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									                           Western Section Executive Board Meeting Notes
                                          January 19, 2005
                                   Doubletree Hotel, Sacramento

In attendance:
John Harris, President; Cynthia Perrine, President-elect; Lowell Diller, Past President; Kevin Hunting,
Conservation Affairs; Marti Kie, Section Representative; Mike Chapel; Treasurer, Rhys Evans,
Professional Development co-chair; Don Yasuda, Membership; Rich Burg, Awards Committee; Katie
Moriarty, Secretary; Steve Juarez, San Joaquin Chapter Rep.; Jessica Martini-Lamb, San Francisco
Chapter Rep.; Dave Smith, Hawaii Chapter Rep.; Gary Falxa, Ca North Coast Chapter Rep.; Craig
Bailey, Sac-Shasta Chapter Substitute Rep.; Don Mitchell, Southern California Chapter Rep.; Rob
Fowler, Humboldt State Student Chapter; Cristina Buss, Davis Student Chapter Substitute Rep.

Called to Order 0805 by Perrine.

Introduction – Harris
Motion to approve last meeting’s minutes by Juarez and seconded by Kie. Unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Chapel (See report Attachment1_treas.doc).

We have over $81,000 in bank. Had three reports in the November meeting, the highlights are that we
lost $88,000 last year and this year was on a trajectory for same circumstance. All CDs have been
liquidated. The turn around occurred when the section made $17,000 from July to August. Our total
assets at last calendar year were -$56,137. Chapter loans are at $18,400 and if we had stayed with paid
staff the section would still be in the hole. The section made $31,000 last year (2004). End of report
gave extensive review of section’s finances, discussion on how the section should avoid financial

Falxa: what’s the maximum costs for the conference? Perrine – the max is $62,000 no matter what.
There has been no upfront money on conference. Perrine has spent nothing save registration materials
($8,000) plus intermittent staff ($7,000) so the section needs around $10,000-15,000 in bank for a start
up minimum. Chapel noted that eliminating paid staff will help section’s finances. The section can
always go back to paid staff at a later time, but having people hired on a contract basis to do registration
and other tasks is a better idea at present. It cost approx. $2,500 this year with Candace Renger starting
mid-November for around months. Last year with paid staff the section spent $14,000 on their salaries
alone during the same period.

Smith moved to accept the treasurer’s report; it was seconded by Fowler and unanimously approved.

Kie spoke with the parent society about the section appointing a treasurer. It was made clear that we can
have emergency appointments if necessary under the provision that we can change bylaws within the
year. This would be a voting member position.

Perrine moves to appoint treasurer as a voting member; it was 2nd by Falxa and unanimously approved.
(There were 11 voting members present.)

Budget issues- Harris
What is our membership income, annual conference, and how do we go about making a budget for
operational expenses (board meetings, office supplies, insurance, accounting) and having accounts and

January 2005 TWS-WS Board Meeting Minutes                                                                  1
ways to differentiate these categories? Harris made a draft budget for commentary. The excel sheet
showed income, expense, and net for 2005-06. The brief estimate appears to be coming out at $20,000-
30,000 profit. The board needs to refine figures and redo, so the board should look through it within the
next few weeks to add/subtract categories and prices.

Chapel- Excel is a template of budget, but the format shows the inability to see finances that are coming.
If the numbers showed something close to what we wanted, then we continued with it; however, these
budget projections were off. These excel budgets over estimate income and underestimate profit.
Hidden in complex matrix of information is lack of net worth. The board needs to make a program that
is based on reliable budget; instead, we are building the capacity to miss calculate with the “risky”
professional development programs.

President-elect’s Report – Perrine
Perrine has the conference program; the completion was a joint effort between her and Candice on Jan
5-6 to accommodate late abstracts. For future conferences, late compilation can be done, but it is not

Meeting excessiveness?
Perrine questions the need to have 4 meetings. Perhaps 2 will be sufficient due to high costs. We can
always have discussions with email, pay for subcommittees to meet instead of the large group (may be
important for membership and bylaw committees). Evans states that as a session chair and board
member, it good to see annual meeting place and do a walk around. Diller wants to have a few face-to-
face meetings. He also feels that we need at least one hardcopy newsletter with the meeting, elections,
professional development dates and more. The old budget shows the cost for one hardcopy newsletter at
around $2,000 in 2002, but it jumped from $2,000 to $7,000 in 2003.

