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									                                    Business and Financial Services
                                           Fiscal Support Activities
                                                 As of May 16, 2005

#   Type of Activity       Performance              SOLID                          ABOVE                      EXCEPTIONAL
    Transaction          Accuracy,        Takes initative to           Reviews sampling on a bi-         Pro-actively contacts
    Sampling, Auditing   Timeliness,      perform TS monthly;          weekly basis; Anticipates         and communicates
    Functions            Initiative       Requires little or no        transaction recording error and   charging parties for data
                                          review from the              corrects within the same          prior to charge on
                                          Supervisor; Make sure        accounting period                 ledgers to determine
                                          required back-up docs                                          correcting entries prior
                                          are producable. Verify                                         to recording on ledgers
                                          acct codes, indexes                                            and produces time-
                                          correct, that the                                              saving, efficiencies.
1                                         expenses, are correct;
                                          Prepare adjusting
                                          entries to correct errors,
                                          clean-up accts,
                                          budgets. Enter
                                          appropriate TS codings,
                                          follow-up actions. Make
                                          comments in modules
                                          as needed.

    Beginning Year       Initiative,      Verify that reallocations    Perform SOLID functions           Assists others in
    Budget Allocations   Timeliness,      from the permanent and       within the August accounting      allocations; Adjusting
                         Accuracy,        curernt year final           period.                           entries require no
                         Planning &       budgets have fed                                               additional adjustments
                         Organization     properly into the July                                         (all correct);
                                          ledger(s) and process
                                          any adjusting entries
                                          (revenue balances, top-
                                          level accts, index) to
                                          corerct items within the
                                          first quarter (Sept
    Preparation of       Accuracy,        Extract EBS data into        In communicating finalization     Recommend
    Financial Reports    Communication,   Excel and present            of financial report(s), provide   appropriate course of
    (EBS Financial       Timeliness       information based on         contacts a summary,               action and provides
    Statement with                        CORE vs SSA formats          highlights of issues, areas of    solutions. Assist
    Projections)                          on a Quarterly basis.        concern.                          managers with
                                          Update projections and                                         implementing solutions.
                                          review estimated year-
                                          end balances for
                                          completion of report via
                                          email to LO, and
                                          appropriate budget

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                                   Business and Financial Services
                                           Fiscal Support Activities
                                                As of May 16, 2005

#   Type of Activity       Performance              SOLID                        ABOVE                     EXCEPTIONAL
    Budgetary Savings    Job Knowledge,   Verify Carry-Forward       Update Monthly Budgetary         Assists/train others in in
    Reporting (Larry)    Accuracy,        Budgetary Savings, Set     Savings Worksheet as             the Budgetary Savings
                         Timeliness       up Budgetary Savings       approved. Monthly Review         process. Exhibits
                                          Worksheet Information,     Budgetary Savings Activity.      superior knowledge and
                                          Enter/Adjust Budgetary     EBS-adjusting entries/Excel      expertise in the
                                          Savings Projections in     Monthly updates.Suggesting       Budgetary Savings
                                          Financials. EBS-           ways to improve accuracy.        process. Updates
                                          adjusting entries/Excel    Send OCBD email update with      Budgetary Savings
                                          Quarterly updates.         BS amounts for monthly draw-     Worksheet as requests
                                          Quarterly update           off. Provides                    are approved, including
                                          Budgetary Savings          recommendations to others.       notice of amounts to
                                          Worksheet. Quarterly                                        draw-off or adjust.
                                          Review Budgetary
                                          Savings Activity.
4                                         Requiring minimal
                                          second party review.
                                          Communicate with
                                          OCBD closed and
                                          inactive budget
                                          balances for AVC draw-
                                          up and verify that
                                          requests have been
                                          received and acted
                                          upon correctly. Provide
                                          requested BS draw-off
                                          figures as needed.

    Permanent Staffing   Timeliness,      Initiates the              Proactively checks the           Staffing lists are
    reconciliation and   Thoroughness     reconcilation process      Permanent Staffing list in       completed on time and
    balancing                             after receiving memo       Financial Link prior to BFS      accurately on a
    (SANDIE)                              from BFS Admin.            sending the reminder memo.       consistent basis with no
                                          Completes the process      Keeps the staffing list up to    errors. Assists/trains
                                          within the deadline.       date and accurate on an          other team members in
5                                         Using Financial Link,      ongoing basis. Completes the     this area if needed. Is
                                          ensures that all salary    reconciling process with no      always willing to help
                                          amounts are accurate       assistance from others.          out.
                                          and the budget amount
                                          matches the total salary
                                          amount. Make all

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                                   Business and Financial Services
                                           Fiscal Support Activities
                                                As of May 16, 2005

