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 Created by: Donna Golab
The Road to Success
 If you want something badly enough, be
   “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
 Write your own personal definition of
 Opportunities for success are unlimited
 Never take your success for granted
 Success is a choice
   Only you can build the foundation for your
   Your thoughts and actions can determine how
   successful you will be in life.
                                      Tom Hanks
Communicating for Success
   Good communication
   Right attitude
   Respect people
   Maintain eye contact
   Be open and honest
   Be willing to reveal information that you are
   Ask follow-up questions
   Show interest
                                     Larry King
How Do You Succeed

 Meet the general needs and wants of
 Your success is someone else’s
   Provide jobs, services, etc.
 Business and charity are two sides of
 the same coin
 Change rules of game
                                  Steve Forbes
Five Principles to Success
 Strive to make a difference
 Be willing to take on risks, different challenges,
 important assignments
 Be self aware and open to feedback
    Be an open and active listener
    Don’t be defensive
    Take accountability for yourself and your actions
 Find a coach
    Build relationships that will help you succeed
 Always maintain integrity
    Do the right thing
    Treat others with respect
    Be tough minded, but soft hearted

                                          Rick Belluzzo
Spiritual Side of Success

 Observe the spiritual precondition for
 Pursue intimacy with God
 Be at peace with God and man
 Live free
 Stand firm in faith

                            Peter Lowe
Lessons in Success

 Be the best
 Love your product
 Play up your strengths
 Keep your sense of humor
 Don’t pay attention to criticism
 Keep your eye on the prize

                           George Foreman
Accelerate Your Business and
Personal Success
 There’s always more than one way of
 looking at it.
 First key to creating breakthroughs in your
 life is congruent with who we are in body,
 soul, and spirit.
 Change your outcome, change your words,
 speak what you want.
 Our words determine the destination and
 reality of our lives.
 Our minds are controlled by the words we
                                Peter Lowe

  Respect differing opinions
  Keep good people
  Work for the future
  Speak and act with conviction
  Improve conditions for others
  Accept the consequences of your

                    President Gerald R. Ford
Six Keys to Effective Leadership
  Know what you believe
     Know your destination
     Determine your goals
  Be an optimist
  Have a set of goals and courage
     Courage is having fear and making the right decision anyway
  Practice relentless preparation
     Continue to study
     Attain knowledge
     Acquire skills
     Anticipate everything (plan, practice, prepare)
     You can build a strong team by figuring out your weaknesses
     Find people who do your weaknesses well, that is where you need help
  Communicate effectively
     Written and Verbal
                                         Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
How to Lead in Difficult Times
 Be there when things go wrong
 Care about people
 Think positive
 Never give up
 Get ideas from your mind and heart and
 get it to others
 Know things about yourself so you can
 lead others
 Balance strengths and weaknesses
 Be confident, know what you are talking
                          Mayor Rudolph Giuliani
Leadership Values

 Value of the family
 Value of compassion
 Value of contribution
 Value of bringing people together

                    President George W. Bush
Characteristics of Leadership

 Sense of values
   Help others
   Give the other guy credit
   Listen more
   Don’t talk about yourself
   Be fair
   Be honest

                       President George Bush and
                       his mother
Leadership Secrets

  Work your way to the top
  Complete the task at hand
  React quickly to crisis
  Prepare for criticism and don’t take it
  Stick to your convictions
  Lead by integrity
  Live beyond yourself
                           Margaret Thatcher
How to Manage, Lead and Succeed
 Innovation is key
   Better product or service
   Create new category
 Company’s success begins with its
   Highly motivated and supported
   Hire people with passion and energy
 Reach out to customers
   Consistent, dedicated strategy to build
   customer loyalty                Rick Belluzzo
Thoughts from Rick Belluzzo

 Believe in yourself
 Be positive
 Be proactive
 Be energetic
 Be willing to learn
Make a Difference

 What can I do to effect positive
 change for others?
 How will I commit my time to making
 a difference?
 How will I commit my money to
 making a difference?
 How will I use my influence to make
 a difference?
                            John Walsh
Thoughts from Suze Orman

 What do you have to get motivated
   Make more with what you already have!
 List what you have
 Make more money out of less
 Make every dollar you have count
 Have a will
Inspirations by Zig Ziglar
 You don’t drown by falling in water, you
 drown when you stay there.
 You can do it.
 Automobile University—build winning
 attitude and stay motivated.
 Tomorrow will be better.
 Love you.
 I have faith in you.
 I’m doing better than good!
 You can’t climb a smooth mountain, it has
 to have rough edges.
Thoughts from Zig Ziglar
 It is better to train and lose employees than not
 train and keep them.
 Stress—a little is good, too much is harmful; and it
 effects job, relationships, health, etc.
 Respond is positive, react is negative.
 Every failure is not always bad, it is a valley of the
 Environment will improve if you think positive.
 What you send out, you will get back.
 What you say impacts others—for the good or
 You have to identify the problem before it can be
 Once trust is lost, it is very hard to regain.
Do You See What I See?
 Use vision to create change
 Attributes of an effective shared vision
   Feasible-shows realistic picture of future with
   Desirable-appeals to long-term interests of all
   Focused-provides clear guidance in decision
   making process
   Flexible-allow alternate responses in changing
   Communicable-easy to communicate
   United-everyone accountable for their
                                       Staff Writer
The Top Ten Time Wasters
1.    Shifting priorities
2.    Telephone interruptions
3.    Lack of direction/objectives
4.    Attempting too much
5.    Drop-in visitors
6.    Ineffective delegation
7.    Cluttered desk/losing things
8.    Procrastination/lack of self-discipline
9.    Inability to say “no”
10.   Meetings
                                      Staff Writer
How to be More Organized,
Productive, and Effective
    Focus on desired outcome, not the effort
 Get started
    Organize your environment
 Write it down
    Assign time slots to tasks
    Create an ideal schedule
 Do daily planning
 Avoid distractions
 Clear the clutter
    Bring in new, eliminate something else
 Reward yourself
 Maintain balance
    Seven vital areas: Health, Family, Financial, Intellectual,
    Social, Professional, and Spiritual

