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Thelonius Monk Video


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									Thelonius Monk: American Composer Colors, Rhythmic Sense unique Monk – a real free, rebellious spirit – played things nobody else played Stuck to his guns doing what he wants to do… Instantly identifiable style Monk was a stride pianist all his life Would write a complicated piece – incorporate stride piano Had a strong influence of James P. Johnson Mother was Jehovah‟s Witness – had a strong relationship to T. Monk Came to NYC at 3 years old Initially played trumpet – took sister‟s place at the piano Strong tradition of lessons, family – values were very important to Monk Doesn‟t play flashy licks, just simple Went away to play for religious revivals – really helped his musicianship Epistrophy – recorded at Minton‟s 1941Chronologically was in the beginning of the modern jazz movement Compared to other bop players – Bud Powell…not on the same wavelength Everybody was trying to play like Bud Powell – tremendous technique Monk brought harmonic and rhythmic displacement to the piano – going over the bar line Called bebop – but everybody had their own individual expression 52nd Street – hippest jazz Monk and Powell busted for heroin – Thelonius took the weight for the Bud Powell bust, Monk lost his cabaret card Did a lot of things unofficially – “terribly racist thing – too many black people were working downtown.” Did a great deal of writing – had a very small cult following – decided to sell an allEllington album Third Riverside Album – Brilliant Corners One of the only jazz musicians with very strong family values – tight-knit family playing cards Nika the Baroness Trinkle, Tinkle – Coltrane, Rollins really practiced Monk tunes Lulu‟s Back in Town – It didn‟t matter what Monk played – it still sounded like Monk – one day at the Vanguard – only played Standards Music reaches inside the spirit – Round Midnight has that kind of „billie holiday‟ quality Would get up and dance in the middle of the piece Monk had tremendous music, but never had the right surroundings Stopped playing all of a sudden, played one time in the 70s – didn‟t come back afterwards Part of the golden era of the music – came to an end… Spot #1 – 14:00 Spot #2 – 23:00 Spot #3 – 28:00

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