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									    Situation Normal....
A fortune at the bottom of the pyramid

• Three decades old Indian IT services industry

• Programming services at one sixth of the international cost

• Skills, Scalability and Business English

• Flexible pricing models, even fixed-price
Meet our Manjunatha Hegde ....

• A fresh engineering graduate from Hubli, Karnataka

• Not from a well known institute of higher education

• No great connections, no great financial resources

• Some web programming skills

He has struck with a great idea for the cyber-space
   o   at least he believes so !
   o   for sure, he wants to try it out
In a one-to-one million journey ...
                         non-value-add ( 70% )

                          •   Hardware
                          •   Software
                          •   Communication
  Differentiated          •   Upgrades
  value-add ( 30% )
                          • Load Balancing
  • Develop               • Scaling
  • Test                  • Utilization
  • Operate
                          •   Server Hosting
                          •   Storage Management
                          •   Replication
                          •   Fail-over
                          •   High availability
His business needs

• Easy to get started

• Dynamic scalability

• The reliability, performance and security of the infrastructure

• Cost efficiency

• Free or near zero initial investment

• Easy to operate
Cloud Computing has a solution...

Cloud computing refers to both

• the applications delivered as a service over the internet ( SaaS )
• the hardware and systems software in the datacenter ( Cloud )

Characteristics offers

•   Services focused
•   Shared, highly scalable networked infrastructure
•   Automated service delivery
•   Enhanced standardised user experience
Everything Must Change..
Cloud as a powerful resource....
Public Cloud for Web Applications

   o   made available by third party service providers
   o   it can be free or fairly inexpensive to use
   o   it provides tools for application development

Technology Enablers

•   Virtualization
•   Web services
•   Utility computing
•   Flash memory

Key Necessary Enabler

• extremely large commodity-computer datacentres at low-cost
  locations, reducing their own opex by leveraging
    o   very large economies of scale
    o   statistical multiplexing to increase the utilisation
Cloud Computing


• Hardware as a Service ( HaaS )
   o AWS
   o Rackspace

• Platform as a Service ( PaaS )
   o Google
   o Microsoft
Voices, noises and rainbows over Cloud !
The interesting thing about Cloud Computing is that we’ve redefined
Cloud Computing to include everything that we already do. . . . I don’t
understand what we would do differently in the light of Cloud Computing
other than change the wording of some of our ads.
-- Larry Ellison, quoted in the WSJ, September 26, 2008

A lot of people are jumping on the [cloud] bandwagon, but I have not
heard two people say the same thing about it. There are multiple
definitions out there of “the cloud.”
-- Andy Isherwood, quoted in ZDnet News, December 11, 2008
Voices, noises and rainbows over Cloud !
It’s stupidity. It’s worse than stupidity: it’s a marketing hype campaign.
Somebody is saying this is inevitable — and whenever you hear
somebody saying that, it’s very likely to be a set of
businesses campaigning to make it true.
-- Richard Stallman, quoted in The Guardian, September 29, 2008

When it comes to cloud, we are all in !
-- Steve Ballmer , CEO Microsoft Corporation , March 2010 while
addressing University of Washington
Here is the future

Wealth moved from bartering to coins to paper money... As time goes
by, people will become accustomed to accessing tools and information
held on virtual private networks, just as they have with using paper
(and now digital) money.
-- Art Coveillo, President EMC's Security Division
We cannot afford to be like this
_______________________________________   !
Cloud Computing
A simple taxonomy on cloud computing

                     SaaS User

                            Web Applications
                      SaaS Provider / Cloud User

                            Utility Computing

                          Cloud Provider
Cloud Providers

        • IBM

        • Google

        • Yahoo!

        • AWS

        • Microsoft
SaaS Providers ...

• One man enterprise like Mr Manjunatha Hegde

• A small group of programmers who wants to do something different and more

• A small division of a large software services company

  What all they need to take up the challenge ?

   o   High speed internet connection
   o   A programmers laptop
   o   Services and SDK from a reliable cloud provider
Cloud Computing
Exploiting the Cloud Architecture

• Processing Pipelines
   o Documents
   o Images
   o Video
   o Indexing
   o Data mining
• Batch Processing Systems
   o back office applications, finance, insurance, retail
   o log analysis and report generation
   o nightly builds, unit testing, automated deployment
• Web Applications
   o websites that sleep at night and auto-scale during the day
   o instant websites for events
   o promotion websites
   o seasonal websites
Cloud Computing
Who looks for what ?

• Large enterprises
   o looking to transform their data        centre
   o optimize IT service delivery

• Small and medium businesses to acquire more
   o sophisticated business processes
   o business services
   o IT capacity
•   Application Programmers
    o   Tools for full life-cycle support
                                                             Customer share
Cloudy but not cloudy !
_____________________________                                Market share
                                                             Mind share
Business Projections

 • USD 42B by 2012 ( ref. study by IDC in 2008 )
 • The figure got enhanced in 2010 to USD 56B
 • Likely world-wide adoption by 2016 ( ref. study by Gartner )

Intel Corporation

“We expect to see, by 2012, a substantial portion of the server market will be running
some version of cloud computing. Right now, as much as 14 percent of server purchases
are going into some sort of cloud deployment. By 2012, Intel predicts that some 20 to
25 percent of its server chips will be dedicated toward data centers that power cloud

        Jason Waxman,
        General Manager, High-density Computing
        Intel Server Platforms Group

                 Thank you


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