Database issues
Previously, there has been a new database created for each conference. Perrine has the database for this
meeting, but the Renger’s are developing a Section Event Database so there would be links and people
would not need to type in all registration information each time. It also pulls the requested information
straight from the web/directory so typing is minimized.

President and voting issues
By the election results (64 people voted) Hunting is the new president elect. However, Smith never got
an email, postcard, or anything to tell him to vote. We need to adjust our system getting information to
the membership.

President’s Report – Harris (See report Attachment2_pres.doc)
Harris put the report with the registration packets with comments on our financial review, staff layoff,
and the annual report. It will be distributed to everyone at the conference this way.

David Burton, who runs the Aspen Delineation, has been assisting with the publication of the
transactions with Brian Cypher and Harris. Burton was present and was given a great “thank you for
your help”. The Aspen symposia was very helpful and the transactions were one positive outcome from
the project. . They will be sending out advertisement for us. Aspen Delineation Board of Directors is
giving Harris, Brian Cypher, and David Germano a Cooperative Endeavor Award. The final product
included eight papers and that is a good deal of work with peer review; Burton highly appreciates all the
work that has been done. It is a model for the cooperative ventures that the section can do.

January 2005 TWS-WS Board Meeting Minutes                                                                  2
Membership is coming through 3 ways: Nationals, through the WS website, and some mail with checks
with the option of signing up for chapter memberships. Harris has been sorting through the lists the last
few months and has photocopies for the chapter representatives. These new people should be added to
your mailing list, but the section has not paid for these people to the chapters quite yet.

Bylaw Committee - Diller, Chapel , Harris, Perrine, Kie
We need to redo the bylaws. Harris wants to consider reinstating treasurer, secretary, and some of the
committee chairs as voting members. The question of whether the secretary and newsletter editor be
board positions should be reviewed. The Financial Review Committee should include treasurer and
should meet more to look through our records, it should not merely be an annual assessment. If we do
not have paid staff, the board should have the authority to hire people at need, but we should not be
locked into an executive director (ED) position. The board should look through to see what should
change so there is a draft bylaw revision later and before the next newsletter. Smith has volunteered the
Hawaii chapter to pay for a bylaw revision. The bylaws need to follow a template, and their lawyer can
look through ours and make advice. There is much room for flexibility, but we need to make our
bylaws functional and in compliance.

We received two loans, from Hawaii and CNCC, for the outstanding hotel bills ($5000 each) have terms
to pay the chapters back by December 2006. By the end of May the section should be in good enough
shape to start paying them back. Southern California has had no terms, but we have not spent their
money. It is to be kept as an emergency cushion. The board needs to talk about what schedule we
would like to pay back loans. Southern California hasn’t mentioned terms, but the section should try to
pay them back as well.

Membership and A/V - Yasuda (See report Attachment3_AnnMembership.doc and
In the past, Barbara Rocco and Danielle were keeping membership up to date. It seems as if some
members have paid several times. The reorganization should have two tables: a membership list and a
transaction table with renewal and how they are renewing. We can have a separation with both, but the
system would need to be on a server so that people can have more access. Ideally, we would want to
have a way to allow the membership limited access so that people could change their contact
information online. We need to get everything in sync but this is difficult because there are so many
venues. Ideally, members should be able to access certain parts of the database, but this leaves the
database open to mischief. We need heavy security otherwise this revision could be a large problem.
We also need to make sure we have a steady flow of dues and a way to get out to the membership. It is
the core of being able to communicate.

Yahoogroups mailing list (1 way communication) sent out 1100 emails but we don’t get the bounces
back from bad email addresses. From this initial invitation only 258 members have signed up. We can
sign up 10/day by manually adding folks, but the section should try to invite more people. Life
members need a money market fund, it’s hard to have life members and say that their money is gone.
Other sections are on the calendar year, but the section is on a separate system, so we need some way to
synchronize membership times.

Smith comments that it is difficult to see who is a member of just The Wildlife Society or section, but
not just their chapter. Smith is interested in getting all the information for the national and WS members
that are not chapter members. At present, the chapter can get information on all the national members
that reside in Hawaii but not the section members as well.

