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									                                                          Presented by:

1st Annual Arts and Heritage Unity Festival – August 28-29, 2010
                  Mill Lake Park, Abbotsford BC

The Abbotsford Arts Council and MSA Museum are proud to present the first annual Arts and
Heritage Unity Festival. This two day arts and heritage celebration will delight all ages with interactive
singing and dancing presentations, local artisan booths, arts classes and arts activities. Guests will
have a chance to learn about early Abbotsford heritage and history through museum displays, tours,
storytelling and demonstrations such as quilt making and Nordic weaving. Follow characters such as
William Shakespeare to a poetry reading or watch Alice in Wonderland lead children to puppet
theatre – all while learning about arts and heritage in a fun inclusive environment.

Please fill out the application below to a part of this wonderful event. We are currently accepting
vendor/participant applications for the following categories.

      Artisans/Artists – (Paintings, Jewelry, Pottery, Ceramics, Handmade Goods, etc)
      Singers/Musicians
      Dancers/Performers
      Actors
      Storytellers
      Heritage Demonstrations
      Arts Demonstrations
      Heritage or Art Display
      Food Vendors

Each vendor space will be $50 for artists and $100 for food vendors. Vendors will need to
supply their own tables, chairs and materials for the event. Singers, performers,
demonstrators and instructors do not pay a fee.

Saturday, August 28th        – 11:00am – 8:00pm
Sunday, August 29th           – 11:00am – 5:00pm

Please submit application by August 3, 2010.
For more information, contact: Meaghan Van Dyk, Abbotsford Arts Council
                              604-852-9358 or
                                VENDOR/PARTICIPANT APPLICATION FORM
                                      (PLEASE INCLUDE THE LIABILITY WAIVER.)

                                                 CONTACT INFORMATION

Contact Name:                                                        Business Name:

Mailing Address___________________________________________________________________________________

City______________________________________Province__________________ PC___________________________

Telephone ______________________E-mail: _____________________________________________________________


Best Way to Send Event Communication: Email                     Phone

Type of Vendor:
Art          Food         Musician/Performer      Heritage Display            Arts Display    Storyteller
Heritage Demonstration           Arts Demonstration           Class Instruction       Other   ________________

List Previous Festival Experience with Dates:



Are you available for both days of the festival?
Yes     No    If No, then list the dates and times you are available below:


Vendors: Describe items for sale or the purpose of your booth. (Artisans: Email 2 photos of
your art to or include an example with your application)


Musicians: Describe your music. Please indicate how many people perform in your group.
Include a CD of your music with your application.


Dancers/Performer/Storyteller: Describe your performance.


Demonstrator: Describe your demonstration and how this relates to our festival. List how
much room you will need for your demonstration. Will this be an interactive or static


Class Instruction: Describe your class idea and how this relates to our festival. List any
supplies you may need as well as the cost of these supplies. List previous teaching
experience and what age groups your class will appeal to:


I understand that The Arts and Unity Festival will go on, rain or shine, and no refunds of any kind will be
available. In addition, I understand I am responsible for all set-up needs and my space will be assigned after
my application is approved. Artisan Space is reserved for showing or for the sale of locally-made, hand-crafted
items. No imports please.
Signed: ________________________________________ Date:________________________________


        As an Arts and Heritage Unity Festival participant, I understand this waiver of
liability must be signed in order to participate in the festival activities sponsored by
Abbotsford Arts Council and MSA Museum.

     I understand in order to participate, I assume all responsibility and risk
associated with all conditions, hazards and potential dangers in, on or about a site,
whether they are open and obvious or concealed.

       I hereby RELEASE, DISCHARGE, AND WAIVE, any claims, actions or suits of
any character, name and description, I may have against Abbotsford Arts Council,
MSA Museum Society, its directors, officers, agents and employees and
owners/lessees of a site, as a result of any injuries, damages or death received or
sustained by me in connection with the services performed on, in or while I am
participating in any Arts and Heritage Unity Festival activities.

       I hereby agree to INDEMNIFY, DEFEND, AND HOLD HARMLESS, Abbotsford
Arts Council, MSA Museum Socitety, its directors, officers, agents and employees and
all owners/lessees of a site from and against any and all liabilities, losses, claims,
expenses (including reasonable attorney fees), damages, obligations, judgments, or
deficiencies of every kind and description, contingent or otherwise, resulting from or
arising out of any of my acts or failure to act in connection with the Arts and Heritage
Unity Festival activities.

Vendor/Participant Applicant Signature

Vendor/Participant Name – Please Print

Name of Business or Organization


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