouble                   • Difficult Weight Loss                           Before we start, it will be helpful if you away any lousy beliefs
                                                                                       you may have incurred from your K12 educational experience.
• Frequent Colds                     • Hypoglycemia
                                                                                       I’m talking mainly about the ones that make your mind and
• Insomnia                           • Food Cravings                                   nervous system go to sleep the minute you hear words like
                                                                                       “anatomy.” I myself had to get over a few of these when I first
• Abdominal Gas                      • Hypertension                                    started studying natural health. What you will learn here in this
                                                                                       eBook is fascinating, very focused on what’s important, takes
                                                                                       about 10 minutes to learn, and is immediately applicable to

                                                                                                                                              of 26
                                                                          Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.             1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

your life and health. Besides, this knowledge has a few cool side
benefits:                                                                            Cleansing Colon Anatomy 0:
   You can live pain free, while others your age come down                           What We Really Should Have
   with joint pain, arthritis, etc.
   You can keep your mind and emotions clear, while others
                                                                                     Learned in School
   get more and more brain fog and emotional toxic buildup as
   they age.
   You can live pharmaceutical drug free, while most of your
   peers will be taking, on average, 8 medicines a day by the
                                                                                     Let’s Get the Language Straight
   time they’re 60, costing them thousands of dollars.
                                                                                     The entire tube, from mouth to anus, is called your digestive
   It can keep you symptom free.                                                     system, or digestive tract. Some call it the alimentary or gastro-
                                                                                     intestinal tract if they want to obfuscate, but those terms aren’t
   You can add years to your life.
                                                                                     used very much.
   You can save a lot of money.
                                                                                     While the digestive system is one long tube, about 25 to 30 feet
                                                                                     in length, each section functions differently. The main parts,
                                                                                     from top to bottom, are mouth, esophagus, stomach, small
                                                                                     intestines, large intestines, and anus. Note that the important
                                                                                     ones for internal cleansing are those three in bolded blue.
                                                                                     The last part of the entire digestive system, the five to six-foot
                                                                                     long large intestines, is also known as the bowel, or colon, or gut.
                                                                                     Since the How Health Works Colon Cleanse affects the entire
                                                                                     digestive tract, the name “colon” cleanse isn’t a truly accurate
                                                                                     title; however, since most people refer to this kind of cleanse as a
                                                                                     colon cleanse, we will stick to that name. Just remember that the
                                                                                     this cleanse is affecting more than just the six feet of colon.
                                                                                     Until you learn the physical location of your different digestive

                                                                                                                                             of 26
                                                                          Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.             1. Colon cleanse    2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

system parts, understanding the digestive process will always be
difficult. So an important step in each of these advanced cleans-
ing programs is learning where your organs reside in your body.
To that extent, How Health Works has commissioned one of
America’s best anatomical artists, Dr. Nina Ollikainen, MD,
to draw what are among the clearest drawings of the human
digestion system I have seen. You will find that by viewing her
custom, exclusive-to-HHWorks drawings, you will quickly
memorize the location of the important digestive organs.

Learn The Physical Landmarks
I find the best way to learn organ location is to simply look                                                                       Stomach
down at your torso; that way, right remains on the right side, left
remains on the left (versus looking in the mirror, which reverses                                                                     Small
everything). As I describe each part, trace it on your own body                                                                     Intestines
with your hand, so you can physically feel your body. Also, use
these landmarks: Front hipbone corners (officially called the
anterior superior spine of the ilium, those sharp points you feel
on the fronts of your hip bone, ); the naval (aka belly button);             Large
the rib arch (the costal arch that natural parabolic curve that            Intestines                                                    hand
follows the lower part of your rib cage).
The esophagus is about 7-10 inches long, and runs straight
down the middle of your chest. It connects your mouth to your             Right
stomach.                                                                  hand
The stomach usually sits just under the rib cage, slightly to your
left, under your heart. As the stomach fills up, it can sink a bit

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                                                                          Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.             1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

and can then be felt below the bottom-most                                                          cage, and then turns down the left side. At about
rib. Go ahead and place your hand there and                                                         the front edge of your left hip bone, it heads towards
visualize the stomach under the middle-left                                                         the back part of the torso, deep next to the spine,
side of your rib cage.                                                                              and then out to the anus. Read this part again, and
                                                                                                    this time follow your large intestines around your
The small intestines lies in the central area                                                       torso with your hand. As you’re looking down at
of your torso, around the vicinity of your                                                          your torso, the large intestines travels in a clockwise
belly button. It’s about 20 feet long, and one                                                      direction.
inch in diameter. The start of it is attached
to the bottom of the stomach. From there, it                                                        That’s it. You now know the basic location of the
snakes around the belly area in no particular                                                       three most important parts of your digestive tract:
pattern. It does, however, always end up in                                                     •   1. Stomach— mainly under your left-center rib cage, but
the lower right corner, around the front edge                                                       peaking out a bit as it gets full.
of right hip bone (the sharp corner of bone                                                     •   2. Small Intestines— dead center, around the area of
you feel). There, it connects to the start of                                                       your belly button
                                                  Common Large                                  •   3. Large Intestines— like a border, it goes up your right
the large intestines.
                                                 Intestine Position                                 side, across the bottom of the ribs, and down your left
NOTE: In Nina’s draw-                                                                               side.
ings, she has shortened                                                                                               •
the small intestines for
the purpose of clarity.                                                                                               • Distortions
Just know that in your                                                                                                    Internal organs can become
body, the full 20 feet                                                                                                    distorted and distended, moving
length of small intestines                                                                                                from the more standard loca-
actually makes for a very                                                                                                 tion seen in classic anatomical
packed space there sur-                                                                                                   pictures. Some times people are
rounding your navel.                                                                                                      born with these altered positions,
                                             Distended                                                                    but more often they are the result
The large intestines is
                                      Position Examples                                                                   of lifestyle and dietary choices.
about five or six feet long,
and two inches in diameter. It starts near that right hip bone,                                                           For instance, X-rays have shown
then goes up your right side, across the area just below your rib                                                         sections of the large intestines
                                                                                                                          to sag far off there normal
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                                                                            Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.               1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