January 2005 TWS-WS Board Meeting Minutes                                                                3
Section Representative Report – Kie (See report Attachment5_SectionRep.doc)
There is a new Wildlife Society brochure, a pamphlet on getting careers in biology. The chapters should
get flyers and display them whenever there is a workshop. Dick Lancia should be attending the
conference. He is the current president of the Wildlife Society; he should be in the planning
meeting/past officers meeting Lancia is here to talk to the general membership and increase contact with
the chapters. Tom Franklin and Harry Hodgdon used to come to section meetings. We’re the only area
that has an active section, the rest of the sections have active chapters. Sandra Staples-Bortner went to
coordinating the annual conference, and it takes up all her time so she can’t come to do outreach. Our
membership is increasing but money decreasing. The Wildlife Society’s membership and money are
decreasing. Please remind all elected officers of chapter boards to be members of the parent society.

Transactions - Harris
The transactions are going to be increased in the number printed, the numbers printed will be beyond our
membership due to the Aspen Symposia and a commitment from the USFS to pay 1/3 of cost along with
additional help from the CA Deer Association. The section will print 1,750 instead of 1,200 but they
will not be done in time for this conference. Because of web access, there is the question of whether we
want the expense of $4,000-5,000 a year to print these.

Professional Development – Evans (See report Attachment6_PDC.rtf)
Dave Juliano has promised to be co-chair of professional development. The Statistics workshop taking
place during the annual meeting had smaller attendance than expected, but the section will break even
on costs. The general plan is to have 3 major and 4 minor workshops each year. The Society of
Wetland Scientists will be coming soon. Registration for the bat workshop begins in July, and we are
still looking for sponsors and exhibitors. There will be certification workshops coming soon, but first
he’d like to talk to each of the chapter representatives. Certification workshops are not a money maker,
but it provides future clientele and is a good service. There will be another Statistical workshop and
HCP workshop in 2005. The Statistical workshop is expensive because it includes lodging (24 people).
There will also be a Bat symposia (150-200 registrants) that focuses on lectures. The bat workshop is
separate from the symposia and it will have a much smaller attendance. There will be a HCP workshop
in Visalia put on by the San Joaquin Chapter. Another coming workshop will feature raptors, Hunting
has been working on this.

For big symposia it takes at least a year to get everything organized. Evans has taken 14-15months in
advanced for the bat symposia and workshop. Evans has been able to pull many workshops together
with good advanced notice; this is key for facilities and insurance.

Conservation Affairs – Hunting (See report Attachment7_CAC.doc)
There has been no new progress on the roads or fire policy, Hunting is hoping to make progress in the
next month or two. He is tracking a few bills and will have everything ready to report at the next
meeting. Hunting will be able to continue on committee for next month or so, and wants to get a fire
policy going.

Awards - Burg
There will be no chapter of the year due to lack of submittals and awkward voting with some chapters
loaning the section money. The Yoakum Award will be given to to Brad Valentine. Dave DeSante will
get Conservationist of the Year. Peter Bloom will be given the Dasmann Award but he may not be

January 2005 TWS-WS Board Meeting Minutes                                                                  4
Harris included that Karen Swain wanted to start Robert Stebbins’ Award for students, $500 in the Fall.
Perhaps it should be due earlier because it is for herpetology research and that season is different than

Chapter Reports

California North Coast – Falxa (See report Attachment8_CNC.doc)
The professional development is in a present lull. Our chapter has put on a lot of workshops that took a
good deal of energy. We need to plan further in the future with a few small things. Spring will bring
amphibian group and forestry related issues coming up for Northern and Central coast. No big issues to

Sac Shasta – Bailey (See report Attachment9_SacShasta.doc)
The chapter is trying to track down officers for 2005. Brett may be a multi-year president, and Bailey is
now living in San Joaquin realm so will no longer be the representative. Beyond elections, not much is

San Francisco Bay Area – Martini-Lamb
There were no elections in the fall, but the chapter may be having a committee meeting tomorrow night.
President elect is currently vacant. As far as activities, the chapter is working on the Western pond turtle
workshop which will be April 16-17 at Sonoma State. There was a discussion on a Raptor workshop
with John Winter and Doug Padley on the list of possible speakers. There may also be a Conservation
Genetics workshop this year as well. On Saturday there will be further discussion on the Bay Area
Directory of Biologists and the question of webspace on the Western Section website.

