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									                      Welcome to Spokane Area Swimming

Spokane Area Swimming is a USA Swimming member club, a YMCA member club and an
affiliate with the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department. SAS was created in 1987
as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a fun and competitive swimming

SAS has swimmers who range in age from 6-21 years old and ability levels from novice
through national caliber athletes. Our swimmers practice between two and ten times
per week, depending on their group level, at the following facilities: Central YMCA,
Valley YMCA, North YMCA and Witter Pool.

SAS swimmers compete in meets that are held locally, within the Inland Empire,
Regionally, Nationally, and Internationally. SAS is a member of the Inland Empire
Swimming Association comprised of over twenty teams.

Our organization is governed by a board of directors and is directed and run by Head
Coach Todd Marsh. The board is comprised of parent volunteers who are elected by a
majority vote at our annual meeting. The board meets monthly, and each parent is
welcome to attend.

The team’s main source of revenue is our swimmer membership dues. Revenue is also
realized from hosting swim meets as well as our swim-a-thon.

We are glad you have chosen competitive swimming and Spokane Area Swimming for
your child to be a member. We are proud of our team and each swimmer’s
accomplishments. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your swimmer.
You are always welcome to visit practice, but not on the pool deck, please. If you have
any questions, feel free to talk with your swimmer’s coach, the head coach, or a board
                                 Swim fast and have fun!
                                        GO SAS

                         Head Coach: Todd Marsh

            Team address: P.O. Box 9920 Spokane, WA 99209
                             Spokane Area Swimming
                       Registration and Billing Information

Please review, fill out, and sign (parents and swimmers), ALL forms in the membership
packet. Return with a check payable to: Spokane Area Swimming for the USA
Swimming Registration and the team administration fee. USA registration is $62 per
swimmer and the team registration fee is $50 per family for new families joining the
team. Make a check payable to Spokane Area Swimming in the amount of $112.

All of our SAS swimmers must also be a YMCA member to use the YMCA pools for our
practice sessions, please go to the YMCA membership desk to sign your child up for a
youth membership. ($17 per month/fee paid to the YMCA)

Your information will be entered into our Swim Team data base with the coaching
staff, team treasurer and team registrar. All families will use the SAS website bill
pay system. After your swimmer joins SAS all fees are billed through our SAS

Our team has a web site at with current and up to date
information concerning practice schedules, swim meet calendar and swim meet
registration etc. We ask that you provide an up to date email address so we can email
each family important handouts and information.

    We are happy you have chosen our swimming team program. We look forward to
  working with each swimmer and family. If you have any questions you may talk with
  your coach or you may contact the Head Coach, Todd Marsh, with any questions or

SAS uses TeamUnify billing and website services. It is important we have a current
email address as you will receive your monthly bill and SAS information via email and at
our website:
We also use our website for swim meet sign up registration and team information.

You can provide numerous email addresses on your account all of which will receive all
of the SAS team information emails. However, each family may only use one main email
to sign into their SAS account. Please provide emails for your families account below
and list the billing email address that will be the address you use to sign into your SAS
account on the SAS website.

                                 Spokane Area Swimming
                                      Swimmer’s Code of Conduct
                                 September 1, 2010-August 31, 2011

1.   Spokane Area Swimming practices and competes in rented facilities under an agreement and/or
     contract with the Spokane Parks and Recreation Department and the YMCA. Spokane Area Swimming
     members and athletes must conduct themselves in a manner respectful of all policies and property at
     all facilities. Any violation of policies at any facility may result in disciplinary actions by the facility
     management and our team as detailed below:

2.   All swimmers are to be suited up and ready to swim at the designated practice time; late arrivals and
     early dismissal need to be prearranged.

3.   All swimmers are expected to follow directions and instructions of the coaching staff and designated
     chaperones. When traveling, swimmers are to remain in direct supervision of the designated

4.   All swimmers are to display proper respect and sportsmanship towards competitors, other coaches,
     meet officials, and the public.