course, as shown in the two bottom images here. The
stomach and kidneys can drop six or even 12 inches,
pulling down on the surrounding tissue and organs.
The liver can be twice or more its normal size. This
is simply worth noting, especially as you start to                                                                         Liver
palpate for organ placement and learn some of the
massage techniques.

How It All Works
Mouth to Stomach:
You swallow food. It travels down the esophagus and
lands in the stomach, a tough muscular, mucus-layered sac
that is the only place in your body that can withstand the acids
that are secreted there. Those acids are so powerful that if they
were to end up anywhere else, they’d burn tissue (if you’ve ever
burped some up, and felt the effects on your throat, you know
how powerful it is). In the stomach, food is broken down into
a liquid called chyme (pronounced “kime” and rhymes with
time). At the bottom of the stomach is a special
valve that keeps everything in the stomach until        Duodenum
it’s been turned into chyme; once that valve opens
up, it allows a spurt of chyme to go into the start of the small
intestines, and then the valve closes again.                 Common Bile
First part of the small intestines:
The 20-foot long 1-inch diameter small intestines is where
things get interesting; it is one of the more fascinating places in
our body. Writers have called it the “inner garden” because it

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                                                                             Advanced Cleansing Series
       Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.              1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

has similar characteristics to a compost pile in the way it breaks                      sorbable through the lower parts of the small intestines. Fats are
things down into its smallest microscopic components, sort of                           where some vitamins come from (A, D, E, and K). Unabsorbed
the body’s version of dirt (note the analogy: dirt is the source of                     fats can coat other foods and prevent digestion and absorption,
all plant life). As soon as new food enters the small intestines,                       so adequate bile is not only critical for the entire digestive pro-
dozens, perhaps hundreds, of things occur, but let’s focus on the                       cess, it is needed to prevent decomposition of partially digested
ones important for understanding cleansing.                                             foods by intestinal bacteria. A side note, which will become
                                                                                        more important in the liver flush: if the flow of bile is impeded
1. The first 12” inches of the small intestines is called the duode-                    by inflammation, gall stones, or other blockages, bile can start
num (pronounced either                                                                  backing up, and bile poisoning—also known as jaundice or
(DOO’ oh deenum or doo OD ahnum). The walls of this                                     some milder, unrecognized version of it—can result.
one-foot long duodenum section release hormones. Which
hormones? It depends on the contents of the chyme.                                                   3. The tube that connects the liver and gall bladder to
Pay attention here: other words, what we eat plays a                                                 this first section of the small intestines is also shared
role on what hormones get activated and placed into                                                  by the organ called the pancreas (pan’-kree-as). The
our body.                                                                                            pancreas pours digestive enzymes into the small
                                                                                                     intestines from this tube (at the rate of 1.5 to 2 quarts
2. The liver and gallbladder have a tube—called                                                      per day). These enzymes are very susceptible to acid;
logically the Common Bile Duct—that connects                                                         if the chyme is too acidic, or there isn’t enough bile
into that first section of small intestines, where they                                              to neutralize the acid, then these pancreatic enzymes
release a green substance called bile (rhymes with                                                   don’t survive, and digestion and absorption suffers.
file). In the lower picture to the right, the liver has
been lifted up, so that you can see:                                                                 4. Small Intestines: The inner wall of the entire
   •    the gallbladder (green organ)                                                                small intestines is very wavy, lined with millions of
   •    the duodenum (that C-shaped part of the small                                                1/4-inch hairs called villi. Each hair has even tinier
        intestines)                                                                                  mico-villi, adding even more surface area for absorp-
   •    pancreas (yellow banana-shaped organ)                                                        tion of the extremely broken down food as it moves
                                                                                                     past. Gray’s Anatomy says that if you were to stretch
Bile is an extremely alkaline, bitter, salty substance                                               out the entire surface of this 20-foot, 1-inch wide
that quickly neutralizes the still-acidy chyme—criti-                                                small intestines, it would cover the surface of a tennis
cal because, again, the only area in our body that                                                   court. If this tennis court is covered with mucus and
withstand strong acid is the stomach. Bile also starts                                               waste that never moves, then those hairs can’t absorb
mixing with fats, which then makes fat and oil ab-                                                   what is passing by them. You can put in the finest
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                                                                           Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.              1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