#   Type of Activity       Performance              SOLID                           ABOVE                      EXCEPTIONAL
    Project Costing (Lo) Thoroughness,    Working with                 Independently creates and          Participates in the
                         Job Knowledge,   Controller's Office,         proposes cost tracking             compilation and writing
                         Cost-            establish & maintain         process. Initiates cost tracking   of budget requests for
                         Effectiveness    unique index number(s)       and project costing reports.       specific projects.
                                          to track activities. Use     Monitors, audits and reports to    Independently provides
                                          FinLink to create project    project managers, OCBD             what-if scenarios that
                                          reports to link all          monthly status reports.            enables management to
                                          appropriate indexes.         Provides assurance that            better assess possible
                                          Update module as             monies are spent according to      issues. Provides
                                          needed. Conduct              approved budget guidelines-        recommendations for
                                          quarterly reviews of         Audit all activities.. Initiates   adjustments to
                                          EBS/financials to            requests for outstanding           estimated and approved
                                          assure reports include       allocations. Provides              costs/activities/allocatio
                                          all relevant indexes.        management with possible           ns. Conducts clean-up
                                          Verify that budget           issues well in advance of          activities as they occur.
                                          allocations match            occurance. Provides periodic
                                          approved to spend            follow-up of said issues to
                                          amounts. Provide             assure closure, next steps.
                                          quarterly financial/status   Provides speedy, and
                                          reports to designated        thorough/accurate follow-up of
                                          project manager and          queries/information. Conducts
                                          Budget Director which        clean-up activities monthly.
                                          budget costs to total
                                          project cost activities,
                                          as well as estimated
                                          project activity
                                          balances. Use
                                          transacion sampling for
                                          auditing costs. Conduct
                                          clean-up activities
    Projections         Planning,         quarterly and for of
                                          Quarterly review             Projections are accurately         Shares ideas with
    (SANDIE)            Thoroughness,     projected activities.        reported with no assistance        others to help the
                        Job Knowledge,    Completes/adjusts            needed from others. Is able to     process go more
                        Innovation        projections for accounts     independently make decisions,      smoothly. Assists other
                                          within your division         recommendations to                 team members. Is able
                                          either through Financial     management.                        to give yearend
                                          Link or downloading the                                         projections whenever
                                          the finlink financial                                           reequested in a timely
                                          statement to excel.                                             manner due to excellent
                                          This may include the                                            planning and job
                                          zerout out of FL                                                knowledge. Comes up
                                          completed entries. Use                                          with ways to reduce
                                          your knowledge of your                                          expenses/projections.
                                          division, financial link
                                          etc., to determine which
                                          method would be best.
                                          Make notations on any
                                          questionable entries.

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                                  Business and Financial Services
                                           Fiscal Support Activities
                                                As of May 16, 2005

#   Type of Activity      Performance                SOLID                          ABOVE                      EXCEPTIONAL
    Chart of Accounts   Initiative,      Annual review of current       Multi-year review of current     Maintain an up-to-date
    Activity (Lo)       Thoroughness     indexes, account               indexes. Inactivate indexes      list of active and
                                         structure(s).                  that are no longer required.     inactive indexes.
                                         Communicate inactive           Conduct quarterly reviews of     Process inactivations as
                                         indexes to appropriate         approval hierarchies, chart of   soon as project activity
                                         personnel. Review              accts and Financial Link         is closed; Conduct
                                         approval hierarchies,          projects and adjust as needed.   follow-up activities to
                                         approval trails to assure      Assure that requested            assure that index
                                         that they are up-to-date       adjustments to COA are           reports are correct and
                                         and report any                 performed and follow-up as       that reported changes
                                         adjustments to the             necessary.                       have been processed
                                         Controller's Office.                                            on a timely manner.
                                         Notify appropriate DSA
                                         for any changes in
                                         hierarchy status
                                         (employee turn-overs).
    Year-End Activity   Timeliness,      Reviews May operating          Begins review & processing of    Due to quarterly and/or
    (Lo)                Thoroughness,    ledger, Financial Link         closing adjusting entries        continual processing of
                        Planning/Org     on-line reports and            beginning with March             clean-up activities, only
                                         permanent                      financials/open accounting       minimal work required
                                         budget/staffing reports        periods, on-line system          to balance accounts.
                                         prior to June processing       reports. Proactively reviews     Assists others in their
                                         deadlines. Process             open accounting records to       closing activities and
                                         closing adjusting entries      process needed adjustments.      provides guidance as
                                         (lift liens, transfer funds,   Assures that recordings have     needed. Volunteers to
                                         PET, ENPETs) to hit            been accurately posted.          assist OCBD with
                                         final ledgers, reports.        Processes adjustments to hit     various AVC allocations,
                                         Zero out closed                the April and May operating      including budgetary
                                         index/acct activities.         ledgers with the intent of       savings, AVC approved
                                         Move SSA balance               having things recorded in May    one-time, and net-zero
                                         amounts to unallocated         ledgers. Only minimal work to    activities, entries.
                                         accts. Provide OCBD            be performed using May to
                                         year-end balance               June Final recordings.
                                         information for AVC            Provides OCBD with items that
                                         adjustments to be              require OCbd followup and
                                         processed. Provide             allocation. Initiates various
                                         BFS-HR Coordinator             transactions to assist OCBD
                                         with the appropriate           with closing process.
                                         balance to staffing

