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					         Welcome to
     The Hospitality College

Admission Representatives Meeting
          July 21, 2009

    •Strengthen understanding
    of the Hospitality College
    academic programs
    •Share program initiatives by
    The College

    Today’s Agenda
    1. General Overview
         • 4 majors for entering students
         • 6 majors for graduating students
    2.   Campus program offerings
    3.   Travel-Tourism & Hospitality Management
    4.   International Hotel & Tourism Management
    5.   Campus updates
    6.   Homework assignment
    7.   Questions and Answers

    Thank You!

    Options for entering The Hospitality College
    – Hotel & Lodging Mgt

    – Restaurant, Food & Beverage Mgt

    – Sports, Entertainment & Event Mgt

    – Travel-Tourism & Hospitality Mgt

    Students graduate from The Hospitality
    College with the following majors
     – Culinary Arts & Food Service Mgt
     – Hotel & Lodging Mgt

     – International Hotel & Tourism Mgt

     – Restaurant, Food & Beverage Mgt

     – Sports, Entertainment & Event Mgt

     – Travel-Tourism & Hospitality Mgt

Programs by campus

    Charlotte does not offer Travel-Tourism & Hospitality Mgt

    Denver doesn not offer International Hotel & Tourism or
       Travel-Tourism & Hospitality Mgt

    N. Miami does not offer International Hotel & Tourism Mgt

    Providence offers all programs

Travel-Tourism & Hospitality Mgt

    Designed to be a more general major
    Offered in N. Miami & Providence
    Distinguishing characteristic is the
     second year externship experience
     offered students

    N. Miami Travel-Tourism & Hospitality
    Mgt 2nd Year Externship Program

    Students are placed into a site after an interview
    Employers used in Spring, 2009
    South African Airways (corporate marketing & communications)
    Spirit Airlines (flight operations)
    Carnival Cruise Lines (pier embark/debark)
    Future Vacations (tour operator - group sales and marketing)
    Cruise Lines International Assoc. (trade show, agent training and marketing)
    Miami World Trade Center (Caribbean marketing & trade shows)
    Museum of Contemporary Art (event planning)
    Miami International Airport (concierge services)
    Diplomat Golf Resort & Spa (front desk)
    Flamingo Educational Tours (plan/escort student groups)

Providence Travel-Tourism & Hospitality Mgt 2nd Year
Externship Program

 1st 8 weeks of the term
 • Students plan the international fam trip
 • Students rotate through several experiences
     – AAA (Auto and Leisure travel)
     – CVB (Sales, Marketing & Communications, Visitor Services)
     – Radisson & J&W Inn (Guest Services)
     – TF Green Airport (Information Desk)
     – Collette Vacations (Marketing, Guest Services, Tour Mgt,
     – RI State House (General and Focused Tours)

     Providence Travel-Tourism & Hospitality Mgt
             2nd Year Externship Program
                 International Fam Trip
 • Students plan and then direct one day of the tour
 • 2008-9 Destinations & Highlights
     – Canadian Rockies – a marketing presentation by
       the Banff/Lake Louise Tourism Office
     – Madrid, Spain – the Flamingo Show
     – Greece – the Acropolis and the Temple of Zeus
       in Athens & a cruise to the islands of Hydra,
       Poros and Aegena

     Providence Travel-Tourism & Hospitality Mgt
             2nd Year Externship Program
                 International Fam Trip
 Comments from one Advisor last year:
      I think the most enlightening thing to me revealed on this trip
     with the students are the great "life Skills" they learned that can
     be used in any a leader, listener, interpersonal
     skills, professional behavior, attention to details, time
     management, looking at the big picture and learning how this
     experience has enhanced their life and the experience will never
     be forgotten. They are involved in making a lifetime memory
     that will add great value to their future resume, probably
     lifetime friends., and skills that will help them personally and
     professional that could only be accomplished on an international
     trip experience. !

      International Hotel & Tourism Mgt

 • Provides special focus on the global business environment
 • Students apply for this degree during their freshmen year
 • Students eligible from all 4 Hospitality College programs
 • Students begin the academic program first term of their
   second year
 • Required 3 terms of a foreign language
 • Required term abroad in Switzerland

                     Campus Updates

     •   Charlotte – Travel-Tourism & Hospitality Mgt?
     •   Denver – Resort & Adventure Tourism Mgt
     •   N Miami – Golf Management
     •   Providence – CA/FSM Online

        Homework Assignment

 • Example of a student project from
   Switzerland – IHTM program
 • Access the Tiefel Chair interviews
 • Denver’s new Resort & Adventure Tourism
   Mgt “concentration”
 • Description of the new online programs
 • Golf Mgt program in N. Miami


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