organic produce, and expensive supplements. If those hairs are                        foods with a greasy covering. We end up with bad absorption,
covered, those nutrients pass right through.                                          undigested food, and bad internal chemistry.
The small intestines is where over 95% of all friendly bacteria                       This is why “disease” cannot be seen as an isolated, specific
live. There are over 100 estimated varieties of microflora or bac-                    organ problem. It works better to view it as an ecology problem.
teria in a healthy gut, all designed to promote nutrient produc-
tion and assimilation, maintain a pH (acid-alkaline) balance,
and to prevent proliferation of harmful bacteria.
Probably the most fascinating part of the small intestines is
its connection—directly—to blood. Tens of thousands of tiny
blood vessels connect with its outer layers, where the transfusion
of nutrients from the chyme get transferred to the blood. This is
why fats, minerals, enzymes, and vitamins pulled and manufac-
tured from the chyme get placed into our blood stream, which
then travels to every part of the every cell of the body.
Once chyme reaches the end of the small intestines, there is
another tight muscle valve that controls the opening into the
large intestines—again, located just inside of the area of your
right hip bone. The main function of the large intestines is to
reabsorb water and minerals.
As you start to see, each of these steps is dependent on the other
steps. If one of them can’t do its job, then other parts don’t work.
Food is not broken down into small enough compounds, and
therefore gets pushed down the digestive tract in a form that the
body can’t really use. It can’t get at the vitamins, or the miner-
als; the fats aren’t broken down, so they end up coating other

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                                                                                Advanced Cleansing Series
      Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.                  1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

The Very Basics: How to Just Get Started
                                                                                           Part One:
It is suggested that you read this e-book from beginning to end. But
for those who want to just get started on a colon cleanse, flip to this                    Nutritional Cleansing

                                                                                           Along with the changes in diet outlined in Cellular Cleansing
                                                                                           Made Easy 28-day program, there are some supplements to
                                                                                           take during a colon cleanse. These are designed to help pull out
                                                                                           and absorb toxic material, replenish some key ingredients, and

The Two Parts to                                                                           regenerate the tone and tissue of the intestines.
                                                                                           Anyone who has followed the How Health Works systems of
                                                                                           health knows that I am not a big fan of over-supplementation. It

Colon Cleansing                                                                            is too easy to start taking pills all day and think that is the key
                                                                                           to making you healthier. So every supplement here has a very
                                                                                           specific reason and a long track record for results. Here are the
                                                                                           basic parts you need to get:
There are two distinct parts to advanced colon cleansing:                                  A. Liquid bentonite clay
nutritional help and internal help. They are approached from...
                                                                                           B. Psyllium husk herbal formula
well, from both ends. Let’s explain both parts, and then put it
together into your program in the following section.                                       C. Digestive Enzymes
                                                                                           D. Friendly bacteria
                                                                                           E. Chlorophyll and Mineral superfoods

                                                                                           Check your local health food store, or check out the can get all
                                                                                           of these at your local health food store, or for online access, see
                                                                                           the Supplies and Sources section for the least expensive sources
                                                                                           I’ve found.
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                                                                          Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.             1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

Let’s understand how each one works and why they help.                               toxins.
                                                                                     This dietary clay comes in a few names: Pascalite, bentonite,
A. Liquid bentonite clay                                                             Terramin, Montmorillonite, specifics such as calcium bentonite,
Hydrated liquid bentonite clay is one of the most effective                          even Therapeutic Living Clay. While they probably each have
natural intestinal detoxifiers and has been recognized as such                       slightly different effects on the body, I’ve tried them all and
for centuries by native peoples around the                                           find everyone of them do the basic job of helping detoxify and
world. I read one first books on the diet-                                           strengthen the colon. Use whatever product you can get hold of.
disease/diet-health connection in 1979. It                                           See the Supplies & Sources section for ideas.
was Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,                                             Bentonite works as an absorbent. It pulls material with it as
by Dr. Weston A. Price. In his world travels                                         it travels from mouth to end. While some users believe that
throughout the 1920s and 30s, he describes                                           clay’s inherent negative charge is responsible for its detoxifying
how he saw indigenous people often us-
                                                                                     properties, helping to pull heavy metals, pesticides, and so forth
ing clay internally to prevent digestive          Weston A. Price                    from the colon, I’ve yet to find anything that proves this. Clay
problems. He saw it in use as far ranging as the Andes, Central
                                                                                     could very well have no chemical effect with the body, simply
Africa and Australia. The Aborigines actually traveled with it in
                                                                                     a physical one. As with all natural remedies, it doesn’t really
their knapsacks, and told Price that was used to prevent a “sick
                                                                                     matter how it works. It just does, and history and many cultures
                                                                                     have proven this.
The Max Gerson Institute, a long time
                                                                                     While dry bentonite can be purchased, it’s not recommend, be-
proponent of internal cleansing, still recom-
                                                                                     cause it is a mess to use, and difficult to swallow without chok-
mends clay to help detoxify the body.
                                                                                     ing. Instead, purchase your bentonite clay from a manufacturer
Liquid bentonite clay is made up of water                                            that has combined it with purified water.
and bentonite clay. Bentonite is the name
given to a dietary clay discovered around                                            The taste in its liquid form is actually not unpleasant, and can be
1880-1890 in the Wyoming Montana area.                                               made in a formula of 1 teaspoon in about 8 ounces of water. As
Created from volcanic ash, it becomes very                                           your cleanse progresses, you can add more, up to a tablespoon,
                                                    Max Gerson
slippery (almost gel-like) when mixed with                                           and be used 2 or 3 times each day. But as with all formulas, start
water. It’s widely used in the cosmetic industry for skin masks,                     slow.
but it was the cleansing practitioners who discovered early                          Because of its highly absorbent quality, let bentonite go through
on that it had an extremely high ability to absorb and pull out                      the body on its own, or mixed with the psyllium “B&P Shake”
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                                                                                Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.                   1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

