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									                                                         UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN COLORADO
                                                                     BUDGET OFFICE PROCEDURE
                                                                    HIRING CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEE

Process for filling a classified position, either new or recently vacated, and process for off-cycle salary changes.

Applies to all new hires, promotions and transfers. Also applies to any desk audit or special salary increases, not
part of the annual cycle.

Operational Directives and Documentation: Personnel; Hank Brown Memorandum; September 25, 2001. Classified Selection Overview, Process and Testing.
Operational Directives and Documentation: Consolidated Summary of Salary and Vacancy Savings Procedure, July 1, 2002.
Operational Directives and Documentation: Personnel; Hank Brown Memorandum; July 23, 1999.

HR-Classified Position/Employee Change Form                                   HR-Presidential Approval of Position Authorization Requests
Budget-Position Management Change Form                                        (if position over $30,000)
HR-Position Reallocation Request/Desk Audit
HR-Position Description Questionairre

Responsibility                                                                Action

Immediate Supervisor                                                          1. Communicate with Debbi Rees to ensure appropriate search process.
                                                                                 Refer to hiring procedures on Colorado Department of Personnel
                                                                                and Administration Human Resources website for more details.

Immediate Supervisor                                                          2. Review needs, determine appropriate compensation and complete the
                                                                                 executive summary as per President Brown's memorandum dated
                                                                                 September 25, 2001 if the position is over $30,000. The instructions for
                                                                                 this are on the HR website under Presidential Approval of
                                                                                 Position Authorization Requests.
                                                                                a. As a general rule, replacement hires should be at minimum
                                                                                   of the classified salary range.
                                                                                b. Any salary savings will revert centrally unless a specific
                                                                                   request to return salary savings is approved by the President
                                                                                   (see Salary & Vacancy Savings Procedure)

Immediate Supervisor                                                          3. Initiate and sign the Classified Position/Employee Change Form
                                                                                a. Attach vacancy announcement, position description
                                                                                   questionnaire and any other required search materials.
                                                                                b. Indicate requested salary range and/or maximum. If salary
                                                                                   exceeds existing authorization on Position Management
                                                                                   Report(PMR), describe source of funds.

Dean/Director                                                                 4. Review, modify and/or approve and sign the form.

Vice-President/Provost                                                        5. Review, modify and/or approve and sign the form.

Administrative Assistant-VPF&A (Kim)                                          6. Log and route through Budget Office and President's Office
                                                                                 if applicable. (See step 9)

Budget Office Staff (Grace)                                                   7. Make two copies of Classified Position/Employee Change Form and
                                                                                 selected other materials for hiring files and future vacancy savings.
                                                                                 Attach current PMR and salary range.

        S/Budget/Procedures manual/5e5cc9e6-febb-4b22-b959-9266bc9e4d05.xls
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                                                         UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN COLORADO
                                                                     BUDGET OFFICE PROCEDURE
                                                                    HIRING CLASSIFIED EMPLOYEE

Assistant Vice President for Finance                                          8. Check for sufficient funds in the budget to fund the position.
or Designee (Michelle, Guy, Jan)                                                 Research with department head any insufficiencies if necessary.
                                                                                 Approve and sign the form. Note whether the package needs to be routed
                                                                                 to the President.

President or Designee                                                         9. Approve maximum salary.
(appropriate Vice President)                                                    a. If salary savings are to be retained at the department level,
                                                                                   Presidential approval cannot be delegated
                                                                                 b. If this is a new position, Presidential approval cannot be delegated.

Human Resources Administrative Assistant                                      10. Log and route within Human Resources

Recruitment Specialist (Debbie)                                               11. Ensure that paperwork is appropriate and complete.

Human Resources & Employee Relations Director or       12. Approve and sign the Classified Position/Employee Change Form.
Manager of Human Resource Services& Employee Relations

Recruitment Specialist (Debbie)                                               13. Announce the vacancy in the UNC Report.

Recruitment Specialist (Debbie)                                               14. Inform the hiring unit of final approval and maximum authorized
                                                                                  salary. Keep the form and maintain the file on the position. Send
                                                                                  completed copy of Classified Positon/Employee Change form to Budget
                                                                                  Office for Grace's file.

Department Chair/Immediate Supervisor                                         15. Proceed with search -See HR for specific process.
                                                                                  a. If the authorized maximum is insufficient, the President
                                                                                     should be notified in writing. He/she will need to approve any
                                                                                     increase to the maximum.

Hiring Authority                                                              16. Notify HR that a finalist has been selected.

Human Resources & Employee Relations Director or        17. Review to ensure that offer does not exceed maximum.
Manager of Human Resource Services & Employee Relations     President must approve any increases to maximum.

Recruitment Specialist (Debbi )                                               18. Enter hiring information into PeopleSoft.

New Employee                                                                  20. Work with HR to complete new hire paperwork.

Budget Office-Grace                                                           21. At hiring, process salary savings as follows:
                                                                                 a. Maintain database listing all vacancies.
                                                                                 b. At hiring, verify salary and salary savings:
                                                                                     -Perm base budget reduction
                                                                                     -One-time adjustment return for current year
                                                                                     -Position management change form
                                                                                 c. Notify hiring unit of budget changes. Process after the hiring
                                                                                    unit has approved accounts from which changes will be made.
                                                                                 d. Maintain files for final approval in budget process.

Michelle F.Quinn, Assistant Vice-President of Finance

Marshall Parks, Manager of Human Resource Services & Employee Relations

        S/Budget/Procedures manual/5e5cc9e6-febb-4b22-b959-9266bc9e4d05.xls
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