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									    Unit Two
   Letters of Job Application
     Content
     Useful   Expressions
   Resume
     Structure
     Writing   Skills
1. Letters of Job Application
   The following points should be stated in a
    letter of job application:

     I. The Opening: Stating your writing purpose
     II. The Body
     III. The Closing: Asking for an interview
 The   Body includes mainly:
    Brief self-introduction
    Competitive advantages

    Reasons for application

    Abilities & attitudes

*Restrict your letter of application within one
1.1 Opening
   Sample sentences:
     My  interest in the position of Masonry Supply
      Manager has prompted me to forward my
      resume for your review and consideration.
     The sales Manager position advertised in the
      Chicago Tribune on October 12 intrigues me.
      I believe you will find me well-qualified.
     I am writing to inquire opportunities for
      computer programmers in your organization.
 My   desire to locate a responsible position in plant
  management has prompted me to forward the
  attached resume for your consideration.
 Your October 30 advertisement in The Jackson
  Review calls for an Administrative Assistant with a
  background rich in a variety of administrative
  skills ,such as mine.
 My interest in joining Any Corporation as a licensed
  electrician had prompted me to forward my resume
  for your review.
 After  my graduation from college this fall, I am
  desirous of securing a position that will offer
  me opportunity in the field.
 For the past four years, while specializing in
  international trade at college, I have had a
  secret ambition to work for your organization.
  I will graduate in July this year.
 I am enclosing my qualifications which prompt
  me to make application now.
 Perhaps there is position in your organization
  for a young, experienced and conscientious
  sales representative, I should like to apply for
1.2 Body
   1.2.1 Brief self-introduction:
    I  am currently a student in Hubei University
      and I have three months to complete before I
     I am to graduate this July from Beijing
      Commercial College, having completed the
      four-year commercial course. During my
      summer vacation I was employed in the
      accounting department of a Chemical
I  am just leaving school; and twenty-two years
  of age. I am anxious to settle down to office
 I was graduated at Beijing University, in July
  2003. I am twenty seven years of age and
 I am thirty-six years of age, and have had ten
  years experience in my present job, which I
  am leaving to better myself.
   1.2.2 Introducing your advantages:
    I  have received a good education and I have
      business knowledge and know the sales
     I am quite sure I will be able to manage the
      department very successfully as I am good
     I have sufficient qualifications to meet your
I have had ten years of experience and am
  familiar with all phases of office routine by
  now. Enclosed you will find a copy of my
  resume and my photo.
 From my unique experience and qualifications,
  you will find that I am the ideal person you
   1.2.3 Stating your reasons for application
    I  am keen on extending my range and looking
      for a more rewarding and challenging post.
     Although my present boss is first-rate, I find
      my chances are too limited.
     I am ambitious, but my present job doesn’t
      offer me the chance to expand.
   1.2.4 Indicating your attitudes:
    I  am energetic, ambitious and like challenging
     I am used to working under pressure and like
      to work for a promising and fair company like
     I am enthusiastic, cooperative and can do
      good team work.
   1.2.5 About salary:
     My  salary requirement is in the …-… range with
      appropriate benefits. I would be willing to relocate for
      the right opportunity.
     The salary expected is … per month, living in the
     I am quite willing to start with a small salary.
     I am willing to serve on trial for some months at a
      small salary.
     I got … per month.
     As much as I should like to join your organization, it
      would not be advisable for me to do so for less
      than … which is my present salary.
1.3 Closing
   Useful expressions:
    I  would appreciate the privilege of an
      interview. I may be reached at the address
      given above, or by telephone at…
     I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to