(described below). Other nutritional supplements can then be                               clay, psyllium has a great ability to pull out and bind with mate-
taken about 60 minutes or more afterwards. This insures that                               rial with it as it bulks its way through your colon.
your herbs or probiotics, etc. can be absorbed by the body, not
                                                                                           There are many other forms of water-soluble fibers such as oat
the bentonite.
                                                                                           bran, apple pectin, and guar gum. Virtually any whole grain
                                                                                           does a mini-cleanse on its way through the colon. And if you
    Note: every nutritional clay I’ve seen contains some amount
                                                                                           find the psyllium formulas to be too irritating to your colon,
    of Hydrous Aluminum Silicate. Since the absorption of alumi-
                                                                                           feel free to use another source. But for most people, a simple,
    num is a concern these days, you will hear of some people’s
                                                                                           inexpensive psyllium-based formula will work just fine.
    concern in using earth clay. I spoke with the manufacturers
    of two of the largest providers of bentonite. Both said that
    aluminum in silicate format is a very complex structure,                               The B & P Shake
    quite different from the aluminum in cooking pans, and                                 The best way to take psyllium and bentonite is together, in a
    not absorbable, or leachable, by the body. It would require                            “shake.” Get a mason jar with a tight cap (or any other tight
    temperatures exceeding 1700º F to extract the aluminum                                 container), mix 1-3 teaspoons of psyllium and 1-3 teaspoons of
    from bentonite clay. One of the strongest (and smartest)
                                                                                           bentonite clay with 10-12 ounces of cool water or very diluted
    proponents of dietary clay, Dr. Richard Anderson, has publicly
                                                                                           citrus/fruit juice. Actually, I prefer pretty cold water, to prevent
    stated that he thinks he could be the world’s largest ben-
                                                                                           it from gelling too quickly. Shake vigorously. Drink immediately.
    tonite consumer, yet hair analysis has shown no aluminum
    in his body. Once again, I think empirical evidence of past
                                                                                           Note the accent on immediate! Psyllium’s gelling properties
    cultures is the best science we have as a guide to health. If
                                                                                           act quickly, and if you don’t use cool enough water, or let it sit
    it’s worked all these centuries, it can work for us.                                   more than about 10 seconds, it will gel so quickly that you won’t
                                                                                           enjoy drinking it. NOTE: there is no need to “add more for more
                                                                                           results.” It’s better to keep the mix fairly diluted and drink more
B. Psyllium husk herbal formula                                                            than one shake per day, than to try and down a lot of psyllium
Psyllium is the name given to a large spectrum of plants that                              or bentonite at one time.
have water-soluble seeds that swell and gel when eaten. This pli-
able yet bulky gel stimulates the muscles in the digestive system,                         C. Enzymes
absorbs water and toxins, gently scrubs the sides of the intestinal
walls as it passes through the body, as well as triggering the de-                         If you’ve read the book, Cellular Cleansing Made Easy, and
sire to defecate. Since these plants grow in many places, psyllium                         listened to the 3-CD audiobook, Real Food, Real Health, you are
                                                                                           very familiar with enzymes, so I’m not going to go into great
has been used as an inexpensive method for helping digestion in
                                                                                           detail here. Enzymes are the almost invisible components of all
Russia, Europe, India, and other countries. Along with bentonite
                                                                                                                                                  of 26
                                                                           Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.              1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

living things that act as a catalyst. They are found in anything                      body’s ability to manufacture B vitamins, balance cholesterol
that is alive, from microbes to grass to the muscles of your heart                    levels, and recycle estrogen (thus reducing the likelihood of
to every food we eat. They help break down fat, carbohydrates,                        menopausal symptoms). They actively produce antibacterial
and proteins into their basic building blocks. Interestingly, no                      substances which kill disease-causing bacteria. They’ve also been
one has yet to actually see an enzyme (even with the most pow-                        shown to play a role in controlling the herpes virus.
erful microscope). We only know they’re present (or not present
                                                                                      During this colon cleanse, increase the ways you have been
and deactivated) by their action or lack of action. Yet it’s known                    re-bacterializing your body. Try to find cultured foods, such as
that there are tens of thousands of different kinds of enzymes,                       non-pasteurized kimchi, or sauerkraut, as well as encapsulated
present in everything that lives, from trees, to soil, to microbes,                   varieties from your health food store, or the Supplies & Sources
muscles, and our digestive tract.                                                     section at the end of this e-book.
We need enzymes to digest. All foods carry with them their own
internal set of enzymes. The problem is that processing kills                         E. High Chlorophyll and Mineral foods
food enzymes; so does heat over about 115 degrees or so. During
                                                                                      Chlorophyll is a well known blood purifier. During the cleanse,
a colon cleanse, we want to dose the body with a high level of
                                                                                      eat leafy greens daily. I also suggest getting some form of en-
enzymes, both encapsulated pills as well as our food. Enzymes
                                                                                      capsulated green foods, such as wild blue green algae, spirulina,
can help tremendously with cleansing, and have shown to be
                                                                                      Chlorella, wheatgrass, and barley green.
helpful with allergies, hardening in the body, diabetes, high
blood pressure and cholesterol.                                                       I don’t think there is a better all around superfood to use daily
                                                                                      than wild blue green algae (Aphanizomenon flos-aqua). It is one
D. Friendly bacteria                                                                  of the highest natural sources of chlorophyll as well as a wide
                                                                                      spectrum of trace minerals.
Friendly bacteria (aka probiotics or friendly flora) are talked
about at length in Cellular Cleansing Made Easy, and the second
CD Real Food, Real Health, so you already know the importance
of these health enhancers. Essentially, we are not sterile environ-
ments, and friendly bacteria are the interface we have between
life outside, and life inside. They are the key to conditions such
as digestive disorders, allergies, skin problems, and many, many
other symptoms. Particularly, they are critical to getting rid of
candida, and other yeast and fungus problems. They aid in the
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                                                                           Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.              1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