San Joaquin Valley – Juarez (See report Attachment10_SanJoaquin.doc)
Candidates for 2005 will be announced Thursday during the chapter meeting. The chapter has a balance
of $15,000 and some change. The chapter wants to let the section know that the San Joaquin chapter
will front any workshops in the valley. They are planning on getting agencies for the Mohave Ground
Squirrel workshop. It’s not in the report, but there is a new research grant the chapter gave out to Julie
Vance (the chapter president) and Robb Tibstra. Brian Cypher has resigned for Transactions Editor.

Hawaii - Smith
The chapter has a bank balance of $37,000 and some. The membership is trying to increase so the
chapter can do more without putting strain on the same people. This is an ongoing mission, but there is
no membership chair. The chapter had five meetings last year; they just had their annual meeting with
the new board. There is no newsletter, so there is still poor communication with the membership. The
chapter gave some money to endowment campaign, gave the section money, and fronted a tailgate mixer
for chapter. The Annual workshop featured predator control with a wetland theme and it was very
successful. They are still continuing with the marsh project, past projects, and others that involve fiscal
sponsors. LaHoi is going to $7000 with a corporative agreement solution. They making projects
successful by filtering fed money through them and distributing the funds. Phil Conry dropped off the
board because of a conflict of interest. Grant management and workshops have produced the chapter’s
success. On the other side, communication and social outreach are weak and a few people are upset.
They want a newsletter and other contact. Ron Walker is still the chapter representative.

January 2005 TWS-WS Board Meeting Minutes                                                                   5
Southern California – Mitchell
Mitchell has changed jobs. Evans is most active member in the chapter. Brad Valentine will be here at
the conference. Even though the chapter has fizzled, there were enough members that voted on the loan
to the section. Hopefully everyone will become more active in the next year.

Humboldt State Student – Fowler (See report Attachment11_HSU.doc)
The chapter has been putting together programs each month or more, there should be seven programs
next semester. The chapter will host a Map and Compass workshop. Fowler will be working on a
Resume workshop for students in April. With the California North Coast Chapter, they hope to
assemble a Biometry and Point Count workshop. For education, there was a Habitat class by Jenn and
Alicia Weems with elementary school children. They earned $80 from their workshop and donated the
money to Conservation Unlimited. There was a Wildlife Halloween program at museum for the public
as well. The chapter is having problems with increased members, but few people to get programs
running. A suggestion was to get an announcement at student orientation. The bank balance is about
$3000. The chapter is selling calendars for Friends of the Dunes, the coffee table makes $200/week.
The chapter has purchased recycling bins that are coming in soon.

The Conclave Regional Competition is March 11-13. Most logistics taken care of, Gary Bloomfield is
the artist and key note speaker is Rocky Gutierrez. Thirteen schools have signed up.

Davis Student – Hunt (See report Attachment12_Davis.doc)

Motion to adjourn: C. Perrine, seconded by S. Juarez at 11:29.

                           Western Section Executive Board Meeting Notes
                                          January 22, 2005
                                   Doubletree Hotel, Sacramento

In attendance:
Cynthia Perrine, President; Kevin Hunting, President-elect; John Harris, Past-president; Marti Kie,
Section Representative; Mike Chapel; Treasurer, Rhys Evans, Professional Development co-chair; Don
Yasuda, Membership; Katie Moriarty, Secretary; Steve Juarez, San Joaquin Chapter Rep.; Jessica
Martini-Lamb, San Francisco Chapter Rep.; Dave Smith, Hawaii Chapter Rep.; Gary Falxa, Ca North
Coast Chapter Rep.

Called to Order 0835 by Perrine.

Introduction – Perrine

Conference discussion:
There were typical notes on conference criticism and evaluations, comments seem pretty easy to fix.
Please don’t stagger breaks. (Or last year’s please stagger breaks), there were few comments on Wed –
Fri schedule. The poster session was a problem, renting boards next year. There were papers listed in
wrong sessions. Next year will be all in capitol salons and in the same wing. No model search during
the conference!!

Already negotiating for next year within a set of dates. Feb 6-11 (Monday-Saturday) with Forest
Management Symposium planned. The Double Tree has offered the same room rate, setup, and room
block. They are taking out the attrition clause where if we don’t have clearance of not using all the food,

January 2005 TWS-WS Board Meeting Minutes                                                                6
they won’t charge ($12,000). We need to clear 305 rooms. Cynthia has thought of a few ways on how
to break even over the hotel; hotel cost is around $31,000.