5.   Curfews established by the coaching staff shall be adhered to at swim meets.

6.   The following behaviors will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disciplinary consequences.
     Depending on the severity of the offence, a minimum of a one day to a maximum of one month
     suspension will be prescribed by the Head Coach. If necessary an Executive Board meeting may be

         A.   Insubordination to any coach, meet official, chaperone, or parent volunteer.
         B.   Displaying or promoting unsafe actions in or around the pool or locker room.
         C.   The possession or use of alcohol, tobacco, or any non-prescribed drug.
         D.   Fighting or other disorderly conduct.

     Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct for minor offenses may result in, but not necessarily
     limited to the following:

     First Incidence: The swimmer will be removed from the situation or problem and verbally reprimanded,
     and then allowed to return to the water. Other consequences as determined by the Coach may be
     assigned. Coach will document action.

     Second Incidence: The swimmer will be dismissed from practice, required to shower, dress and return
     to the pool deck bleachers in a timely manner. Swimmer is to remain on bleachers for the remainder
     of the practice and parents notified of the situation. Other consequences as determined by the coach
     may be assigned.

     Other consequences may include: Formal written apology to offended parties; Restitution of damages;
     parent notification; exclusion from a meet; forfeiture of all monies from IES or SAS for sectional
     meets, zones, all star camps, nationals, etc. Any swimmer may at any time be suspended from the
     team for an indefinite period of time for extreme violations after a review by coaches and Executive
                                       Spokane Area Swimming
                                       Parent’s Code of Ethics
As a parent of a Spokane Area Swimming athlete, I recognize that I am a member of the SAS
Parent’s Association. As a member, I pledge to:
           Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all athletes,
            coaches and officials at every swim meet, practice or other SAS events.
           Ask my child to treat all swimmers, coaches, officials and spectators with respect,
            regardless of race, sex, creed, or ability, and ask no less of myself.
           Place the emotional and physical well being of my child ahead of a personal desire to
           Recognize that the swimming experience is for the athletes and to do my best to
            keep the sport fun for my child.
           Support coaches and officials working with my child. I understand that my coach will
            act in the best interest of my swimmer and team. If I have any questions,
            concerns, or complaints about swim meet management, I will contact my child’s coach
            to discuss the best way to handle any concern. This is to ensure a positive and
            enjoyable experience for all.
           Remember that swim meets are run by volunteers and agree to support the efforts
            of SAS and other host teams to provide quality competitive experiences by
            volunteering to time, officiate or providing other support when it is needed.
           Insist that my child participate in a safe environment.
           Demand a competitive environment for my child that is free of drugs, tobacco and
            alcohol and will refrain from their use at all practices and competitive events.
           Require my child’s coach to uphold the Swimmer’s Code of Conduct and to adhere to
            the tenets of this document
                                       Spokane Area Swimming
                                      Swimmer’s Code of Ethics
As a Swimmer of Spokane Area Swimming, I will support the following pledge:
           Because I want good sportsmanship from other swimmers, coaches, officials and
            parents, I pledge to show good sportsmanship myself.
           I will treat all swimmers, coaches, officials and spectators with respect, regardless
            of race, sex, creed, or ability, and will expect to be treated the same way.
           I will notify my coach if I cannot attend a scheduled practice or a meet I am
            registered to attend.
           I will listen and learn from my coaches to the best of my ability.
           I deserve to have fun when I swim and will tell my parents and or coaches if it
            stops being fun.
           While winning is fun, I will remember that it is not the most important thing.
           I deserve a competitive and practice environment free of drugs, tobacco, alcohol and
            all illegal sports enhancing substances.
           I will do my best in school.
           I will remember that swimming is an opportunity to learn and have fun.
Athlete Information
Legal Last Name                       First Name                    Middle Name

SAS Group Level :( Circle) Osprey Bronze      Silver    Gold           Platinum
Practice Location: (Circle) Central Y Valley Y      North Y

Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year)        Age            Gender M/F

Address                               City                  Zip Code

Telephone-Home                 Cell-phone      Athlete E-mail

Athlete’s School-Grade Level                 How did you find out about SAS?

