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									                             A mitre saw is a useful addition to any
workshop and helps to make all manner of useful and interesting joints
and cuts.What Does A Mitre Saw Do?A mitre saw allows you to make angled
cross cuts.Let's take a simple example of a picture frame. You have a
long piece of wood that you want to cut into four pieces to make up the
frame. But instead of simply joining the pieces together so they are
aligned at 90 degrees to each other, you prefer to make a mitre
joint.What is a mitre joint? It is when you bevel the two pieces to be
attached together so that they meet at an angle. In the case of our
picture frame, 45 degrees is an appropriate angle. Think of a picture
frame you have seen recently and you should notice that most of them are
made in this way.Why Make A Mitre Joint?In general, a mitre joint is
considered an attractive joint, especially for frames (picture or
otherwise). When the depth of the joint becomes greater then stronger
options such as dovetails may be considered.Sometimes a pipe is joined
using a mitre saw to create the joint. In some such situations there may
even be no other viable alternative.Manual Mitre SawThis features a metal
base onto which a backsaw is positioned and is able to freely rotate. A
backsaw is used because this allows for greater precision in cutting.The
base contains vice clamps onto which you can secure your piece of wood.
Guiding rods then allow you to fix the angle at which you want to saw.
This is a very similar concept to the original "mitre box".Mitre BoxThe
mitre box precedes the manual mitre saw but the principle is much the
same.It is nothing more than an open ended and open top box with slots
cut in it. It is usually made of wood or plastic.The idea is that you
position your piece of wood inside the box and then place your saw
through the guides and begin to cut. The guides are usually set at 45 and
90 degrees. Some models feature 60 degrees, 30 degrees and other less
common angles.It is good practice to clamp your work to a bench but if
you are cutting small pieces then you can often go without.Powered Mitre
SawThe above devices are generally only good for making picture frames
and similar constructions.For larger applications you may find it more
effective to use a power tool. Also, the price of such tools has dropped
considerably in the last few years.A powered mitre saw usually features
an aluminium base above which is mounted a circular saw. The saw can be
rotated around the base and locked into position at whatever angle you
choose.A variety of different models are available on the market. The
most basic is a sliding saw. The saw is able to slide along a rail and
this means that it can cut to larger than its own diameter. Another
popular version is a compound saw. This allows you to not only angle your
cut but also to tilt the blade at the same time.Recommended: Get Instant
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