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									From Rags to Riches

  Melon Town Economics Unit
         Carla Bryant

1. Introduction

2. Morphological Synthesis

3. Write Business Proposal

4. Debriefing Session

5. Extended Activity

6. Lesson Assessment Plan
  Activity Format

Title    Group   Teaching
         Size    Model

From     Small   TABA             Continued
Rags     Group   Inductive        on next
To               Thinking         page
       Social Studies Student
       Learning Expectations
• Students will be able to discuss the relationship
  between economic development & the ways
  people satisfy their needs and wants.
• Analyze the roles of choice and opportunity cost
  in decision making (P.D.C. 1.4) (Production,
  distribution & construction)
• Describe the roles that location, supply &
  demand, prices and profits play in determining
  what is produced and distributed in a market
  system (P.D.C. 1.2)
        Gifted and Talented Student
        Learning Expectations
•   Problem solving
•   Creativity
•   Oral Communication
•   Critical Thinking
Billionaire Donald Trump
            •   Donald Trump's father started The
                Trump Organization, and was
                moderately successful selling real
                estate, and the son followed in
                those footsteps.
            •   As Trump tells the story, he knew
                he would need access to wealthy
                clients to swing large deals, so the
                young Trump wangled
                membership in an "exclusive" New
                York social club, to make
            •   He made contacts, made deals,
                and kept coming out ahead. As his
                fortune grew, Trump built the
                Grand Hyatt (the biggest hotel
                constructed in New York since the
                1950s), and the Taj Mahal casino,
                and Trump Tower, and Trump
                Plaza, etc.
• Donald Trump has just announced that he
  wants to build a $20,000,000 theme park
  in Hope, AR.
• He wants his theme park to be different
  from any other theme park in the world.
• Think about some of the theme parks that
  you have visited…
• Pair with a partner and talk about some of
  the things that you really liked and some
  things that you really didn’t like.
   Morphological Synthesis

 Purpose        Prompt           Procedures

To Increase     To create a        Brainstorm
                                  attributes of a theme
interesting &   new theme         park
unusual         park that kids     Brainstorm many
connection      everywhere        examples in each
                will love
                                   Close eyes, drop
                                  pencil on a choice in
To Increase                       each category,
                                  connect the random
fluency                           choices with a dotted
                                  line to create a new
                                  theme park
Morphological Synthesis
of a Theme Park
     Writing Activity

           Business Proposal Components

Solution         Benefits   Sample    Credibility
       Writing Prompt
• You are a struggling theme park developer and
  have found out that Donald Trump has decided
  to invest $20,000,000 to build a new theme park
  in Hope, AR.
• He wants the theme park to be unlike any others
  in the world!
• Using the 4 parts of a business proposal plan,
  write a theme park proposal to convince Mr.
  Trump that you are the person that he is looking
  for to design a new and innovative theme park.
      Debriefing Session
• Discuss your business proposal with a
• Critique your plan to decide if you want to
  make any adjustments
• Revise your plan if needed
• Present your proposal the class and make
  final revisions
      Extended Activity
• Students will design and create a
  Business Proposal power point
  presentation to showcase their theme park
      Lesson Assessment
• Student showcase & a student evaluation
  portfolios should include the following
  items from this activity:
  – Written Business Proposal
  – Power-point presentation of Business
    • Both items will be assessed using a rubric

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