Moriarty – the section should have the local chapter organize field trips.
Yasuda – the A/V rooms had difficulties. Part of the issue was hotel unresponsiveness. The rooms
were not disconnected as promised. We need to have the hotel assign a single person assigned to us for
those days. The Wed – Fri schedule is difficult with workdays, and students miss classes. It was nice
that people were in the sessions all the way throughout, so that was the benefit of our current schedule.
Discussion of timing with students, trying to find a block for all the schools.
Evans – banquet timing. Should we have the banquet on the middle night? There were some people
that wanted to get a jump on the weekend. Many people wouldn’t come to the banquet.
Harris – same comments with the banquet timing. Many can’t empty their office for 3 days, and there
may be some way to tweek the program organized. Posters- last year we tried to organize like A/V,
some people brought the boards.
Smith – should look into scheduling. Don’t make anything solid just because it was done prior.
Saturday symposia has a huge drop-off. Every time you move something, you will loose people.
Hunting – length is long for private consulting. It is an issue, perhaps the banquet on Thursday would
be best. Maybe we can do chapter meetings then reception? In the past it never worked because the
meetings went over the allotted time and the food was gone.
Kie – rooms Wednesday were way too small, but won’t happen again. Hard to decide which will be
topical and in what room?
Martini-Lamb – some comments on banquet, people wanted to head home. Complaints happened last
year with it included with registration costs and they felt it was not an appropriate program.
Perrine – spoke with banquet captain and will have a meeting after this. With lights and interruptions
(talent show, lack of responsiveness) we may follow up with a letter to the commander and have official
notice. We are planning on returning to the facility and if this happens again, then we should have

Raffle and fund allocation: There was $2,384 from raffle proceeds. All raffle proceeds should be set
aside for student programs. The career fair paid for the student lunch, and we want to spend more
money on scholarships etc.
Discussion: how to we allocate the reserve funds to different locations? Life memberships do not get
any solicitations. Need to notify people individually so they can stay informed and may continue to
contribute. Membership committee can look over to see how things are looked at etc.

Transactions editor – Barry will be trying to get solicitations for the annual meeting and will try to get
some of this online. He likes the idea of putting symposia proceedings in the transactions. Trying to
get an online submission thing, but the national program is not yet well-received. Working well for the
editor, but people are not finding it easy because of all the steps involved. Barry will try to get
submissions in Word and electronic format for the transactions/abstracts. We have the publication
guidelines online now.

Professional development – Rhys Evans
Wetland Science Workshop (WS): Martini-Lamb –Wetland Science WS scheduled April 7-8 at
Finnley Center in Santa Rosa. Reviewing packet with agreement, draft budget, draft call for papers,
preliminary program, trying to make sure that budget is correct. Upfront costs are going to be minimal,
Candace will be doing registration. Want to do a postcard mailing to WS and SWS members.
The plan: plenary and break out session in morning with banquet at night with field trips the next day.
City is covering all the rooms for the conference, but social will have alcohol. Need to pay for that, but

January 2005 TWS-WS Board Meeting Minutes                                                                    7
SWS is picking the upfront cost. Question of insurance, can purchase for $102 or can used ours.
They’ll just use ours.

The packet of information includes a break down of registration costs, and how many people to break
even. Total cost for conference is 8300. Need about 95 people? Registration costs aren’t high. The
building only holds 200 people. Expenses for field trips is where most likely to loose money. Steve
hired buses for the Blunt-nosed WS so that all the storage of food and whatnot was cheaper than renting
the number of vans. Buses also get professional drivers. There are some new vehicle codes on 15
passenger vehicles, and places won’t rent unless drivers have a class 2 license. To break even for field
trips, need to have registration prices higher at $40-50 If field trips do not generate the required revenue
- cancel the trip. They are still looking for session chairs. Will try to get chairs by March 1st, need
feedback. Wants to talk to people at PRBO with salt pond work and other. Sheri Hudson and Cheryl
Strong are two people to contact.

Discussion of expenditures and conference monies: Chapel noted that on the start of 2nd page it notes our
responsibilities, but we can only keep track of our - not their expenditures. If you want a complete
record then more information and assistance will be needed. Our registration database will provide total
costs, income, etc. The forms will be set up so that participants can join either society. With credit
cards we will need to add everything and send them a check minus the 5% fee for the use of the

Other workshops
CNCC will be doing a workshop with high elevational amphibians soon.

