2008 Beach Volleyball Report Becca Kroeger NWTVA Beach Coordinator by ThePaulAnderson


									                             2008 Beach Volleyball Report
                                    Becca Kroeger
                             NWTVA Beach Coordinator
                                 YK Beach President

My name is Becca Kroeger, NWTVA Beach Coordinator and founder of YK Beach
Volleyball League. We are very excited about the growth of beach volleyball in
Yellowknife over the past few years, and are interested in finding a way to extend that
passion out to more communities in the Northwest Territories.

Beach Volleyball:
                                                 Beach Volleyball is a very different
                                                 sport from Court Volleyball. To start, a
                                                 team is made up of 2 players with no
                                                 subs. We use a smaller 8m x 16m court,
                                                 and refrain from using shoes (if playing
                                                 on suitable sand!) Even the ball we use
                                                 is slightly heavier and larger for outdoor
                                                 use. There are definitely no worries in
                                                 our “gym” about the ball hitting
                                                 overhead structures!

YK Beach Volleyball:
              YK Beach Volleyball was founded to offer extended exposure to Beach
              Volleyball here in Yellowknife. We are now entering our 3rd season, and
              intend to continue our mandate to keep beach volleyball as fun and
              accessible as possible, while encouraging improvement in players. To
              accomplish this, we provide 3 nights per week for league play, Saturday
              afternoons for pick-up play, scheduled Beach Clinics, Youth Camps, and
              Tournaments throughout the summer. The season starts as soon as the
temperatures start to warm up and Fred Henne Park officially opens up for the summer
season – usually the first week of June.

Snow Volleyball Tournament:
                                                 Of course, to kick things off for the year,
                                                 YK Beach Volleyball hosts the pre-
                                                 season Snow Volleyball Tournament on
                                                 the last Saturday of March out on Frame
                                                 Lake. Teams are made of 2-4 players
                                                 for this special tournament where boots,
                                                 snow pants and mitts are a must!
Fred Henne Park:
                                              We are happy to report that Fred Henne
                                              Park has been very happy with having
                                              beach volleyball at their beach, and
                                              announced this past August that they are
                                              interested in providing a storage location
                                              for beach equipment on site. They have
                                              also asked if we are interested in running
                                              a canteen at the beach this year, which
                                              would help raise funds for taking beach
                                              volleyball athletes to events such as the
                                              Canadian Beach Volleyball Tournament,
                                              Canada Games, and Beach tournaments
                                              in Edmonton, Calgary or Whitehorse.
We will keep people updated on this development. Please let us know if you’re
interested in helping at the canteen!!

Do you want to bring Beach Volleyball to your community?!
We are looking for interested individuals in communities across the Northwest Territories
who are interested in hosting beach volleyball leagues and tournaments. Remember, it
can be as easy as setting up a couple of nets on the weekends to play pick-up to hosting
tournaments to prepare athletes for attending the NWT Beach Volleyball Championships
in July. If you are interested and require guidance, please don’t hesitate to ask. We can
send rules of play, ways of getting people interested and signed up, and keep you posted
of events happening around the NWT.

Anyone interested in volunteering is welcome to do so. We are always looking for
people to help set up nets, organize pick-up games, help coach youth camps, etc.
Without volunteers, there wouldn’t be any Beach Volleyball. So thank-you to everyone
who has helped out over the past few years!!
2008 Beach Volleyball Schedule of Events:
*A big thanks to NWTVA who added 2 new beach nets and 7 beach game balls this year
to their selection of beach nets that are used for all beach volleyball events. NWTVA
also brought up 2 beach volleyball coaches for the 2008 Beach Clinic
*Thanks to the staff at Fred Henne Park - and the Parks department in general, as they
allow us to set up the nets, etc.

YK Beach Volleyball League June – August 2008
Tuesdays – Men’s
Wednesdays – Co-Ed
Thursdays – Women’s
Total Participants: Between 6 and 10 teams per night

YK Beach Pick-Up – Saturdays Summer 2008
Total Participants: Between 4 and 10 teams each weekend – designate at least 1 court for
Advanced Play, and 1 court for beginners and kids.