Parent/Guardian Information
Fathers Name                          Cell phone            Work phone

Employer/Occupation                          Preferred Email

Mothers Name                                 Cell phone             Work phone

Employer/Occupation                          Preferred Email

I give permission for _______________ to participate in Spokane Area Swimming and have read
and understand the SAS fee structure, the SAS volunteer obligations as well as agree to the
parent’s and swimmer’s code of ethics.
Parent signature: _____________________________________ Date: __________
                                 Spokane Area Swimming
               Dues, Fundraising, Swim Meets and Membership Information
                         September 1, 2010-August 31, 2011
USA Swimming Membership:                                  Parent Initials: ______
Every swimmer must purchase a USA Swimming membership card. The 2010-2011 cost is $62. Fill out the 2011
Athlete Registration application and return it to your Coach. The fee covers practice and swim meet insurance and
program operations for USA Swimming of which SAS is a member.

YMCA Membership:                                                              Parent Initials: _______
SAS is a YMCA affiliated swim team. All SAS members who practice at the YMCA facilities must have a YMCA
membership. In addition, all swimmers participating in YMCA swim meets must be YMCA members. Each
swimmer/family must make arrangements for membership with the Central, North, or Valley YMCA. A youth
membership is $17 per month.

SAS Membership Fees:                                                   Parent Initials: _______
Membership fees are necessary to pay our SAS coaches, pool rental fees, maintain our SAS budget
and all of our yearly operational costs. Membership fees are based on the entire year’s budget,
holidays, and breaks are built into the overall budget. Families have the option of paying the entire
yearly membership fee by October 15th (10 % discount), or on a monthly basis.
Each SAS swimmer is billed in advance according to his/her group level. Membership dues are billed for 11 months.
(September-July) Payments are due by the 1st of the month and accounts will be billed a $5 late fee for payments
received after the 10th of the month. All membership fees are paid in advance, no refunds or pro-rating of fees is
allowed. (There is no change to the yearly membership fee-changing from 12 month billing to 11 month)

SAS Fundraising:                                                              Parent Initials: ________
SAS will offer a swim a thon fundraiser with all proceeds going to the team. This year’s swim a thon will kick off in
February. Each swimmer will be required to raise a minimum of $200; multiple swimmer families have a family
minimum of $300. Any amount under the required amount will be applied to each families SAS June bill. Families
also have the option of paying fundraising quota by personal check or request to include the amount on your SAS
automatic account. This required fundraiser is necessary this year to meet all of our team’s operational costs that
increase each year. (The required swim a thon fee did increase for this season)
In the event of resignation from the team prior to swim a thon collection the fundraising requirement will be pro
rated at $20 per month, due upon resignation from the team.

                                             SAS Membership Grid
   Group Level            SAS Team               Yearly USA                 Yearly SAS             Yearly SAS
                         Administrative           Swimming               Membership Fee          Membership Fees
                        Fee (Per Family)         Registration              Commitment/            Billed monthly
                        Due September          Due September             10% discount pd                 .
                        $50 new family         Or upon joining              by Oct 15              12mo/11mo
     Platinum                $100                    $62                  $1860/ $1674             $155/$169
       Gold                  $100                    $62                 $1368/ $1,231             $114/$124
      Silver                 $100                    $62                 $1,116/ $1,004             $93/$101
      Bronze                  $50                    $62                   $900/ $810                $75/$82
     Osprey                   $50                    $62                   $540/ $486                $45/$50