Part Two:                                                                             main governing body is IACT, the International Association for
                                                                                      Colon Hydrotherapy. To
Internal water therapy                                                                find a certified therapist in
                                                                                      your country, click here.
                                                                                      A colonic is the name of
                                                                                      the procedure. It takes
Colonics and Colemas: Internal Water Therapy                                          about 45 to 55 minutes. A
                                                                                      tube about 3/4 inch in di-
Colon hydrotherapy involves the gentle introduction of a few                          ameter is inserted into the
gallons of purified water—sometimes infused with minerals or                          rectum to a depth of about
chlorophyll—into the colon using a small tube that is placed a                        two inches. This is for
few inches into the rectum.                                                           outflow. Within this tube is a 1/8 inch tube of water for inflow.
                                                                                      You change into a gown and lie onto a padded table. The thera-
This internal water therapy has a history that goes back at least                     pist inserts the tube, and starts the warm water flow. She can
a few hundred years. Hippocrates mentions a type of enema in                          also massage your abdomen to help move things along. Because
his writing. Lewis and Clark’s physician, before their long voyage                    of the natural separation between the large intestines and the
across America in 1803, gave the men instructions on the use of                       small intestines by the ileocecal valve, the colonic water only fills
internal water therapy for reversing the onset of fever and illness.                  up the six feet of large intestines. When the need to evacuate is
As late as the 1930s, US hospitals used colon irrigation machines                     felt, the inflowing water is paused, and all evacuation takes place
as part of their standard practice.                                                   through the existing tube, all while you are still lying down.
                                                                                      There is no smell, no mess, and the process is actually quiet
Colon hydrotherapy can be done through two ways: by going to
                                                                                      relaxing. Throughout the session, there will be a few water fills
a professional colon hydrotherapist, or self-administered, using a
                                                                                      and evacuations, each helped along with some gentle abdominal
device called a colema board. Let’s look at both.
                                                                                      massage. When the session is done, the tube is removed, you get
                                                                                      up and go the toilet for any last evacuation, and the session is
Colonic                                                                               All of this sounds odd only to those that have never experienced
                                                                                      it. Whenever I travel and speak, I regularly ask the audience who
A colon hydrotherapist is someone that has gone through one of
                                                                                      has gotten a series of colonics. Usually about 20% of the room
the accredited schools throughout the world. Here in the US, the
                                                                                      raises their hand. When I ask them how the experience was,
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                                                                         Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.            1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

invariably people sing its praises.                                                 Imperceptibly, the water starts to fill up your large intestines,
                                                                                    just as with a colonic. At some point, you will feel the urge to
                                                                                    evacuate. No need to remove the speculum; it is small enough
Colema                                                                              so that everything happens while you are still lying down. You
The second method for internal water therapy is the home ver-                       repeat this process a few times until the five gallons of warm
sion. This is done with the help of a colema board.                                 water is complete. Between rounds, it’s nice to read, or listen to
                                                                                    relaxing music, or massage your belly to help release and remove
A colema board is a brilliant device for home colonics first                        old matter. Once the water is finished, you can sit up. I like to
designed about 20 years ago by a company called California                          walk straight into the shower, with the colema board to clean up.
Colema. It is shown in the diagram
below. At about $180, I consider it                                                 With both the colonic and the colema board, you can add
to be an excellent investment (that’s                                               things to the water, such as dissolved blue green algae, liquid
about the cost of three professional                                                chlorophyll, enzymes, bentonite clay, or probiotics. I also make
hydrotherapy sessions). The design                                                  sure I’m really going to be comfortable for about an hour. Books,
is ingenious. It’s made of one piece of                                             lighting, a sheet for warmth. I am so comfortable during the
lightweight plastic, has a handle, and                                              process that I often fall asleep.
can be stored upright in a closet.                                                  Added Herbal Helpers
The system works by gravity. You                                                    Another advantage to home water hydrotherapy is the ease with
fill a five gallon bucket with warm                                                 which you can add powerful detoxifying agents and herbal toni-
water, and place it up on the back                                                  fiers to your water. Here are some ideas:
of the toilet, or some other high location. The included silicone
hose goes from the bucket down through a hole in the end of the                     Garlic helps kill parasites, harmful bacteria, and cleanses mu-
round circular end (the left side in the image) and is attached                     cous congestion. Blend 6 garlic cloves in 2 cups water and strain
to a small pencil-size speculum. You then place a towel or two                      into the full 5 gallons of water. Don’t overdo this one, or it will
down for a back cushion, a few pillows for your head, and lay                       create too strong a burning sensation.
down on the colema board. You “plug in” to the speculum, so                         Blue Green Algae, spirulina, or other dried green superfoods
that it rests about two inches into your rectum, and then posi-                     helps detoxify both blood and bowels. Use a tablespoon or two
tion yourself so that your butt rests on the large round opening.                   in the 5 gallons.
Relax for a few minutes, and then you reach up and release
the water stop on the tube, which starts the gravity-fed water.                     Aloe vera heals tissues in cases of hemorrhoids, irritable bowel