                                                  Staff Writer
Bring It On!

 Identify your competition
 Analyze the competition
 Be your best
 Enjoy the competition

                    Jamie Sale and David Pelletier

 Secret to success is hard work
   Be a leader
   Lead by example
 Mental preparation is key
 Adjust—make changes
 Learn from mistakes
   Remember what you did wrong
                        Ben Roethlisberger
Become Champions

 Set your goals
 Stay focused
 Maintain your determination
 Believe in your success
 Show good sportsmanship
 Recognize your success

                    Venus and Serena Williams
What is a Winning Belief System?

 The assurance of things not yet seen.
 Create a winning belief system by looking at life in
 different ways.
 For our circumstances to change, we have to
 What you believe is more important than how you
 We don’t just need information for success; we
 need transformation.
 To change: Stop doing what you are doing now
 and repent.
 Winners don’t give up; they get up!
                                        Peter Lowe
Building a Better You
 Quality of life
   Your choices make it better or worse
   Attitude makes a difference
   You need to laugh
   The way you see your future is important
   Set goals
   Make commitment
   Every minute has value
   Truth always works
   We have to prioritize life
   Joy comes when you do things for other people

                                    Zig Ziglar
Live a Life of Balance
 Identify the elements of a balanced life
 Establish priorities
 Plan your day
 Keep personal commitments
 Manage your time
 Avoid pitfalls
 Don’t neglect your health
 Resist procrastination
 Set a bottom line
 Don’t be afraid to delegate
 Stay focused
 Level with others
                                   Staff Writer
Goal Achievement

 Plan with attitude
 Prepare with aptitude
 Participate with servitude
 Receive with gratitude, and that
 should be enough to
 Separate you from the multitudes

                          Krish Dhanam
Top Seven Traits of
Good Communicators
 Look at things from a new angle, taking
 unexpected points of view on familiar
 Broaden horizons
 Don’t talk about yourself all the time
 Curious, ask questions, learn new things
 Have a sense of humor
 Enthusiastic, communicating a passion for
 what they are doing with their lives and an
 interest in you and your life as well
                                   Larry King
Rebounding from Failure

 Accept the failure
 Understand what caused the problem
 Evaluate what can be done to correct
 the problem
 Create a strategy and plan
 Execute the strategy
 Remember what caused the problem

                            Staff Writer
The Six “Knows” to get the “Yes”
 Preparation—gather information
 Prospecting—identify organizations
 Prospect—understand differences
 Product—interpret how your
 products/services benefit your prospects,
 then communicate value to them
 Process—implement prospect-centered
   TRUST—Think, Relate, Uncover the needs,
   Sell the solution, Take action and close
 Person—possessing the confidence in
                               Bryan Flanagan
How May I Help You?

 Customer is always right
   Understand your customer
   Value your customer
 Service with a smile
   Positive attitude
 Satisfaction guaranteed
   Foresee the needs of a customer before
   they complain
                              Staff Writer
Let’s Make a Deal
 Be prepared
   Preparation, planning, and practice
 Know your bottom line
   Determine what you want before coming to the table
 Know your audience
 Set your goals high enough
 Listen and acknowledge
 Avoid emotions—stay neutral
 Be prepared to walk away
 Negotiate in good faith
 Be patient
                                         Staff Writer
Turn Problem People into
Profitable Relationships
 Start by acknowledging the other person’s
 Stay calm and continue to listen
 Be compassionate
 Help resolve the problem
 Give in to minor points
 List the possible solutions and their
 Thank them
                               Staff Writer
Six Core Principles for
Optimal Health
 Drink six to eight glasses of clean water
 Get back to basics and rediscover delicious
 whole foods
 Add movement to your life
 Maintain a healthy weight
 Get acquainted with natural healing
 Get on the prescription alternatives vitamin
 and mineral plan
                               Dr. Earl Mindell
How to Raise Successful,
Confident Kids
   Ability to identify with and feel for other
   people’s concern for determining right
   and wrong
 Unconditional love
                                   Staff Writer

 Slides were created from Get
 Motivated seminar notes and
 Thanks to all presenters at the Get
 Motivated seminar.
 Special thanks to Peter Lowe and his
 entire staff for the inspirations,
 thoughts, and advice.

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