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					                                 James B
                              Technical Writer

Master Of Science (Computer Science), Rochester Institute Of Technology,
Rochester, NY, 1980, Master’s Thesis: The CMS-2 Subset Compiler

Bachelor Of Arts (Chemistry), Marist College, Poughkeepsie, NY, 1978

Senior Software Engineer and Systems Engineer with a proven track record in
the aerospace and software industry with 25 years of total experience. Strong
UML design experience. Experience in Compiler Construction and Artificial
Intelligence. Experience in software requirements analysis and algorithm
development. Experience in full lifecycle development (SDLC) and working in an
Integrated Product Team (IPT). Experience in DO178-B. Experience in network
communications and protocols. Experience with military electromechanical
systems. Experience in Software Quality Assurance. Experience in hardware
testing and troubleshooting. Experience with Rational Apex and Rational Rose.
Experience with embedded real time systems and software test. Experience with
military Mil Standard 2167A.       Experience in writing software for missile
Guidance and Control. Avionics experience. Experience as a Chief Software
Architect using Object Oriented Design (OOD) methods using UML and Rational
Unified Process (RUP) Systems Engineering experience on various defense
projects. Project Management experience. Worked in SEI Level 3 and SEI
Level 5 environments. Experience in Command and Control Systems. Amateur
astronomer. Individual who exhibits a strong degree of professionalism in every

Security Clearance: Interim Secret Clearance

Technical Skill Set
Platforms/Operating Systems:   Macintosh (Mac OS), IBM PC (Windows
95/98/2000/XP Red Hat Linux), Sun Workstation (Solaris), HP (HP-UX), SGI
(Irix), VAX/VMS

Software: UML (6 years), C/C++ (6 years), Ada 83 (7 years), Ada 95 (3 years),
CMS-2 (4 years), Java (less than one year), Fortran (4 years), Clearcase, CM
Synergy, Rational Apex, Rational Rose, Rational Rose RT, Artisan, DOORS,
Cadre Teamwork, TAE+, Metrowerks CodeWarrior

Hardware: MDAC 475CX Assembly Language (2 years), PDP-11 Assembly
Language (6 months), IBM 370 Assembly Language (6 months), Planar 4 Bus
Standards: 2167A, DO178-B

Processes:      Rational Unified Process (RUP),      Department Of Defense
Architecture Frameword (DoDAF)


Hill-ROM, Batesville, IN, 1/2007 – 4/2007 Consultant/Contractor
Worked on writing a SRS document for PowerDrive, which controls the speed
and steering of the PowerDrive mechanism. Wrote basic requirements for the
embedded system and drew numerous UML activity diagrams that also
served to describe the complex mechanical and electronic operation of one
DC electric drive motor, a second motor to engage/disengage the PowerDrive,
and a third motor to move the PowerDrive mechanics 90 degrees in order to
facilitate left and right lateral movement of the hospital bed. The system
controlled the speed via a microcontroller.

ITT Corporation, Fort Wayne, IN, 9/2006 – 12/2006 Consultant/Contractor
Worked on the VIIRS project, which is an embedded satellite software project.
I drew a data flow diagram and a UML use case diagram for the entire
system. I also drew UML Sequence Diagrams from pre-existing use cases
using Rational Rose Real Time. I also derived C++ classes and data for the
classes based on contents of the Sequence Diagrams and the requirements that
resided in DOORS. CM Synergy was used for configuration management.

AAI Corporation, Hunt Valley, MD, 4/2006 – 8/2006 Consultant/Contractor
Worked on the next generation Ground Control Station (GCS) for the U. S. Army.
The GCS controls the flight and sensor payload of multiple Unmanned Aerial
Vehicles (UAVs) manufactured by AAI Corporation. For this project I drew 100
UML use cases in use case diagrams using Rational Rose. I also wrote 100
use case narratives that described how the Ground Control Station operated for
normal flows, alternative flows, and exceptional flows. Also drew state machine
for the system diagrams using Rational Rose.

Raytheon Integrated Defense System, Woburn, MA & Portsmouth, RI
9/2005 – 4/2006, Consultant/Contractor
Worked as a UML system engineer for the Japan Aerospace Defense Ground
Equipment (JADGE) Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) contract. I drew UML
sequence diagrams for the Weapons Recommendation component of the
system, and wrote requirements for the Weapons Recommendation SRS.

Also worked on drawing presentation slides for an upcoming Raytheon Gate5
management presentation. The presentation was scheduled for Jan 6, 2006.
The Powerpoint slides pertained to decoys that are used to protect the DDX US
navy ship.
BAE Systems (Formerly United Defense), Minneapolis, MN, 5/2005 –
8/2005, Consultant/Contractor
Worked as a UML system engineer for the Future Combat Systems (FCS) army
contract. I worked on was the non line of sight (NLOS) cannon vehicle. The
army vehicle used a complex electromechanical system to fire a 155 mm artillery
shell. I drew UML diagrams for the Process Registration Data and Process
meteorological data use cases. I drew both sequence and activity diagrams
for these use cases also. I also worked on the Transition To Training Mode
uses case for embedded training and drew sequence and activity diagrams for
this use case as well. I participated in design reviews of these use cases and
other use cases of my peers. All diagrams were drawn using Rational Rose and
saved using Clearcase.