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                                      Business and Financial Services
                                               Fiscal Support Activities
                                                    As of May 16, 2005

#    Type of Activity        Performance                SOLID                          ABOVE                   EXCEPTIONAL
     Zero-Based            Job Knowledge,     Working in coordination    Independently construct          If you see you can
     Budgeting (Natalia)   Planning,          with management,           needed components of             improve budget
                           Decision-Making,   validate, complete and     budgeting information and        reporting (make it more
                           Cost-              submit permanent           provide documentation in         efficient), or reduce
                           Effectiveness      budget entries into the    support of ZBB calculations.     costs, make changes
                                              ZBB document utilizing     Review your org's PY financial   but make sure to
                                              the ZBB template.          activities to determine trends   consult with your org's
                                              Once approved, assure      and develop financial            management team.
                                              that approved ZBB is       forecasts. Interview the         Monitor closely these
                                              entered appropriately      divisional leaders to assure     activities initially (more
                                              into the September         that budget encompasses all      often then you usually
                                              operating and              required components and          would) to make sure
                                              permanent budgets.         anticipated needs. Proactively   that the changes work
                                              Understand and utilize     monitors activities to assure    you intended them to
                                              appropriate tools,         that budget follows estimates    work. After approval of
                                              reports to compile         and provide management with      management & OCBD,
                                              information. After         status update reports above      independently updates
                                              completing information,    standard qtrly reporting         both the permanent and
                                              verify calculated fields   process. Be able to              opearting budget with
                                              as well as linked data.    substantiate information and     significant modifications
                                              Have back up               respond to any questionable      to original estimates.
                                              documentation available    information. Follows-up with     Assures that information
                                              to validate the numbers    units, contacts to assure data   feeds correctly into
                                              as needed. Update ZBB      is being reflected accurately.   accounting reports.
                                              information as             Significant changes to
                                              requested by OCBD.         business operations affecting
                                                                         budget information should be
                                                                         updated on official ZBB
                                                                         documents and financial
                                                                         records and reported to
                                                                         management and OCBD.

     Special Projects      Accuracy,          Performs special           Designs report formats and       Anticipates next steps
     (Jee, Pattie)         Thoroughness,      projects as requested      presents in logical and          and make suggestions
                           Timeliness,        by the supervisor.         professional manner.             on better ways of
                           Initiative,        Determine what             Requires little or no            completing the
                           Cooperation -      sources, tools will be     supervision/review from the      tasks/projects/assignme
                           Depends on         required to complete the   supervisor. Completes            nts. Researches
                           Project            assignment and make        assignments early and            methods, reviews info,
                                              sure that assignment       accurately.                      and make
                                              deliverables are                                            recommendations on
11                                            understood. Completes                                       improving projects.
                                              assignment within given
                                              time frame with minimal
                                              errors. Communicates
                                              status of assignment(s)
                                              with project updates and
                                              any complications to

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                                      Business and Financial Services
                                              Fiscal Support Activities
                                                   As of May 16, 2005

#    Type of Activity         Performance              SOLID                         ABOVE                     EXCEPTIONAL
     Team Meetings,         Teamwork,        Attend scheduled            Participates in all of the       Volunteer to share
     Activities (Natalia)   Attendance,      meetings; be prepared       discussions of the financial     expertise, tools and
                            Communication,   and on time; notify team    team, shares ideas, concerns     information to assist
                            Cooperation,     members if you will not     and be perceptive of             others in like tasks.
                            Ethics           be in attendance or         recommendations. Participate     Presents information at
                                             running late; be            in developing meeting            meetings. Provides
                                             prepared to discuss         agendas. Volunteers to take      resources or acts as a
                                             topics/agenda items         on assignments.                  resource to other team
                                             and participate                                              members. Follow up on
                                             accordingly--be                                              concerns and issues,
                                             engaged in discussion.                                       suggest the topics for
12                                           If attendance is not                                         discussion for financial
                                             doable, proactively                                          team meetings to
                                             acquires meeting                                             improve the quality of
                                             information,                                                 work
                                             assignments, notes. If
                                             you are unable to attend
                                             a meeting, assures that
                                             any assignments or
                                             responsibilities are
                                             covered by another
                                             team member.