Multiple Swimmer Discounts for membership dues : Families with more than one swimmer at
the bronze level or above will receive a 10% discount for the 2 nd swimmer and a 40%
discount for each subsequent swimmer, applied to dues. No discounts will apply to the
Osprey level.
Volunteer Hours and SAS Hosted Swim Meets:                           Parent Initials: ______
Volunteerism has always been vital to our organization and to USA Swimming.
Some areas we need support include:
Swim a thon committee, swim banquet, and SAS hosted swim meets.
SAS will be hosting two large swim meets during the 2010-2011 swim season: Turkey Trot Invitational
November19-21, SAS Summer Solstice June 17-19. Each meet has over 450-500 swimmers
participating. SAS also hosts Time Challenge meets during the year. In order to provide quality hosted
swim meets for our swimmers we need each SAS family to provide volunteer time and support. Some
of the areas we need support include: officiating, head timer, timing, awards, concessions, hospitality,
swim meet set-up, clean-up, safety marshal(s), trash and locker-room detail, deck and office
computers, meet directors, etc.
Each family who has a swimmer competing in our SAS hosted swim meet will need to sign up for
volunteer duties. The minimum volunteer requirement will be announced for each home swim meet.

Swim Meet participation and registration policy:              Parent Initials: ______
SAS is a competitive swimming team. Swim meet participation is a vital part of our program
philosophy. Each swimmer on the Platinum, Gold, and Silver level training groups is expected
to attend approximately one swim meet per month. Coach Todd will designate the
competition calendar. Bronze and Osprey swimmers are considered in our developmental
competitive program are encouraged to attend all local area meets (Cheney, Spokane, Coeur
d’ Alene) and designated meets assigned by Coach Todd. All of the SAS meets will be posted
on the SAS website; each family is to register their swimmer using the online meet
registration by the swim meet deadline. Each swimmer/family’s account will be billed for the
meet entry fees. All SAS hosted meets include a concession/hospitality surcharge of $10
per family.

Leave of Absence Policy:                                    Parent Initials: ______
We realize that due to extreme circumstances a leave of absence may be necessary. All
requests must be made in writing a minimum of one week prior to the 1st of the month;
otherwise you will be responsible for the upcoming month dues. A leave of absence must be
for a minimum of a two month period. Upon returning to SAS a reinstatement fee of ½ of
your current monthly dues will be assessed.

Payment Policies and Expectations:                               Parent Initials: ______
SAS families may pay membership fees on a yearly basis or may choose to spread out the
payments over an 11 month billing period. Meet entry fees, swim apparel, team travel fees
can be billed to your SAS account. Payment in full is due by the 1st of each month and is
considered past due on the 10th of each month.
All SAS bills will be sent via email and are available to view on our SAS website. All account
invoices will be made available on the 21st of each month and will be emailed to each SAS
families email address. Each family has (2) options of payment: 1. automatic credit card
payment 2. Automatic checking account payment ;(ACH).
EXCEPTIONS: Members with a special financial situation may contact the Team Treasurer or Head
Coach, immediately, to see if any temporary arrangements can be made to resolve any payment issues.
                           Spokane Area Swimming
                           Medical Permission Form
                     September 1, 2010-August 31, 2011

The Spokane Area Swimming Staff has permission to seek medical
treatment for: ________________________________________
Age: _____________ D.O.B.___________
Birthplace: ________________________ Allergies: ___________

Current medical conditions or medications: _______________________

                In the event of an emergency please contact:
                        Home phone: _____________

Mom’s work phone: _______________ Mom’s cell phone: ____________
Dad’s work phone: ________________ Dad’s cell phone: ____________

In case parents cannot be reached please contact:

Name: _________________________ Phone: _________________

                    Health Insurance Information
Insurance Company: __________________________________
Subscriber: _________________________________________
Group Number: ______________________________________

This permission is effective September 1, 2010 through August 31, 2011

Signed: _________________________________ Date: ______________
       (Parent or Legal Guardian)

Address: ____________________________________________________
         (Street)                      (City/State/Zip)

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