Certification WS: Evans – This is the exception to 90-180 day notice. Also don’t need liability because
we put it on typically in small areas. It’s a small break-even workshop where either Perrine or Evans
travel to the location for a day.

Mohave Ground Squirrel - Registration will open (and close) the day after tomorrow.

Bat symposia - Last symposium had a ton of paper but now should put everything on a CD. Went to
the last one in 1996 and it was great. There is a good budget worked out, we will do well with it. A
problem that occurred in 1996 was that the instructors were paid $3000 each and this they year want
more. They want $4000 for each instructor but they will be working hard. Our budget will handle it, it
is looking like we can make a profit of $7,000-10,000 (maybe even $20,000). Evans is not worried
about the budget, but we don’t know how much they were paid last time. Evans is confident that it will
work, but with workshops of this caliber need to plan 12-18 months ahead.

Liability insurance discussion: Harris - The annual cost for the insurance is around $4000 but have
gotten $800 refund. Should be $3200 for the year (more or less). The section gives them the known
events with an estimate of the number, then you send them revisions at later times. We house
equipment in one place now (like computers), so the cost is less. The section should set up a program
with notes on what we have and do for all cosponsored events so we can reduce our costs. Registration
regardless of how many people, liability is the same. Maybe we should make it less complicated, 0-50
people can be x amount, 50-100, 100-200 and whatnot. John proposed with 0-50 people charge $100,
51-150 $200, 150-250 at $250, etc. This needs to be worked into the budget. Single event liability
insurance is very expensive. Need to be careful but finances will hurt if accidents happen. Insurance
should be requirement for co-sponsorship.

January 2005 TWS-WS Board Meeting Minutes                                                                  8
Co-sponsoring Workshops
Need to establish operation guidelines. The section does not want the chapters to come to us with a list
of tasks, but we need to get things set. In years past, section involvement has been more of hindrance
than a value to chapters. We need the chapters to have their own workshops without us, but don’t want
conflicts with concurrent workshops or with webspace. The section needs input about what to do, need
valuable time ahead if anyone wants web or assistance. With short notice of a workshop, it is not our
responsibility to assist. If they are only asking for liability insurance or use of the credit card machine
then its not difficult for us as long as we get some monetary assistance.

The section will ask for 90 days advanced notice if the chapter wants assistance. If they don’t want our
help, it doesn’t really matter. Offer insurance and will still need the notice even if that’s the minimum
people want our help for. Sometimes that is not even enough time. Mohave took 180 days advanced
notice, didn’t take long to get but needed to have time for the reservation and insurance. Suggestion:
Co-sponsorship includes the options of insurance, our webmaster, and credit card machine with 90 days
advanced notice. Need to talk to Candace before hand for registration.

Requirements for co-sponsorship: If chapters want to co-sponsor, they need to provide a budget to let
us know exactly what we’re getting into. Items to include are the breakeven point and what/when will
they do if they aren’t going to make the breakeven point. The chapters also need to have a list of what
they want, need, expect and where they stand. Bay area chapter has worked with us but other chapters
might assume that co-sponsorship is either a logo on a website or an entire workup crew. We need a
protocol. With the splitting of money if the chapter gave us loans, we promised to help and give ALL
proceeds back to them. Most of the chapters may be under the impression of how things used to be with
paid staff, but it is not like that and we can’t extend so much effort.

Instructor payment and honorarium: Perrine- Typically instructors for the other WS volunteer their
time. It allows them to give back to their profession. We need a structured honorarium in place to pay
people but not to organize speakers. The question is do we want the experts in the field or the people
who will just donate their time. Many of the people enrolled will come to workshops based on the
Problem: some people want more than others, but some people demand and some don’t. Depending on
the person, they may be happy with $400 or $4000 and if word gets around of differing payments people
might get feelings hurt. Bat symposium is unique, it happens every few years. Some of the issue is that
many of the members who instruct don’t want the money. Agency people can’t accept it, but the agency
itself can which can go to the training budget. It belongs to the organization. This applies only if the
workshop happens on work time. It is time to be able to offer an honorarium and then have speakers
turn it down rather than just asking for help with no benefits. Some people feel offended when they are
offered money, they get uncomfortable, but we need to offer the first time. People who get money
appreciate it, another method is to give thank you gifts like gift certificates. We need a fixed cost. If
they volunteer then there can be a tax reduction for time. We gave instructors a “get in free” card for
our Annual meeting, but some may not take advantage of that – if they don’t want to use it then can
sponsor 2 students to attend.