     Clean-up activities    Accuracy,        Conduct a quarterly         Monthly review Financial         Prepares clean-up
     (Natalia)              Thoroughness,    review of org financials,   Reports and Project Activity.    actions within the month
                            Initiative,      reports and make the        Provides Leaders, Budget         of occurance if possible
                            Timeliness       appropriate quarterly       Director with updates on         or as soon as
                                             adjustments to update &     budget status. Making            information is available.
                                             clean-up the ledger to      adjusting entries as required.   Be proactive in notifying
                                             assure compliance.                                           the org's manager and
                                             Takes the initiative to                                      OCBD of any potential
                                             follow up and                                                problems in clean-up
                                             troubleshoot financial                                       activities. Develops and
                                             transactions. Provides                                       implements follow-up
                                             notes and comments as                                        and troubleshooting
                                             appropriate.                                                 procedures.

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                                  Business and Financial Services
                                           Fiscal Support Activities
                                                As of May 16, 2005

#    Type of Activity     Performance               SOLID                         ABOVE                       EXCEPTIONAL
     Self-Supporting    Job Knowledge,    Maintains current and       Uses job knowledge and             Mentors others that
     Activities         Cost              accurate Profit & Loss      decision making abilities to       have Self-Supporting
     (SANDIE)           Effectiveness,    statements at least         determine what expenses can        operations. Is proactive
                        Decision-Making   (Quarterly). Monthly        be elminated to help the           in trouble shooting
                                          records inventory           bottom line. Monthly keeps         possible problems.
                                          values, and accounts        Manager informed on financial      Needs little or no
                                          payable accruals.           status. Determines ways to         assistance from others.
                                          Annually record             increase profit margins and or     Job knowledge is high.
                                          inventory, depreciation,    reduce costs. Assists in
                                          differential income,        developing strategies to
                                          rebates, and                implement various budget
                                          expenditure accruals.       actions to address adhoc
                                          Balances all clearing       issues. Communicates with all
                                          accts (credit cards,        supervisors and manager.
                                          claim accts) and reports
                                          status to General
                                          Accounting contact(s).
                                          Follow the appropriate
                                          sales tax guidelines.

     Training (Larry)   Job Knowledge     Keeps current in the        Takes intiative to use expertise   Serves as an
                        Initiative        field and continues to      in the subject matter to help      instructor/mentor.
                                          gain knowledge by           training others or assist in       Develop and share
15                                        attending Financial         instruction in training            training materials.
                                          Team Meetings, and          meetings.
                                          attendance in related
                                          Staff Ed. Classes.
     Preparation of     Accuracy,         Review, record,             Independently design report        Make
     Annual Report      Timeliness,       summarize and put           format and completes annual        suggestions/recommen
     (Susana) - as      Thoroughness,     together the following      report immediately following       dations on better ways
     required           Job Knowledge     information:                fiscal closing and presents to     of presenting the
                                          Organizational chart,       Manager and VCBA office.           information.
                                          statistic report such as
16                                        classification structure,
                                          list of employees by sub
                                          divisions and funding,
                                          yearend balances or
                                          overview of all
                                          accounts, financial

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                                   Business and Financial Services
                                           Fiscal Support Activities
                                                 As of May 16, 2005

#    Type of Activity       Performance             SOLID                            ABOVE                 EXCEPTIONAL
     Preparation of Non- Accuracy,        Provides annual non-          Independently creates report Participates in related
     Postal budget report Timeliness,     postal budget report to       after the fiscal closing for UC campus-wide projects.
     (Susana)             Thoroughness,   Controller's office for the   System Benchmarking.
                          Job Knowledge   Systemwide Mail               Completes the process with no
                                          Volume Report                 assistance from others. Able
                                          presented to the Senior       to process report in a timely
                                          management Meeting            manner.
                                          yearly. Process
                                          worksheet showing all
                                          non-postal expenses for
                                          all 5 accounts such as
                                          salaries, overtime,
                                          student costs, benefits
                                          and vehicle and garage
                                          expenses. Total
                                          postages for all service
                                          types gets deducted
                                          before mark-ups with
                                          surcharges added to it.
                                          The total non-budget
                                          amount goes into a
                                          systemwide mail volume
                                          report for all UC
                                          campuses showing the
                                          total incoming U.S. mail,
                                          total outgoing U.S. mail,
                                          total internal mail, total
                                          internal bulk, total
                                          F.T.E.'s, total pieces
                                          processed and cost per


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