YK Beach Kids Camp – July 2008

                                        Wednesdays between 4:30pm and 6:30pm
                                        throughout the month of July
                                        Total Participants: 14

YK Beach Volleyball Skills Clinic – July 5-6, 2008
With coaches Tyler Myroniuk and Brad Poplawski
Saturday, July 5, 2008 – Adult Beach Clinic (16+)
Foundation Beach - 11:00am
Advanced Beach - 2:00pm
Sunday, July 6, 2008 - Youth Beach Clinic (18U)
All Skill Levels: 1:00pm
Total Participants: 24
Aboriginal Day Tournament – June 21, 2008

Total Participants: 20 teams

Canada Day Tournament – July 1, 2008

Total Participants: 22 teams

NWT Beach Volleyball Championships – July 26-27, 2008

Total Participants: 27 teams

YK Beach Co-Ed Cup – August 9, 2008
Total Participants: 6 teams

Canadian Beach Volleyball Championships August 29-31, 2008
Total NWT Participants: 1 team
2008 Tournament Results:

2008 Aboriginal Day Beach Volleyball Tournament
June 21, 2008

1st Sandra Nielsen and Glorianna Jeun
2nd Erin Delaney and Tab Kelly/Vero
3rd Rachel Maclean and Michael Hand

Tier 1 Men’s
1st Caleb Behrens and Vital Whane
2nd Paul Shearme and Clinton Scott
3rd Ron Chaisson and Chris Dumont

Tier 2 Men’s
1st Brandon Thompson and Doug Keating
2nd Brandon Beaton and Matt Kennedy
3rd Emmanuel Ramos and Andrew Goodwin

2008 Canada Day Beach Volleyball Tournament
July 1, 2008

Women’s Tier 1
1st Paula Scott & Glorianna Jeun
2nd Ashley Borschneck & Meika Stewart
3rd Tara Bromley & Jordee-James McQueen

Women’s Tier 2
1st Jhillian Adams & Jessica Newcombe
2nd Sarah Bannon & Heather Hall
3rd MelissaThomson & Stacie Bengts

Men’s Tier 1
1st J.F. Dufour & Paul Shearme
2nd Ron Chiasson & Nathan Laurence
3rd Henry Wong & Spencer Tracy

Men’s Tier 2
1st Johnny Kilibuk & John Sorenson
2nd Doug Keating & Brandon Beaton
3rd Matt Woodham & Erik Chan
2008 NWT Beach Volleyball Championships
July 26-27, 2008

Sr. Men's
Gold - Caleb Behrens (Behchoko) and Chris Ross
Silver - Nathan Lawrence and Ron Chiasson
Bronze - Matt Woodham and Mike Palmer

Sr. Women's
Gold - Becca Kroeger and Megan Boulanger
Silver - Gail Christie and Jessica Mace
Bronze - Melissa Thomson and Tabitha Kelly

Jr. Men's
Gold - Chad Hinchey and Noel Cockney (Inuvik)
Silver - Garrett Hinchey and Chris Aitken
Bronze - Andrew Goodwin and Emmanuel Ramos

Jr. Women's
Gold - Meika Stewart and Ashley Borschneck
Silver - Hailey Grayston and Anika Sparling
Bronze - Elora Braden and Chloe Smith

2008 YK Beach Co-Ed Tournament
August 9, 2008

1st Nathan Laurence and Becca Kroeger

2nd Ron Chiasson and Amanda Gillander

3rd Mike Palmer and Melissa Thomson
2009 Beach Volleyball Schedule:

2009 Snow Volleyball Tournament – March 28, 2009
2009 Beach Volleyball League – Tue-Wed-Thu starting June 1, 2009
2009 Open House/Beach Clinic – June 6, 2009
2009 Aboriginal Day Tournament – June 21, 2009
2009 Canada Day Tournament – July 1, 2009
2009 YK Beach Kids Camp – Thursdays in July 4:30-6:30
2009 NWT Beach Volleyball Championships – July 25-26, 2009
2009 YK Beach Co-Ed Cup – August 8, 2009
2009 Canada Games – August 15-29, 2009
2009 Canadian Beach Volleyball Championships – September 28-30, 2009

Pick-Up Beach is held on Saturdays unless another event is scheduled.

   - Dates above are subject to change.
   - Look for updates at www.ykbeach.com
   - Stay tuned for more news in the new year!

With regards to 2009 Canada Games – August 15-29, 2009
We anticipate sending 1 female team and 1 male team to the Canada Games, but are
searching for suitable beach volleyball coaches. There have been some teams interested
in competing. Training and selection of these two teams will commence in May, 2008,
and possibly sooner.


Canadian Beach Volleyball Championships – September 28-30, 2009
We are hoping to fundraise starting in March, 2009 to send 2 Adult teams and 2 Youth
teams to the Canadian Beach Volleyball Championships in Toronto, Ontario. This past
year we had 1 Men’s team represent the Northwest Territories, and in 2007 we had a both
a men’s and a women’s team present.

Becca Kroeger
NWTVA Beach Volleyball Coordinator
YK Beach Volleyball President
On Facebook, search for: Yellowknife Beach Volleyball

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