Action Items:
Evans: Write a guideline for workshop co-sponsorship (about 2 pages).
Evans: set up honorarium system. Brief guidelines for what we offer to speakers (1 page)
All: Ponder how to make a master calendar on the web functional. Need to increase chapter
involvement and communication.

January 2005 TWS-WS Board Meeting Minutes                                                                     9
Business practices
We have a membership committee; Candace & Eric Renger will help. Is there a motion to pay to do a
revision so it can be seamed with our conference database? We need to ask for a bid and then
electronically vote. The bid probably won’t be excessive. Harris offered to update and give Eric all his
written material. We will change our membership form and try to create it so it will be in a more
interactive web format. Seems like a standard practice with The Wildlife Society as they have a code on
the Wildlifer. We want to have this as automated as possible so the committee can handle all of the
membership. (Smith moved, Harris seconded the motion, Unanimously approved).

Action item: Perrine - Ask Eric & Candace for an estimate of cost. Harris - Transfer all current

Membership updates from nationals: Want an electronic copy of all from parent membership updates.
Asking Kie to figure out what software they use and if it is compatible with our Access database. We
are willing to pay if it costs money as it will help us. Right now we get a paper copy of all the updates;
however, electronic is better. Need to know from James at TWS what format and program they use.
Every time we do things over and over that is time wasted. Our program is in Access right now. There
is a strong possibility that the parent will be the same.

Action item: Kie - Find out the program national uses for membership, ask if we can get all our
membership updates electronic and how best to proceed.

Rolling membership? Why do we have a rolling membership? To do this you need paid staff (which is
gone) to keep records efficiently and to maintain everything. How does our system work with the
asynchronous memberships between the section and Chapters? The section has a rolling membership
where if you start in March, they go to March of the following year. This takes a great deal of staff
time. Chapel brings up that it doesn’t make sense with our finances, the parent chapter, and whatnot to
have a rolling membership. Suggestion: Lets align membership with the calendar year. This affects the
database and the whole system. We should have things concurrent with the parent chapter and others –
its already in the bylaws.

Credit card problems: There is some way to have a system where after entering your number into the
machine, the information is automatically run and the information goes directly to Mike. The summary
reports would be given automatically from the registration database. There would be an administration
assistant working with the database and making reports for the treasurer. The receipt that is mailed
would be electronic, there will be no need to hand enter credit cards, automatically if there was a credit
card problem it automatically tell the owner as opposed to us needing to track them down. We need the
itemized shopping cart web format to allow us to have an easier time. With an automated system there
will be an email receipt so members won’t need to wait for their receipt. The Web registration form
needs a counter because it will allow people to register and pay without having room in the workshop.
We need to somehow have a cut off point with a waiting list. Can we set up a cut off, can we set up a
refund and cancellation fee, how much will this cost? If you cancel on a credit card is the section still
charged for the transaction? Need to fix a portion of the workshop space for checks by postmarked date.
Important in space limited occasions.

Action Item: Perrine - Look into what it would take to get an automated electronic credit card program.
Look into how to add this to our website, how to get the counter to function as we need it.

January 2005 TWS-WS Board Meeting Minutes                                                                10
Transactions: Currently people send things on line to Harris. Requests come through Ebsco as well.
Aren’t too many of them and it isn’t too bad of a workload. If everything goes online then it should be
easier. Harris will keep track of old transactions as he thinks its worthwhile and isn’t that difficult of a

Atlas: Service to membership and others, Hunting is mostly in charge. Impact to him is minimal and he
will continue doing it.

Website revision: Bill Stanley will continue but doesn’t have the time to revise. Can maintain a revised
website and has volunteered a great deal of time. He maintains at $150/mth and a lot is still volunteered.

Membership stuff should be a different site and connected somehow. We should make this a high high
priority, as it would take strain away from the board. We need a better budget to evaluate our
cost/benefit allowance. We need to check contractors and whatnot. Need to get cost estimates and to
update every few years. It is important for things to go smoothly. It would be a good vehicle to
communicate with the membership. We can post photos, updates, keep all of the events updated in a
efficient and jazzy way. John Perrine will volunteer on the web site.