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                                                                          Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.             1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

and diverticulitis. Use the juice that can be found in the health                    colemas and colonics, I received an email from a How Health
food store, or fresh leaf, if you can get it.                                        Works member, saying, “I believe that doctors with the title MD
                                                                                     are the highest source of knowledge, and I’ve read that no doctor
Wheatgrass juice. Fresh. You can’t overdo this one. Use towards                      believes in colonics.”
the end, and hold it in for a few minutes, to let the large intes-
tines absorb as much as possible.                                                    So just in case you are hesitant to try out colonics because it is
                                                                                     something no medical doctor would ever recommend, I leave
Acidophilus relieves gas, yeast infections and candidiasis. Mix                      this section with the following quotes:
4oz. powder in 1 qt. water.
Coffee enemas detoxify the liver, stimulating both liver and
                                                                                          “Through my 25 years in medical practice and health care…I have
gallbladder to remove toxins, open bile ducts, increase peristaltic
                                                                                       come to believe that the cleansing/detoxification process is the missing link
action, and produce enzyme activity for healthy red blood                              in Western nutrition and one of the keys to real healing. I have seen hun-
cell formation and oxygen uptake. Use 1 cup of regular strong                          dreds of patients over the years transform regular or persistent illness into
brewed coffee to 1 qt. water. Often effective for migraine head-                       health and greatly improved vitality.”
aches.                                                                                                                                           Dr. Elson M. Haas, MD
                                                                                                                                Director of the Medical Center of Marin

                                                                                           “Colon hydrotherapy is excellent as a treatment for yeast syndrome.
Skipping the Internal Water Therapy?                                                   I have trained and certified colon hydrotherapists working as part of my
If you, the reader, are like many people that I’ve met over the                                                                                  Dr. Sharda Sharma, MD,
years, there is a high chance that as much as understand the                                                                                   primary care physician for
                                                                                                                                           27 years, Milburn, New Jersey,
necessity of a clean colon, and even cleansing, you would like to
skip the whole second part of colon cleansing, this internal water
                                                                                         “I’ve had a colon hydrotherapy device in my office for twenty-five years.
                                                                                       How the equipment works so effectively is nothing short of astounding.”
Plenty of results can be had by simply doing the nutrition part of                                                                 Dr. Michael Gerber, MD, Reno, Nevada
this program. Don’t be put off of colon cleansing if you can’t see
yourself getting a colonic.                                                                “One of my more significant cases was Tommy, an eight-year-old boy
                                                                                       with the most awful constipation anyone could imagine. I improved the
However, as I was writing this today, trying to come up with                           child’s diet and removed all junk foods, and balanced his colonic flora. But
ways of encouraging people experience the health benefits of
                                                                                                                                                        of 26
                                                                                       Advanced Cleansing Series
    Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.                           1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

most vital for Tommy’s welfare is that he took colon hydrotherapy under
my prescription. The beneficial effect was dramatic, for within six months
he was experiencing a natural and normal bowel movement every day. It’s
been two years that Tommy remains in excellent physical condition.
   “There is no question about the huge difference a health professional
can bring to the patient by utilizing colon hydrotherapy.”
                                                          Dr. Paul Flashner, MD,
                                               Former general surgeion, Wellesley,

    “I am very well acquainted with the colon’s functions and my true belief
is that colon hydrotherapy is the perfect cleansing medium. Without any
reservation, I declare that my wish is to see it become an established pro-
cedure for many kinds of gastrointestinal problems.”
                                    Dr. Leonard Smith, MD, of Gainsville, Florida
                                    25 years as a board certified in general surgery

    “I believe that the colon is one of the most neglected areas by the medi-
cal establishment. It is my own personal and professional opinion that colon
hydrotherapy is one of the most valuable treatment modalities offered at
our clinic.”
                                                       Dr. Donald J. Mantell, M.D.

    “I have found that arthritis patients may be helped tremendously with a
series of colon treatments.”
                                                           Donald J Mantell, M.D.

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                                                                   Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.      1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

The Very Basics: How to Just Get Started                                      Now that you know the why of colon cleansing, the two parts to
T his is the low down on what to actually do.                                 colon cleansing, and the particular herbs and supplements and
                                                                              how they work, you will find the following how-to steps very
                                                                              easy and flexible.
                                                                              Remember, though: the object here is to get results. That’s why a
                                                                              colon cleanse works many times better when you’ve straightened
                                                                              out your general diet as outlined in the HHW 28-Day Initial
                                                                              Regeneration Program (done with the book, Cellular Cleansing

The Colon Cleanse                                                             Made Easy, and the 3-CD audiobook, Real Food, Real Health:
                                                                              How to eat our way back to a health nation). This sets up the
                                                                              basic habits of good nutrition, and let’s the body do a general

Protocol                                                                      internal cleanse. To review this program, click here.

                                                                              #1: Commit to a Time Frame
                                                                              Step one is to commit to a number of days when you will do
                                                                              your colon cleansing program. As you’ll see, it can be three days,
                                                                              or five days, or two weeks, or even a month. It all depends on the
                                                                              level of your health and the goals you need to reach.