      further discuss my qualifications and your
      needs. Thank you for your time and
I  have enclosed a resume as well as a brief
  sample of my writing for your review. I look
  forward to meeting with you to discuss further
  how I could contribute to your organization.
 Thank you for your attention to this matter. I
  look forward to speaking with you.
 The enclosed resume describes my
  qualifications for the position advertised. I
  would welcome the opportunity to personally
  discuss my qualifications with you at your
I  would welcome the opportunity for a
  personal interview with you at your
 I would be glad to have a personal interview,
  and can provide references if needed.
 I feel confident that given the opportunity, I
  can make an immediate contribution to Any
  Corporation. I would appreciate the
  opportunity to meet with you to discuss your
  requirements. I will call your office on Friday,
  to schedule an appointment. Thank you for
  your consideration.
 A sample letter:
April 13,2000
P.O. Box 36
  Beijing University
  Beijing,China 10000
Dear Sir/Madam:
  Please consider me for your Sales Management
  Program. My background is one of selling ideas,
  concepts and programs, and of motivating
  myself and others to realize our potential.
Attitudes predict behavior - or so goes the saying in
sales. If this holds true, I am sure to be as successful in
sales management as I am in my college endeavors. My
unceasing optimism, self-determination and ability to set
goals have allowed me to achieve academic and
personal objectives.
Because of my "can do" attitude, sales will provide the
challenge and opportunity to continue my successful
history of setting and achieving goals. Please allow me
the opportunity to elaborate on how my background
predicts sales success. I guarantee you'll be providing
your corporation with an outstanding sales management .
Thank you for your attention.
Deng Yun
2. Resume
   Usually, a resume includes the following parts:
     I. Personal Information
     II. Job Objective
     III. Work Experience
     IV. Professional Skills
     V. Educational Background
     VI. Foreign Language / Computer   Skills
     VII. Awards & Publications
     VIII. Social Activities
     IX. Personality
     X. Reference
   Personal Information
     Name
     Sex
     Nationality
     Date of birth
     Place of birth
     Registered permanent residence
     Marital Status
     Height
     Health
     Contact
   Job Objective
     To  serve as sales promoter in a multinational
      corporation with a view to promotion in position and
      assignment in parent company‘s branch abroad.
     An executive assistant position utilizing interests,
      training and experience in office administration.
     A position in management training programs with the
      eventual goal of participating in the management rank
      of marketing.
 An entry-level position in sales. Eventual goal;
  manager of marketing department.
 A position in Foreign Trade Department, with
  opportunities for advancement to management
  position in the department.
 An administrative secretarial position where
  communication skills and a pleasant attitude toward
  people will be assets.
   Glossary for educational background:
     educational   history 学历
     educational background 教育程度
     curriculum 课程          major 主修 minor 副修
     highlights 课程重点部分
     refresher course 进修课程
     rewards 奖励
     scholarship 奖学金
     excellent League member 优秀团员
     social practice 社会实践
     summer jobs, vacation jobs 假期工作
     academic activities 学术活动
     social activities 社会活动
   Glossary for personality:
     active 主动的,活跃的
     aggressive 有进取心的
     ambitious 有雄心壮志的
     amiable 和蔼可亲的
     analytical 善于分析的
     apprehensive 有理解力的
     aspiring 有志气的,有抱负的
     capable 有能力的,有才能的
     careful 办理仔细的
     candid 正直的
     cooperative 有合作精神的
     creative 富创造力的
 dedicated  有奉献精神的
 dependable 可靠的
 diplomatic 老练的,有策略的
 disciplined 守纪律的
 dutiful 尽职的
 well--educated 受过良好教育的
 efficient 有效率的
 energetic 精力充沛的
 expressivity 善于表达
 faithful 守信的,忠诚的
 frank 直率的,真诚的
 generous  宽宏大量的
 gentle 有礼貌的
 humorous 有幽默
 impartial 公正的
 independent 有主见的
 industrious 勤奋的
 ingenious 有独创性的
 motivated 目的明确的
 logical 条理分明的
 methodical 有方法的
 modest 谦虚的
 objective 客观的
 precise  一丝不苟的
 punctual 严守时刻的
 purposeful意志坚强的
 realistic 实事求是的
 responsible 负责的
 sensible 明白事理的
 sporting 光明正大的
 systematic 有系统的
 sweet-tempered 性情温和的

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