Action item: Perrine – Look into companies and costs.

San Francisco Bay Chapter’s Directory: The chapter is working on a directory of biologists and would
like it to be hosted on our site. They are looking through submissions, but will need to be careful on
who you add to the site and whether or not they are supported by our section. There may also be a
problem if there are missed organizations. The online portion would only be available to members but
you can buy the hardcopy version. Want to allow people who are not members in the bay area to sign
up, but why would we allow people that are not members? Want to house the page on a portion of their
space on the WS area but will need a disclaimers.
    1. The mentioned on the directory are not supported or endorsed.
    2. It may or may not be complete list.
    3. It must be a voluntary submission – not intended for a marketing tool.
At some point a developer may use it and if there is bad information then we are blacklisted. We can get
sued because certain corps didn’t get jobs. Not intended to be a marketing tool, it will be a voluntary

What type of language would be necessary for our site? San Francisco is willing to donate time, but the
format needs to be Perl MYSQL and less then 10MB. It seems that it would make sense to use nationals.
We would still revise our website.

Action Item: Kie - ask James what goes into the hosting, who does design and upkeep, and are their
template and software restraints.
Newsletter: Karen Swaim will be hiring someone with experience with Pagemaker and layout. Karen
will edit and have this employee create it. The Fall (paper) newsletter needs to have call for papers
latest Oct 1. Need the conference announcement and initial call in September. It can also have
upcoming events. If we do a newsletter soon then we can get a offer to obtain ideas for symposia and
chair offerings.

Action Item: Perrine – get initial set up and requirement to Karen for the newsletter. Send President’s
Moriarty – send appropriate materials to Karen for newsletter.

January 2005 TWS-WS Board Meeting Minutes                                                                  11
Evans / Juliano – send PD materials to Karen

Permanent file storage: There are Western Section items spread out in various places: in the attic at
Hunting’s (shirts and mugs), at Mills, at Perrine’s. We should get a storage unit because there is a great
deal of credit card numbers in unsafe areas. The unit cannot be in Oakland and the Bay Area because it
is about 40% more there. There are some areas where you can log in all your belongings and when data
expires they will shred it for you. Perrine will check on costs of the registration people who will
automatically organize our information. Need to keep everything for 7 years. Other items like tax
material and minutes that will be stored much longer.

Action Item: Perrine, Hunting, Harris: Look into storage unit costs and locations. Look into a location
that will take care of records. Try to delegate this work out to others.

Financial stream: Life membership, student services, annual meeting money… need to build a list of
the different pots of money so we can better allocate. It seems that our new budgeting process will make
things easier. May want to put it into another account to show that symbolically there are different
allocations. We have the money and if need be can ask the life members if they’d be willing to help
fund certain projects if we pay the account back. Perrine would rather see life membership be base,
have the cushion be much more than that, and it would be an endowment. There are at least 12 life
members, but some may not be coded correctly. We will not be able to touch the principle from
accounts due to inflation costs. Can use ½ the interest accumulated for membership.

Perrine and Chapel need to work about budget to get to everyone and do reports/get the base operating
program and whatnot. What do you do with money that you make? This will show what has been built
and what goes where. Basic architecture needs to be put together. Need to look at prior budgets to see
what was done in the past.

Action Items: Perrine and Chapel – organize operating budget and account allocation for differing
Harris, Hunting, Perrine – look into signature cards for the bank and accounts.

New business

The Wildlife Society 2009 bid needs to be done and established by September. Perrine wants to get
questions to Sandra Staples-Bortner and then will present to the board. Location ideas will make a big
difference. We burned out many good people in 2001. Nationals have someone in charge of meetings.
Only Sandra would be paid for it, after 2001 there were many changes that were made. There is a need
to save money for nationals and they need to keep perks for the national staff like coming to the
members and actually meeting their membership.

Next meeting
East Bay Park Facility, Oakland. May 13-14, 2005 (with John at commencement). Starting at noon and
ending to noon. Back up date of May 20-21, 2005

Motion to adjourn by Falxa, Juarez seconded the motion. Unanimously approved.

Meeting adjourned 12:00.

January 2005 TWS-WS Board Meeting Minutes                                                               12

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