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The Americans


									Viva Los Americanos!
Charles     Charles  

12/7/2006 11:48:00 AM

Griffith Impressionistic Augmented Triads Whole Tone Scales Famous Tunes - Night Winds, White Peacock Ives Got used 45 minute piece – Piano Sonata (Concord movements) o Emerson o Hawthorne

o Alcotts o Thoreau  Very into New England Transcendentalism Henry Cowell  Tone Clusters – white and black keys  Played inside of the piano  Examples o The Tides of Manaunaun (refers to the God of motion)  A Version of the Creation Theory In this version, everything was created through the tides of the ocean  Palm clusters (one octave)  Forearm clusters (two octaves)  Playing specific notes on the top of the cluster  Rolled Cluster o Aeolian Harp  Playing inside the piano  Nail plucking – louder sound   Plucking of the notes  Pedal used to connect chords o Banshee  Female ghost – someone’s going to die  One page of music  One page of instructions  Techniques  Circular motion on all of the strings



Scraping strings with your nail  Single Finger  Nail  Three Fingers  Whole Hand Plucking

John Cage  4:33  639 year piece being played in Germany  Prepared Piano Aaron Copland  Sounds like the wild west  Open fifth  Rodeo, Billy the Kid  Passacaglia (ground bass is the theme) Samuel Barber  Nocturne  Excursions into the American idiom o Boogie-Woogie o Blues o Cowboys o Hoedown Sonata – Amazing (famous 20th century fugue) Gershwin 1998 – Del did a sabbatical 1898 – Born Didn’t have a piano as a kid New Yorker Acquired a piano when he was 12 Got the piano for Ira Age 16 – making a living in music as a song plugger Would play newly popular music, learned by doing Started writing popular music – first big hit – 21, Al Jolson Formed a songwriting team with Ira Different as night and day – George was a type A personality – wrote several hits on Broadway

 George           

   

An American in Paris Porgy and Bess – great opera (late in his career) 3 Preludes (only finished 6) Rhapsody in Blue o Age 26 o Paul Whiteman approached him o Part of a competition – for American music o Panelist of judges o Stayed up most of the night o Grofe would orchestrate it for him o Gershwin would cue the orchestra back in

12/7/2006 11:48:00 AM

12/7/2006 11:48:00 AM

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