                                                                              #2: Set up water hydrotherapy sessions
                                                                              Step two is to schedule in your water hydrotherapy sessions. If
                                                                              you’re using a professional colon hydrotherapist, schedule at
                                                                              least two sessions, based on their recommended time interval.
                                                                              This will probably be three to seven days apart. If you have pur-

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                                                                          Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.             1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

chased a colema board, mark in your own schedule when you                            Ginger is the subject of over 350 scientific papers. Over 400
will do them. Evenings are often best, but choose the time slots                     compounds have been found in it, many focusing on its ability
that work for you.                                                                   to lessen arthritic pain and joint stiffness. Andrew Weil notes
                                                                                     that ginger helps digest proteins, is effective for motion sickness
Three to six sessions are a good number. You can do them over                        and nausea, strengthens the mucosal lining of the colon, has
one week, or spaced out over a month.                                                anti-cancer properties, and can help prevent ulcers and internal
                                                                                     parasites (no wonder that so many warm, third world countries
                                                                                     use it in their daily cooking). Absolutely a must have during this
                                                                                     and any cleansing protocol.
#3: Schedule your Supplements
                                                                                     During the evenings, make a simple but delicious ginger tea, in
                                                                                     place of dessert. Grate a few tablespoons of fresh ginger root.
Each day, during your Colon Cleansing program, use the follow-                       Poor hot water over it. Steep for a few minutes. Add a bit of
ing as a nutritional guideline:                                                      maple syrup. Mmm. Notice, too, how it really does aid in your
A. P&B Shake:                                                                        dinner’s digestion.
Once or twice a day, mix up a bentonite clay and psyllium husk                       For the times you don’t have fresh ginger on hand, or for travel-
shake. As described earlier, use cool or cold water in order to                      ing, I carry a liquid ginger extract.
avoid it getting too thick before drinking it. If you do it only
once per day, try it after your last meal. Start with a thin mix-
ture, and keep it palatable.
B. The 3 Rs:                                                                         Supplies & Sources
Two or Three times each day, gulp down a few enzymes, friendly
bacteria, and algae or other green food capsules. These will cover                   As anyone HHW member or reader will attest, I’m not a big fan
your “3 Rs”, the ReMineralize, ReBacterialize, ReEnzymize part                       on overdoing supplements. While they can be life saving, they
of your formula.                                                                     can also lead to the disease called Supplement Roller Coasteritis,
                                                                                     where people start relying on capsules and tablets for their
C. Other Supplements and Teas:
                                                                                     health, instead of doing the daily homework of eating right.
Aside from the above, there are a few herbal formulas that are
designed to help repair the digestive tract. Look for ones that                      That said, there are undeniable superfoods that can make a big
use herbs such as milk thistle, pumpkin seed, turmeric, ginger,                      difference in helping heal and helping get rid of symptoms. Get
burdock, fennel, clove, and so forth                                                 what you can locally, or use this list to purchase online. I only
                                                                                                                                             of 26
                                                                          Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.             1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

list the products that I use myself. Again, use the sources you are                  unfortunate crime is that every single one of these symptoms
comfortable with, or use these links:                                                are normally translated in our culture as “Wow, I am getting
                                                                                     sick, I am getting worse, and I need drugs to stop this symptom
Probiotics, Enzymes, and wild Blue Green Algae. Use ID                               from occurring.” The list is long, but here are a few signs to be
number 114 0002 to get wholesale pricing.                                            aware of: Headaches, Colds/Flu symptoms, Fever/ Chills, Joint
Wheatgrass Kits. These folks are the best on the Internet. They                      pains, Coughing, Gas and Bloating, Fatigue, Hives, Increased
sell kits that can easily have you growing your own wheatgrass                       menstruation, Decreased menstruation, Cramps, Rashes, Bad
trays in minutes. Check out their bulk pricing.                                      Breath, Dandruff, Excess ear wax, Excess nose gunk, Excess
                                                                                     throat sludge, Constipation, Diarrhea, Wheezing, Tight/stiff
Foods and herbal supplements. I continually find these resellers                     neck, Acne, Backaches, Itchy skin, Red skin, Sleep interruption,
to be the best prices for items such as Raw Apple Cider vinegar;                     Dizziness, Mood changes, and Irritation.
Raw Coconut oil; colon fiber products, etc.
                                                                                     Instead of memorizing the list, the key is to realize that we ex-
                                                                                     perience these symptoms as a result of our body burning off old,
                                                                                     necrotic, metabolic waste. This is a good thing. The alternative is
                                                                                     to keep that waste in us, in our cells.

Understanding detoxification                                                         2. You’re not sleeping enough, nor drinking enough. Listen:
                                                                                     You are going through a healing. You need more rest than you
                                                                                     normally need. This isn’t the time to be staying out late at night,
There is so much that goes on behind the cellular scene, so                          or even keeping your normal hours. For the first couple weeks of
much more improvement than you cannot visually see. If you’re                        your colon cleanse, plan your days so that you have more down
having a hard time, I am 99% sure that it’s because of the same                      time.
three things I see over and over:
                                                                                     Also, if you’re not drinking at least half your weight in ounces
1. You are feeling the effects of detoxification. Rarely does                        of water, the removal of old sludge and cells will take longer. A
someone escape the effects of old cell burn off during a cleanse.                    cleanse is a time when our lymph system is going full time, do-
You must understand that what your body is going through is                          ing the task of removing old material as new material comes in.
not only normal, but healthy. On the other side of detox is a level                  You need to stay hydrated.
of health you haven’t been at in years. Probably decades.
                                                                                     Imagine a clean flowing stream running through the front yard
There are many, many ways detoxification will show up in and                         of your mountain cabin. One day your neighbors upstream
on your body when metabolic toxins start leaving the cells. The                      decide to do a stream “cleanse,” and starts clearing out all the
                                                                                                                                            of 26
                                                                          Advanced Cleansing Series
     Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.             1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