General Dynamics C4 Systems, Phoenix, AZ,                   3/2005 – 5/2005,
Worked as a UML architect for the Intelligent Munitions System (IMS) project for
the Future Combat Systems contract. Intelligent Munitions System is a land
mine contract for the US army. Constructed a data model using class diagrams
using Rational Rose. Converted the data model to Sensor Interface Protocol
(SIP) messages to be used by the Sensor Data Manager (SDM). Also built
sequence diagrams and use case diagrams using Rational Rose to describe the
detailed operation of the IMS. Used Clearcase to save the most current Rational
Rose model. Also wrote requirements to describe the sending and receiving of
messages between the Sensor Data Manager and the IMS.

L3 Communications Marine Systems (Formerly CAE Marine Systems),
Leesburg, VA, 6/2004 – 1/2005, Consultant/Contractor
Worked as a UML architect for the DDX next generation destroyer program.
Worked on designing the Integrated Power System (IPS) for DDX using Rational
Rose and UML. Analyzed the use case narratives for the IPS and drew 250
UML sequence diagrams based on the use cases. Converted the sequence
diagrams into 1200 software requirements. Also drew 2 UML activity diagrams.
Used the Rational Unified Process (RUP). Used the DOORS database for
requirements management.

General Dynamics, Sterling Heights, MI,             2/2004 – 5/2004,
Worked as a UML architect on the Future Combat System (FCS) for the
Command and Control Vehicle (C2V). Drew top level UML use case diagrams
using Rational Rose to depict the data flows of the system. Used Department Of
Defense Architecture Frameword (DoDAF). Used the DOORS database for
requirements management.

Sanmina- SCI, Huntsville, AL, 8/2003 – 1/2004, Consultant/Contractor
I wrote the Software Design Document (SDD) for the Host Loader Program for
the Audio Alert System, which runs on the Apache Helicopter. The Host Loader
software sends data to the Boot Loader via a USB bus. I also wrote the
Software Requirement Specification (SRS), Software Design Document (SDD),
and the Automated Test Plan (ATP) for the Avionics Interface Adapter (AIA)
software for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF). The AIA software used a 1394b
(Firewire) bus.

Midas Investing, Poughkeepsie, NY, 6/2002 – 6/2003, Financial Software
Developer and Founder
Continued development and testing of proprietary trading software that forecasts
the financial markets using planetary cycles and a complex mathematical model.
Worked on tuning the performance of the mathematical model. Designed and
built a custom cycles language for forecasting the stock market, and
implemented a compiler for that language. Wrote code to implement a lexical
analyzer using finite state machines and a recursive descent parser.

Also designed and coded in C++ the Gann Analyst, a second program which is a
technical analysis program for stock market.

United Defense, Minneapolis, MN, 10/2000 - 4/2001, Consultant/Contractor
I worked in the Gold Team for the Advanced Gun System (AGS) for theDDX, the
next generation destroyer for the Navy.               The ship used a complex
electromechanical system to fire a 155 mm navy gun. Reviewed requirements
relating to the operation of the entire ship and littoral combat. I wrote UML use
case narratives and drew UML sequence diagrams using Rational Rose to
define the sequence of operations for the mechanical operations of the gun. I
defined the messages for the Interface Control Document (ICD). I also read the
requirements document and worked on a preliminary definition of CSCIs of the
system. I also wrote a white paper for the government entitled “Java vs. C: A
Trade Study”.

General Dynamics, Woodbridge, VA, 6/2000 - 9/2000, Consultant/Contractor
I worked in the Systems Engineering department and studied existing
documentation for the Amphibious Assault Vehicle. I modified the Interface
Control Document (ICD) based on new technical information received from the
System Engineering department. Worked on enhancing the reconfiguration Ada
95 software for the Amphibious Assault Vehicle. Worked in an SEI Level 3
environment and in Integrated Product Team (IPT).

Advanced Sidereal Forecasts, Poughkeepsie, NY, 10/1998 - 4/2000,
Financial Software Developer and Founder
I designed proprietary trading software that generates forecasts for stock sectors
via a geocentric planetary model using the longitude of planets. The program
was written and tested using C++ in Metrowerks CodeWarrior compiler.

My other responsibilities included writing a weekly stock pick newsletter based
on the proprietary software, emailing the newsletter to customers, and answering
questions from customers via email.

Lockheed Martin, Sunnyvale, CA, 5/1995 - 8/1998, Engineering Specialist
I worked on the Airborne Laser project doing network communication using
TCP/IP network protocols.

I worked on the THAAD missile project as a software developer. I developed a
complex finite state machine algorithm that controlled all of the real time
functions of the missile. This algorithm was then coded in Ada 95 using the
Rational Apex compiler and development environment was used. The code was
unit tested, and integrated into the system.

I was a one-man team for the Precision Guided Mortar and Munitions (PGMM)
contract. I worked as both the Systems Engineer and as a software developer
for this project. The Mortar had an infrared sensor and sent radio signals back
via telemetry. I wrote a software development process document, the software
requirements, and defined derived requirements, did requirements analysis, and
wrote a Software Requirements Document (SRS), and use cases. I drew class
diagrams using Rational Rose. My programming duties included writing and
testing Ada code for acquisition, guidance and control functions. I also wrote
Ada 95 code to support the flight test at Yuma, AZ, Performed hardware testing
to conform to CSCI requirements.

The Rational Apex compiler and development environment was used. Rational
Rose was used for all system level diagrams.

Systems Control, Sunnyvale, CA, 12/1994 - 5/1995, Senior Software
I worked on the Repair Effectiveness Program. This software collected exhaust
gases from cars and determined which engine component must be replaced in
order for the car to pass the state’s smog test. Artificial Intelligence was used for
this project based on fuzzy decision trees. I designed the system using very
detailed data flow diagrams and derived an Object-Oriented Design from those

diagrams. I designed an expert system language and wrote a compiler to
implement this language. I wrote a section for the Repair Effectiveness Patent
and contributed data flow diagrams for the patent application

Loral Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA, 2/1991 - 2/1994, Software Engineering
I worked on MAIS, a battlefield training system for the Israeli army. The system
was written in Ada and performed command and control functions, battlefield
simulation, and scoring of battlefield performance.

I also worked as a Project Manager and Software Architect for RCCS II, which
was a real time range program for the Navy. My duties included defining the
CSCIs of the system, drafting project schedules, directing code reviews,
reviewing system requirements, designing the system using Object Oriented
Design methodology and the Cadre Teamwork Case Tool, managing other
software engineers, and writing and testing Ada code, unit testing, and testing to
verify CSCI requirements. I also wrote the SRS and SDD for the project in an
SEI Level 3 environment.

I worked on Paragon, a model-based reasoning system that utilized Artificial
Intelligence technology. My duties included building a Graphical User Interface
using TAE+, writing new code that executed the model as a compiler. This
software was written in C++.

Lockheed Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA, 3/1989 - 2/1991,                    Scientific
Programming Specialist
I performed algorithm development for the Space Surveillance Tracking System
(STSS), tracking software for a Star Wars satellite. The satellite used an infrared
sensor. I worked on defining the requirements for the power up sequence of the
satellite. I designed and implemented a fault tolerant sparing algorithm for a
Planar 4 bus architecture and implemented the sparing algorithm in C.

I worked on the Rotary Joint Software for the Space Station. I designed the
system using Object Oriented Design methodology. I drew Ada Structure
Graphs using the Cadre Case Tool. My other duties included building a system
using Ada, and performing hardware testing and trouble shooting of the Ada

Inference Corporation, Los Angeles, CA, 3/1988 - 2/1989, Computer
I designed a rule-based expert system development tool (ART/Ada) for NASA.
My duties included drawing OOD diagrams, translating sections of code from an
existing inference engine from C to Ada. Other duties included testing the
software and performing Software Quality Assurance.

IBM Federal Systems Division, Owego, NY, 10/1986 - 3/1988, Senior
Associate Programmer
I designed a component of a factory automation system for the Navy. My duties
included performing Object Oriented Design, writing Ada code, and performing
Code Inspections/Walkthroughs. Worked on hardware testing and trouble
shooting of the factory automation system.

Northrop Corporation, Hawthorne, CA, 3/1984 - 10/1986, Senior Engineer
I worked on writing a test plan for the ICC Ada/1750 compiler. My duties
included writing test cases to test the machine independent and machine
dependent optimizations. I also worked on developing software for the Display
Processor for the F20. All software was developed on VAX/VMS. I also worked
on coding and testing a lexical analyzer and recursive descent parser for an in
house expert system language in Ada.

McDonnell Douglas Corporation, Huntington Beach, CA, 3/1980 - 3/1984,
Engineer Technologist
I designed, coded, and tested a CMS-2 compiler for the Intermediate Water
Depth Mine contract. The compiler generated code for the MDAC 476CX
microprocessor. I built pass 2 (machine independent optimizations) and pass 3
(code generation) for the compiler. I also built a second CMS-2 compiler which
targeted to a 16 bit microprocessor. I also reused pass 2 from the first compiler
and built a new code generator (pass 3) for the second compiler. I also assisted
in the design of a relocatable assembler generator for an Internal Research and
Development (IRAD) project.


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