debris that has gathered over the past year in the stream; sticks,                   About the Author
weeds, backed up leaves, and a few stuck toys from last year’s
party. Within a short period of time, the water running by your                      Ok, read this to yourself in movie-trailer voice: In a world of age-
cabin has become dirty with debris. Such is the nature of cleans-                    less beauty, there was one man who was neither. That has little to
ing. It tends to get worse before it gets better. Increasing the                     do with this e-book, but I feel you are now emotionally prepared
                                                                                     for the About the Author page.
water flow helps this detox process move faster.
                                                                                         Former User of Spam and Velveeta Cheese
All success on this cleanse requires the breaking of old habits,
                                                                                         Scott Ohlgren is a 50-year old enthusiastic student, teacher, and beneficiary
and the old ways of doing things. And most importantly, bring-                           of the natural healing paradigm. Raised in the heart of Wisconsin (“The
ing attention to areas that were heretofore asleep. Any habit is a                       Dairy State”), where Spam and Velveeta cheese were considered part of
place where we are asleep, and this cleanse requires rethinking                          the 4 Food Groups, his introduction to the diet-symptom, diet-health con-
                                                                                         nection came just in time. At the age of 19, tired of acne, a growing sinus
and being aware in the world of food.
                                                                                         problem and four years of tetracycline, a friend shoved a book into his
                                                                                         hands, saying, “Change your diet,
You will notice a cleansing affect, often within the first couple
                                                                                         and those health problems will
weeks. This cleansing can go on for months, as more and more                             go away.” Five weeks later, the
of the trillions of cells get replenished with the newer, cleaner                        symptoms were gone.
fuel you are choosing to feed yourself.                                                  From that point on, period-
                                                                                         ic cellular cleansing has been                                            a
When you put the body through a cleanse, billions of mucus-                              central part of his life and                                              is
rich tissue cells, blood cells, and metabolic waste flood the                            the   major   reason    why    he

avenues of elimination. To avoid feeling slightly toxic and slug-                        hasn’t used a single antibiotic
                                                                                         or prescription drug since 1976.
gish yourself during this period, it helps to increase the 3 R’s:
                                                                                         He has since become an out-
ReMineralize, ReBacterialize, ReEnzymize. Make sure you are
                                                                                         spoken proponent, lecturer, and
using enough of these three key superfoods.                                              author for a drug-free, pain-free,
                                                                                         and disease-free life, using real food nutrition as one’s main medicine

                                                                                         In 1985, Scott studied whole food nutrition at the 9-month Kushi Institute
                                                                                         Graduate Program. He became a certified Rolfing Practitioner (Rolf Institute,
                                                                                         Boulder, Colorado) in 1988. His writings started appearing in the Bay

                                                                                                                                                         of 26
                                                                                     Advanced Cleansing Series
  Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.                           1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

Area Monthly and Cell Tech International, and was interviewed in Success                            made 17 years earlier.
Magazine (July, 1998). He has sold over 90,000 tapes, videos and books                              Scott paraglides, skis, and has been a scuba diver since 1980. He and Gael
on the diet/disease, diet/health connection. His first book, The 3Phase                             live in Boulder, Colorado with cat Lila, Bo the dog, and an outside sauna
Manual sold over 68,000 copies. He is currently board-certified as a Holistic                       and cold plunge. His next big acquisition will be a goat and a few chickens,
Health Practitioner by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.
Each month, his online 28-day NACHO Cleansing Program takes hundreds                                to mess with the dog’s mind.
of participants through the same process that he learned 25 years ago.

Scott was the keynote speaker at the 2003 annual meeting of the
International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT), held in Snowbird,
Scott’s passion, which is obvious in his videos and live events, is to have
people prove to themselves--to have the physical experience--of this con-
                                                                                                Dr. Dale Mabe, MD, General Family Physician, Asheville, NC
nection between their current symptoms and the food that they have been                         Dr. Nasha Winters, ND Namaste Health Center, Durango, CO
eating for decades. That the role of healer belongs not to those from hos-
pitals or laboratories, but is actually as close to home as hand to mouth.                      Dr. Kristin van Konynenburg, MD, Boulder, CO
To show that our job -- as parents, teachers, and leaders--is to return the
responsibility for our health back to where it has always belonged. He says,                    Russell Mariani, MA, Boston, MA
“Living with a body and mind free of prescription drugs is one of the great
hidden pleasures in our modern world.”

He is currently touring with the latest book, Cellular Cleansing Made Easy:
Learn to Regenerate Your Health Without Giving Up Food, Sex, or Sanity.
View the current schedule at the Live Events button. To bring the HHW lec-
ture to your area, or if you are a health practitioner and want to learn how
to co-teach a talk on cleansing, contact us at sales@howhealthworks.com.

For Fun

In his mid-twenties, shortly after reading Nutrition and Physical Degeneration,
by Dr. Weston Price, Scott took off on a trip around the world that lasted
just short of three years. From 1979–1982, he hitch hiked a few months
through eastern Europe, a year through Africa, sailed for four months on
a 41-foot sloop off the coast of Madagascar, and then six months living in
Australia. He did a similar seven-month voyage again in 1996, this time
with his wife, Gael, going back and visiting many of the friends he had

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                                                                                      Advanced Cleansing Series
    Tools for a pharmaceutical-free life.                          1. Colon cleanse   2. Parasite Cleanse 3. Kidney Cleanse 4. Liver Cleanse

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